Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Alpha 6 – Biodiversity update

By Beerend Salomons

After an Easter treasure hunt at Basecamp, Alpha 6 went on a journey to Coupe 1 in secondary rainforest and met our guides and AFC representatives. Immediately we got along with them. After we set up the camp we got a tour of our “playground” for the next three weeks. Everybody was very excited about what we were going to do and the next day we started our first bird checks.

The first few times we checked the nets, we struggled with getting the birds out of the nets. Now writing this a few weeks in, I can tell you most of us got pretty comfortable with that very quickly, to the point where it was like we’d done it before.

We have caught some amazing birds.

It was also part of our project to catch mammals too. To do this we set traps and checked them twice a day with the help of our AFC guides. Whilst we were more successful in catching birds we did catch a few rats.

We have also started with the construction of a new research centre for the AFC (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this to share yet). Our task for our first construction day was to dig 30, 1.5ft deep holes and at 1pm we accomplished that goal. We were all really happy with our accomplishment and pleased that the rest of the day could be spent checking the nets.

Unfortunately, most days we have had rain so this has limited the progress of our construction and checking the nets and traps on occasion. Despite the setbacks we are continuing to work on the foundations of the research centre, digging the holes deeper and constantly battling against the rainfall which was filling them up. The rain also meant that we couldn't do any extra night walks to catch frogs like we really loved doing in the beginning. Nevertheless, the group have bonded well, we are really enjoying living in our new jungle home and in this final week before Endex we are hoping to progress with the construction, see some more incredible birds and enjoy our final days as a team in our Coupe 1 camp.


caroline van ravels said...

to emma van ravels alpha 6,
He em, dit wordt waarschijnlijk mijn laatste post naar raleigh!! Over een paar dagen zijn jullie klaar. Ik hoop dat je dit alles als een onvergetelijk avontuur hebt ervaren. Ik heb net de blog van Beerend gelezen. Op de foto's is te zien dat jullie met veel regen te kampen hadden!! Ik hoop voor je dat het nu weer wat droger is. Wat maf dat je daar midden in de jungle ineens bereik had op je telefoon!! De lodge is geregeld, pap heeft de gegevens naar jouw hotmail gestuurd.Nou schat, zet hem op en veel plezier de laatse dagen!! Het afscheid zal best moeilijk zijn, maar gelukkig gaan jullie met een stel nog even lekker door reizen!! Ik hoor wel waar de reis heen gaat!! Jouw definitieve terugreis naar Nederland is op 26 mei gezet.
Tot bels over een paar dagen!!
dikke kus ook van pap,
xxxxxxxxxx mam

Anonymous said...

For Jake Bunday - Alpha 7

Hi Darling

I can't believe you're now nearly at the end of your Borneo adventure - where's the time gone!!! I hope the trek has been good. Sadly we'll have to wait a while to see your photos and hear all about it till you get back from Oz. We're all fine here - the kids came back last night so it's all go now - with the build up to exams. Ru's still here but goes back to Cardiff at the weekend - he's frantically trying to catch up with some work he was meant to get done this hole! No surprise there then!!!! Erin went back to Cardiff on Monday.
I had an e mail from Elliott T yday asking about the Oz Exp that you're booked on to. It would appear that since your booking they have changed the itinerary a little - anyway nothing to worry about I don't think - i've e mailed them so hopefully by the time you get there things will be sorted. Have you arranged with Elliott where you are meeting him in Sydney? Is he going to hang on at the airport (I think he lands about 2 hours before you) or is he going to find his own way (taxi/bus) to the hostel - and then you do the same a few hours later. Anyway maybe you can FB him some time. If you phone him, DONT talk for hours!!! Your phone bill is horrific!! What girls didn't you phone last week.... Maddie, Emma, Phoebs!!!! (they were, incidentally, all thrilled to hear from you).
I have e mailed/FB-ed you but... I tried to log into your cash card account last night to see if you needed a top up and for some reason it wouldn't let me. Have you changed your password? Anyway can you check the balance asap and I can put some more money in. I'll put some in your Barclays account too just as a back up.
Anyway sadly i'm back at work too today - tho things are quite quiet so hopefully i'll be home again soon!!!! I'm off to see Tara on Friday - they've moved to Wilton which is great so no more slogging all the way up to Cambridge to see them. Then we've got Rose V-B, Dan Hodder and Emily & Olly Simper over to supper on Friday.
Next week i'm meeing Isobel, Sue and Anita for our annual birthday lunch which will be good. I saw Isobel yday - Sophie is having a great time and is now off travelling.
Anyway enough waffle - really looking forward to you being back in the land of internet and phones!!! At least we can then FB you and see what's going on!!!!
Big big hugs darling - from us all
Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

