Sunday, 7 April 2013

A day on Dive Island with Alpha 7


Waking up early in the bashas and getting up to watch the sunrise over Mount Kinabalu was the perfect start to yet another great day with Alpha 7.

Eva and Fiona
Beginning the final phase on dive island is giving everyone a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and bond properly as a team before they tackle the trek.

Lee, Fiona, Hugh, Casper, Sarah and Chris set off to complete more of their Open Water and Advanced Open Water dives and us non divers spent the day together on the tiny island of Mamutik.

Nav, Lewis, Mitch and I went for a for a little walk through the trees to the other side of the island and watched the sea lapping against the rocks. It is such a beautiful place.

Time for some snorkelling and even those who weren't diving saw lots of brightly coloured fish and coral just a few seconds away from the soft white sand.

Alyrene, Lewi, Nav, Mitch

As we regrouped for lunch, its clear to see how well the group are getting on already. Some of them have been on phases together in the past and for some it’s their first time working together but the mixture of personalities and humour are a great combination.

The divers then had to complete their exams (which we found out later that they had all passed with flying colours!) The rest of the team chilled on the beach with some more snorkelling, reading, chatting and generally making the most of this beautiful setting.

Hugh, Casper, Ian and Jake doing the radio check

Being a static site the cooking facilities are great and the chefs tonight, Lee, Eva and Steven, cooked up a treat of fried rice followed by pineapple fritters with chocolate sauce. 

They were hard at work in the kitchen as the rest of the group hiked up to watch the sunset. Such a stunning place to watch the sky turn orange over the south china sea as they pondered what country they would end up in if they swam directly North from there.

Lewi and Hugh watching the sunset

Steven and Fiona were in charge of the evening entertainment so after the ‘Legend of the Day’ nominations they organised a great quiz with a round of 'Murderer' (as played by Alpha 3 on phase 2), guess the embarrassing moments and lots of fun as everyone got to know each other better.

The team then watched the moon rise from the jetty before drifting off to sleep in the bashas in preparation for another incredible day on the island.

Dive Island


mum said...

Ellen Peacock Borneo alpha 1
Hi Ellen,
Really sorry but it's not looking good for changing your flights to any date. The price has gone up a lot and it would cost around 1,000 pounds admin cost and price difference! You're probably better coming back as planned and then planning another trip when you get home if you want.
Hope your enjoying your last phase I'm sure your having a fantastic time in the village.
We had a great holiday with the family although it was bitterly cold walking on the beaches! We'll have to bring hats, gloves and blankets when we pick you up from the airport as your going to find it a shock!
It was great to speak to you last week as always.
lots and lots of love mum, dad, tom and dan xxxx

Wanda said...

For Caspar van Doremalen, alpha 7

Hee lief!

Ik werd super happy van ons whatsappgesprek laatst hihi! :$ Dat was leuk. Ik ben echt super jaloers op je! Het is zo adembenemend mooi daar. En al dat duiken en zwemmen en genieten en uitslapen en chillen en zonnen en lekker eten enzovoorts is ook allemaal zo heerlijk! Geniet voor twee goed?

Ik hoop dat je een super leuke tijd gaat hebben met het trekken (ook al lees je dit waarschijnlijk erna pas)!


Wibble said...

To Mitchell Wodcke Alpha 7

Your second letter arrived a few days ago! Was a very nice surprise to see it on my desk in the evening and it made me laugh hearing about all the crazy things you've been up to. Will definitely have to see some of those photos you mentioned :P
Just read some of the blog posts about your phase 2 project and it said you made a speech on World Water Day. I wish I could've been there, I bet it was amazing :) It sounds like the whole of your last phase was pretty amazing in general, and it's so nice to see so many pictures from it. I've saved them all hehe.
I hope you're having a nice relaxing time at Dive Island before you head off on your trek. You're looking very cute and happy in the picture ^_^
It was so nice talking to you last week, I can't believe how close it's getting to you coming home as well. I can't wait to see you again!
I've still been keeping super busy and am at the hospice and the hospital next week and then I have a training course and an open day the week after, and then the week after that you'll be back yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D :D :D
I love you so much, you're the best boyfriend I could ever wish for and every day you've been gone I think about how lucky I am to have you.
I love you times a million!
From your Wibble xxx

Anonymous said...

For Lewi Wyatt - Alpha 7

Yeah Lewi fabulous photos of you on the blog, you look really chilled, happy and healthy! The picture of the sunset was spectacular, you lucky thing. Hope your ankle is pain free now and you have been able to arrange to do some diving.

I'm off to a school reunion the weekend before you return so will be able to tell you all about it then, should be fun, loads of people going from all over the world, so should also be interesting. I shall stock all your favourite food and we'll go out for a celebratory lunch as I've booked some leave.

Carry on chilling - love you and miss you lots.

All my love mum xxxxxxxx

joanna said...

To Hugh Birley - Alpha 7

Hi Hugh. Great to see you on the blog, we have been following what you have been doing. The dive photos look really good so I expect by now you have got your PADI certificate? Hope you're having as much fun as Freddie and have enjoyed all your phases. Can't believe that you will soon both be going on your travels! I'm relying on you to remind him to keep in touch with us - communication is not his strong point! Lots of love from us all. Robert, Joanna and James xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed'

Well just 2 more weeks and then you will be home. I think you will really miss Borneo and all your new friends and all the fun and also all the hard work that you have all been doing but I hope that this trip will have taught you a lot of different things and lots of life skills and with luck a lot of it will help you somewhere along the line in your future. I'll tell you one thing though that those sunrises and sunsets and the beautiful sceneries and the sunshine you will definitely miss. Here the weather has improved slightly and at least it is not snowing, although I don't like the rain either which is what they are forecasting for the rest of the week.

I noticed you have had a haircut and eyebrows slit. AK was making fun of your crocs. He really misses you and so do we. Zain is preparing in full swing for his expedition to Costa Rica and AK is also applying for Nicaragua. He is hoping to go in september. Did you get my letters? I wrote to you twice and I was hoping you had received the letters.

I noticed that you are not doing diving but that's ok as you get to do other things and then you will be trekking as well so have fun. Enjoy yourself and take care and be safe. Everyone asks me how you are getting on and I am very proud of you. Take care of yourself and be safe and enjoy the last couple of weeks that you have and I shall write again in a couple of days.

Lots of love and best wishes from all of the family.

dad, mum and ak

Guy van Doremalen said...

Caspar van Doremalen

Hoi Cas,

Ziet er erg mooi uit! Zal onder water nog wel mooier zijn.
Als het goed is zijn jullie nu volop in de jungle bezig met de trektocht. Ben heel benieuwd naar je avonturen. Hoop dat het niet zo erg regent.

Groet, papa

veel pleizer 11 dagen wandelen
en ook nog met Wandra in 2,5 maand in Thaliland
ik wens voor jou heel veel pleizer en goed reis

groet Broer Vic

Guy van Doremalen said...

beste Caspar

een ervaring die ze je nooit meer afnemen. Geniet en leer zo veel mogelijk.

groetjes Opa.