Sunday, 14 April 2013

Opening Ceremony Excitement

Our three community groups are getting increasingly excited about the opening ceremonies this week. With members of the press, project sponsors Nestle and Coca Cola, and project partners; Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah and Asian Forestry Company confirmed for the event, Alphas 1,2 and 3 are currently working hard (and in some cases long hours) to make the finishing touches before the big day.

In addition to finishing off the work on the kindergarten and gravity water feeds, the groups are also preparing speeches and presentations for their opening ceremony. There will also be a team from Fieldbase going out to the project sites for the grand openings and consequently the office is buzzing.

The Opening Ceremony dates are:

Monday 15th – Kindergarten in Kampung Bonor Sook

Wednesday 17th – Gravity water feed in Kampung Bulud Batu

Thursday 18th – Gravity water feed in Kampung Boribi

I look forward to updating you with pictures and coverage from the three openings next week.


Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C Alpha 5
Hi Alex,
I cannot believe that you are now entering your last week in Borneo. Life in sleepy Shrewsbury will never seem the same to you when you get back!
Dad just back from watching the lads play football. They won 4-3 against Peacock (Alex Maxton scored!). They are now through to the next round to play Minsterley but don't know the date. They have got a match on Thursday 25th, the day after you return home, against Norbury so hopefully, if you are up to it, you may be able to play.
I still have another week off school. Some schools have already gone back so it's great to have that extra week! Will be going shopping to prepare for your return.
Your work have been in contact to ask what hours you want on your return. I have said you would like some extra hours but would pop in and see them when you get back as I obviously cannot speak for you. I don't think you are due to go in again until 1st May so that will give you time to get over any jet lag. I should imagine the last thing on your mind at present is returning to work and getting back to normality when you have spent 10 weeks enjoying an adventure of a life time living outdoors and meeting some great new friends. Never mind, just think about August when you will be off again for another adventure.

Kath (from Admin!) wrote a great blog on Alpha 5 and watching a family of gibbons swinging through the trees must have been one of your many highlights. Great picture of you on the suspension bridge! We cannot wait to see all your photographs.

If there is anything you need just let us know when you get back to basecamp by phoning asap.

Well, I must get back to the mundane things like the ironing so will say goodbye for now.

Missing you so much.

Take care, keep safe and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 8

it looks like you're having fun:) my exams start soon, lucky me!!! from Jim

G & G said...

Hattie Lord - Alpha 8
Hello Hattie not long to go now before you have to say goodbye to Borneo and the wonderful experience you have had. A lot of people will want to see and hear all about what you have been up to so don't forget to take loads of photos and record it all in your journal if you have had time !!
I think Spring is about to arrive here it has been much warmer this last few days and it hasn't been as frosty. We have actually seen the sun on a few occasions !! Tim has gone back to France now but will be returning in about 5 weeks to look after me and Abby whilst G-ma is in Canada. He can do all the cooking !!
Spoken to M & D and they have had a very good hol in Egypt but now it's back to work tomorrow I think. There will be a lot of questions asked about your progress from your friends. Mum will hardly have time to do any work !!
Good news from Em and her job. Mum said she was only going through the motions by attending the interview and then she goes and gets the job, well done to her !!
My car decided to act silly the other day on my way back from Kendal and I had to limp home without much power. The breakdown rescue lorry took it back to the Kendal garage. They later rang me to tell me that a mouse had been sleeping in the engine and had chewed some foam and had probably chewed through some wires !! They later told me that it was an injector that was faulty but it would be 2 weeks before they can get a new one- ridiculous !! They have lent me another car in the meantime !!
Thats it for now Hattie enjoy all the time you have left in Borneo and make the most of it !! What a wonderful experience !!
Miss you loads, all our love G & G

Holiday Mum said...

For Max Sheldon Alpha 2
Dear Max,
I've just read that you're working flat out for your opening ceremony this Wednesday 17th. I'm afraid I'm at Sissinghurst with Steph Diggon that day so I won't be able to make it although it sounds like lots of other people will be there to see you across the finishing line. Dad and I will be thinking of you at the emotional end of your extraordinary time in Borneo and we're sure you'll get it done in time. You can be very determined when you need to be. Go Max!
I've also just put in an order for summer plants for the garden, drunk tea and eaten crumpets. It's tough going away at weekends. I forgot to say last time that we found that beer bread that we all so enjoyed at the Hereford Show last year. I'll try and remember to buy you some for when you get back, which is coming up fast now. Only a little more than a week to clear your room of all the stuff we've been storing in it and reorganise and re-paint it. Only joking Max!
You'll be pleased and proud of Dad when I tell you he's been going round the woodland here taking off all the old tree guards. Go Dad! You'd like it here. There's a stream, woods and fields. Just enough for a young conservationist to get his teeth into. All our love Mum, Dad, Angus and Ellie.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lou Alpha 2