to emma van ravels, alpha 6


Wat leuk om weer een verhaaltje te lezen over jou avonturen! en dit keer door niemand minder dan Berend! Super leuk dat jullie samen in een groep zitten! Durf jij ook vogels en andere enge beesten vast te houden!? :) Knap hoor! Echt zo goed hoe je het daar allemaal doet em, en dat 3 maanden lang in een hangmat met regen haha!
Zo benieuwd naar al je verhalen en foto's en zin om je weer te zien!

Hier gaat het allemaal prima! Nog steeds beetje hetzelfde veel leuke dingen doen, het zonnetje schijnt dus ben weer vaak op de terrassen te vinden! Merel woont nu ook in Amsterdam dus is heel gezellig! Die heeft hier vorige week samen met Thailand gaat! Zo super gaaf! Hier wat tips!

Beginnen natuurlijk in Bangkok! Hottelletje op Khp san Road nemen of iig in de buurt! Merel en ik zaten allebei in het hotel Rikka Inn. Was prima hottetje :)
Daar lekker op straat eten rond banjeren en ik zou zeker een fietstocht doen met de organisatie van Co v. Kessel! Dan zie je bangkok op zo'n andere manier en kom je op plekken die je zelf nooit zou zien!
Ook leuk om naar de bioscoop te gaan bij Siam Square. Daar gaat iedereen voor dat de film begint staan en het volkslied zingen haha grappig om een keer mee te maken!

Daarna ben in naar Chiang Mai gegaan! (bas en ik zaten in het SK1 house hostel) Verder hebben we daar scooters gehuurd en zijn de we bergen in gereden! lekker uiteten overal, tempels bekeken enz!

Wat je ook niet mag overslaan is Pai, daar zijn we na Chiang mai heengegaan! Is een oud hippie dorpje echt zooo leuk! En dan moet je proberen of je kan slapen in pai chan cottage & cuisine, daar hebben merel, suze en wji ook geslapen en is echt een paradijsje tussen de rijstvelden! Hier hebben we olifant gereden ( geen aanrader) verder alleen maar chillen haha! Wij zijn hierna met de slowboot naar laos gegaan! Na laos weer paar dagen bangkok en toen met de trein bus en boot naar het eiland Kho Toa! SUPER LEUK!! Als je nog naar de eilanden wilt (neem ik aan dat je lekker wil chillen na 3 maanden werken haha ) ga dan naar kho toa! Je komt echt in het paradijs terecht!

Lieve em heel veel plezier weer en geniet van Thailand! Maar tegen die tijd heb ik via mama of via de sms vast al weer veel van je gehoord :)
Succes met de laatste loodjes kleine!

Anonymous said...

to emma v ravels, alpha 6

oja em dat berichtje van van mij emily haha! :)
Geniet ze nog lieve empie!
xxxx eem

Elaine & Stan Sedman said...

Alex Williams Alpha 5
Hi Alex
"All good things come to an end" is a saying which must be being felt by all you adventurers as you gather for the final weekend. Kath's blog about Imbak was really good and gave us the feel of what you must be experiencing. A couple of good photographs of you for the collection! We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your adventures and seeing all your photographs.
All the blogs posted by the Admin at Base Camp have been briliant and we have enjoyed reading all of them and feel we know so much about all the adventurers. Comms have been excellent and have kept us fully in touch with everything on an almost day to day basis. Mum gearing up for your return and stocking up the food stocks! Lots of love Nana and Grossvartxxx

Frances Birley said...

To: Hugh Birley - Alpha 7

By the time you get this your trek will be over and you'll soon be leaving. Hope you're too savaged by mosquitoes and that the boots were ok! How were the pack organization skills?! Still waiting for a blog update on your group! Hope you get a chance to go to the filipino market., it looks good fun. Can't believe that I will be seeing you in 10 days. Can't wait! I will send you an e-mail with all the details so please check when you get to Freddie's relations. I will be staying with Merrin and Christo. I'll try and phone you when I arrive.

