Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Changeover and Final Phase Allocations!!

Our new Alpha teams have now all radioed in from their new locations and the third phase has officially commenced.

This changeover flew by with the Alpha groups returning throughout the day on Sunday and an evening of traditional Raleigh Skits – where the Venturers compete to entertain us the most with a summary/performance of their phase – after dinner in the evening. There was a fantastic atmosphere and the groups were buzzing. Bright and early on Monday morning the groups gathered for a surprise, Easter inspired hunt to find out their new project allocations. With clues taking them all over Basecamp, there was much excitement as the new groups formed and then spent the day bonding and planning their next phases ready for deployment at 6am yesterday.

The new allocations are as follows:

Alpha 1: Kindergarten in Kampung Bonor Sook – 

The foundations, roofing, flooring and staircase are all complete but this phase the group will be finishing the construction work, painting and getting everything ready for the opening ceremony on the Monday 15th April.

A1 - Alfred, Jason, Lise, Christian, Lucy, Duco, Rob, Kathryn, Ellen and
PMs Jude, Beth, Sarah and special visitor Sam (Logs)

Alpha 2: Gravity water feed completion in Kampung Bulud Batu – 

The project steamed ahead in phase 2 they managed to turn on their first tap on World Water Day (22nd March). However, the new group still have 700m of pipe to lay in order to connect the remaining taps to the houses ready for the opening on Wednesday 17th April.

A2 - Nigel, Emma, Joost, Nicky, Max, Rosie, Will, Jacob, Guy, Vynecia
and PMs Lou, Jonny and Josh

Alpha 3: Gravity water feed completion in Kampung Boribi – 

With just two phases to complete a whole gravity water feed, the phase 2 team worked super hard, digging and cementing the damn which has now been completed. This phase the new group will be getting the header tanks into position to collect the water and running the pipes down the hill to the village in time for the opening ceremony on Thursday 18th April.

A3 - Shai, Sam, Isabel, Dido, Bjorn, Tom, Anna, Sarah, Rolex
and PMs John, Ali and Alyrene (not pictured)

Alpha 4: Maliau Basin conservation project – 

 Settling quickly into the beautiful Maliau Basin, the phase 2 team made a gabion wall and fixed the skywalk. As the end of phase trek exploring their new surroundings was such a success, this phase will be an exploratory one delving deeper and deeper into the conservation area and completing mini conservation projects along the way.

A4 - Eline, Emily, Erwin, Clara, Catriona, Tom, Dan, Corinth, Enrique, Louis and Jimmy (not pictured)
and PMs Barry, Sarah and Kat

Alpha 5: Imbak Canyon suspension bridge project – 

In phase 2 the trees began to swing across the valley as work continues on the suspension bridge. With a bit of a delay due to the broken winch the team, the phase 2 team were hard at work making camp improvements so it is now very ready for the new team who will have plenty of work to keep them busy in this final phase.
A5 - Rek, Nicki, Becki, Dan, Lucy, Alex, Sal, J, Connor, Sabrina, Daan
and PMs Ali, (Connor, Refat and special guest Kath (Admin) not pictured)

Alpha 6: Bio Diversity Survey in Coupe 1 in Pitas –

The survey is rapidly increasing in size and with each new phase more birds, mammals and frogs are caught, recorded and set free. This phase however, in addition to the regular trap and net checks, the group will be making a start on a construction project, building a research centre on the lower level of the camp.

A6 - Aaron, Beerend, Charlie, Emma, Morgan, Nathan, Andrew, Steve, Sabine, Shirley, Davin
and PMs Bec, Fred and Xenia

Alpha 7 and 8: Dive, Trek and Trek, Dive in Long Pasia – 

A7 - Fiona, Eva, Jacob, Hugh, Caspar, Nav, Mitchell, Elle, Lee, Rachel, Steven, Lewis (not pictured)
and PMs Kris, Ian and Sarah
The groups will be embarking on a 12 day trek through the jungle and spending 6 days on Dive Island completing their PADI certificates with Borneo Divers or generally relaxing and having a great time. Alpha 7 will be starting on KK’s Dive Island (Mamutik Island) and Alpha 8 will be starting with the trek in Long Pasia.

