Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A1 Phase 3 visit

Sam from our Logistics team has just returned to Fieldbase after spending a week in Bonor Sook with Alpha 1. As her time working on the Kindergarten project has been one of the highlights of her Raleigh experience, she wrote some notes to share.

"Sitting in my mozzy net writing my journal listening to the rain while Beth watches a frog hopping nearby and Sarah catches a spider, it has been raining a lot here in Bonor Sook.  I feel content and sleepy after another marvellous day at the Kindergarten.  Life is calming and wholesome.

I am working on a project with Alpha one building a Kindergarten.  As it's the last phase we are putting in the finishing touches and painting.

A typical day starts at 6am for Sarah's stretching class with breakfast at 7.15am then work is from 8am-12pm and from 2-4pm.  As well as working on the kindergarten we also give pre-school and tutoring lessons to the local children; they are so happy and smiley.  The lessons are fun, we play games, draw pictures, and sing nursery rhymes - I am surprised at how many I can remember.  Their English vocabulary is surprisingly good and we talk about our favourite colours, food, alphabet and numbers and they have also taught me how to count to 10 in Malay.

Jude, Duco and I with the children

Lucy and I teaching
We live in a community hall next to the Kindergarten we are building.  We sleep on the floor of the hall and we also have an area where we eat, and socialise. The kitchen area is at the back of the community hall and the longdrop is to the right.  We can wash in the nearby river which is a bit muddy but good old Sarah made a shower area from tarps so we can have private bucket showers! Our water that we use for drinking and washing comes from the rain so we have to be careful with how much we use, however as I have said it really does rain a lot here!


The group's cooking skills have been fantastic.They have made donuts, bread, fried bread, pancakes, humus, curry and custard.

Alpha 1 enjoying some yummy bread

The village of Bonor Sook is quite small of 300 people, there is a football pitch in the middle and the houses are situated around it.  The community are extremely kind and welcoming.  They organised a dinner for us when we arrived and we all took turns introducing ourselves and where we come from. Alpha 1 are also lucky enough to have met the happiest man in Borneo, his name is Kudos (I'm sure you've already read about him). Kudos is deaf and mute and so happy and smiley, he has been teaching us sign language.


Kudos teaching Christian, Jude and Beth sign language

We went to Church on Sunday and we sang a few English songs; Down by the River and Ain't no Mountain High Enough.  It was quite surreal in Church as obviously I did not understand the sermon and it was a very lively service with the children running around playing and shouting - quite a different experience than church in the UK!  After the service the village invited us for lunch.  Its so humbling; these people have so little yet they give so much, the food was so delicious and they made so much.  We convinced the women to let us do the washing up though!

Alpha 1 at Church

The group of Venturers in Alpha1 are lovely and we are all working well together and with the community, we have water fights and swimming in the river with the children daily.  The other day I organised a jungle party with fancy dress and dancing which was so much fun and everyone really got into the swing of it.  Sarah weaved a large banana leaf with the children's help and came as a banana tree.  The children are so inquisitive and curious, I have shown them pictures of home and my family, I'll really miss them.

Jungle Party

Sarah's hand woven costume

Jungle Royalty

We also enjoyed quite a bit of downtime here, which has meant the team has had a great opportunity to bond well and learna bout each other. It is lovely playing with the children, observing the community, reading a book, playing cards, writing my journal and having some great conversations with the PMs and Venturers. Everything really is going very well here in Bonor Sook and I'm looking forward to hearing all about the opening ceremony on the 15th."


Anonymous said...

Lou, Alpha 2,

Hi Lou,

Just to say good luck with the header tanks...sounds like a lot of extra work but hope it's successful. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday but now it's April showers !( Thursday 11 April). Will be thinking of you tomorrow, lucky you don't have network or I would serenade you with 'Happy Birthday'!! Love you Mum xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Emily Kelly
HEYYYYYY BABES :D How are you ? Are you still having a totes amazeballs time ? Have you got a tan yet, or are you completley tangoed ?! How is the conservation thinymabob going ? Exmouth is same old boring boring, absolotley nothing has happened. The weather is shocking to so your not missing out on anything :p Not trying to put you of coming back though tehe :) Oh my days babes, I totes went to paris last week, and it was amazing !!!!! We went all the way to the very top of the eiffel tower and it was really windy so it was swaying loads at top !! It was sooooo scary tehehe :p Disney land was also amazing, and we went on all the rides (even its a small world heehhe.) I bet your well jel :p The concerts were ok but it was absolotley freeeezing so by the end we were just frozen statues unable to play hehe :) We deffo have to go to paris together when we go travelling around the world :p Don't worry me and ellie kept p the tradition of stealing rolls at breakfast and we though of you when we ate them at lunch tehehe :) Anyways, hope your ok and having tons of fun and see you kind of sooon ( not really but hohum )ooohhhhh when you have chance check your facebook because I sent you a lovely message on there also :) Miss you lots like jellytots. Love youuuuuuuuuuu xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Liselot Bekendam Alpha one phase 3

