Friday, 5 April 2013

Photos from Phase 2 (pt3)

Whilst the groups are out on phase it is sometimes difficult to get out to take photos of the projects as they develop so I thought it might be nice to provide you with some of the photos we collected at changeover from phase 2.

Here are the Adventure phase highlights.

Alpha 7 - Dive, Trek

(unfortunately this group were a little camera shy in phase 2, but here are a few from their homestay in Long Pasia after their long trek)

Alpha 8 - Trek, Dive

Alpha 9 - Trek, Dive, Trek


Anonymous said...

For Rosie Rich; Alpha 2

Hey Rosie, not sure what happened to my last comment, I sent it after you phoned on Easter Sunday but it has not appeared on the blog. Hopefully it got to you and just hasn't been shown for some reason. Suffice to say, great to hear your cheerful and excited voice and to hear your latest news; well done on the trek!
There was a great photo of you from phase 2 in all your diving kit, smiling happily but still rocking the sunglasses on top of your head! So, gravity water feed to Auntie's village looks like a very popular construction project from the posts that have gone before and I am sure that you are enjoying a bit of rural village life; just like being at home!
Have just had a great week with Chas; chilled and relaxed. I met his girlfriend, Emily, last weekend; very nice, very pretty, great sense of humour..oh..and no hair (alopecia) and no wig or hat to protect her head which was amazing considering it was (and still is) absolutely freezeballs here. Will came over Easter Sunday evening and descended with huge amounts of washing for me to do! This needed dropping off at Hendon on the way down to Gdad's on Tuesday which, in one way, was fortunate because the M25 was shut before the Dartford crossing so we had to go another way anyway. Having had a great trip to Will's, what should have been a half hour trip across London to Kingston took nearly 4 hours because of a blockage on the North Circular and the whole of NW Lnondon was snarled up. Got there eventually. Gdad sends his love and we had a great time at the Design Museum and watching Spamalot which was hilarious and not entirely predictable from the Holy Grail.
Chas' laptop is not terminal as it is only the screen that is broken; the hard drive, keyboard and even the webcam are still fully functional so he is using it through a lead to a monitor and spends more time on his new phone anyway so, apart from doing coursework, he doesn't really seem to be missing it.
Good luck getting the rest of the pipework run and connected up to the taps. Will blog again before I disappear to sea and will be subject to 3G coverage and my phone keypad to send you messages!
Keep smiling and enjoying yourself, much love Dad :) xxx

Anonymous said...

to Duco,alpha 1 fase 3

Hoi lieve Duco,
Je hebt papa gesproken en die belde mij weer. Ik begreep dat je het steeds leuker vindt worden! Dat kan ik me voorstellen als ik lees wat jullie allemaal beleven en de mooie fotos zie in de prachtige natuur. Geniet er nog maar even van want het is zooo weer voorbij. Je gaat nog met een Mexicaanse vriend trekken? Gezellig! Als je in Singapore bent bel je me dan? Ik verheug me erop je weer te horen! Veel plezier in Kampung Bonor Sook!
Dikke zoenen, maman

Ben to the Ja to the Wells said...

To Sarah Greener, Alpha 3
It has now been at least 12 hours since I last wrote you a message, but I was reading the blog (the whole thing this time, not just stalking the bits about you. Read the stuff down the side and all), and I felt in the mood for posting.
Sadly, this means I actually have very little to post about, so I'll see what I can do.
Funny fact. According to the "Jargon buster" bit of the blog, there are 6 Alpha groups. So I guess this means that all the time where I thought you were in Alpha 9 you were actually in an alternate dimension. So I must ask, how's the weather in the transdimensional realms? A the storms of negative-mass matter and the gravity wells as bad as normal? Bet the weather is still better than UK weather. Glad I'm not in the UK...

Just kidding. However I might just point out that there is no way I can tell from the photos whether or not you're holding a knife behind your back with the intent of stabbing everyone to death, so I simply ask that you don't.

Wait, I've gone back to the topic of murder. I should probably go serious mode again, to avoid my post being deleted. Maybe if I just made it long the mod will skim read this (hello Mr. Mod my plan seems to have failed).
What else is there to talk about... We made a Cape Malay curry last night, me and the other males of my family. Those are these cool South African fruity curries. From this place called Cape Malay. In Cape Town. We went there :P
Errr... We also went to the pub. And saw Dr. Who. I'm liking the look of this new season :D
Enough spoilers, have a great rest-of-trip.
Yours ever lovingly,

Katherine sturt-scobie said...


Hi sarahpoo! <3

I missss youuuuu!!!!!! I have bought a post card and am gonna send you one! :) just need to find a postbox, hopefully you will still be there when it arrives... :/

Your blog is looking really cool :) I particularly like you in the diving suit ;) schmexy! Muahahaha Ben ;) I've been midnight rearranging my room again! :) it's preeeeettttyyy now :)

This is going to have to be a short message tonight cos I'm knackered from giving my friend a tour of geneva! We went to the UN building :) which was fun, but if I say anymore it will give away my postcard :) There is a reallllly COOL roof there? ... Just saying :)


<3 Laaaaavvvvv You!