All well here, Harry was THRILLED with your wonderful letter it was so exciting to receive it. Thanks so much. He was very sad to go back to school yesterday, particularly as I won't
be able to see him for 4 weeks, but i'm sure once he is there and busy the time will fly. George's card also managed to arrive on his birthday and Trish said he was really pleased to get it.

Have a great last few days - it sounds like you've had the most wonderful experience. I'm so looking forward to hearing about it properly and seeing all the photos. James has started saving already!

Love you loads

Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Ellen Peacock alpha 1
Hi Ellen
Hope you managed to get everything ready in time for the opening ceremony and that you all had a great time.
Seems strange but great for us that this time next week you'll be back home.
Hopefully you will ring soon,when you do let us know if you want some money transferred and how much and we can get that done.
All is fine here.Looking forward to seeing you at the airport...I wonder how much of your kit has survived!
All our love as always mum dad Tom and Dan.xx

Gardening Mum said...

For Max Sheldon Alpha 2
Spring has finally sprung Max. The fact that it's so late means you'll get to see the daffodils when you come back next week. That must seem strange, sad and exciting all mixed up together. We're looking forward to seeing you and talking about everything we've all been doing while you've been away.
I hope you finished what you'd hoped to do by today's opening ceremony. I imagine it was very emotional. I really enjoyed Sissinghurst with Steph and felt inspired to go out in the garden when I got back. There's not been very much of that in the last 10 weeks because it's been so cold, snowing or wet. I'm still ever so pleased with the steps you made at the top of the garden. They've stood up well to Ellie racing around like a lunatic.
It's all hands on deck this weekend as Dad and I get ready to welcome you home and Yasemin's chosen a nice colour for your room. Not really Max, I promise.
Lots and lots of love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elaine said...

to Fiona Bell alpha7
Hi Fiona
Unsure how long to keep posting blogs as your time in Borneo nears its end. Been reading about the rain slowing some of the groups progress so hopefully it has not had the same effect on your trek.
All the groups now talking of Endex so i imagine you are very near the end of your trek by now.
no real news in the 2 days since I last posted. Agility on Tuesday was better-Bonnie seems to have ''clicked'' and was far more enthusiastic-running as if she meant it instead of sauntering. Just now I have had a very early breakfast before an early work start and she is sprawled on my lap dozing.
Have a great last few days. See you in under a week!
Love Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Sam Griffin Beat

Hello Sambo,

today is thursday so only 6 days until you get home, we are sooooooo excited we are all on bikini alert (even bub and jonty!!) talking of Jonty we have had the most horrendous storm raging for the last three days and dad insisted on walking the dogs in it jonty nearly got blown off the mountain, as coz hes so close to the ground he has now got tiks so i am now going downstairs to de tik him and carbolic his with the cancer causing shampoo!!! i will not have tiks or fleas in my house. the traffic lights all went t*ts up the garage door stuck the gates refused to open, all the roads flodded, it has been a flaming pain, today the rain has stopped and we are in the process of fixing all the problems, all the windows leaked as well!! well news from wales, cardiff have qualified to go up to the premier league (whatever that means you know i cant stand football) but there have been loads of celebrations, welsh men boyyo ing all over the news!!! also in swansea there is a terrible measles outbreak!!!! 700 cases so far. (yes i am now interested in all things welsh!!) there was a really strong earthquake in iran 7.9 and the aftershocks were really strong in dubai, all school evacuated etc, shoog was mad they got a day off school and she didnt!!. it was her first drama performance tuesday evening, and she was pooping herself, but she was great, it was fab i was soooo proud. Emma is in her last few weeks of her internship, and then she goes to uk, to try to get work experience there, she has been working out with me and my trainer, she is soo hard working, god i admire her. dad has not booked ur flight yet, I will get onto him today, and we will check you in for all your flights home when the time comes, please please call before you set off, so I no you are finally on your way, and why have there been photos and updates of every alpha except yours, i am going to call and complain!!!!!!!! are you going to get to do the diving? I do hope so, I love you sooooooooooo much and cant wait to have you home, speak soon all my love choppy mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Viki Williams said...