A8 - Hatty, Tash, Freddie, Daniel, Rex, Catm Belle, Asher, Sjoerd, Jeremy, Josie
 and PMs Mike and Harriet

Alpha 9: Trek, Dive, Trek in the Kiulu Valley –

This group will spend 5 days trekking along the Tudan Mengkaladom trail before their 6 days on dive island (also completing their PADI certificates, relaxing and enjoying themselves) before a final 8 day trek in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu into Basecamp where they will be welcomed back with a BBQ that is always eagerly anticipated.

A9 - Peter, Digby, Jo, Harry, James, Andrew, Dwana, Izzie, Josefien, Alex, Holly
and PMs Kate, Natalie and Rachel

This final phase has come around so quickly and both Venturers and PM’s are already looking forward to reuniting again at Endex to celebrate what I’m sure will continue to be a fantastic Expedition. I look forward to regularly updating you with how the groups get on throughout the phase and will be uploading guest entries from phase 2 over the next few days as the Alphas settle into their new surroundings and routine.

As always the Venturers and PMs really look forward to receiving your comments so please keep leaving them. Instructions on how to do this are on the right hand side of this page. Comments will be taken to the groups during the static sites during the Loop and as the adventure groups arrive at the Harbour to go across to dive island.


joanna said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 8

Hope the trek goes ok - not too many leeches and nasty things to bite you or blisters! Look forward to hearing all about that and the diving. Seems you have had the best projects of all. Lovely to talk on Easter day even though we got cut off - again! Lots of Love Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

To Björn, alpha 3

Lieve Björn,
Het was erg fijn om weer iets van je te horen 2e paasdag!
Fijn dat je het naar je zin hebt,en zin hebt in dit volgende project. Hier bij ons gaat alles zijn gangetje. Je moet de groeten hebben van de hele familie,ook van farfar en farmor. We zijn benieuwd naar de foto's van de trek? Weet je dat Inger op nr. 5 staat in de lijst van tennister van het jaar? Dit kan je zien op www.telegraaf/telesport. Leuk he! Je had op haar kunnen stemmen , op grond van de goede resultaten in Februari. Wij wisten het ook niet, maar het is leuk om vermeld te staan in een lijst met Aranxta Rus, Kiki Bertens en Indy de Vroome. Geniet nog van deze laatste weken!! xXXXXX mama

Anonymous said...

To Björn, alpha 3

Lieve Björn,
Wat fijn om weer je stem te horen op 2e paasdag!
Het is fijn om te horen dat je het naar je zin hebt, en zin hebt in het volgende project. Veel succes en geniet ervan.
Hier gaat alles zijn gangetje. Je krijgt de groeten van de hele familie, en ook van farfar en farmor uit Zweden. xXXX mama

Anonymous said...

To Björn, alpha 3

Hoi Björn,

Ik was vergeten te vertellen dat Inger op nr.5 vermeld staat als tennister van het jaar!!! Dit kan je zien op www.telegraaf/telesport. We hadden op haar kunnen stemmen. Deze plaats is op grond van haar goede tennisprestaties in Februari. Leuk om in een lijst te staan met Kiki Bertens,Aranxta Rus en Indy de Vroome! Pas goed op jezelf en wij zijn benieuwd naar de foto's van de trek.

Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C Alpha 5
Hi Alex,
Great to hear what your final phase allocation is. Grandad already reading up all about the area and the work involved!! I have read up on past blogs and it looks fabulous and I'm sure you will really enjoy it.
Nana,Grandad and I have sent messages via the blog but they don't always appear and it seems it happens to others too - they must be floating around the jungle somewhere!
At long last we have sunshine today, it is still freezing cold but the sun makes us all feel better. It also helps with the clocks going forward as the lighter nights are great. However, I am sure this cold weather will be a shock to your system!
Haven't got up to much during the first week of the school holidays, it's just lovely to relax and catch up on jobs around the house. Dad has only got a few days here and there off - he's not daft is he? He knows that if he is off I will find jobs for him!
Saw the video clip of the Harlem Shake and we have all been practising! Also look forward to hearing why you were wearing a cape with an F on the front of your top - I'm getting concerned about all this dressing up Alex!!!
James and Nick text me to say you had phoned them at changeover. They were really chuffed to hear from you.
I have got the morning off to meet you at Heathrow on 24th. I can't wait to see you and hear all your news. I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone and that you only have 3 weeks left. I'm so pleased that you have another adventure in August to look forward to. Mind you, it looks like you are going to have to build up your body weight before you climb Kilimanjaro. I'll stock up the cupboards with all your favourite foods!!
Look forward to reading more about your work during the next few weeks.
Take care, keep safe and enjoy!
Lots of love
Mum (and of course Dad!!)

