Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Alpha 8 - Trekking Long Pasia

After a 3 hour bus ride, followed by a quick stop to fuel up on deep fried bananas, we embarked on a six hour bumpy off road journey in 4x4s to Long Pasia. Sleepily, we eventually arrived to a muddy river bank and overall the first night was a bit of a shock to most of us. Not only did we manage to break a radio but dinner wasn’t ready until 9.15pm.

After our first night though, things got easier. The sun began to shine, the mud began to dry and we bonded as a team as people experienced their first leech encounter. After many rounds of ‘20 questions’ we would arrive at a new camp. Bamboo camp certainly lives up to its name. Our first thought was to wash in the river.

Day 2 was a challenge against the mud. We all arrived at our next camp coated from head to toe. In addition to this, by the evening half of us were covered in insect bites too - not fun! More fun was singing and dancing around as we filmed our part of the expedition music video to Marvin Gaye’s Aint No Mountain High Enough. We were treated to PM Kris’s epic dance moves, which no one wants to witness again.

The next two days we trekked to Maga Falls which was beautiful. During our rest day we visited the waterfalls, a bat cave and learnt a dance where we all dressed in leaves. All in all this was an amazing day.
On our second to last day we set Noor (our guide) a challenge. We said we wanted to complete a trek which normally takes six hours, to do it in four hours and we did. In fact, we made it in 2hrs 45, which meant that Noor promoted us to hero status and will be putting our group picture on his wall.

We now write this on our last day of trek and we are so excited for our homestay where we can eat as much as we can and maybe have an actual shower and bed. Our only others concerns are how many luxuries we can buy during our time in KK on route to Dive Island and what to get Lucy as a present for her Borneo birthday?!

Our photographer Fiona, spent yesterday (Tuesday) with Alpha 8 on Dive Island and confirms they are having a brilliant time. I’m sorry we haven’t got any of the trekking pictures yet but I’m going to leave you with a few of her snaps of the group on Dive Island and promise a blog full of photos from their trek after changeover.


Anonymous said...

For Freddie Aitken

Still freezing here. Chappie has made a start on the new pen. I started my new job today - not very stressful so far... Philip and some of his children came here for a ride today. Amy (cousin) got engaged to Anthony over Easter - seems like a nice boy. Mummy and I had easter lunch with the Quesnels - lunch lasted until 8 pm... Tons of love Daddy

Anonymous said...

For Jonathan Tolson (alpha 2)

Hello Jonny!!!
Hope you are having fun and feeling good! I loved speaking to you this weekend and so pleased you remembered my birthday! I have sent you come letters today (4 since everything you wanted didn't fit into 1) and hopefully they will be with you soon. Take care, can't wait to see you.
Lots of love
Tan x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed (Alpha 7)
How are you? I hope you are doing well. I have seen the blog and read about all the interesting things that you guys have been doing. You should be really proud of yourself and be able to tell your family and friends about
All the interesting things you have helped to build or develop. Be proud to say that 'I helped to build this bridge'. I am very proud of you. You have done really well and so have all the others. It is quite an achievement. Hope you will come and visit us in Nottingham. You will like it here. You are on your last phase now so make the most of it and enjoy yourself. Take care! Your mum and dad really miss you and are looking forward to you coming back abd telling them about your experiences in Borneo.
We all miss you.
Love from
Khatoon masi and family.xx