To everyone involved in 13C Borneo Expedition

As you are approaching your last few days on the expedition I felt I had to write and thank everyone for making this expedition possible. You should all feel so proud of yourselves and what you have achieved over the last 10 weeks has been incredible. I hope all the opening ceremonies went well and it must have been great to see the end results of these wonderful projects. It has been a delight and honour to follow the blog which has made us feel a part of your adventure. I really don’t know what I will do when the expedition comes to an end as I check the blog twice a day and it has become part of my life! The blog has made me feel as if I know each and everyone one of you and I have not only followed Alex’s adventures but have been truly interested in what you have all been getting up to. Even reading through the comments left by family and friends makes us get to know you all better! I know some of you are continuing your travels and some of you will shortly be on your way home but whatever you do next I wish you all the very best for the future and I am sure that the memories of Borneo as 13C will live with you forever. Lifelong friendships will have been made and I am sure you will see and understand the world around us very differently from this experience. Thank you to all the PM’s for looking after our loved ones, ensuring they were kept safe and giving them the opportunity to meet and complete all the challenges they faced along the way. Thank you also to all the admin staff for providing us with the blog and everyone one else behind the scenes – everyone has played an important part in making this expedition as success.
Take care of yourselves and remember whatever you do in life make sure you have lots of fun along the way!

(Alex’s Mum!!)

Anonymous said...

Voor : Björn van Dijkman. alpha's 3

Hallo Björn,

het lijkt mij reuze interessant wat je mee gemaakt hebt. En nog meemaakt. je zal een andere kijk op de wereld hebben.
Maar ik zal weer blij zijn, als ik je weer zie. ik wil graag jou verhalen horen.
Je gaat nog 2 weken trekken, ik wens je veel reisplezier en tot gauw. ik kom een paar dagen later thuis van vakantie. Heel veel liefs van oma

Anonymous said...

Alpha 6 to: Beerend Salomons

Lieve Beer,
Het zit er bijna op. Je komt volgens mij dit weekend terug op jullie base-camp. En dan.... weer een beetje luxe. Wat zal dat heerlijk zijn, alhoewel je al aangaf dat die hangmat nog niet eens zo slecht was. Je sliep er heerlijk op. Dit weekend gaat papa naar Ajax-Heerenveen met Alphons. Spannende pot. Daarna heeft Bou Pa-Do dag met Esmee, dat zal wel een latertje worden. Wij gaan de volgende dag ook naar A dam om met elkaar te lunchen. Als je op camp bent , bel me dan maar even. Heb nog veel te vertellen. Alles gaat hier ok. Lieverd love you. Weten jullie al een beetje waar jullie naar toe gaan. Vietnam? of toch Thailand. Laat maar weten. Dikke kus XXX Mam

Anonymous said...

Rosie Rich
dear rosie. this is Charlington Haberdashary Copernicus Rich. I hope you have retrieved the exotic beasts i required for my collection. my walls are oh so empty at the moment and i need them to be filled promptly! i should hope that the weather isn't slowing your quest, nor the ****** blighters that scatter the floor. if illness has fallen upon you then abandon all hope of completing you voyage and make it home with or without my animals.

of course i joke rosie I'm just trying to bring some joy to your heart. whats that? you wish me to continue? as you wish.

and don't forget the fish and turtles as well. with your new qualifications you have in under the sea shenanigans I'm sure you'll catch them fine. (I'm uber jelly of your entire trip >_< )

haha, this is too fun. i hope this blog has rustled your jimmies (you had a jolly good lol) i didn't really know what to put so.... there it is. i CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!! and i hope you would be the same. my sup prise for you will beeves better now seeming as i have more time to prepare it after school. stay say my dear. DONT eat yellow snow!! it's bad for you, mmmm' k. :3 can't wait to see you rosie. enjoy your "holiday" as it were, and ill see you soon.


George Smitheram said...

For Hugh Birley (Alpha 7),
I hope you are having a wonderful time over there. I got your postcard on my birthday, don't know how you managed to get it right to the day! Sounds like you are keeping busy with all your walks etc. I hear Ed is going out to join you after Borneo? Exeter is going well and Easter holidays were fun, Look forward to seeing you when you come back!
George x

Leah Lord said...