Mum said...

For Max Sheldon Alpha 2
Wow Max. What a wonderful project to be part of! And, if I'm right, with the added bonus of posh living in Auntie's village. I actually didn't recognise you at first in the photo. You look so fit and tanned and happy and bearded. I'm glad you were able to call Yasemin on Monday and she told us all about your poor toe and the leeches and the lack of proper washing:(
Your first letter came today and Yasemin came round to pick it up. Thank you for putting in one for Dad and me. It's dated back at Imbak which must already seem a long time ago. I hope a few more letters from home get through before you finish.
Dad has had one of his good ideas for when you inevitably leave Borneo :( . We've booked a long weekend away in Suffolk (not Sabah I'm afraid) for just after you get back. It's not where we went before but it's a very nice house and Yasemin thinks so too; it's even got a pool table. We thought it would be a nice way to celebrate your homecoming and for you and Yasemin to have some time together.
I'm off to sort out your Aberystwyth accommodation now.
Much love from us to you. Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S Ellie and Angus have been to the beauty parlour and Ellie's had her beard trimmed so she's looking a little more like a girl.

Anonymous said...

To Anna (Alpha 3, Phase 3)

'Congratulations! You have been admitted to Texas A&M University...'

Found this in the mail yesterday (2/4)!! WOHOOOOO! Hallelujah!!

P.S. You are now the perfect example of a black beauty! Heheh. Can't wait to see your gorgeous face back home ;)

Elisa (Your amazing, diligent, beautiful, sexy sister who has been reading ALL your mail. Muahaha!!)

caroline van ravels said...

to emma van ravels, alpha 6
He Em, vandaag weer leuke foto's van jullie op de blog!! Ik heb je nieuwe groep gespot!! Je zit gewoon bij Beerend in de groep!! Ook maf! Ik lees dat jullie niet gaan bio onderzoeken maar gaan bouwen. Dat wordt dus weer sjouwen voor jullie!! Misschien voor jou wel lekker dat je niet al die dikke kikkers en spinnen hoeft te vangen. Hier begint het hele koude weer langzaam te verdwijnen! Vandaag zijn 5 mannen en een hele grote hijskraan bezig geweest om al onze bomen in de tuin te snoeien.Een heel spectakel met veel lawaai!! Hoor net van Merel dat Diederick ook een kamer heeft gevonden in Amsterdam. En nog wel op nog geen 200 meter bij Merel vandaan!! Wel fijn voor hem! Ik ben benieuwd of je mijn laatste brief nog hebt gehad! Ik schrijf nu maar gewoon op de blogs. Dat komt in ieder geval zeker aan!! En over een week of 3 kunnen we via een internetcafé misschien een keer skypen ofzo.Ik heb een foto van jou, dat je aan het cement stucen bent , op facebook gezet. Nou schat, genoeg voor deze blog. Volgende keer weer meer. Veel plezier maar weer met deze nieuwe groep!! xxxxxxxxxxx ook van pap, mam

Anonymous said...

To Liselot Bekendam, alpha kinderharten
Hey Lies,
We hebben net super goed nieuws voor je gekregen: je mag 25 mei op selectiefst in Amsterdam voor de Hotelschool!! Super hè? Je moet als je thuis bent nog wel je CV in het Engels toesturen.
Ik schrijf alleen nog aar op de blog want ik ben bang dat je een brief niet meer op tijd ontvangt. Ben je aan het genieten bij de kindertoeslag op het schooltje? Lukt het schilderen een beetje? Wij zijn met Pasen gezellig bij Opa en Oma in Zwolle geweest. Ze vonden het natuurlijk erg leuk om je broers wer te zien en te spreken. Ze waren ook echt geïnteresseerd hoe het met jou is. Ze vinden je met je 17 jaar wel een heel stoere meid hoor!
Het is hier nog steeds nachtvorst waardoor zelfs mijn tenniscompetite is uitgesteld. Gekker moet het niet worden toch?
Lieverd wat een superieure foto van jou in je duikpakje met dat andere meisje op de blog. Je groep nu ziet er ook erg gezellig uit. Duco is zeker ook Nederlands ? Naam klinkt in ieder geval zo...
Paps zal de gewijzigde vliegtijd via sms naar je sturen. Je vluchtnummer blijft hetzelfde en je kunt je print van de terugvlucht dus gewoon gebruiken. Lieverd ik kan niet wachten tot je thuis komt! Dikke kus Mams

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed (Alpha seven)

Just found out that your new group is Alpha seven and that you will be trekking and hoping to get your PADI certificates. Well, you don't have long now so make the most of it. I miss you lots.

