Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Loop Visit Alpha Three

Tom, Alex and Steve reading letters from home
Alpha three are putting in a gravity water feed for the village of Borobi . A short off road drive from the market town of Pitas and we saw the cultural centre house and church that has become their home over the past few weeks.
Tash reading a letter from home

Greeted with big smiles from the ventures and PMs we quickly set up the Loop Shop and handed out their mail. It was lovely to see them so excited to open letters from home and read all of the blog posts.

 Fueled by cans of coke and chocolate they took us down to the work site. We trekked through a rubber plantation with the sun beaming through the trees, and then through the jungle across lots of mini streams to the water source. We were dripping in sweat in the late afternoon sun - it must be hard work carrying the bags of cement and sand down!
They had been hard at work that morning cementing the damn and are on track to finish the project supplying water to the village. An excellent achievement!

Alpha three showing off their hard work
A great team of chefs were behind the delicious dinner. Steve's spring rolls should be a new addition to the Raleigh Recipe Book! Izzy, Emma and Dan also created a masterpiece of a pie for desert (and who said lumpy custard was bad..?!) 
Dan and Emma were in charge of the evening entertainment which was absolutely hilarious. Taking inspiration from a Dutch game show they dressed up as the presenters, Dan in a beautiful dress and Emma sporting a moustache and beer belly. The funniest game was 'Murderer' which is a cross between Chinese Whispers and Charades.
Everyone was in great spirits so it was lovely catching up with fellow PMs and the whole team.
Our accommodation for the evening was a first; a church! Setting our mosquito nets up by the alter and Christmas decorations (we're not sure if they are a permanent feature..) was quite amusing. I must say it wasn't the most comfortable nights sleep but Kat waking us up with a cup of coffee in bed was perfect! 
Alpha Three


Anonymous said...

To Alyxandra Petre, Alpha ?, Newcastle uni group.
Hi Alyx,
We check the website every morning to see if we can find you !! Get so excited when the team are installing gravity water feed. Don't know your alpha team number but will keep looking and I'm sure your little smiley face will appear one day !!
It is so interesting to read all the updates, every one looks so happy and I'm sure you will have made some wonderful new friends.
Keep working hard, we can't wait to see you and hear all your news.
Take care, Mam, Dad and Dean xxx

Siodlak said...

For Fran in Alpha 3 - Miss you!! Literally not long until we can skype/chat on the phone! I have so much gossip for you :)
Love you! Anna xxxxxx

caroline van ravels said...

to emma van ravels alpha 3
Jaaaaaaaaa daar ben ik weer! Nu eindelijk een hele grote foto waar je goed op te zien bent!! Je straalt helemaal, heerlijk om te zien. Ik lees net dat je een spelavond hebt georganiseerd met een of ander moordspel! Ziet er allemaal weer gezellig uit! Wij zijn druk bezig in huis met puin ruimen. De kamer van Merel is inmiddels omgebouwd tot keurige logeerkamer!! Ik zal voorlopig van jou kamer afblijven hoor!! Hij fungeert nu als mijn inloopkast!! Heerlijk, deur dicht en niemand ziet de troep! Oh ja, je brief is gekomen!!! We waren er heel blij mee. Ook opa en oma hun brief gegeven en ze zijn natuurlijk super trots op je!! Oma zal weer op het blog schrijven! Ik zie op foto's hoe jullie post verslinden en zal dus veel blijven schrijven. Mijn brief zal denk ik te laat zijn geweest voor de loop, maar dan lees je die volgende keer als je op het basiskamp terug bent wel. Nou, schat ik stop maar weer, je ziet er goed uit op de foto dus moeders is weer gerustgesteld!! Bij je volgende basiskamp bezoek, wil pap graag vluchtnummers van je reis naar Cambodja en de datum dat je weer terug wilt vliegen naar Amsterdam. Hij wil het graag in 1 keer allemaal veranderen.
Dikke kus van ons allemaal!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mam

evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester Joseph
hai abang erwin!! ay ay I want some erwin! ayam apa pling mahal ? ayaaam titanium. gosh missing the old days back in kundasang. where you made the joke and nobody laughed except the naive me. hahaha
it's not gonna be long till you come home. so ? how are you ? hope you're doing great there and missing us here. hihi. sudah2la frust pasal result okay ? it's not the end of everything (abg ten2 cakap)
so how are we here ? doing great. our new routine going to morning mass every week. every wednesday or thursday. captla ko plang. kita p sama2 hee.jam 5 pagi lg jalan. tus kmi tgk2 itu gunung.
emm gel mau p plkn da 30 mac. sobs. ouh it's holy week. smbhyang la rajin2 ah. kmu miss Easter la ni kn ?? uhh nvm laa. will write to you again. you take care there okay xx

Ina Donat said...

