Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Alpha 9 update – Trek Dive Trek

I am pleased to inform you that the group survived the first two parts of phase 3 – the four day trek and six days on Mamutik Island diving – and when I spoke to them were looking forward to putting their boots back on and returning to the last eight days of trekking (of which they are now three days into).

In the first trek, the Venturers loved the company of three wonderful guides Hanry, Elsre and William. Everyday was reportedly filled with a lot of leeching, singing, laughing, slipping and sliding, but Alpha 9 was still beating phase 1 and 2’s times, being faster with every trek. With some tough guys in the team carrying the heavy stuff and offering to help all the time, it was apparently a piece of cake.

After five days without washing or changing clothes, Alpha 9 arrived at their homestay where they had the luxury of a tap and a proper meal. However, the Venturers say this was nothing compared to the night in KK where they had a real shower, bed and even Western toilets.

In the evening they ate out at the Filipino market in KK centre. They enjoyed (as I witnessed) a doughnut challenge and tried every dessert that was offered – purely in the name of keeping their energy up after a hard few days trekking of course. After the market, Alpha 9 could barely walk back to their hostel but after a good night’s sleep they took a boat to Mamutik/Dive Island.

The group were delighted to be on the island as it felt like such a privilege. Diving, snorkelling, playing football and volleyball with the locals and eating too much, sleeping, swimming and watching the sunset, it really is an incredible place.

The Alpha 9 group also welcomed a new group member, Robert the monitor lizard who paid them a visit every now and then.

Full of energy and ready to go, Alpha 9 were excited to get back to trek and were ready to get sweaty and muddy again. In the home straight now Alpha 9 are trekking back to basecamp where they will be treated to a celebratory BBQ on Saturday before heading to the Borneo Paradise for the official closing ceremony next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

ATT Jeremy Legge Alpha 8

Hi Mr J your trek sounds exciting if wet and gather you are now diving I am sure that is a fab experience and cant wait to hear about it. You might have heard there were bombs in Boston however Allie is fine Mum and I are off to the UK on Thursday. Re flights you are currently booked out of Borneo 23/4/13 and onward out of KL to Amsterdam 23/4/13 I know you want to change the KL/Amsterdam dates but I need to know soonest otherwise they wont let me. Get in touch somehow! Lots of love DadXO

Elaine said...

to Fiona Bell alpha 7
Hi Fiona
I expect you are in remote rainforest just now, so not sure when and if this will reach you. Hope the trek is going well and the beastie's not too annoying.
Bonnie and i were in our local Duchal rainforest this morning. It was absolutely pouring down with a howling gale whisking us along.We were soaked- even through my drize-a-bone and daft rain hat. I should have waited a while to go out because it is sunny now even thought the gale continues. I am about to bath bonnie then take her to the village to post some letters so this will blow dry her coat.
I have forgotten Seans birthday I think so about to send card. Auntie Lisa and uncle Richard were up in Aberdeen last week for the boys' Easter holidays but I missed them because I had been the weekend before.
Stuart and Lauren went back to Aberdeen on Friday at last after first planning their return from Wednesday onwards-as usual took Stuart a while to organise his plans and then forgot to take his stuff back with him.
I spent the weekend gardening after plant shopping on Saturday. Coaxed dad to come to Dobbies with the offer of coffee and cake after he finished his extra list on Saturday.
This weekend I am away to Edinburgh with Debbie. We have a GP course all day Sunday that starts at 8.30am so decided to go through for shopping etc on Saturday. Dad has possibly a beginners Kayak trip on Sunday so Katie C is dog sitting.
Tonight is agility class-they come round really fast-before I have done enough practising. We did go to the airport field with Elaine Henley and Luna to do some practise on Friday-again in the pouring rain. Tony, the man who formed the agility club was their for a while. He works as a security guard at the airport so popped over when he knew we were there and showed us some stuff. He said Bonnie did have potential-if I could find something to really motivate her!
Hve been keeping an eye on the Jukeedoodles website as 6 of the girls are pregnant and the pups are due from 15th april onwards. Hopefully they will have a bountiful year again and have more pups than expected, making our wait shorter.
Next week I have a short week at work-thank goodness. I am doing the extended hours again on Monday for the third week in a row then off Tues, Weds (to collect you) and only working Thursday morning.
We are really looking forward to you coming home. Can't wait till next Wednesday. Hope the rest of the trip goes well. See you soon.
Lots of Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...
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pippa carver said...

Hi Hols - as you seemed to have a great time treking I thought I'd let you know I have been having a great time on WWWs with the dogs enjoying our foul British weather - I am sure you can't wait to join me now you're used to walking miles !! Looking forward to seeing you next week, your Dad and I will be at the airport to embarrass you. Love Mum - hugs and kisses xxx

Charlotte Jones said...