Dear All involved in Borneo 13C
In response to Viki's (Alex's mum) blog I felt compelled to write my final message...also... to you all. We have been following your 10 week challenge with huge interest and a certain amount of envy! We too have watched the blog...I have even been referred to as the 'blog stalker'....hate to admit it Viki but sometimes more than twice a day! It has appeared that you all have had the most amazing experience and the projects that you have been involved with will be of great benefit to the local communities for many years to come. You all must feel very proud of yourselves.
Best wishes for the future where ever this may take you. If it brings you to East Yorkshire come and visit!
Leah Lord ( Hatty's Mum)alpha 8

Cazza said...

Xenia Broughton 13C: Hiya mate. Looking forward to catching up with you on 29th. I'm in KK from 24th as soon as I know where I am going to be staying i'll let you know. Caroline xx

Hanako Littlewood said...

To Catriona Aldrich Green:

Hi, I hope you're having an amazing time! I've been in touch with your mum, and it certainly sounds as though you're enjoying yourself. I'm really looking forward to seeing you here - only a few more days :D

I have the day off on the 24th, so I'll come and meet you in Osaka. Your flight gets in at 07.15, right? I suggest that you get the Nankai Airport Express from Kansai airport, and get off at Namba Station (難波). It should cost around 900 yen, unless you get one of the faster trains. I'll meet you outside the department store called Takashimaya at 10am - it's about a 5 minute walk from the station. (You could always ask the information desk at the station for directions.) If there's any problem, I'll have my UK phone with me.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Borneo. I'll see you soon. Love, Hanako xxx

joanna said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 8

Can't wait to talk and catch up when you are back in basecamp. Just found out that someone called Jake Bunday is on the same expedition as you and in fact is in Hugh's group. His father was in the RRW with Dad and we were neighbours when you were about 18 months old and we lived in Ireland! You and Jake used to be friends all those years ago. Have you met him yet? I think he is also going on to Australia. Hoping we can Skype when you get to Roy and Sue's. Spring has arrived here at last and everything is now beginning to grow in the garden so hopefully no more frosts and snow. Love you lots and lots. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

joanna said...

Hugh Birley - Alpha 7

Hi Hugh. Just found out that there is a boy called Jake Bunday on the expedition with you and we have seen a photo of him next to you. His Dad was in the army with Robert and Freddie and he were friends when they were about 2! Hopefully Freddie will have met him and you will all realise the connection - small world! Hope you are still having fun and hopefully we will be able to talk/Skype with you both soon. Love Jo xxxx

Viki Williams said...

Alex Williams 13C Alpha 5
Hi Alex,
Not sure if you will receive this message as you are obviously on your last few days and I am sure there is a lot of stuff to sort out. You know me though I shall be on the blog until the last minute! If you do get this, and are able to, it would be great if you could phone me. Hope your money has lasted?!!
Dad and I cannot wait to see you on Wednesday at Heathrow. Looking forward to a big hug!! We are hoping that we may get a chance to meet some of your friends as you say your final goodbyes. Been food shopping today but was really stuck for what to get in for you as I am sure your taste buds will be all over the place. We have plenty of porridge to keep you going though!
Enjoy Endex and remember to keep all your momentos and most importantly your camera. Put it in your hand luggage!! I bet you have missed my nagging!!
Take care, keep safe and love you lots.

Anonymous said...

To Bjorn,Alpha 3

Hoi Bjorn,
We zijn reuze benieuwd naar de verhalen van de ceremonie!
Ging jouw speech goed in het maleisisch? We hopen snel wat leuke foto's te zien. We hopen ook snel weer wat van je te horen dit weekeinde. Weet je al waar jullie heen gaan a.s dinsdag? Nog veel plezier en geniet van deze laatste dagen met iedereen.
Tot horens! XXXXmama

Anonymous said...

For Emily Kelly Alpha 4
Hi Emily, not really sure what you're doing at mo, whether you're still in the middle of the jungle or if you're back at base but
where ever you and whatever you are doing I am sure it is a truly amazing experience and one to treasure for ever.
I would just like to add my many thanks to the whole of the Raleigh team for such a superb and enlighting insight into the life of everyone involved. I have learnt such a lot about a competely different culture and way of life, it has been fascinating. The comments have been really entertaining as well and I wish all concerned good luck for the future.
The weather here today has actually been warm and whilst sitting in the garden reading my book I nearly nodded off, it was that warm. I was rather shocked when I took my fleece off though for the 1st time since last August as I had forgotten what my arms look like! I didn't recognise them - white spindly things unlike yours I would think, all nicely tanned.
Samuel is going to the Explorer's quiz night tonight and Alice has just looooooooooooads of revision so she is not very happy at the moment.
We're all looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope I recognise you - I can't imagine what your hair looks like without a brush for 10 weeks!
Embrace your last few days and soak up all the memories and new friendships you have made.
Big hugs and lots of love mum, dad, James, Alice and Samuel xxooxx

Cazza said...

