Saturday, 20 April 2013

H2Opening Ceremony - Alpha 3

H2Opening Ceremony - Alpha 3

By Helen Pomphrey (Finance)

After weeks of hard work, Alpha Three were able to celebrate the opening of the gravity water feed with the residents of Kg. Borobi on Thursday 18th April. The official opening ceremony included a display of traditional dancing by local villagers (joined by Izzy and Sarah), as well as speeches from the head of the village, Raleigh’s Country Director Sarah and our project partners at AFC.

Traditional dancing

The big switch on


Alpha 3, the AFC representatives and the local villagers
Alpha Three gave their own speech in both English and Malay which the villagers loved. Sarah and the area representative then cut the ribbon to officially open the water feed, which was met with cheers as a small fountain filled with water from the new system, sprung to life. The group were then presented with certificates and jewellery from the villagers to thank them for their hard work over the last few weeks.

The system will provide clean water to 34 houses throughout the community, which means about 250 people will now have fresh water directly piped into their homes.  Last year’s expedition 12I began Raleigh’s work in Kg. Borobi last summer, installing one gravity feed system to one half of the village, so the other residents are delighted to also have access to clean drinking water.

Thank you to the Alpha Three groups across both phases, and to our project partners, AFC, and to Coca Cola for their sponsorship. The project would not have been a success without everyone’s support.


Benjay said...

To Sarah Greener, Alpha 3.

You got to cut the ribbon? You got... to cut... THE RIBBON?!
I'm quite certain the only reason anyone wants to be famous is so that you can cut ribbons. So this is some overwhelming news.
Also, I hate to break it to you, but it's all downhill from now on. Unless you get to cut another ribbon. In which case it isn't.
Seriously though... YOU CUT A RIBBON!
I mean, sure you finished a gravity well with others learning the true value of friendship and water and stuff and hopefully made endless puns like "H2 Oh No" whenever things went wrong (the title of the blog post where I discovered this was H2Opening ceremony, so I have high hopes for puns being overused).
Paleo lineup isn't astounding. And I'm not just saying that because I have fussy tastes, I'm talking relative to normal. Anyway, I did some thinking, and figured the best day would be Saturday, where the big act is Blur and the overarching genre of music is "A bit of everything". Just fyi, the others are:
Tuesday: Big act is Neil Young & Crazy Horse, main genres are folk and electro
Wednesday: Big acts are Arctic Monkeys and The Smashing Pumpkins genre seems to be varying forms of heavy rock (too heavy for my tastes, so that says something...)
Thursday: Big act is Santana (!), although I'm going to see that with family already, genre is rap and reggae.
Friday: Big acts are Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and Dizzie Rascal, genre is rap.
Saturday, I already told you.
Sunday is French Pop day, with seemingly no big acts (Patrick Bruel is the guy with the biggest font, so I guess he is. No heard of him though...)
But if you don't agree, well, I speak to you soon. And by that I men actually talk.
I might actually get to hear your voice! :D
Just in case you're not aware of it, since I told you to send all correspondance to Warwick, I'll only get any letters you sent when I get back to Warwick. 2 days before you get back.
Also, due to endless redrafts, I... Uhm... Haven't sent any letters since the one I sent from the UK, just before the South Africa holiday. I do, however, have an extremely long "compilation" letter, if that makes any sense. You get that as soon as you get home :)
Anyway, hope the ending of your trip is enjoyable, and I will speak to you very soon!
You'll get details from me or the letter. Or probably both. Because I will make sure we talk before you even get the chance to open the letter :P
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Message for Sam Griffin Beat

Hello my darling boy,

only 4 days to go, I cant stand it,
its soo close now I can taste it, we cant wait to get you back, your room has been fumigated and smells strangly clean, I cant wait for it to smell like a guini pig cage again, and have bruises from boting all well here, the sun is beaming down, the woofers have just been out for a walk, shoog is eating pancakes, emma is still in bed, she went out on the razzle on friday night with the film production company she is working with they hit long street and danced till 2.30, she stunk of booze on the way to horse riding the next morning!!! and looked a bit raggly but was not sick. she went to bed very early last night and has not appeared yet, dad snored so loudly that when shoog and i turned of the film we were watching we could hear him downstairs!!! so i had to sleep with shoog, who wriggled and ground her teeth all night, I could have slept in your bed, but it is all made up for your return and no one it allowed to touch it, we will check you in on all your flights and please call me before you set off, really two calls in 11 weeks is not very good at all. you are not going anywhere again without a proper working phone.
I do hope you have enjoyed it all, you look like you have in the photos, what an experience, we look forward to hearing all about it on your return. back in wales, a man was sent home from swansea hospital they said he was fine, and they found him dead yesterday!!!! so that hospital is out of bounds for my choppy man. hope to hear from you very soon, all my love, and see you at cape town airport on wednesday afternoon, I will be there super early, so call when you have landed, and as you walk off the plane, there is the long wall of glass which looks down on to arrivals, I WILL BE THERE SO PLEASE WAVE SO I CAN START CRYING!!!! LOVE YOU SOOO VERY MUCH MUM XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Robert Greener said...

To Sarah Greener, Alpha 3

You finally appeared in a photograph! I guess prior to that you were too busy doing all the work in the background while everybody else posed. You are obviously very well brought up! It is good that you now know all about water engineering, because as you know, all is not perfect on that front in the flat...

Some anger and despondency over the Paleo lineup (I see you have been more expertly briefed on this). I might go for the Wednesday rock session, you never know with the old folk like Neil Young so I will probably skip him. I will also be dragged to see some ancient rockers at Montreux. I am hoping that young people remember how to make music again, or at least bring it to Switzerland - maybe Paleo isn't paying enough any more...

I am heading over to Blighty on Tuesday so I can be ready to meet you at the airport at a time when we will both be on autopilot, so look forward to actual conversation after a stiff coffee. Remember not to walk straight past me when you come through arrivals. I am the old guy in the middle who can sleep without falling over and can only see things if he isn't looking straight at them... Luckily this sort of thing is only partially inherited!

You may be gone before this gets to you if there is really a 48 hour delay, but I am sure you can read it later. Look forward to seeing you and hearing your stories! Travel well and take care of yourself.

KathErine Sturt-Scobie said...

HI Sarah!


although I have a feeling there may be two sarahs in your group? P'raps? I dunno?!?!?!? Anyway, I got your letter!!!!! It entertained me no end! :) I wish I could have seen the skit! :D

I agree with Ben, Paleo this summer isn't great :/ I am also on the lookout for mini eggs for your return! So hopefully I'll have stockpiled enough to feed at least 8 Sarahs :)

It's so great that you guys have provided the village with clean water!!!! Must be so fulfilling :) :) :) AND I noticed you're wearing coca cola shirts :) Better than laramie for Kenya EH? I hope you put up a good debate and made people challenge their views :)

The holidays are over for me now :'( and I'm back to the drudgery of #Unilife ALTHOUGH I got driving lessons for my BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D So I should be driving by the summer holidays :D Which will be fun!

I'm planning a big partaaaaay for my mums leaving to the around the world clipper race :) so there will be lots of fun arts n crafts stuff to do over summer if you fancy it? Like make bunting and banners! I feel like i'm in Alice in Wonderland? Bunting and Banners and Beautiful things :D

Anywho, I'm off to bed to get back into the routine of uni :(