How did your second phase go? Did you enjoy it? Here it is very freezing cold although the weather is supposed to improve in a couple of weeks. By the time you get back it should be better.

You look good and dad said you look happy. We hope you will enjoy the last phase of your trip. Take care of yourself and stay safe. Everyone sends their love your dadimaa, nanimaa, nanabapa, and the rest of the family as well.

Lots of love
Dad, mum and AK

G & G said...

Phase 3 Alpha 8

Hello Hattie
You look as though you are still having the time of your life long may it continue !! You are on the last Phase of the expedition now and it will probably be very enjoyable but the hard slog trekking will be compensated by the diving which I'm sure you will love. I saw the instructions as to what you should carry in your rucksack-it's not much is it ??
M & D are getting ready to fly off to Egypt in a couple of days so I think Matt will be holding the fort. M will be taking all her equipment with her - kindle under one arm ipad under the other !! the ipad is always switched on !! I think they had a good Easter with the house full of youngsters.
Tim is still with us and doing a lot of work. Enzo charges up and down the canal like a maniac. Poor Abby is not very well, she has hurt her leg and is on very strong painkillers at the moment. We have to take her to the vets tomorrow to have an x-ray to see what the real problem is. We will have to leave her all day. The weather here is still very cold but it hasn't rained for a while now which is surprising so I have managed to get started on the gardening and plants in the greenhouse - all boring stuff really !! Mum said how much you enjoyed getting blogs so I will contact you again in a couple of days. It's great following your progress Hattie and always thinking of you
Lots of love and good wishes
G & G

Charlotte Jones said...

To James Bryer, Alpha 9.

Heyy Jamesy!! I’ve just read on the blog that you’ve started your treck, and eeeep!! It sounds amazing jamesy!! And to be able to go to such an amazing beach where you can chill out and relax afterwards, with the most incredible view and surroundings and hot sun- eeep! It sounds so perfect! Hehee its freezing over here! We had another light flourish of snow earlier today- hahaa its craaaaaazyy! I would give anything to be there with you jamesy! And eeeep!! I cant stop thinking about our phone call the other day- thankyou so so much; it was perfect!!
oooo!! I went into college today for a full-day rehearsal of everyone’s choreographies, and eeeeep!! I showed my dance teacher my one- and she was so so happy with it! We spent my time-slot polishing up on little bits here and there, but other than that, I’m done! Eeeeeeeepp!! I’m so so excited to show it Jamesy! My dance teacher has also helped me to write a dance CV ready for my Jasmin Vardimon audition on Saturday… eeeeek!! Its all fancy-pansy, and talks about all my training and workshops I’ve done, I can’t wait to show you!! I’ve heard that it’s going to be so so busy at the audition on Saturday as lots of people have shown an interest in it- but eeep! Im so so excited for it!! Thankyou for all of the inspiration and motivation you’ve given me with everything; I’ll be thinking of you jamesy!
and wooo!! I spoke to my mum about what you suggested; if you and I cooked a meal for our parents- hehee she thought it was such a good idea! I’m so so excited for it!! And mmmm nomnomnomm I cooked a vegetable curry for dinner tonight! It was so so yummyface! Hehee I cant wait until we can cook something together, it’ll be so much fun! And I got another update from ginger voldemort earlier today, and aaaaaahh!! Jamesy the photo’s he sent me look AWESOME POSSUM!! They look so so perfect; even better than I could imagine! I cant wait for you to see them all, eeeek!
I miss you so so soooo much jamesy!! Thinking of you constantly, and eeeep!! Words cant describe how excited I am to see you again!! :D (only 4 more weeks, EEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!) I love you with all the love in the world, forever and ever and always. Love, your little bella dog girl Char xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To guy weatherhead alpha 2
Hi Guy
Great to hear from you on Monday an unexpected but wonderful surprise, it sounds like your having an amazing time. I look forward to reading all about the next phase of your adventures. The photo of you and alpha 2 is great you look really tanned, relaxed and happy.
Having read about the previous alpha two groups it looks like you'll be having a fabulous time working on this next phase. Enjoy. Grace and Dad send their love.
Take care. Love mum

Anonymous said...

