Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Update on Sabah

We are closely monitoring the current situation here in Borneo and are taking precautions to ensure the ongoing safety of all our volunteers. None of our groups are near any danger areas and we are in touch with the relevant authorities to ensure that this remains the case.


Anonymous said...

message for sam griffin beat

OK ive found you you are alpha 2

love mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Naveed Rajan (Alpha 3)
Hi Naveed!
How are you? I hope enjoying yourself. I have seen the photos from your group and readvthe blogs about all the good work that you and your group and the other groups are doing. Keep up the good work. We all are very proud of you especially your parents. How was your birthday? Hope you had an awesome day. Everyone misses you. Take care.
Regards from Joshua, Fazeel, Faizeen, Faheem and Farhanna. Xylia sends you a special kiss to her uncle. Lots of love from khatoon masi