Good Luck on Wednesday, Lou, will be thinking of you all and all the hard work, so enjoy the day and feel proud! Do hope you got the header tanks moved and everything is finished in time..the blog mentioned some groups were working extra hard...I'm thinking that must be Alpha 2, so be extra proud! Just wanted to tell you that I will be in Rochdale this weekend (20/21 April) so if you are back at fieldbase and want to call 01706 352546, will have my mobile, don't want to miss you. Elaine was home for the weekend and we have got REAL was 19c yesterday! Sent you a little package so i hope it's at fieldbase waiting for you, can't wait to hear about your plans. Missing you lots, take care and enjoy the last few days, lots of love mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lieve Duco, alpha 1, fase 3,
Ik las net dat jullie vandaag de opening ceremonie hebben gehad van de kindergarten. ik hoop dat het een mooi feest is geweest en ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar alle fotos ervan! Ik hoop dat de kindergarten mooi is geworden en dat de kinderen er blij mee zijn. Ik heb gelezen dat jullie geschilderd hebben.Dan kan je binnenkort ook je eigen kamer een kleurtje geven. De oplevering is echter weer uitgesteld. We kunnen er op zijn vroegst 14 juni in. gisteren waren Sander en ik bij de familie Lays in Floreffe, Belgie om de verjaardag van Pascale te vieren. Sander mocht mee om Christophe weer eens te zien. Ze vonden het erg leuk om elkaar weer eens te zien. Sander heeft dus gisteren zijn verjaardag gevierd in Belgie, zonder papa, Miron en jou. Heel raar dat jullie er niet bij waren.... Het zit er bijna weer op voor je. Ik hoop dat je nog een hele leuke week hebt met je groep en een mooi afscheid dit weekend. Veel plezier met je mexicaanse vriend naderhand en ook met papa in Singapore. Heeeeeel veeeeel liefs maman. Ik verlang er naar je weer te horen en te zien!!!!! Bises

Anonymous said...

For Guy Weatherhead - alpha 2.
Hey Son. So excited to hear that you have got the end of project ceremonies coming up. They sound really exciting and a privilege to be a part of. We really enjoyed your last letter. It painted a really vivid picture of what life has been like these past few weeks.- amazing. We are really looking forward to hearing from when you finish., To hear all about the projects and people you have met along the way :-) The blog has been really informative and interesting. If its possible, please thank those who have done such a great job contributing. Spring has at last arrived here. I managed to re-roof the summerhouse this weekend, and we have started digging up at the top veg patch. Grace's friend Lawrence came to stay this weekend, which was cool. They had a good time. He was meant to cycle up from London, but had bike troubles, so came on the train instead. I've got loads of work on at the moment, which is great. Almost too much!!! Congrats on your biology grade, that was just fantastic. Hope you are keeping well/good, and hope to hear from you soon.
Love you loads :-) Dad Xx


Dear Hatty Lord,

Hello little one, Im sure you're having the most amazing time in Borneo but I think it's time to come home soon. Spending nearly three weeks at home without all of youuu is boring.! hehe. Its not been too bad actually! Gone so quick and super busy atm with the building work and Rach's party, will be glad of the break back at uni! Not so much looking forward to my coursework and exam when i get back though, but dont worrrrry i'll even be finished and back up north before you get home!!
I know this is early, but i was unsure how quickly you get your messages in borneo and cant remember what date you finish so have a jolly birthday if i dont speak to you before (but i should do) so dont fret :) ... Enjoyyy the rest of your time, make da most of itttt as you'll never forget it and hope you're looking forward to a bit of relaxation and lets pretend it is retail therapy for all the hard work youve done aftrward.. Misssss youuuu. A xxx

Anonymous said...

Charlie Auterac Alpha 6

Hi Can't believe you'll be finishing soon!! Can't wait to have you home......Felicite is very excited, needs a brother to bully now Alex is going back to school.
Weather here slightly improved, had our first bbq on Sunday. Do hope you got the info re your new flights and that you've sorted things out to go to Kula Lumpur...probably not!! Trust you have enough money... if not you'll some how have to let me know.
We'll meet you at Heathrow on 3 May, please make the flight.
Loads of love from everyone, especially Molly, Jack and Ted.xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

for Lewi Wyatt - Alpha 7

Hi Lewi,
Time has gone so quickly, 1 week to go before your fabulous adventure comes to an end! Hope your last phase is going well and you have enjoyed yourself. The spring has sprung here and it's at last getting a bit warmer! Saying that it has rained quite a lot surprise,surprise.

Everyone is asking after you, and have been enjoying reading the blogs and seeing you in the photos. I expect you are beginning to feel sad going into your final week, and knowing you have to say goodbye to all your friends. Sleepy olde Somerset will definitely feel a little bit dull, but you must promise not to blame your mum for that!
It will be great to have you home, have missed you a lot especially now knowing I will see you soon.
Grambo will probably be with me when I pick you up. I will bring a coat so you won't freeze.
I am very proud of all you have achieved out in Borneo, it looked like hard work with all the trekking etc and I hope your ankle has allowed you to enjoy the last phase. I will of course be getting in lots of beans for your return! And lots of porridge!

I love you so much and can't wait to see you. Take care and enjoy every minute left of your adventure. See you soon mum xxxxxx

Amanda Milligan said...

For Sarah Greener, Alpha 3
Dear Sarah,
Been thinking of you all day today and wishing I could be there to see your opening ceremony! Must be such a special event and hope it all went well. Looking forward to seeing pics and comments on the blog. How fast these seven weeks have gone and how much you have experienced - really looking forward to seeing you next week - will make sure there is no porridge in the house .. With tons of love Mum xx