For Sarah Greener (Alpha 3)

Hi Sarah!

How's it going? Sounds like you're having a great time and getting some good experience. We've lined up a few construction jobs for you when you get back here to help keep your hand in!!! I bet you sleep at night after all the exercise. Does it make cycling into Kendal through snow and ice seem a distant memory? I wish it was a distant memory - the weather is still very cold, the fells are still white, and the lambs are struggling to stay alive in sub-zero temperatures. Your lovely pink slippers are keeping my feet warm and Game of Thrones keeps me locked on the sofa by the fire at night. Thanks very much for the presents!!

It's hard to imagine you out there in that tropical heat, meeting the villagers and different people, enjoying those amazing sunsets and all the jungle wildlife and noise at night. Lucky, lucky things! Will keep on watching the blog. Have fun....

Lots of love, Carolinexxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed(Apha 7)
How are you? hope ok and enjoying yourself. How was your second phase? you look like you really enjoyed yourself. Last phase now, hope you enjoy the trekking phase. Are you also going to do the diving bit?
Anyway have a nice time and make the most. Maa, bapa, nazir masaand family and also everyone in my family send their love.

take care and lots of love,
Yasi masi

Anonymous said...

Natasha O'Sullivan
phase 3, alpha 8

Hi Tash,
Great to talk to you at the weekend. so good to hear what a fantastic time you are having. Today we saw pictures of the gravity water feed project, and I was amazed to see you with a bucket of concrete mix. It looked like you were all working well as a team,real focus and hard work by the look of it. I was also amused to see the picture of you all dressed up, and you with a pink 'cape' on, it looked like you were all having lots of fun. reminded me of the Chanukah plays you used to do.

I hope that you are ok on the 12 day trek. Sounds like quite an ordeal, but great that you have a couple of people you know from the first phase, and I'm sure this group will be as amazing as the others and you'll all have an amazing experience. just hope it's not too exhausting! then the dive or snorkel whichever it turns out to be should be amazing and memorable. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Not much news from home, I wrote at the weekend, a painfully detailed update on everything that has happened at our end, just to make sure you get mail and haven't missed a thing! It's still freezing in London, it has been snowing today, great big thick snowflakes, they didn't settle but I don't think I've ever seen snow in London in April before.
Daniel's been pretty bad while Jenny has been away, but we've found him an acupuncturist who is really helping and Jenny is back any day and Daniel see her on Monday and then I'm confident he'll quickly start recovering again. Kevin and I are all fine. Both our work's have been quiet this week as it's been Easter, it's been a nice relief. I had the day off today and hung out with Daniel, listening to the audio book for Susan Cain's Quiet.

Kevin and I are looking into flights and hotels for Singapore and will let you know when we have booked. I have my flight booked as I'm going to CA for work first and hen onto Singapore for May 18th. can't wait to see you. Meanwhile, it's great to hear that you have lots of people from Raleigh lined up to travel together after the projects are finished.

I'll write again soon.
Love you lots,
Love, hugs and kisses,
Karen xxxx

evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester Joseph
hi win, [[midfing]]. ko tekala ni dari sepa , hehehe....
ouya sya sni di ruma evan main2 masak2.
nti sama2 la kta masak2 d labuan dorg blg kta p becuti2 nopo.
emm akhir kata mantad zou nopo is take care kio situ. walaupun ko mw pulg sudh tp jaga diri saja.
ndala ni bukan akhir kata, kc cari ja sya sumandak dari jepun klw ada, klw tdk pn dari hawaii. klw tdk pun org tamparuli. klw tidaak jgk kta share2 ja la... win sa mau semboi dri california. klu ada dri thailand , angkat ja. kay. sya tia mnta byk. bkn mcm ten2 hahahahaha
Win jangan !! sya ja , jgn bgi evan. laki ka pmpuan ka ko bagi ja sya.
Eh Bgini Bh Tu Klw Sya Punya Mesej Kan...
kay hbis cerita kmi tdur2 dlu..
eh babaiiiii..
see u soon. xx
xoxo yours sincerely, evan & ten2. ~,~,~,~,~.~.~.~.~.~ ('0_0') haari bulan kmi tlis ni 5.04.2013.
p/s: kc cri ja sa stu ah win. jgan


evangelisanna said...

to Rolex Joseph
haii lekkk.
lek ko situ arh
nti main badminton bila ko pulang
ouya bwa pulg sumndak n asamboi dari situ arh.
always hate u. jhat ni abg ten2.
tdi kmi jmpa bilandong ma tilon. naa ko tia jeles? jeles la ba... hensem sdh blandong dri kau. c tilon rmbt dia pnjg. c don mw jd prmpuan sdh.
c gel plkn sudah
ko bila lagi ??? tiapayala ko pg tu. bjalan sja. eiihh
baa lek kmi berbahgia dlu sni kio
take cre. kc cri kakak ewan semboi. okay
yours sincerely, ten2 & evan, kmi mau tdr2 dlu. xx

Ben the W said...

