Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First week updates from the Alpha groups (Phase 3)

As promised here are the updates from the Alphas after their first week.

Alpha 1, Kindergarten in Bonor Sook

Alpha 1 have been storming ahead with the kindergarten and have now painted the outside blue and yellow and the inside white. Sam from our Logistics team has been out with them for the first week so you can expect an update on her time with the group (with pictures) very soon. They have also been enjoying cooling off in the river and attending church with the local community.

Alpha 2, Gravity water feed in Bulud Batu

Alpha 2 have started the phase with a few issues on the project site. Due to a lack of water pressure, two of the four header tanks were not filling up with water as there wasn’t enough pressure to get there and so the group have levelled a new area of ground and plan to move the header tanks.

Continuing to lay pipe through the village and levelling off for the header tank move has taken much of the week, however, the group did enjoy a day off on Sunday making jewellery and hammocks. Yesterday (Monday) an engineer from our partner PACOS paid the team a visit to give the team some support in rectifying the issue with the header tanks.

Alpha 3, Gravity water feed in Boribi

Alpha 3 are getting on really well with planning and laying the pipe from the dam site to the village. They have also created a platform for the header tanks to connect with the dam. They have been attending church with the locals, playing volleyball with the children and also teaching English which the Venturers and PMs alike have really enjoyed.

Alpha 4, Maliau Basin

Alpha 4 spent the first few days finishing work on the sky bridge which they completed on Saturday. Following its completion the group have now delved deeper into the Maliau Basin conservation area and set up camp at Ginseng camp. They have spent the last few days shuttling food from a nearby camp into Ginseng and plan to carry out camp improvements at the Ginseng camp over the next week.

Alpha 5, Imbak Canyon

Alpha 5 are working hard on the foundations of the suspension bridge and making great progress. They have made squares for the foundations and are also making a new zip wire for transporting the logs.

Despite enduring some rather wet weather the group has been making the most of their time and they have had the Rangers over for dinner, celebrated PM Connor’s birthday and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Loop on Wednesday.

Alpha 6, Biodiversity Survey

Alpha 6 have being busy checking bird nets and mammal traps regularly throughout every day and so far caught 11 birds and four mammals. Amongst those birds have been a couple of Kingfishers!

The group moved materials down to the construction site early on in the week; however, work on the research centre was unfortunately delayed due to issues with water on the roads. Nevertheless, Alpha 6 started marking out the site and are making a start on the foundations.  Yesterday (Monday) they dug 30 holes in four hours!

The group has also enjoyed a superhero themed fancy dress dinner, night time frogging and playing cards. The Loop will be visiting Alpha 6 on Friday.

Alpha 7, Dive Trek

After an initial first day in the classroom with Borneo Divers, or shopping in KK, Alpha 7 spent a great couple of days on Dive Island. The divers in the group all got their PADI certificates and ended the course by planting coral and the non-divers enjoyed their time relaxing on the beach or snorkelling.

On Monday the group left the island and spent the day travelling by bus and then 4x4 to Long Pasia where they set up their first camp. They are now trekking until changeover but I will try and provide an update on all of the adventure groups next week.

Alpha 8, Trek Dive

Alpha 8 have endured a rather wet start to the phase. Trekking to a new camp everyday, but on Sunday had a rest day after four days of being on the move. They spent their day off at Bamboo Camp learning jungle skills from local guide Noor and generally relaxing.  The group set off again on Monday and had an amazing time at Maga Falls camp yesterday and spirits are high, despite a wet start.

Alpha 9, Trek Dive Trek

We met up with Alpha 9 at the Filipino market in KK on Sunday after they had spent a day in the classroom. The group reported that the first four days trekking had been great and the group were getting on really well. They were really looking forward to getting back to trekking despite battling some fairly wet weather so far and were in great spirits to be heading over to Dive Island.

Those of the group not diving were looking forward to relaxing with a book and planning some evening entertainment and after a day in the classroom the divers of the group were eager to get suited up and in the water to put things in to practice.

As always I apologise for the lack of photos from the groups, but when the Loop and Fieldbase members who are currently out on project return from their visits, I will be sure to get them on the blog.


Leah Lord said...

