Thursday, 28 March 2013

Update from Maliau Basin (Alpha 4)

After a long journey we arrived in the beautiful conservation area of Maliau Basin. When we saw our accommodation for the next three weeks, everyone was over the moon to find out that we were going to live in such a beautiful area.

We promptly started building a gabion wall near the main building of the conservation area. We are working on the wall to stop landslides from happening and to protect the area. Putting the awkwardly shaped rocks into neat piles was not as easy as it seemed, but after trying several rock placing techniques we got the hang of it and we are making great progress. On our way back to our accommodation we even saw our first wild hog that seemed to be lured by us singing Hakuna Matata!

The day the loop came we made a lovely three course dinner that included fish cakes, rice noodles with a fresh veggie sauce, pineapple cake pudding and watermelon. After our feast we even had a game of life-size monopoloy. We really are having an amazing time here in Maliau Basin.
Filled with beautiful nature, animals, hard work and an enthusiastic group, Maliau Basin conservation area is a huge world heritage site filled with the most amazing things – elephants, orang-utans , gibbons, clouded leopards, waterfalls, rivers, huge trees and after we finish our wall, we are hoping to go on a four day trek through the park from camp to camp and then make a start on repairing the skybridge.

*Work is going really well and the group are having a fantastic time in the beautiful Maliau Basin. I look forward to updating the blog with photos of their phase when we meet up again at changeover this weekend.


never-at-home Mum said...

For Max Sheldon Alpha 7
Dear Max,
It's Easter here this weekend but more importantly it's Raleigh changeover in Borneo. I hope there'll be a small pile of letters waiting for you but just in case, I thought I'd post a comment in the hope that it may reach you in time.
There's nothing much to report on the home front except that Ellie has had her bandage taken off and her paw is healing nicely. The chickens got to go out yesterday in the first bit of sunshine we've had in a while. I'm enjoying my behind the scenes look at the Knole collection. I even did a bit of photography and up-loaded pictures which then put the text out. I thought of you and what you might have said about technology in the same situation. I'm back at Knole in the showrooms on Good Friday; it'll be freezing. Dad is looking forward to 4 days away from work now that we're not seeing Ron and Peter on Sunday because Ron's not well enough. It's a long story but he'll be fine and this way, the next time we visit, you can come too and tell them all about Borneo.
If you do ring in the next few days I hope we're here. I know it must have been very frustrating the last few times you rang to find nobody at home. Remember though that Dad won't be in the office on Monday because it's a Bank Holiday so it's the landline or mobiles this weekend.
We're looking forward to hearing all about your diving and tekking. I bet it was fabulous.
Love Mum, Dad and the Animals.

mum said...

ellen peacock alpha 6
Hi Ellen
Nan was really pleased to get her postcard yesterday. We have sent you a letter I hope it gets to you before the project finishes!
Can't wait to hear how your biodiversity project has gone..I am an obsessive blog checker hoping for updates.
Have applied for your accomodation and applying for your grant so following your instructions.
There was a programme about Borneo last night which I taped...sorry recorded!
Tom passed his driving theory test so he's happy.
Hope to speak to you soon.
missing you and srnding you lots of love as always.

Louis and Christian said...

To Hugh Birley
From Christian and Louis

What you are doing sounds really interesting What animals have you seen? We have never seen any of them. We are really jealous. I would really love to see a clouded leopard and an orag-utan.
Did you hear about all the tress that have come down in Fontaine Fleurie woods. We have been busy with Dad stacking up all the wood - there is loads and loads of it, enough to have fires for several years. Its really hard to stack wood properly but maybe not as difficult as you stacking your rocks.
Your mummy arrived today (she is helping us type this!) She and Christian made some DELICIOUS chocolate brownies and we each ate 4 pieces before they were even cold!! I bet they were as good as your pineapple cake pudding! We have been playing lots of monopoloy and risk so will challenge you to both when you come back to Guernsey. We are missing you and cant wait to see all your photos and hear about what you have been up to. Granny said that you have gone blonder than me (Louis) no chance!!
HAPPY EASTER from all of the de P's.
Louis and Christian (and MumX)

Elaine said...

to Fiona Bell alpha 3
Happy Birthday. Been thinking of you all day. Strange having no direct contact especially on your 18th birthday. Hope you have a fantastic day.
hope all previous letters cards arrived when the loop visited you. More letters on the way.Was great to see the photos and news of alpha 3's project. Looks like very hard work and in all that heat. Good to see you all look happy and healthy in the photos

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Rosie Rich Alpha 8

Changed your flight home to Friday, 26th April. The evening flight was mega expensive so you are booked on the morning flight departing at 0605 and arriving London in the afternoon of 26th April at a fraction of the price. Call it an early Easter present. Thought you are so used to getting up at the crack of dawn you would not mind and it will give you a couple of days in KK at least. You should receive an email from the airline.
Also forgot to mention that we have booked our flights to Rome in June.
Love Mum x
ps hope you are enjoying your diving

Anonymous said...

For Caspar (alpha 1)
Lieve Caspar, Vandaag hebben we je 3de brief ontvangen. We zijn er heel blij mee. Leuk hoe je je verblijf omschrijft en bijzonder dat je in contact komt met een dove man en een gemeenschap die gebarentaal (English sign language)beheerst. Je begrijpt dat Victor dat bijzonder aansprak. Hij wilde meteen richting Borneo.
Dit weekend is Pasen. Ik zal je een brief schrijven.
Veel plezier, mama, papa en Victor

joanna said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 1

Not sure when you are next in base camp - maybe this Easter weekend? If you get this message in time, hope you have a very HAPPY EASTER! Give us a ring when you can. Missing you. Loads of love Mum and Dad x0x0x0x