Hee schat,
Nieuw berichtje van mij, morgen laatste tentamen en dan gaan we een heel mooi weekend zonder leren tegemoed! Kom er net sinds een paar minuten geleden achter dat je al in phase 3 zit haha snap er de balle van nog steeds.. Word tijd dat je weer deze kant op komt joh! nog 13 dagen om precies te zijn! Ik heb eigenlijk heel erg weinig te vertellen maar vond het gewoon leuk je even een berichtje te sturen! Die gekke chinees uit borneo stuurde me net een fb, ze zei dat ze jou ook wat had gestuurd dus had maar even verteld dat je niet bereikbaar bent Moest gefeliciteerd inspreken in het nederlands... toch maar even gedaan. Ze heet Karina je weet wel die op al die fotos heel breed lachend staat met die tanden enzo... weet je het? Je krijgt de groeten iniedergeval. Ohja gister is de vakantie geboekt met calf zn ouders mee. We gaan naar Mallorca een weekje! Dus leuk! Met calf is nog alles helemaal leuk en chil! heel blij mee :) nou schat je hoort snel weer van me geniet er van daar. En niet vergeten dat ik trots op je ben! kusssssss deem loveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Ina said...

Robert, Alpha 1

Hi Robert,
Karla stayed with us yesterday. She was asking a lot of questions about what you do, so I showed her some of the blog's pictures. She recognised you immediately and delighted in some of the tales. So, I hope you have seen some monkeys etc you can tell her about. Still freezing here. Learnt to play a little bit of clarsach/harp. It is doable and enjoyable, just a huge piece of kit! Dad and I are currently planning our cycle trip to and around the outer Hebrides. Keep well, enjoy and much love, Inamumxxx

mum said...

Ellen peacock alpha 1 Borneo
Hi Ellen,
Life in the village looks amazing its brilliant that you will are there to get it all finished and be there for the opening ceremony.
hope your not too disappointed about not extending your trip, it just got so expensive. At least you'll have enough money to plan something else. We can arrange to send you some more spending money for when your back in KK. (not through RI)
Thanks for your letter, it's a real shame that you lost your camera but at least you've got a back up.
You'll have to let us know what food you've missed so that we can stock up!
Miss you and looking forward to seeing you so much.
mum dad tom dan xxxx

Anonymous said...

message for Sam Griffin Beat

Hello Darling

How is it going on the water gravity thingy? Hope you are making the most of your last 10 days. all well here, dad has just got back from a hike up the mountain with the mutts, who are now happily sleeping xx Emma is flying to uk on may 15th she is planning to get an internship in the uk and get some experience there, so I thought me and you could fly with her, and stay for a week, and sort out the last few things with the house, and go to swansea uni so you can have a look see, we keep getting letters from them asking if you want the place, but im sure you already accepted? so when the flight is booked I will blog you the details, so when you come thro immigration this end and they ask when you are leaving you can tell them, ok? its a lovely warm and sunny day, i am off to visit valerie in a hour, we went for a lovely long walk on hout bay beach and had beer and supper at dunes, it was so lovely the sun went down and chapmans peak turned red, soo georgous. cannot cannot cannot wait to get you in my arms again, and have lots of hugs xxx keep well my boy, i love you mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie, Andy and Jenny Twisleton said...

For Lucy Twisleton, Alpha 1

Hi Lucy!
This project looks fantastic! We love the photos, especially the one of you with the local children. How lucky you are to be there for the Opening Ceremony - we'll be thinking of you and can't wait to see more photos of everything.
We're missing you but are glad you're having such a brilliant time!
Lots of love Mum, Dad & Jenny xxxx

Izzat Sajdi said...

To Jude Sajdi
Alpha 1

Hello Jude,

How are you doing. The Kindergarten looks great. What is your plan now? Where will you be stationed? Lina is enjoying her time and waiting for you to return. The news: Jamil and Massara will have their engagement in June. Everybody is happy with this.
Did you finalize your return date? Are you returning on 29/4 or are you staying in KL?
Love xxx Baba