To Sarah Greener, Alpha 3

So, you're in a new Alpha group now? This is such a confusing system... I guess the names are based on what you're doing.
Still. Silly system. You should make Raleigh hire me to fix up a better system. I get trained in fixing anything as part of my degree (cause you know, computers might be completely different by the time I actually finish).
Oh, and you should also make them hire me to make their website better. And pay me gloriously large amounts of money.
And you should find a flying cat and name it Jean-Pierre because you can.
So I just got back from South Africa. Working on typing up a nice letter that lacks the smudginess of the written drafts. It would also allow me to add some illustrations. Which I'm sure you would love.
Of course the real reason behind it is I'm paranoid the letter will get lost in the mail, and so I want to have a copy I can give you once you get back in case everything goes wrong.
Again, I have no way of knowing if anything I send you reaches you at all until I get back to Warwick and recieve some letter saying you got something.
Topic drifting... Back on topic...
I'm home! This means I can spam you more often than before! I'll see if I can send you daily messages. See if it annoys the delivery people, blog moderator, you because you have to do something fancy to recieve these messages, a local paper enthusiast who is upset because I'm wasting all the good quality printing paper meaning he only gets letters made out of the cheap stuff. Then you can tell me who I'm offending and tell me what steps to take to stop annoying them.
Which I will promptly ignore because I will have no way of knowing since the letter might actually only reach me after you get home.
Scrolling up, I see the average message length is longer than what I've previously seen here.
I should write a lot. That way you can be special.
Oh, having read the blog, I spotted this:
"85% of the world’s population live in the driest half of the planet."
I couldn't help but think to myself "This means 15% of the population lives in the dampest half of the planet. Surely that must mean the oceans, because those places are pretty damp. I had no idea so many lived at sea."
Then I realised I need help because I'm becoming a more and more insufferable person-who-takes-everything-way-to-literally-whatever-the-term-for-that-is.
Anyway, should probably end this. There has to be some kind of character limit and I don't want to go over it.

Lav ya!

Leo Blom said...

To Nicky Blom

Hoi schatje,

Leuk je even gesproken te hebben. Nu hard werken aan de waterleiding?
Hier gaat alles goed. Brunch was gezellie
Ik denk aan je!

Anonymous said...

Hey bec, hope ya havin fun over there xxxx i got home safe n sound :) i have alot tooo ya wen ya home most goood n some bad but alllll is goooood back in aussie heheehe omg did ya seee wat i carve in tooo the wooood were you n willl sit on thay long loge..... So i know ya read it take a pic of it lolz n illl seee ya got the right one :) miss ya beccie wen i was over there you were like a big sister to me n i love that... Xxx xxx oh n perth i get colder by the minute hhehehe its nice sooo much better that borneo heheheheeehe love you lots beccie xx little sis chels xxx xx give will n bolter a big huge from me xx xx see ya wen ya home :)

Mum said...

For Isobel (Izzie) Robertson

Alpha 9: Trek, Dive, Trek in the Kiulu Valley

Hi Isobel,

Still loving the phone call you made on Easter Sunday...sooo good to hear your voice.
Guess who has got an unconditional for Edinburgh. What a clever girl. Well done you!
Cos I have got a new job I unfortunately cannot meet you in London. I am so upset about it. Also Georgina cannot come because she cannot stay in a hotel on her own unless she is 18..we really have tried :( sorry cos I was so wanting to meet you.
Anyway, have organised your Uncle Robert to come and meet you and to give you your ticket back to Edinburgh.
Uncle Robert's Mobile Number: 07887804810
Will meet you in Edinburgh though and CAN'T WAIT !!!
Love you and so proud of you
Mum xxxxxxx

Stan Sedman said...

