Saturday, 16 March 2013

Phase Two Allocations

After a great couple of days at Base Camp for Change Over there was an air of excitement and anticipation in Bamboo Hut as the Venturers eagerly awaited to hear where they would be spending their second phase of Raleigh Borneo 13C.

As the PMs read out the names there were lots of cheers as the new groups formed. With over a hundred venturers some were reunited with friends and others greeted each other for the first time as they began the process of name games and project briefings in preparation for the next three weeks.

And now for the all important allocations:

Alpha One: Kindergarten

The following lucky people will continue with the construction of a kindergarten in the idyllic village of Bonor Sook. As well as the construction work they will be taking preschool and tutoring classes and really getting involved in community life.

Alpha One
Caspar v Doremalen, Charles Auterac, Chelsea Simon, Corinth Richard Lim Lim, Daniel Brenland, Elfira Madikol, Emily Kelly, Eva Hannema, Freddie Aitken, Nathan Gaskin, Peter Hodge, Steven Lit Eang Lo. (PMs: Jude, Ian and Beth.)

Alpha Two: Gravity Water Feed

Raleigh luxury is in store for Alpha Two with a sit down toilet, a beautiful  village and the kindness and hospitality of ‘Aunty’, head woman of Kampung Bulud Batu. As well as getting to know the community and being looked after by Aunty they will continue to pipe water into the village to give all of the villagers access to safe water. 

Alpha Two
Asher Spencer, Mitchell F Wodcke, Catriona Aldrich-Green, Davin Chandra, Eline Sistermans, Harry A Glatman, James M Paton, Morgan N Biggs, Rachel Cox, Sabrina Hoong, Salman Sheikh, Shirley Yun Shen Yeo. (PMs: Jonny, Lou and Helen)

Alpha Three:  Gravity Water Feed

Kampung Boribi will be home to Alpha Three for the next few weeks as they complete a gravity water feed project started by Raleigh last year. They will supply water to an extra 25 houses so all of the villagers have full access to water which is especially important during the dry season when the current rainwater tanks dry out. 

Alpha Three
Alex Williams, Daan v Doormaal, Yixin Bao (Vera), Emma Van Ravels, Erwin Sylvester Joseph, Fiona Bell, Francesca Siodlak, Isobel Robertson, Lewis Wyatt, Natasha O'Sullivan, Rex Francis, Steven M Clegg, Tom Beaton. (PMs: Kat, Alison and John.)

Alpha Four: Maliau Basin

There is an exciting new phase for Alpha Four in Maliau Basin, working on a variety of projects from creating new trails for the Centre's bird and wildlife walk to building gabions (large wire cages filled with rocks) to stabilise the nearby land and protect the laboratory which forms part of the Study Centre.  

Maliau Basin is a designated conservation area, managed by Yayasan Sabah. It is a virtually self contained eco-system consisting of 12 types of pristine forest. It is home to over 30 species of mammals, 270 species of bird and and 80 species of orchid. The Study Centre has been established  to provide facilities for environmental research and education as well as bringing opportunities for eco-tourism.

Alpha Four
Caterina Gregori, Christi Kelly, Digby Parsons, Hendrik Hagedoorn, Hugh Birley, Jason Scott Morison, Joanna Brown, Josephine I Van Steenhoven, Kathryn Barclay, Sam Griffin Beat, Shai Israel, Vynecia Tang. (PMs Mike and Rachel.)

Alpha Five:  Imbak Canyon

Imbak Canyon was the setting for ‘Expedition Borneo’ and a stunning place to live and work. The venturers will spend lots of time trekking through the rainforest as they work on building a suspension bridge. As well as lots of hard work they will have time to relax in the beautiful waterfall by their camp.

Alpha Five
Joost Weimar, Alexandra Cooper, Daniel Razlan Husni, Dwana Andrew, Hatty Lord, James Bryer, Naveed Rajan, Nicky Blom, Sam Church, Vincent Oconnor, Zihan Zhou. (PMs Ali T, Connor and Sarah Jacks.)

Alpha Six: Biodiversity

This is the perfect project for wildlife fans as the group will be monitoring and discovering the creatures living in the jungle surrounding them. With early morning treks to set the traps and night time frog monitoring they will see some of the most beautiful species in Borneo. There’s also a chance to get their hands dirty with a new construction project starting this phase.

Alpha Six
Andrew Lew, Christian Cassar, Ellen Peacock, Holly Carver, Jacob Bunday, Jeremy Legge, Jia Hui Lee, Josefien Nijholt, Robert Donat, Sjoerd W van As, Thomas Ashford. (PMs: Bec, Kate and Refat.)

Alpha Seven: Dive, Trek

Starting the phase on Mamutik Island Alpha Seven will learn to dive in the South China Sea. For those who already have a diving qualification they can take the next PADI course to improve their skills. After they have dived and relaxed on the island they will complete a challenging twelve day trek to the village of Long Pasia; carrying all of their kit and rations with them this really is an adventure.  

Alpha Seven
Anna George, Beerend Salomons, Daniel Lach, Fenella Knox, Jacob  Magalhaes, Lucy Twisleton, Max Sheldon, Björn v Dijkman, Nicolien Kloppert, Rek, Will Welch. (PMs: Sarah M and Sarah B.)

Alpha Eight: Trek, Dive

Alpha Eight begin their phase trekking for eleven days through the jungle to the village of Long Pasia in the South of Sabah. They will be sleeping in the jungle in bashas as they set up camp every night putting their jungle skills to good use. As a reward at the end of the long trek they spend the end of the phase diving on Mamutik Island.

Alpha Eight
Aaron Tay, Alfred Lee, Andrew Tinkler, Emma Race, Isabel FitzGerald, Jack Robertson-Macleod, Jonathan Ham, Liselot Bekendam, Louis Coster, Lucy Shell, Rosemary Rich, Thomas Selby. (PMs: Kris and Harriet.)

Alpha Nine: Trek, Dive, Trek

A real mixture of trekking and diving for this adventure phase as Alpha Nine begin with a jungle trek in the Kinabalu mountain range. Mastering jungle skills including setting up camp, carrying their kit and cooking the Raleigh rations they will then spend a few days on Mamutik Island. Mamutik is referred to here as Dive Island as this is where they have the opportunity to dive in the South China Sea. Then it’s back to the jungle to continue using those jungle skills for the second half of the phase. 

Alpha Nine
Clara Rehder, Connor Hogan, Dido Visser, Duco O ten Haven, Enrique Perezyera, Guy Weatherhead, Nigel X Choy, Rebecca Reilly, Rolex Joseph, Sabine E van Ameyde, Sarah Greener. (PMs: Fred, Nat and Xenia.)

Everyone is settling in really well to Phase Two already and we’ll be sending lots of updates about their progress over the next few weeks.

This phase Fiona our photographer will be out visiting the three community projects and taking photos for the Endex magazine and end of expedition photo DVD. Similarly, I (Jo) will be visiting Imbak Canyon and Alpha three’s gravity water feed to collect information for the blog and magazine.  

Like the last phase there will also be a group from the Fieldbase team completing a loop of our static project sites in the second week. This is always a great opportunity to take the Venturers and PMs their post and blog comments so please do keep adding your comments to the posts as we will endeavor to get them to the named person ASAP – as they LOVE hearing from you. 


Guy van Doremalen said...

Message for Caspar van Doremalen
Hallo Caspar, leuk dat je nu gaat werken aan het kinderverblijf. Lijkt mij geweldig om de lokale bevolking te leren kennen en ze te helpen met huisvesting en onderwijs! Geniet er van.
Groet, Papa

Anonymous said...

Hello Naveed

Just found out that you are in the group Alpha 5 and that you will be helping in building a Suspension Bridge. It all sounds so exciting and I keep looking out for updates and I really admire every one who has come for this expedition as I am sure its not all fun and there is a lot of hardwork involved and I am very pleased that you went. It will give you a completely different outlook to life which we all take for granted that we should have everything when people don't have just the basic things.

You look well in the picture and making lots of new friends. Did you get my letter? Write to me if you can and enjoy yourself but work hard.
This THursday is Navroz and I shall miss you a lot when I go to khanne but anyways Navroz mubarak to you.

Take care and I love you lots and miss you and so do all the family.

Lots of love
Dad, Mum and AK

Wibble said...

To Mitchell Wodcke Alpha 2

Just found out your project allocation and it looks super exciting! It must be a big contrast to your previous one, I can't believe how remote you were for those three weeks. So proud of you for doing it, when I read about it I was like O_O it seriously sounded so challenging. But yay you survived so well done!
Have been pretty busy this week, went to the Bristol open day on Wednesday and saw Helena which was really nice. Then on Thursday I had some temp work doing housekeeping which was actually really fun, although I had to get up at 5.30 which was a bit painful - I have no idea how you got up at 5.15 every day for 3 weeks! And yesterday I went to the care home to sort out my shifts and pick up my information pack. Am very happy cos I managed to get all the shifts I wanted - Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings and then Saturday afternoon, so I can still go out on Fridays and I have a whole three days off :D Also I found out that I got an A* in my biology practical which I was really surprised at cos I seriously thought the exam had gone so badly! So yay, more good news!
Have got quite a bit of biology work to get on with today. Why are photosynthesis and respiration so complicated?! Nevermind, I think I'm starting to get the hang of them, and soon I will have finished unit 4!
I hope you're having an amazing time on your new project. Can't wait for some more pictures, it always makes me really happy seeing you! I've been saving them on my laptop so you can look at them when you get back, and I printed out the account of your work in Danum Valley :)
Love you lots and lots and lots!
From your Wibble xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna(Alpha 7)
Just saw your picture. You are looking great! I'm sure you are enjoying yourself. Keep up the good work despite the challenges you encounter. Everyone knows it's not a walk in the park!! Thank goodness for the updates! We hope to hear all the exciting stories once you are back for the changeover.
Do take care and have fun! Miss you loads!
Pa, ma,Elisa and not forgetting Pebbles

Anonymous said...

For Freddie Aitken

Perfect arrangement: eco project first, then community, and finishing up with the trek and dive. All your carpentry skills will be useful - the chicken run here is still standing... You look so fit happy in all the photos - hope all is well and you're having fun. Love Dad

N R Parker - Grandy said...

From G & G to Hatty Lord - Alpha 5
Hello Hatty
After sorting out all this modern technology I think I have at last found out how to send a message to you!! It is fabulous to be able to follow what you are doing on the other side of the world. The update blogs could be a bit more frequent but it is good to keep tabs on you !! You remember I hope what I wrote in your journal before you set off to NZ you must write something every day to remind you what you did and where you were otherwise you will forget it all and we need to know the all about your wonderful adventures. I had a good weeks holiday with Mum in Portugal, the weather was kind and we only had 1 mornings rain all week. We met at Manchester Airport going by train. I hope you can join us for another holiday there before Uni. Your M&D don't know what to do with themselves they are both rattling around in a big house with nobody to talk to, they are missing you so much but they will have to get used to it when you go to Uni. Soon be Easter now and the house will be full again I think Em & Matt will be home with friends.
Thats all for now hope you do a good job on the suspension bridge and enjoy helping with the work. Will contact again soon now I know how !!!
Take care miss you loads lots of love
G & G

Anonymous said...

Boodschap voor Duco ten Haven, Alpha 9
Lieve Duco
van Epi krijgen wij te horen hoe het met jou gaat. Je was bijna weggespoeld door een orkaan en nu een mooie uitdaging met je trek, duiken en weer trek. Met jouw spierkracht zal de trek een fluitje van een cent zijn en jouw lange duikervaring komt jou vast goed van pas. Geniet daar in Borneo, blijf gezond, verdwaal niet, en tot in Nederland waar het weliswaar een stuk minder spannend is (geen krokodillen) maar wel gezellig. liefs van ons allemaal, fam Westerhout uit Laren

joanna said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 1

Just got the allocations on the blog so we now know what you are up to. Picture of your group quite small and then fuzzy when I make it bigger - think that is a smile on your face!? Have fun teaching the children and building the school. Loads of love from us all. Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey JiaHui,

Not sure if you'll be able to get this a not but yeah just wanted to say miss you freaking loads and please take care and can't wait for you to come back!! <3

Your fave Dawn

Amy Kendall said...

Hatty Lord 13c,

Hellooooo again, Just been through the whole blog now, and understand the meaning of the alphas i think? different projects I'm assuming!
What you're doing now in 'Alpha 5' sounds hard but very rewarding, especially with the waterfall to chill out in at the end of a hard day at work! Sounds too good to be true! All I've been doing recently is looking at different travelling websites and finding amazing places I want to go and visit. Unfortunately for me it will be some time until I can actually do it! But for you, lucky thing you're doing it right this moment! Hope you're well, repeating papa Lord's words.., stay safe on this project !
Enjoy budddddy.
Lovee from amesy!! xx

Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C Alpha 3

Hi Alex,
Great to hear what your new allocation is as we have been wondering what you would be doing next. Hope you have settled in well and working hard. I have realised why you were hiding on the back row... looks like you have shaved all your hair off - hope it grows before you come back home!!!

Uncle Russell and Maria visited us today with the three children. They are adorable! Jack went birdwatching with Grandad and we took Grace and Maddie to the Quarry to feed the ducks. It was freezing and raining but they still insisted on an ice cream!!

I had great fun at school with the children yesterday with Comic Relief. All the staff did pledges and mine was to give children a special tea party. I took my Winnie the Pooh and Tiger teapots and they had a wonderful time. We also had BBC Radio Shropshire interviewing the children. It was a really fun day and we managed to do "Something funny for money"!

Niche is going to pop round sometime next week for a drink. He says everyone is well. He did try to send you a message but it didn't work.

Your bedroom is all finished and looks great - the tidiest it has ever been.

I hope you haven't been bitten. How are you coping with the food and the cooking? I can't wait to hear what delights you have been making with the rations given to you.

Football results are that the OPO lost 4-0 to Coton Rovers - they are obviously missing you as their centre half!! You are third in the league at the moment.

Hope you will be able to write or phone us again as it really was lovely to hear from you last time.

I know you are all working really hard on your projects and it must be great to see the difference it makes to the local community. Keep working hard but most importantly don't forget to have lots of fun!!

Keep safe and love you lots.

Mum and Dad x

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed,(Alpha 5)

Hope you are having a nice time. work hard and make your parents proud of you, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. Zain said hi and he said to tell you he is going to Costa Rica in July. He is also looking forward to it. Maa and bapa have said hello and they said they miss you.

lots of love from

Yasi masi and family. xx

Working Dad said...

Hi Max Sheldon! New Alpha 7:
Great to see your happy face on discovering you were going to be working really really hard relaxing on an island and occasionally heading for the blue ocean to plant a bit of coral; we're well sure you'll have a totes superb time. Although we're a bit worried peering at the picture that you've decided to have another go at growing a beard, which you know isn't visible from more than a metre away and will probably wash off in the sea. Plus Yasemin already hates it (or will as soon as I point it out to her). Have a brilliant holiday - sorry, learning experience with exercise - and don't forget to breathe through your mouth! Love you more than meerkats Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Emily Kelly
Hi Emso, sorry to hear your feeling out of sorts. Can you give me a ring please if you get the chance. Thanks. Take care and hope you soon feel better. Love mum xxxx

Elaine said...

To Fiona Bell
Hi Fiona.
We just read about your project with alpha 3 group. Sounds like like you will all be working hard but in a great location doing a fantastic job to provide clean water. A luxury for some that we take for granted.
By now I expect you will be settling at your new location. Hope you are having a great time certainly looks like it from the photos. Look forward to reading the progress reports. Lots of love mum and dad xx

Anonymous said...

Naveed Rajsn (Alpha 5)
Hi Naveed,
How are you? I hope well and enjoying the new experiences you are having. I heard you are helping
To build s suspension bridge. It must be really interesting to do all these new things to help people around you. It is really good to see you involved in these projects. Keep up the good work. Hope you enjoy the fun part of trekking and seeing the
waterfall. Hope you are taking some pictures to show us the rainforest. Well have fun.
Mum and dad are really proud of what you are
doing. Enjoy it all and take care of yourself.
Regards from the family.
Love from
Khatoon masi.x

mariam said...

Daniel Razlan (Alpha 5)
Hello Razlan!!
Am sure you are having an exciting time on this phase. Have googled pictures of Imbak Canyon and the waterfall looks amazing! Lucky you!
We are missing you.. Bam is geeting used to idea of being an only child I think...this is how it will be when you are back in Uni in Sept :(.. We are all well. No exciting news except that we managed to beat Swansea away 2-0 yesterday! Phew! City lost to Everton though 2-0.. Chelsea and Spurs play today... Oh yes.... We almost did the impossible in the CL! We beat BM 2-0 during the week but lost on away goals :( We played well ... Our defence was good ( Vermaelen and Szczesny on the bench)... And they were super again yesterday!
Will send you newspaper cuttings.
Supposed to have Skyped Razmy yesterday, but couldnt because he went on a road trip to St Andrews. Hope to skype sometime today. Its Mimi's birthday tomorrow so A Sarah is taking her friends out to the O2 for dinner.
Dad is out at golf. Bam is doing her revision ... Only 7 weeks before her O levels! Time just flies! Might go shopping with her later coz she wants to spend her bday money :)..
Stay safe and have lots of fun.
We miss you.
Lots of love, Mummy + Dad, Bam n Razmy xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Morgan Biggs
Hi Morgan
So good to hear from you. We all miss you much. Haven't seen any of your friends yet to tell them about your adventure. Sopke to Helen who helps out at Bouvard where you did your Bronze. She was very excited to hear about your adventures in Sabah. You lucky are staying in a kampung in your Phase 2. How good is that!!! Jangan lupa practice cakap bahasa melayu/malaysia dengan penduduk kampung Bulud Batu, ok!!! He!!He!!
Take care and we luv you lots.....


Anonymous said...

To Sabine van Ameyde
Alpha 9

hi Bean,

Its great to see what you are all up to. looks like so much fun, i for one am very jealous:-) its sunday morning here and its very quiet. we've had a busy weekend but its still strange to have such an empty house! bart and Pip are both coming home for Easter and i think Bobo will come aswell. daddy and i are going to Forcalquier next week, i just checked the weather - rain and cold at night, maybe some sunshine during the day. Sophie latil will be there as well but not Lucas as he's up to other stuff now and is no longer living there. Have fun, stay safe and happy. Love you lots and lots. Mum and dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Harry Glatman
Hi Harry
I hope you are enjoying your second phase. It sounds to be a great place to be and I am sure you will be enjoying the village life.
All well here. I was away overnight this week cycling in the Dales which was a real test of endurance with snow, ice, rain and wind. We did have fun but I was very glad to get home.
Roo has gone to Lanzarote for 5 days and I am about to pack to go to Dubai on Friday. I will be back before you are!
Dogs all on good form and Teddy being very naughty!
Have fun and take care.
Lots of love
M xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Harry Glatman
Hi Harry
Results are
Stevenage 4 SU 0 !!!!!
MU 1 Reading 0
Wales trashed England in the rugby 30-3 !!!!!
I am off to China and HK this week - Sam is coming to HK for the weekend which will be lovely.
Speak over Easter.
D xxx

Anonymous said...