Hatty alpha 8

Hi Hatty..hope you enjoyed your trek we gather you endured some wet weather...you have dive island next so you will dry out eventually! Dad and I are not enduring wet weather here in Egypt...it's very hot and toasty! We are saying in a lovely hotel very similar to one when you were with us and we are taking a tuc tuc in the evenings either down town or to the marina..it hasn't changed that much. Yesterday afternoon it was very windy so we watched a spectacular array of kite surfing...it's very shallow water her so ideal conditions....you would love iit...Dad was tempted!
Dad has gone diving today...he met his dive boat at 8am and will be back at 4 ish...so it's now just me and my iPad for the day!! I expect I will wander to breakfast then stroll to the pool and even a swim in the sea later...hectic!,
We really hope you enjoy your diving experience and enjoy a rest on dive island..photos of that look lovely.
I bet you can't believe your time in Borneo is in its final stages...I can tell by the photos and the blog that you have had the most amazing time.
Love you so much.
Mum...oh and her ipadxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Ham alpha 5
In our last few days at Papagayo. It's been very cloudy but no rain. Good for K's revision! Hoping for sun today. We've been v lazy here - odd game of ping pong and mini golf. iPad films in the evening. Too much food!
Blog says you've had rain?
Love Mum, K&E

Anonymous said...

For Ellen Peacock, Alpha 1

I just got your letter ell and it made me so happy!! Laughed at all your incidents, can just imagine you stumbling around the jungle tripping over everything with your mosquito net hat! Georgia Nicholson taken to the next level! Made me miss you even more though :( It was like receiving a love letter with your sunset description! Wish i was there with you. Thankyou for writing to me babycakes, i am even more excited to see you now!! Lots of love xxxxxxx (from Tillie - nearly forgot that crucial detail)

elaine said...

To Fiona Bell Alpha 7
Hi Fiona
Flight details as promised- London Heathrow to Glasgow BA1476 departs terminal 5 at 10.05 arrives Glasgow 11.30 where I will be waiting for you.
I am not long back from Dog Agility. Not sure who is more tired-me or Bonnie. She is curled up in her bed as I should be.
Not been much excitement this week. The weekend was quiet. Dad went away to Egypt on Friday and is back on Thursday. You may have heard from him as I think he has had a bit of time on his hands. He was speaking at the conference today but I think tomorrow is possibly a free day so he may see the pyramids-and some camels. I am at work tomorrow so all I will see is patients and paperwork. Chan and Kathleen on holiday so work is hectic. I did not organise any holidays for Easter time. Having no school age children now means Alan hasn't had to organise my holidays this year. Left to my own devices I didn't get round to it!
I saw Joyce on Sunday for a walk to the cairn with Bonnie. She is still on tenterhooks as Duncan is on a waiting list for Edinburgh and Aberdeen but he may not hear till after the exam results are out.
Lauren and Stuart still here though don't see them till around 4. They are nocturnal. Yesterday they took Bonnie to Duchal and she came back looking like a swamp monster. She had been swimming then rolling in the dirt. She also ran away across the cow field and wouldn't recall even for treats until she spotted another dog on the main path. From there I think she was on the lead home.
Auntie Audrey has been trying to post comments on the blog but not sure she succeeded because she couldn't find them published afterwards. She has been following the blog looking for your group's photos.
I saw your birthday photos today. Looked like you had a really nice day with your group. Funny to imagine you all doing 's-Strip the Willow' in that heat. Sounds like you had a great time. Your dive photos look amazing. Dad very pleased to hear you completed your advanced certificate-well done.
Thats the kettle boiled for my bottle so I'll away to bed. Still freezing here-3 deg tonight. Was very sunny and windy earlier and even put out the washing-'a fine drying day' as they would say in Aberdeen.
Hope your trek is going well. Your parcel should arrive soon. Take care, Lots of love mum xx

Mariam said...

