Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kindergarten Opening Ceremony in Bonor Sook

On Monday 15th April 2013, with much excitement we opened Bonor Sook's first kindergarten.

Phase 3, Alpha 8 outside the Kindergarten

As the project was run with the help of a small grassroots NGO called PACOS (Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah) and funded by Nestle and funds from Mac McCarthy’s (Country Director) triathlon, it was fantastic to have representatives from each partnership in attendance and even better to hear their speeches.

In addition to speeches from Raleigh Borneo's Country Director, Sarah, Nestle and PACOS, there were various cultural performances by both the local community and Raleigh volunteers. Furthermore, PM Sarah, dressed in traditional attire gave a beautiful speech in Malay.

Sarah in her traditional Malaysian dress (pre-speech)

As education in Malaysia is provided by the Government for children aged 6 and above with primary and secondary schools, the village of Bonor Sook - located in the Sook/Keningau region of Sabah with a population of 300 people - is fortunate to have a primary school but has inadequate pre-school access. However, over the past three months, three teams of Raleigh volunteers have worked together with the local community to construct the kindergarten, in addition to providing language lessons and sports interaction with the local community gaining a cross-cultural experience.

This kindergarten and interaction with the Raleigh Venturers and PMs was also of importance to the local community as they hope to open up their village to tourists in the future to share their culture, life and traditions and so the cross-cultural interaction proved beneficial to both the Alpha team and village.
The opening ceremony was an emotional day and spirits ran high and the team were proud of what had been achieved. It really has been a fantastic 10 weeks!


Anonymous said...

To Emily Kelly
Oh my goodness Emily, Ive just realised how close you are to finishing. Somehow I added a couple of days and then couldn't work out how your flight was going to work out. Anyhow, I understand now and think it must be incredily sad for you all to be nearing the end of such an incredible journey. You can reflect and think how many wonderful new friendships you have made from all corners of the world and that hopefully you have made just a litle impact on someone's life.
I did leave a message thanking all the Raleigh team for such a wonderful and entertaining update system, but I think it may have got lost somewhere as it has not appeared and I KNOW I did it correctly.
Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to bring for you on Thursday and I'll try and renmember.
Went to orchestra today which was a hoot as I pinged a cello string the other day and couldn't put the new one on so I was hoping somebody could help me today but nobody had time so I had to play with only 3 strings. My range of notes was rather limited and souded even more peculiar than usual. I don't think I'll apply for the Symphony Orchestra - I don't think they have a 3 stringed cello department!
To ease you back into home life I thought I would make you a hammock
outside betwen our trees. I thought when you close your eyes and hear the distant grumbling of the Tesco's lorries and the squawking of Sidney the seagull nesting on your chimney pot you would be transported back to the night life of the jungle - although you may need a heater in the garden as it won't be so warm. It would be great to hear from you before you leave if possible but not to worry if we don't. We're all thinking of you in your final few days and wish everone all the best for future plans. Lots of hugs and looking forward to seeing you, love mum, dad James Alice and Samuel xxx

mum said...

ellen peacock
alpha 1
hi ellen
Sorry I wasn't here when you rang this morning but we'll be able to catch up properly in a couple of days YEAH!
Sounds like you've got loads of future travelling plans..pity we won't have the brilliant Raleigh blogs to keep us up to date and give us reassure us when you go on those trips! I'm really going to miss the blogs but will have more time in my day now that I won't be obsessively looking for updates.
can't wait to see you although I'm going to be very bleary eyed with the early start we'll have to meet you at Heathrow.
Lots and lots of love mum, dad, Tom and Dan

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed (Alpha 1)

Hey! Just 2 more days in fact less than 2 days and then you fly off to come back home. How do you feel? I bet you have made lots of friends. You will definitely miss everyone there but I think you will be glad to be home as well.

I saw your photo in the opening ceremony for the school and you are as dark as me now lol I can tell its really hot there. They are expecting it to be very warm on wednesday over here as well so I said to dad that you are probably going to bring the sun from there. I know it has been raining a lot over there but its also been hot as well.

I think all the venturers have done really well and their parents must be very proud of their children. I have enjoyed reading all the blogs and all the projects that everyone has been doing.

I hope you have lots of photos and I can't wait for wednesday. Anyways, tc and I love you lots.
AK and dad send their love and everyone in the family send their love.

Lots of love
dad, mum and ak

Anonymous said...


As the 13c expedition is coming to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for looking after our children and keeping them safe. I am sure they have all loved being in Borneo and they have enjoyed every moment of their expedition. There may have been times when they probably felt it was too much but with your help and support they have enjoyed their stay in Borneo. Also the people and children in all the villages who have been so kind and welcoming to all the venturers. Thank you once again for looking out for them. All the families have enjoyed reading the blogs through which we found out how our children were getting on and without the blog we would have had no contact at all. Thank you.

With best wishes
from Naveeds mum, dad and brother and all his family who have all been on the blog at some time or other.