Friday, 29 March 2013

The Loop Visit Alpha Six

Jeremy, Sjoerd, Holly and Josefien buying treats from the shop

Our journey to Alpha Six began at Kota Marudu. The road winding through the mountains was idyllic with the blue sky contrasting with the green rainforest as we drove deeper in towards the conservation center. 

Josefien running down the hill was a welcome site as we realised we had reached our destination.

Refat, Bec and Joesph checking the bird nets
A steep trek up the hill to camp and we met the rest of the team. Some of the boys (Christian, Sjoerd, Jeremy and Jake) had kindly given up their bashas for us. They were sleeping in the gazebo - a hut slightly away from the main camp where the venturers can hang out and also the place to identify the animals and birds they catch.

Trekking back down the hill to set up the shop we attempted to count the number of steps carved into the hillside. The number varies depending who's counting but there are around 144 steps so everyone's managing to keep fit! 

Back up the hill just in time to check the nets for birds. Refat and Bec delicately freed two birds unfortunately one flew off before we were able to identify it though! 

Being on a static site they have great cooking facilities which they are taking full advantage of. Rob made some delicious pineapple fritters as a snack when we got back from the nets.

Alpha Six chefs

Watching the sunset 

Flat bread and garlic butter dip was our starter served at the bottom of the hill overlooking the rainforest.  The clouds had rolled in so the sunset wasn't as stunning as the group had seen the previous night but it was still really special.

Carefully picking our way along the river, eyes peeled for frogs hiding under rocks or in the water. It was so much fun being out at night catching glimpses of the moon through clearings in the trees. We saw some huge spiders - one that the ventures had named Aragog (from Harry Potter.) The Loop were blamed for bringing bad luck to the frogging as we only caught one frog (they usually catch about ten) but we were just really pleased to be there and be part of their daily routine. 

And then one last treat to end the day... As we returned from frogging we were handed a freshly cooked fruit crumble and a mug of Milo. The perfect end to a lovely day! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr J
Great to see the photos of you and your intersting haircut!on the alpha 6 report today. You are obviously having a wonderful time despite the spiders the location looks incredible, we cant wait to hear more about it during your next change over. Mum and I are very jealous, fed up with yet more snow here and no sign of spring. Mum was in the UK last week and froze while i was in Monaco and actually got to see some sun.Its Easter this weekend and we have the Thorntons coming over for lunch on Sunday and will see all the Pikes as well everyone is sending their love and following your exploits on the website. Your menus sound surprisingly tasty.Keep up the great work and lets us know about your plans so i can book any tickets needed Love Dad and Mum xo

pye said...

Attn: Freddie Aitken Alpha 1
Hi Freddie, Pye here. I came over to suprise Clarissa for her birthday :) Arrived to the coldest March W/E in 50 years!! Had forgotten what snow looked like. Glad to hear your adventures going well. Great seeing photos of you. Keep having fun. Lots of love xox

Anonymous said...

For: Jeremy Legge (alpha 6)

Hey J,

Wow!! Just read the update about what you are doing! Sounds like you are having a great time out on phase 2. How are you handling Aragog?? Haha I hope you are able to sleep.

Mum said she received a letter from you today. She told me you sounded very happy :) Im glad you seem to be loving Raleigh as much as I did.

I just go back from Ultra Music Festival in Miami. It was insane! SO much fun, glad I did it, but a little overwhelming. MASSES of people, 35 degree heat, lots of dancing/partying and not much sleep!!

Im leaving to meet up with Alexis in a few hours and we are driving out to Northampton (where the Leibz live) for Easter. I hope you are able to have a little Easter celebration out in the rainforest. Perhaps substitute chocolate eggs for frogs eggs??

Anyways thats about all my news. Oh yes.. and I only have 4 weeks of school left (holy moly). My graduation is May 19th if you can make it (obviously if you have the chance to travel do that instead!!).

Please Whats App me when you get back to field base if you get the chance!!

Miss you so much, love you so so much!!

your Sis

NicheJones said...

To Alex Williams 13C
Hi there Gler-hen, I can't believe you haven't told them your name is Glen yet. Just around Vik and Rustys with the Cheese and Cross eye, finishing off your 100 cans from the garage left over from your leaving do. We've painted everything in your room pink and a shrine with Abby's face in the centre. Missing you Gler-hen, speak soon PS i've stole your Power Ballards CD, ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, *Whistle whistle whistle.... HIS NAMES GLENNNNNNNN.
love from Niche.

JimmyShin said...

Alex Williams 13C
Hello there Glen/Alexxx/Luigi
We have all decided that because you are not here, you must face a forefit of dressing up like a woman again for your return party. You're doing well taking Gok world wide and repping Sandals and Socks as the new fashion icon, as well as the Nicholls style trim. Dicky is missing you and the boys are now banned for life from the pub, thanks to Nick. I'll be waiting in 26 days at Heathrow airport waiting for an E.T. lookalike to bring back to the Shire. Missing you muchly my love, I have tended the horses and the rabbits. Much love, Quentin (Mario) x

Anonymous said...

For Emiy Kelly
Hi Emily, Happy Easter! Not sure where you are or what you're doing but I hope all is well and you've brought some happiness to the village chilren
The Easter bunny may be hopping into our garden with some yummy eggs but if he brings you any can't guaentee they will still be around by the time you get back - they may have hopped into somebody's tummy. Samuel is on his training walk this weekend (do you remember them?) It's so cold he has had to take 2 sleeping bags - can you imagine that in the heat you are experiencing. Not sure what state he'll come back in tomorrow, like a frozen fish finger probably! There was a French market in the Strand today although funnily enough I was transported to Comillas and the smell of churrios. I closed my eyes as I drifted away in a pot of melted chocolate and sunshine but when I opened my eyes sadly I was still in the Strand with a fierce easterly wind biting my nose. I then saw Italy sitting amongst plates of chocolate and wonderful biscuits. Ahhh, I spent the rest of the afternoon in a blurry haze of fluffiness! Well, if you can make contact sometime over the weekend that would be great. James not coming until Sunday evening so no easter bunny for him either! Take care, nanny sends her love as we all do, Love mum xxx

matt fletcher said...

Alex Williams 13c

hello Wonky eye its cheese speaking from the williams residents.

i hope your enjoying yourself in your natural environment Mowgli, we've been going round vicks and rus's every weekend and taken over your bedroom, not sure about the abby shrine. you have inspired the whatsapp group, you are our leader.LEADER LEADER LEADER.

Glen is out on a night out as we have the famous alex williams masks on, we miss the sober intellegent pulling machine of the group.

i thought i would let you know your fellow worker Holly Bush is pregnant.

i must go russell williams taxi is waiting....



Frances said...

To: Freddie Aitken - Alpha 1
From: Frances Birley

Hi Freddie
Happy Easter Spoke to Hugh briefly and gather you are all really enjoying yourselves. It certainly looks amazing from the blogs we get. Your last placement sounded fascinating. We haven't heard much about where you are now! Hopefully there will be news soon.
Presume you will be on a diving trek for your last expedition - I know you were looking forward to that so hope all goes well.
It's cold, wet and windy here, it's more like Christmas than Easter, so we're envying your warm weather.
Looking forward to hearing about it all properly and seeing all the photos when I see you in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Ham (alpha 8)
Hi from Papagayo! Sunshine at last. Went to beach yesterday. Only thing "huge" was the waves. Knocked me & E over. All much the same here. Girls say "Hi".
Happy Easter fom us all.
Mum xx