Sunday, 7 April 2013

A4 Maliau Basin, A Venturer Account (Phase 2)

By Belle Kelly

The group were really excited to start this new phase. None of us knew what to expect or what to expect or what an amazingly beautiful place we were about to work in. As we drove in the views were beyond our imagination. Humongous trees and the constant sound of jungle life made the experience more unreal. We started working on the gabion wall really quickly and it was enjoyable as we’d never done anything like that before. After completing the wall the Rangers instructed us to start work on the Sky Bridge which lined with mesh and repainted. We had great fun taking it in turns and singing on the bridge.

Our PMs arranged for us to go on a night trek where the rangers pointed out different animals to us, including, deer, foxes, pythons and huge spiders, I felt like a proper jungle trekker and found out so much about the history of the Basin.

Our next task was to prepare for a three day trek, but before we set off we were treated to an evening on the observation tower watching the sunset. The views were breathtaking and it really made us appreciate the experience we were having. How lucky we were to be there.

Our trek was an adventure. The group were in high spirits and we motivated each throughout. Along way we visited the stunning Maliau Falls and had a chance to take some amazing photos. We finally arrived at our first camp Seriau. We were in static bashas and all very happy to sleep.

The trek continued the next day with a supposed six hour trek turning into 11.5 hours as it was a challenging day for us all but we made it through as a team and eventually made it to our camp where we slept in luxury bunk beds and all felt really proud of ourselves for what we had achieved.

Our final day was great. We all sang songs and even had a little dance. It was also a lot shorter than the previous one and when we arrived back at our main camp after the trek we had a chance to shoot the last bit of our music video.

We all had a brilliant time at the beautiful Maliau Basin and it is an experience we will never forget.

*The phase 3 group at Maliau Basin have had a great first few days at the main camp. Work progressed quickly on the Sky Bridge and the new group have already completed it. When the Loop visited briefly yesterday, the group were preparing to start trekking to a new camp to delve deeper into the conservation area. This is something the group have been really looking forward to and so I hope to update you on their progress over the next few weeks.

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