Daniel Razlan (Alpha 8)

Hellooooo!! Can't believe you are coming tho the end of your expedition! By the time you receive this message, your trek adventure will be over and you will be onto your dive! What a great way to end the whole experience.. You lucky boy! We are so looking forward to having you home again and to hearing all your stories!
Not much news from home except that Regie has gone back to the Phillipines :( ( problems with her son)!!! So it's just us at home... We seem to be managing ok.. But it has only been 3 days.. So let's see. We are not able to go out at night though, coz don't want to leave Bam home alone. As I type this, she is having her ballet exam. I had to take a day off work to see to her lunch etc. Dad is leaving for Hanoi on the 2nd of May for golf :) and is attending a medical conference in Seoul in June some time. So he has a bit of traveling to do. At least we will have you home with us :) Razmy might be doing his electives in Ho Chi Minh in July. He has sent in his application and is waiting for a reply.
Counting the days till you are back! Looking forward to meeting your friends too! James, Hogan, Digby, Sam and maybe more from the last phase?
Hope you received the last letter I sent with flight details, yours and Hogans. Missing you lots and can't wait to see you.
Lots of love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Charlie Auterac

Hi, we have tried everal times to leavea comment, but these don't appear to have been successful??
Hope all is going well.....we're now back in London, good week at the chalet. School starts for Alex and Felicite on Tues.....peace and quiet!!!!
Really wanted to contact you about the revised flights. You are now leavng Kuala Lumpar on 2 May, back in UK 3 May. I hope you get this info, we did send you a letter from France with the deatils so look out for it.
Loads of Lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To guy weatherhead alpha2
Hi Guy
We have just received your second letter so lovely to hear from you. It all sounds absolutely amazing and you seem to be having the time of your life. I was particularly pleased to hear that you are not missing your phone, quite liberating. The trekking and diving sounds awesome but not quite so keen on the idea of leeches. I've just read on the blog that your next project with alpha 2 has hit a few problems but it sounds like your getting them sorted you can get your back into shifting those header tanks.
All is good back here it is finally beginning to get warm and I spent my first day gardening on Sunday clearing the greenhouse, even took my sweatshirt off. Chloe came into the shop on Monday with two of her friends to buy cards we compared the pleasure of getting your phone call.
Not sure if you get much world new but Baroness Thatcher has died, very sad, so that is dominating all the headlines at the moment.
Your dad and I are going on holiday very exciting because we haven't been away together since we all went to Cuba which was five years ago. We will be back home before you arrive back. We're going to Majorca thanks to Louise's dad he's allowing us to stay in his apartment.
Take care hope you get that water system working much love as always. Mum

Anonymous said...

To Liselot Bekendam, Alpha 1
hEY LIEVERD, HET ZIT ER BIJNA ALWEER OP. wAT IS DAT SNEL GEGAAN HE? Wij kijken echt uit naar je terugkomst en vooral natuurlijk al je verhalen!! Paps en ik komen je in ieder geval ophalen van het vliegveld. Het is volgens ons 700uur in de ochtend.
Ik lees op de blog dat jullie het hele schooltje al hebben geverfd: in de echte nederlandse kleuren! Wij zijn een beetje in de konings-stemming want zaterdag natuurlijk het grote feest Kings and Queens, waar Pap heel druk mee is. Er komen in ieder geval 450 man , het lijkkt mij superleuk in de Lichtfabriek. Marijke en Liewe komen ook en blijven bij ons slapen. Wilbert is met Thijs Vochteloo en Dustin portier. Verder staat Nederland natuurlijk in het teken van de laatste Koninginnedag en de kroning van Willem Alexander. Superleuk dat je dan net weer thuis bent! Kan je met je vriendinnen Amsterdam weer onveilig maken. Goh, wat heb je het toch rot..........
De stress bij mij neemt wat toe voor het 21 diner van Reinoud. Ik heb alle gerechten al uit geprobeerd, maar voor 20 man aLLES WARM OPDIENEN IS AL EEN GROTE UITDAGING, LAAT STAAN DE REST. dE BORDENWARMER VAN oMA ZAL ZEKER ZIJN DIENSTEN GAAN BEWIJZEN!!!
Zondag weer voor het eerst tenniscompetitie gespeeld, was wel weer heerlijk om buiten op de baan te staan. Helaas verloren maar zij was ook wel erg sterk (ranking 3!). Maandag het wel moeten bezuren met veel spierpijn....Ja moeders wordt een dagje ouder.
Ik lees ook op de blog dat jullie naar de church zijn geweest, doet moeder natuurlijk goed. Ook las ik via de andere berichten die zijn geplaatst dat Emma ook naar de Hotelschool wil. Wat leuk!
Zie je op tegen het afscheid nemen van iedetreen? Je hebt zulke goede vriendschappen met een aantal gekregen. Geniet gewoon nog enorm veel van je laatste dagen en sterkte met het afscheid nemen!!!
Dikke kussen Mams

Still the same old Dad said...

Hi Max Sheldon now Alpha 2 Phase 3:
Mum's been having technology problems recently and I think she's sent you the same message a couple of times, but that'll just remind you of home life and your parents repeating themselves because they're (wrongly of course)thinking you're not listening. It reads like there's a couple of engineering issues with the water feed, but I'm sure it's nothing that a few days' hard toil in high humidity can't sort out. The last photos of you make you look much more buff-tonk than you did back in February, but maybe that's because our eyes keep getting drawn upwards to the strange face fur (or is it mould?)that you've glued to your chin (but not for some reason your top lip). I see you've managed to acquire yet another Raleigh top too (and apparently you've been making jewellery?) - I'll clear out your wardrobe to make room, and I hope the rucksack is enough of a Tardis to fit in all the new stuff. We're all a bit perplexed about how quickly the time's flown by and how well we've coped without you; I'm also struggling to think when I'll get the chance to move all the DIY baggage off your bed - but we could always string up one of the hammocks you've apparently made in the hug for a couple of days and hose you down to make sure you pass the Yasemin smell test! Dave and Jacky send their love, and we do too (of course) - you've been much missed and we can't wait to see you. For now, we really hope the project's problems get sorted out and that you get to see water in Bulud Batu before you leave. Loads of love, Dad xxxxx

Amanda Milligan said...

Sarah Greener (alpha 3),
Hi SV,
Great to get news of your activities with the village - sounds so interesting and fun - will be wonderful to see you and to hear about it all at first hand soon.
We are all fine - term has started again for Dan but he is still managing to watch lots of football. Dad is here and returns just before you do so he can be at the airport to pick you up!!! Paleo line up comes out next week and will send to your gmail in case you can access it before arrival in UK. Have a lot of work on at the moment but hopefully will all be done by time we meet.
Looking forward to seeing you, much love Mum x

Anonymous said...

For Harry Glatman
Hi Harry
Final message for you on the blog! I hope you have enjoyed your diving experience and the weather is improved for the second phase of trekking.
This week SU beat Swindon 2-0!
Sam is very excited to be seeing you so soon and is making plans for your arrival!
Roo is home this weekend as it was the Bedale P2P yesterday and she is staying until Tuesday to recover. She starts work on 22nd so will then be very busy.
Alexandra is coming back from Florida tonight so I will see her in London this week.
Otherwise nothing to report really. Hector, Harvey and Teddy are misbehaving as normal and Phoebe and Beluga are fine.
See you very soon.
Lots of love M x

Family Coxs said...

Hi Rach
We're thinking of you doing your trek,hoping it's going well and looking forward to hearing all about it. It was great to hear from you recently from Dive Island. Everyone at home is asking after you and we've found out that Rosie and Sophie are in Thailand until May 10th and Hannah Wilson is going to Sabah for a whole year from August for part of her Biology course! We met up with Sally for a walk on Crook peak and Bonny has grown but is still really sweet and v friendly! Isla looked quite grown up in comparison. I've painted the porch again and Jazz is still happy living there.
The conservatory is nearly built but the inside of it is still a building site. The rest of the house looks lovely though and we've had quite a few friends round now who are v impressed!
Look forward to hearing from you and you can then confirm you have received the air tickets(email) and post.
Lots of love from all of us.
Mum, Dad, Lucy and Maddy xxxx

Katherine sturt-scobie said...

Sarah greenr alpha 3

Hi Sarah!

It's me again :) I hear you're working on a gravity water project which sounds fun! :)

It's really summary here :) finally!!!!! ;) it was ma birthday yesterday!!!!!!!! I'm now an ancient 19 year old! :) it was a really fun day, spaghetti factory again and I got driving lessons!!!!vso hopefully I'll have my license by summer! :D

I be missing you a lot! And can't wait for summer which will be epic!!!! :D I hope pü comes back safe and sound! And at you've fulfilled his photo wishes! :D

Enjoy yourself tons and can't wait to see ya!