Saturday, 9 March 2013

Welcome to the 7 week Venturers!

I am pleased to confirm that all of the seven week Venturers arrived today (Saturday) safe and sound at KK airport. Joseph, Josh and myself were eagerly awaiting their arrival to whisk them back to the Raleigh Fieldbase to begin their induction activities.

As the group began to arrive at KK airport

J, Andy and Dan

Luckily for this group, as there are only 10 of them we have been a little easier on them and not thrown them straight into a swimming pool however, that swim assessment will be taking place early tomorrow morning.

After going through the essential admin and handing in their valuables, the group were treated to a really tasty Feildbase lunch, courtesy of our Fieldbase chef extrodinaire, Loli. With everyone perking up a little after the long flight we threw them into a challenging hour - the obligatory health and safety and code of conduct talks. Once that was out the way though the group moved on to a crash course in how to put up and use a radio - which will be essential when they are out on phase and radioing in to Fieldbase twice a day with radio checks and their situation updates - a session on tool safety and a one to one with our Fieldbase medic.

Essential Admin picture

Even more essential Admin
After showering and changing into their longs (see Raleigh glossary on the left) - and trying to stay awake - the group are still surprisingly chatty and are currently sat outside on the terrace getting to know each other  and enjoying the warm Sabah evening.

Eagerly awaiting dinner

We don't have too much more in store for them this evening just an introduction to the projects and a bit of cultural awareness by Country Manager, Ellie and Deputy Country Manager, Joseph. The group are lucky enough to be spending their first night here in beds, but from tomorrow onwards these beds will be swapped for hammocks.

Tomorrow will consist of a swim assessment, medic sessions, jungle training and river crossings, but more importantly will be the day the whole of Expedition 13C are all together at Basecamp which we are really very excited about. It will be great to hear more about the groups experiences during their first phase and we are confident that the seven week Venturers will be even more excited about getting out there once they hear how they got on.

I'm looking forward to posting the new allocations and updates on the projects next week before I deploy to Imbak Canyon with Alpha 5.

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