Alex Williams Alpha 5
Hi Alex
You may get this via the loop although maybe not until you get back to base camp. Hope you are enjoying the last project phase in Imbak. I have been reading up about the area, the falls, etc, and it looks to be a fabulous place. Hope you are having a great time finishing off the bridge work. The picture of the winch looked a beast of a machine! Weather is starting to change here now so it should be a bit warmer when you return. I envy all that you have experienced and hope it has been a real adventure and rewarding experience for you. Looking forward to hearing all your jungle tales when you get back. Love from Nana and myself. Gross art

Anonymous said...

For Lewi Wyatt - Alpha7/8

Hi Lewi,

You're not in the photo! Hope your ankle is better and you are able to do the dive, did I spot a beard? May have been my imagination, you handsome beast1
Went out to a leaving at Bowlish house the other night, great company but the food was horrid. Got home and Sary had put a card through the door inviting me to a surprise trip for my birthday, I have to pack my bags but won't need my passport, so that was a lovely surprise.
Sunny here but still very chilly with freezing winds that are driving everyone crazy. Make the most of the warmth there. Hope your last phase goes well,very, very proud of all the hard work you all have been doing! Love you so much, everyone is looking forward to seeing you soon, grambo sends her love. Take care and have a fantastic last few weeks! Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

YAM Naveed

Hope you had a lovely weekend in a nice warm weather. Here weather is on the improve a bit. We all are very proud of your project. And soon you are back to UK. We want to hear all about it on your return. Its Dadi Ma's Birthday on Thursday, she misses you alot. Also this week is Satado week in JK so we all are trying to complete it. Good to see your photos that you look well and strong. Best Regards and see you soon. Lots of Love Xxx Yasu Fui

Anonymous said...

For: Jeremy Legge (Alpha 8)

Hey J,

Cannot believe you are already on your last phase!!! Im sure time must have flown by (it did for me). The Trek was definitely the most challenging part of Raleigh when I was in India, I wonder if it will be the same for you. You will have to tell me what it was like. I see you are going through Long Pasia. I looked it up on the internet, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! And Dive Island sounds amazing! That is so great that you will be getting your diving certificate (watch our for those scary fish!! eek). I must say, although I am sure you are sad that Raleigh is ending, I am secretly a bit happy because I cannot wait to be in contact with you again!! I want to hear all about your adventures :) Mum also said you are going to be traveling on afterwards (perhaps south east Asia-- you have NO idea how jealous I am).

Anyways my news here seems rather boring and dull compared to your amazing adventures. No much going on besides for exams and papers. We have this Monday off because it is Marathon Monday. Its one of the oldest marathons in the US and they run right through our school. Traditionally, everyone wakes up early and someone hosts "Kegs and Eggs" (kegs of beer and eggs). Lots of drinking is done and then we go watch the race-- its really fun.

This Thursday Martie is coming to Boston to take me out to lunch which will be nice. Oh! And the most important news, I dyed a big streak of hair red on the side of me head (I really like it, I don't think you would).

I don't know if I told you about Senior Week, it the week before our graduation when we have finished exams. There are a lot of activities planned by the school. We get a tour of a beer brewery. Another night, we go to one of the HUGE casinos in Connecticut. Another night they school rents a boat and we go cruising around the Boston Harbour. And finally, my personal favourite, Boston University rent out the ENTIRE 6 Flags rollercoaster park and we spend a day there. No lines!! Im so excited. I believe you will be continuing your gap year adventures, but if it happens to work out and you can make it over I will try and get you a ticket!

Hope you are having a great time, and I hope you dont have horrible blisters like your old Sis did on Trek!!!

Miss you tons, love you more, xxx your Sis

Sheen said...

For : Lee Jia Hui :) ( alpha 7&8 )

Hi hi!! I suppose ure in the middle of the jungle trekking :D how are things going on there? So I am going for my undang talk this Sat! Hahaha finally starting! :p Cant wait for you to come back!! Have a great time over there! Especially for your last few days! Take loads and loads of pics! You've got lots of story telling to do when u get back. Hehe :D Take care, see u soon yea!

Sheen :)

Anonymous said...

Naveed Rajan ( alpha seven)
Hi Naveed! How are you? Hope ok . I believe this is your last phase before your return. Make the most of it. Last weekend we went to Lobdon and stayed at your house. We really enjoyed it. Your mum really misses you. She is counting the days to your return. Hope you have enjoyed your trip. Your parents are really proud of you.
I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure. You take care of yourself and enjoy your last week.
Regards from the family.
Love from khatoon masi.xx