Robert Donat (Alpha 6)
Hi Robert, what a lovely surprise to get a proper letter from you. Dad and I almost fought over who got to read it first! Dad is off, you see, and stuck with "home work". So, we thought we will make an effort and write one to you very soon.
Sorry to hear about your leg. Personally, I would go trekking as you get to see things that you would otherwise never see. But it is you who has to do it so you decide. By the looks of it, we will have a white Easter. Masses of snow fell last week and it is still very cold. Very fed up with it. Met Jim (Dr Bond) last week who is envying you and sends his regards. More in the letter, much love Inamumxxx

Anonymous said...

To Andrew Tinkler Alpha eight
Glad to see you got there safely a couple of weeks ago without any flight issues this time. Hope you're enjoying your trekking and diving and looking forward to your next phase. Can't wait to see the photos.
We're in Sherborne for a few days before going to the big get together at Easter. I'm sure they'll be wanting to know how you're getting on. Rachel's in Italy at the moment on hockey tour although I think it's more tour than hockey! She says she's been swimming in the sea today although it's a bit cold.
Don't know if you've heard any sport. Wales beat England 30-3 (oh dear) in the last match to win the six nations and England drew in the cricket, 4 wickets down on the last day but Prior made 110 and Panesar did his hanging on trick again!
Enjoy your next adventure. Take care. Mum & Dad xx

Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C Alpha 3

Hi Alex,

It was great to get a report from Alpha 3 today and delighted to see you in the photographs. It's been a long time not hearing anything about your second phase. In fact I should imagine you are on your way back to basecamp now and getting in preparation for your next allocation. You are looking really well but looks like you have lost some weight! Glad to see your hair growing back and don't shave it off again!!!! Not sure about the sandals and socks look though - you will get some stick from the lads about that. Mind you perhaps it could be the new look for a night out in town!

It sounds as if you have been working really hard on the water feed project, a lot of physical work involved but knowing you, I bet you have relished the challenge and enjoyed every minute of it.

I did notice that you were not mentioned in the cooking write up bit! Have they not had the pleasure of your corned beef bolognaise yet?!!

Everyone is well here. I break up from school tomorrow (28th)and can't wait. It's been a very busy term and I have had a bug for nearly four weeks now but I am so much better. Nana is also getting over losing her voice!

Dad and I are off to York for the day on Sunday and meeting up with everyone from our holidays in Greece. The family from Denmark have no idea we are going so it will be a great surprise for them. We are really looking forward to it and just hoping that we have no more snow to prevent us from travelling. It is clearing up now but it is still bitterly cold. The clocks go foward this weekend as Summer time begins - you wouldn't believe it as it is so miserable and freezing cold! It's also Easter this weekend - I have got you an Easter egg but whether it will still be here when you get back is another matter!

It was nice to see you reading your letter in the picture and I thought I would include some photographs, especially with the one of you dressed as a woman!!I have written you another letter and sent it about a week ago as it sounds like it is taking about 4-5 weeks for letters to get to you.

Have a safe journey back to basecamp and hope you have time to relax before your new allocation is announced - can't wait to see what you will be doing next.

If you have time to phone again at changeover it would be really great to hear from you and I would love to hear all your news.

Take care and keep safe Sweetie (oops!). Dad, Nana and Grandad send their love.

Lots of Love
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed (Alpha five)

How are you getting on? We are all fine but missing you such a lot. We looked out for updates on you when the loop visited Alpha five but somehow there was no photos of you.

Anyways I hope you are enjoying your trip as you don't have long to go. Everyone is waiting to find out how you are getting on and I spoke to Zain yesterday and he is also so very excited about his trip to Costa Rica. You are very lucky as you are in a nice and hot place. Here it is winter and freezing when it should be much warmer now as it is almost April.

Aly-khan is asking are you enjoying making friends with spiders? I am sure you are no longer worried about spiders. All the family are always asking about you but from whaT I have seen on the blog you have had messages from yasu fui, shenaz fui, yasi masi, nanu masi, khatoon masi, rukshana masi, so you have been getting lots of messages and I am
sure you are enjoying reading everyones messages.

I have posted a letter to you yesterday so hopefully you should get it by the time you get back to base. I hope you got the first letter I sent. Work is so busy and by the time I come home I feel extremely tired.

Anyways, I have written enough for now and look forward to reading your next blog. I really enjoy reading the blogs for all the groups and it is ever so interesting.

tc of yourself and stay safe and we all love you. Your dadimaa said she really misses you and nanabapa and nanimaa sent their love as well and so do all the family.

Lots of love
Dad, Mum and AK

Maisie de Cani said...

For Caterina Gregori - Alpha 4

Hi Cat!
Everyone at home is missing you so much, I can't wait to hear all of the amazing things you've been up to and to reacquaint you with western food, especially ben and jerry's! I've been keeping up with the blog and am looking out for another post from your group :) I hope there aren't too many creepy crawlies for you to cope with! Hope this finds you happy and well,
LOADS of Love,

Mimi xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

for Lewi Wyatt - Alpha 3

Hi Lewi, Just got your lovely letter, it made me smile, it sounds like you are all having an amazing time! I will give Grambo her letter on Easter Monday at Kaths. It's snowing here and is still very cold. I was right, the Rolling Stones are going to be playing at Glastonbury, so that will exciting. I'm glad the food is ok and the "bean" is becoming a friend of yours. Again everyone here misses you and we'll have a party when you get back so you can show us pics and amuse us with all the fab things you've been upto. Keep calm and carry on treking! All my love always mum xxxxxxxx

James said...

To: Hugh Birley - Alpha 4
From: James Birley

Hey Bro
It looks like you are having soooo much fun. As you know we are skiing at the moment in Val D and your presence is being missed. Jon is still taking the piss out of you even though you are miles away eg. "Oh for ....... sake Hugh's just fallen off" when the lift grinds to a halt.
No need to worry about the yearly banter with the 'crapper' position as Dan has now taken over your role. For the first few days we had really poor visibility but we woke up this morning with beautiful clear blue sky - at last! You may be jealous of us but believe me I'm pretty jealous of you. You seem to be enjoying yourself masses and Aunty sounded amazing. I hope your new expedition is fun. You have been so lucky with your accommodation, first the Gucci camp and now you have the luxury of tents and running water.
I can't wait to see you in the summer and catch up on all the stuff you have been up to. I trust the mosquitoes are bitting you 24-7, if not they better get off their asses! Everyone sends lots of love.
Loads of love
(And Dad, Harry, Jim, Jon, Philippa, Dan, Chloe, and Rufus)

oma annemie said...

to emma van ravels, alpha 3
Lieve Emma,
Mamma heeft net de berichten over jouw groep weer aan ons laten zien. Wat zie je er gelukkig uit op de foto!!Het werk ziet er zwaar uit , maar daar lijken jullie geen last van te hebben! Knap hoor! Opa en ik zijn heel erg trots op je. En heel erg bedankt voor de brief. Zo lief dat je aan ons hebt gedacht om een brief te schrijven. Hier gaat alles goed. Opa geniet van zijn visjes, hoewel ze wel veel stinken steeds. We blijven ze maar schoonmaken! Misschien geeft opa ze wel wat teveel eten steeds! Na heel veel sneeuw en regen schijnt nu eindelijk lekker de zon. Nu nog wat warmer worden en we zijn helemaal tevreden. Daar zal jij geen last van hebben daar in Borneo. Met pasen gaan we gezellig bij papa en mama eten. Verder alles zijn gangetje hier. Lieve schat, veel succes maar weer en ik blijf je volgen op de computer! Dikke kus ook van opa! Oma Annemie.

Anonymous said...

Natasha O'Sullivan, Alpha 3 (phase 2)

Dear Tash,
It was great to see the blog post on Alpha 3, to see a picture of you and at last get evidence that you have received some post from us! We've been sending blogs and also a parcel with letters, and some small treats, in it.

You look well, although I can see scratches and mozzie bites on you. I hope they're not too uncomfortable.

The gravity water feed looks like hard work. I'm sure that learning how to mix cement will come in useful someday, and you should defiitely be proud to be extending water to 25 households, that's a huge achievement for you guys and a real benefit to the families that get water.

It's still freezing in England, 3 degrees yesterday. It's got to start getting better soon, it's nearly April. I've just finished work for the Easter weekend. We don't have much planned.