Xenia Broughton 13C: Accomodation booked I'm at the Travellers' light back packers in KK until late morning of 29th.

Anonymous said...

hello Naveed (Alpha one)

how are you getting on? You must be at the base now as it is literally the last 3 to 4 days as you leave on tuesday. I hope you have enjoyed yourself and gained a lot of learning experience about how other people are coping with life in the world when they have a hard time with just basic things that we all take for granted. I am looking forward to seeing you as I miss you a lot.

ak is hardly at home as he spends most of his time at the uni library trying to get in his assignments before he runs outs of time so I barely see him. I noticed that Khatoon masi and Yasi masi messaged you. I have enjoyed reading the blog and look forward to it every day so I shall miss it but I suppose we will be on the blog again messaging Zain when he goes to costa rica in july.

Please inform me if there are any changes to your flight details as I need to know although I don't think anything will have changed but I shall call Josh and find out from him. enjoy the last few days and I shall message you again tomorrow.

lots of love
dad, mum and ak

Anonymous said...


Hi Jake
This will probably be the last time I write a comment - where has ten weeks gone? (and still no postcard from you!!!!!) All well here - the bloody fire alarm went off three times last night - aghhhh!!! The sooner they are replaced the better! We had a good evening with Olly & Emily SImper, Dan Hodder (who had some hysterical stories) & Rose. Oh yes and also had a FB message from Freddie's dad saying he'd seen you in a photo on the blog and were you our son!!! Small old world!!
Any news yet on when the Thailand trip might be? Did you get my message about Oz Exp changing their route - I haven't heard back from them yet but will hassle them again. Cricket season starts today - dad's first match (the 2nds with Fletch - if only he'd taken the 2s last year!!!) is home vs Warminster. If the sun comes out Ru and I might go and watch a bit - but at the moment it's far from cricket weather!
Had a great day yday - went for a long walk up at the farm with Tiggy and then coffee with Tara - who sends lots of love and is really well. It's so good they've moved to Wilton. I think you're back at base camp this weekend so hopefully you'll call. Are you sorted for Tues/wed/etc - your trip to KL?? Are there lots of you going? Looking forward to hearing all about and you putting some pics on FB hopefully. Big hugs darling - a big pat on the back for taking part in such a great adventure - you'll have memories of it for life. Mum xxxxx
PS - did you get all four letters that we sent?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Ham Alpha 5
Can't believe you'll bi KL next week. List of Vietnam people on gmail & IOW festival to reply to. We've been back a wk. Good holiday in Papagayo. Weather better in UK now. Mandy & Sam from NZ are visiting 2morow.
Love mum

Alexandra Sheldon said...

To everyone in Raleigh Borneo 2013-at home and abroad
I'd like to add our thanks to Viki's (Alex's Mum) and Leah Lord's (Hatty's Mum). Following the blog has become part of our daily routine too and I wonder what we'll do when it's all over. It's been awesome as Max might say, to be involved in the Raleigh projects for the last 10 weeks-the challenging highs, the rainy lows and the amazing achievements. What a wonderful thing for you all to have been part of and what an amazing springboard into your future lives.
A big thank you too to all the admin staff in London and Borneo for compiling the blogs and providing reassurance to nervous parents. Thanks also to all the PMs for bringing our "children" through the greatest adventure of their lives and the Loop for keeping them happy and fed.
Like Leah, if anyone needs to stop off in Surrey on their way to another adventure there's a bed here for you. Or a hammock.
Good luck all of you
Alexandra and Peter Sheldon (Max Sheldon's Mum and Dad)

Mum and Dad said...

For Max Sheldon - back at base camp
Dear Max, It's the last chance this weekend to have fun, see old friends, talk about everything that's happened in the last 10 weeks and relax. And that's just us. Your weekend will be way more intense. Enjoy it. And although you'll be sad to leave, we're glad you're coming home.
Love from all of us Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxx