Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Photos From Phase 2 (pt1)

Whilst the groups are out on phase it is sometimes difficult to get out to take photos of the projects as they develop so I thought it might be nice to provide you with some of the photos we collected at changeover from phase 2.

Here are the Community phase highlights.

Alpha 1 - Kindergarten

Alpha 2 - Gravity Water Feed

Alpha 3 - Gravity Water Feed

Keep an eye out for the photo updates for the Environmental and Adventure groups over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

To Emily Kelly
Hi Emily, started writing to you but must have pressed wrong thing because it all went funny so I hope I'm not repeating myself and this comes up twice - how embarassing. Anyway, great to see some photo's of you at last and looking so happy. Your last phase sounds brilliant. You are learning so many new skills that you will be able to attack this house with ease and get it sorted.
Samuel has revision classes this week which is making him smile lots, James is working at the tennis centre and Alice has gone to Paris with DYWO. Bit of a hoot to start with though.They left Exeter services at 2 a.m.and at 2.05 ground to a halt because the coach broke down and did not move agaqin until 5 a.m. ECO also left Exeter at 4 a.m. and majestically drove past their poorly coach - lol. Alice was then delayed at Dover for 1 and 1/2 hours because they miseed their ferry crossing.So, all in all an eventful journey! Anyway, Alice is very excited about playing in Disnyland and screaming her head off with Ellie. We actually have some sunshine today and the sky is blue which I had totally forgotten it was but still very cold.
Nanny sends her love and enjoyed looking at the photos too. Have sent you a text about your air ticket when you can read it. Didn't have much luck when phoned. Basiclly, I can't do anything and you change it by paying airline expenses like you were told before which was quie expensive and then any difference in ticket price. which are around £500 now. Anyway, have a look at your ticket and see. There maybe a cheaper way of doing it but let me know what your plans are in good time so I can make alternative arrangements.
Have a great last phase and lots of hugs. love mum xx

Anonymous said...

Lou Alpha 2

Hi Lou,

Hope it's all going well. Just saw photos taken of the villagers, with kids, Aunty and the cutest little baby! Good to see everyone, hope the little girls like the slides and hair clips !! Boat race on Sunday, Oxford won ! Danielle and I went to 6 Bells for meal on Easter Monday....decided not to risk going to some cute little village pub miles away only to be hit with the Hake jinx!! Thinking of you lots, nearly at the finishing post...keep up the good work. love you lots Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Freddie Aitken: Just spoken to Duang: I know it's a long way off, but her son and his wife have offered to put you and Hugh up in Bangkok, and to meet your flight when you arrive. So nearer the time, and when you know your plans, make sure you get in touch. Good luck with your trek - I almost wish I was you (still very cold here) Love Daddy

Mel and Dan said...

For Davin Chandra (Alpha 6 - Final Phase)

Hello Davin! It was so wonderful talking with you during changeover...the best birthday present I could have ever wished for :-)!! So good to hear that you're well and enjoying your amazing adventure! Your Alpha 2 group seemed to have done a great job in Bulud Batu. It's fantastic to hear that the group turned on the first tap on World Water Day! We can hardly wait to hear all about it and to see the photos. Enjoy the challenges of Alpha 6...sounds like another brilliant project and group! We look forward to reading the blog updates...

Oh by the way, Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0 (Ba scored) in the FA cup quarter final replay :-)!! They now face Manchester City in the semi-finals. So by the time you finish Raleigh, Chelsea may be FA cup finalists, fingers crossed ;-0

It's still very cold here...spring hasn't sprung as yet!! Maybe you can bring home some of the lovely Borneo sunshine ;-) All the family send their love. We miss you so much but are all very proud of you! Stay safe. Love you so much. Mum and Dad xxx

Ina said...

Robert Donat (Alpha 1, phase 3)
Hi Robert,
tried to change your flights from here, but cannot access "manage my bookings" as I don't have your password. Should have thought of that before you left-I mean leaving your password. But always wiser afterwards. Hope not too much money is lost. Might ask your sister for an idea.
We look forward to you making pineappple fritters and other delicacies. Enjoy your last phase!
much love Inamumxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis. Great to get your letters and hear all the news of what your doing and I've passed the other letters on. Looks like your having a great time out there. A marvelous experience for you. I see from the pictures that you've grown a beard. Looks good. I used to have one like that when I was your age.
It's still very cold here and we were in the caravan over Easter and our water barrel froze. When is Spring going to come.
Enjoy the diving phase coming up and we look forward to seeing you when you get back. All the best, Love Dad