Since I last wrote, I've been pretty busy, went to Index on Censorship awards last week,you'll be pleased to hear that Malala Yousafzai the Pakistani schoolgirl who campaigned for education for girls won an award. Sara has a new band and performed at the Buffalo bar by Highbury tube (Kev and I were the oldest in the audience!).

I'll write you a letter this weekend. I've booked my flights and arrive in Singapore on May 18th, can't wait to see you.

Missing you loads, but so so proud of you,
Lots of love,
Karen xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Rex Alvin Alpha 3,

Hi's thing doing there? Well,since your birthday is around the corner(14.4.2013) Happy birthday in advance..( i wish earlier before i forget..haha).. hope you have a great day there..



evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester Joseph. Alpha Three.
so win. tu hari ko cakap ko buli pulang time Hri Anugrah cemerlang. so? u coming back ? 12 April tu kita pya HAC. and yeas you are wanted of course. ahh pulang la ba sikijappp mau jumpa kau. okaiii that's it. xx :)

Emily said...

to Emma van Ravels Aplha 3

Empieeeeeeeeee daar ben ik weer met een berichtje!! Wat fijn om je zo happy en stralend te zien op de foto em! Je ziet er goed uit schatje!! Vind het zo knap hoe je dat allemaal doet, en het avond programma geregeld! netjes hoor!
Mis je stiekem wel een beetje hoor!

Hier alles goed! Vandaag is Merel verhuisd naar Amsterdam! Super leuk huisje! Weg uit dat gekke groningen haha!
Morgen komen 6 vriendinnetjes hier paasbrunchen! Vandaag lekker boodschapjes gedaan en nu een beetje aan het chillen op de bank onder een dekentje! Verder gaat alles zijn gangetje! Zo benieuwd naar al je verhalen en foto's em! Veel foto's maken he! Volgens mij zit jij echt in een mega mooie omgeving daar!! JALOERS NOG STEEDS!!! haha

Lieve kleine empie geniet er weer van en heel veel succes weer met je volgende project!!

Doei kleine! xxxxx <3

Anonymous said...

To Daan van Doormaal
Hoi Daan , hoorde van mama dat je gebeld hebt en dat het nog altijd fantastisch is.Ik ga proberen of ik je rechtstreeks kan mailen op jouw mail adres. Hopelijk kun je dan reageren per mail. Groet pa.

evangelisanna said...

To Erwin Sylvester Joseph,
Dear Erwin, (aiyah sorry la sa x pandai english. PS:Wizie ba ne hahaha.) first of all congratulations for being the most 'tan' guy in Papar.(PS:c olek number 2) We are all doing fine here and i hope you guys there are the same. Jangan sakit okay! Take care and I will write some more in the future okay .(PS:i am writing from Labuan. saya,ailsa sama evangelisa)hahaha kami bejoli dulu. ko jeles la ? jeles la ba. kmi tgl di apartmen oh. bkn d htan.(PS:kenapa kami d sini?ahh malas maw kasi taw ko) nti kita pg sini bila ko balik ah. esa sdg tdr sikarang. hari bulan kmi tulis ni 2.04.2013(ko faham ka apa kami cakap ne?bahasa melayu bah ne.hahaha) okay win. bah Win2 ko sana ah.kami maw tulis sama olek lagi ne. Forever missing you~ God bless.
Yours sincerely, wizie and evan. XOXO

Anonymous said...

For Tom Beaton:
Delighted to see the pics and words telling what you are up to - rather a lot of fun being had by the look of it!

Snail mail inbound!

All love Dad

Daniel Chapman said...

Hey Bro, (Steve Clegg)

I have sent a message but not sure if it came through. Glad to see you are looking so well it looks like you are having a great time. The gravity water feed sounds like hard work in the heat over there, hope the mosquitos ain't eaten you alive. Talking of weather mate you ain't missing much it's been 3 or 4 degrees over here and we have still had snow in early April. It's mental never known nothing like it.

Lu and Nic are well, Lu sends her love. Mum and Sam are good as well, you know how it is same old. Anyways I bet you don't want to come back! However I am looking forward to seeing you mate, I miss my partner in crime. Enjoy the rest of the trip. I have sent you a letter hope you receive it before you come home.

I will see you on the 23rd and buy you a well deserved pint. Till then all the best,

See you soon Bro