Saturday, 9 March 2013

Updates from Alphas 7,8, & 9

It is difficult to provide a full update on the adventure Alpha groups as they spend most of their time trekking from camp to camp, or completing diving classes, practicals and exams on Dive Island. That said, over the past few days I can confirm the following:

Alpha 7- Dive, Trek

With PMs Sarah and Fred I can confirm that there will be plenty of games and energisers to keep the Venturers active and chirpy during the hardcore 11 days of trekking that they are now nearing the end of. With early nights and starts and long days trekking the group were reported to be in particularly high spirits after being able to drink Coca Cola during the five hour trek they did the other day. 

Earlier in the week they reached the furthest point of their trek at Maga Falls - which is an absolutely gorgeous waterfall area. Over the last few days they have been working their way back to Long Pasia via Rekong, Lake camp and Sinipong camp. Tonight they will be in a home stay before getting their coaches back to Basecamp tomorrow (Sunday). I bet diving seems like a long time ago after 11 days of trekking.

They have also been busy practicing their skits for changeover for the big competition between the Alpha groups and are getting increasingly excited about seeing everyone at Basecamp. 

Top three highlights of the phase:

*Playing volleyball with the locals after scuba diving

*After a 7 hour trek, finally making it to camp soaking wet but happy

*Travelling by 4x4 and towing another 4x4 up a muddy hill

Alpha 8 – Trek, Dive

After a busy start of phase trekking, the group have spent the last week on Mamutik Island. This gorgeous Island is located just off from KK and so prior to going over to the island the group enjoyed a night in KK, paying visits to the night markets and experiencing some delicious Malaysian food. 
As it has been very hot here the group have experienced some stormy evenings but generally very sunny days – particularly towards the end of this week. They have been having a great time learning how to dive and studying for diving related quizzes and the exam. 

The group have also been enjoying some amazing meals – the pancakes particularly standing out in one of their more recent radio sit-reps to us here at Fieldbase.

Today the weather is still hot and sunny (Saturday) and the group are diving and relaxing before returning to Basecamp to be reunited with the rest of the Venturers.

Top three highlights of the phase:

*Nooh the legend (the Jungle Guide)

*Sitting around the fire with Zino singing a passionate Cantonese song

*When on day 4 of the trek we slid down all the steep slopes - muddy but fun

Alpha 9 – Trek, Dive, Trek

This week Alpha 9 have had generally good weather but intermittent rain has made certain trekking paths slightly more challenging than usual. Despite the varying conditions however, the group are in high spirits. On Wednesday and Thursday the group had a few days off and on the first day were challenged to stay out of the rain and rest between treks. However, waterfall camp really was the perfect day to spend some well earned time off. On the second day the guides Hanry, Lundin, Elsie and William took the group jungle shopping for food and materials to make things with.  

On a sunny and calm Friday the group trekked for 6hrs and were rewarded with a swim in the river at their camp. They spent the evening completing their personal development journals in preparation for changeover and having dinner. The group arrived at Basecamp today (Saturday) and will be enjoying a BBQ in the sun this evening with Alpha 4 who are also back at Basecamp after their time in Danum Valley.

Top three highlights of the phase:

*Going to homestay after the trek section and having our first decent wash 

*The team walking onto Dive Island and seeing home for the next few days

*Playing games on the beach 

I am looking forward to updating the blog with some highlights from the rest of the groups first phase next week - complete with photos, so do keep your eyes peeled. 


Wibble said...

To Mitchell Wodcke Alpha 4

Yay you're finally back at base camp! Really well done for completing your first project, I'm looking forward to hearing about how it went and hopefully seeing some pictures on the blog soon :)
I have lots of exciting news to tell you. First of all, I finally got a job yaaaaaaay! :D It's at the care home that I was volunteering at working as a carer which is really useful cos it's so close to home and it's something I really want to do. Plus I get on really well with all the residents and staff there. It starts April 4th which is really good cos me and my mum are planning on going on a spa break at the end of March so I have time to fit that in before I start.
Also, I got an offer for nursing! I found out yesterday and literally ran around the house I was so happy. Luckily no one else was home at the time hehe. I also got an offer for biomedical science from the same uni so I went to visit Emma to look around the campus and stuff which was nice. At the moment though I think I want to study nursing more but I need to get some hospital work experience first to check that I'm making the right decision so am trying to arrange that. Yaaaaaay the future seems really happisome now that things are finally working out :)
I've got my biology practical exam on Tuesday morning so am gonna start revising for that today, fun fun fun!
I hope you're having a well earned rest at base camp. Love you times a million!
Lots of huggles from your Wibble xxx
P.S. Don't forget to write!

Mom and Dad said...

For Jacob Magalhaes Alpha 4

Hi Jacob,

We're eager to get an uodate on your group. Still haven't seen one or photos on the Raleigh Blogpost.
We hope everything is going well and can't wait to hear about where you'll be going next.

Miss you,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hai Nin,

Ik heb het verhaal van Alpha 9 gelezen. Wat een belevenis. Waar ga je nu naar toe?
Fijn je effe gesproken te hebben

Liefs Pap

Anonymous said...

To Nicky, Alpha 9

Hoi Lieverd,

Klein berichtje van Pap. Ik lees alles en zoek steeds naar je foto. Wat een belevenissen! Nu weer verder? Naar Coomunity of environment?

Dikke kus Pap en Kit

Zoe said...

Hello Michael - Alpha 4!

I hope you're having a great time in the jungle. From what I've read I suspect you probably are. I'm currently watching some awful Saturday night TV and am very envious of you! You won't be surprised to hear that the only thing you've missed from London is a little bit of snow...

Can't wait to catch up with your pictures and stories in the Wandle on your return, although we may have to make it a quick one - I'll shortly be off to war! But more of that later...

Everyone from Earlsfield sends their love and Tom says 'alright mate'.