To James Bryer, 13C, Alpha 9.
Heyy Jamesy!!
EEEEEEPP!! It’s so so amazing to hear what you’ve been getting up too!! And I can’t wait to hear so much more about it all, WHEN YOURE HOME IN 15 DAYS TIME EEEEEEEEEEEEPP!!! :D <3 <3 Jamesy I cant believe how soon it is until we can snuggle up again together, and play halo and chat, with little belladog and a Chinese takeaway... EEEEEP!! :D HAPPYFACEEE!! Borneo has sounded absolutely incredible, and it’s made me the happiest girlie knowing that you’re having such an amazing time! I’m thinking of you constantly, wishing I was out there with you!! :D I’ve just read all about your treck-dive-treck phase that youre doing... woaaah! The beach that youve been staying on looks like paradise! Eeeep! It must be the perfect place to chill out! And the trekking as well sounds such an amazing experience! And the donut challange! Mmmm nomnomnom!! :D baby I’m so so proud of you!<3
I had my audition at Northern Yesterday! I didn’t get in (sadface, I loved it there!) but It was such an amazing experience, and I’m so glad I went up there to audition! We did a ballet and contemporary class, and then we performed our solos! Then they made a cut, from 60 down to 15, and I got through! I was over the moon, and eeep! I still can’t believe it!! :D We then did a creative- improv session, which was such good fun- I loved it! After that they made another cut from 15 down to 5, and sadface I didn’t get through. I was so proud at how far I got though, and the day was such an enjoyable experience!! :D Hehee I was pretending that you were there as I was dancing Jamesy!! It was my 10th and final audition, it’s such a relief to know all of my auditions are done and out the way now, wooo!!
Oooo!! Ginger Voldemort (haha!) has been keeping me up to date on the animation, and eeeep baby!! It’s incredible!! :D Even better than I imagined it to be, aaaah!! I cant wait for you to see it!! :D :D College is getting very stressful face at the moment, as our choreography and solo exam is in a week’s time, and the textile deadline is next Thursday.. Ahhh!! BUT EEEEEEEEEPP!! I keep telling myself that in 2 weeks time, all stress from dance will be gone, I would have finished my textiles A Level, AND JAMESY WILL BE HOOOOOOMMEE!! <3 eeeep!! Youve been giving me all the motivation and support in the world baby, so eeeep thankyou! I honestly don’t know where I would be without you! Jamesy I truly hope that these last few weeks are absolutely amazing for you! :D From time to time I re-read those perfect letters you sent me, and I can guarantee that they will always put the biggest and warmest smile on my face!<3
I love you to pieces Jamesy, never ever ever ever forget that <3 AND AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! See you in 15 days time my gorgeous boy! I CANT WAAAAIIT!! I love you so so so so so much, forever and always, your little girlie, Char xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed - (Alpha 1)

How are you getting on? I understand you are now in Alpha 1 as you can't carry on with the trekking.
Well just enjoy the experience of whatever you get the chance to do. Make the most of the different experiences that you are enjoying. You have only got a few days left.

Weather has improved a lot and it is a lot warmer than a couple of weeks ago when it was still snowing. Alykhan is at the moment stressing about all his assignments that he has to hand in and he does not have a lot of time to finish of.

Khatoon masi came last weekend and as there was a barbecue at dadimaas house for her birthday we took them with us and it was fun and we all enjoyed but we missed you a lot. Even dadimaa misses you lots. Everyone askede how you were getting on.

Dad, ak and I will come to the airport to pick you up. I am assuming there are no changes to your flight details. If there are then do let me know. Call us to let us know if there are any changes. I can't wait for next week. I hope you have taken a lot of photos and if you haven't then please please please take some ok?

Take care and I will write again tomorrow.

Lots of love
dad,mum and ak

Anonymous said...

Lieve Caspar,

Nog een paar dagen afzien. Ik lees dat jullie dan een BBQ wacht en dan nog een paar dagen relaxen met alle nieuwe vrienden die je gemaakt hebt in de afgelopen 10 weken. We zijn reuze benieuwd naar alle verhalen en hopen dat je op de een of andere manier alle indrukken hebt vastgelegd. het duurt immers nog een paar maanden voordat we elkaar zien en dan heb je weer nieuwe dingen meegemaakt.

Veel liefs, papa, mama en Victor

John Bryer said...

To James Bryer
From Your dad
Hi James good to see some photos of your trek and to get an update on your movements. All is well here. Mum had a great time meeting her Saudi girlfriends in Barcelona, and I met up with her later there in the week. A well needed break with some sunshine!
Barney is head down with his last few weeks of GCSEs and Chloe is doing a weeks work experience at NLA in London.
Looking forward to your return son. Give us the details u need for us to book your flight to KL, and give us your mates bank details so we can transfer some money to his account - if u can remember your own PIN no it would be easier!
Love & God bless
Dad xx

Anonymous said...

Peter Hodge
from Church Farm

Hi Hoss, well not long before you finish your raleigh experience, for me I cant wait to see you for you its going to seem very tame to be home. We are back from Cyprus back to the YUK I mean UK Im glad to be home really, I may slag of the UK but its always nice to get home. James had his eye op yesterday so he now has a week of school, will see the Consultant in two weeks. How did the scuba diving go its fantastic if you get on with it? We are all good here the weather is improving at last so hopefully sunnier & warmer when you return. It seems a very long time you have been away and I have missed you very much so has James we cant wait to see you. With regard to Mt Kinabalu I was unsuccessful finding you a spot those dates seem to be the most popular, if you try from there you may have more success someone may have had to cancel, if you do manage to get a spot make sure its a reputable and reliable company you use, blah blah I know I am stating the obvious. Well back to hum drum now until the next holiday. Have lots of fun, stay safe and we love you lots sorry I have tried to not be slushy re your orders but dont care now I love you lots & lots and cant wait to see you. Lots of love me & James xxxxxxxxxxxx

Princess Amber said...

For Kate 'Spendog' Spencer

Got your letter KS - made my day. Thanks so many millions. Not sure you'd get it if I posted another, so going to look forward to a Skype when you're out of the jungle.

Hope all's well.

Lots of love,

Rachel said...

Sabrina (alpha 5)

hey babe here i roll again. i hope u get the letter already. sorry for sending it late to u.

i know that u are now in the last phrase ady, so are u still going to stay there for another 2 weeks to travel around? miss u so much and really cant wait for u to come back and we can have a getaway!

hope you enjoy ur last few week in sabah and with ur friends there! <3