For Rosie Rich, Alpha 8

Hey Rosie,
Your postcard arrived sometime this week (after 11 Mar), so about 3 weeks to get here. Hoping my first letter may have reached you by now. I bet you are really looking forward to trekking for 11 days in the heat and humidity; although hoping that you have acclimatised a bit by now during your time up in Pitas? At least you will have the diving to cool off a bit before your last phase. The blog from phase 1 went up this morning and the wildlife and camp looked great. Really looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get back.
Not good news from the rugby. Ireland lost to Italy in Rome and that is the first time Italy have beaten them in the 6 Nations. Wales convincingly beat England in Cardiff to win the championship; it was not a good watch! And France finally won a game, beating Scotland in Paris but the french still finished bottom of the table for the first time I can remember.
Still no sign of spring here! but Formula 1 is back (happy sundays!) although the weather in Australia was a washout for qualifying; probably in sympathy with the freakishly cold spell we are still enduring here. Not that you will care in that humidity, I just hope it will have warmed up here in time for you coming back!
Happy trekking/diving and take care.
Lots of love Dad :) xx

PS. GDad sends his love.

Anonymous said...

Alpha 7 Beerend Salomons

Ha lieve Beerend, vandaag ben je jarig dus bij deze van harte gefeliciteerd van ons uit Breda.
Best speciaal je 19e verjaardag te vieren in Borneo met mensen van all over the world.
Heb je gevolgd via de blog en nu ben je lekker aan het duiken, ontzettend gaaf ! Op alle foto's is goed te zien hoe je geniet van de mensen, het land, de projecten, het Raleigh leven doet je goed ! Hoorde ook van mama dat je het super vindt.
Ze zullen zekere vandaag iets voor je doen en wij drinken hier een borrel op je !
Nog een hele fijne tijd daar, liefs Edith

Valerie Lim said...

To Sabrina Hoong (Alpha 2)

oh crap! just found out that you're in alpha 2 instead of alpha 8 fml. glad to know that you guys have sit down toilet at the moment :p haahaha nonetheless enjoy your stay and have fun ok! 2 more months to go! Love you! <3

evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester Joseph
yow bestfriend! haha how are youuu ? enjoying yourself a lot while forgetting about the spm's result huh ? haha sya jeles sma kau. well. result keluar on this 21st Mac. officially announced sdh (if you blm tw la) hehe 3 days to go from today (Sunday) haha. dup dap dup dap syiok la kmu tapaya pg ambil. kmi mcm gila neves dia. well can't actually wait for you to come back. mau jalan. haha kesian kau panat2, kna lg bwa jalan. well ada sdh angan2 and plan mau p mana but well you know, it's not the same without you. we need you ! haha so capat pulang. haha kami rindu kau sda win. *sobs
anyway take care there and have fun. will tell you about ur spm's result if and only if cgu mau kc tau.
okayyy. stay safe. xx

Elaine Hake said...

Hi Lou (Alpha Two PM!),

Missing you lots and am very jealous looking at all the pics and reading about everything. Hope your next phase goes well.

It's Sunday afternoon here - I've just been to pilates and am desperately trying to put off writing an essay... Also feeling quite hungover as we had Mark, Jo, Tom and Laura over for dinner last night. Just spoke to Danielle - she had a big night too last night at a dancehall club in Brixton. Ha.

I might be going on Daybreak tomorrow morning to do an interview for work. AAAAARRRGHHH. Not sure yet - Sandra might do it. I feel sick at the thought of doing it, but I am trying to be brave and put myself forward more. Will let you know.

Anyway, have a great time with your new group - call whenever you can next! Lots of love,
Elaine xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Connor Hogan (Alpha Nine)

Hey :D It looks like you're having an amazing time out there, even your beard seems to be holding up nicely despite the heat. Niall was the one who showed everybody how to get in contact with you this way, he's basically your ambassador on facebook, I have to say. Everyone misses you loads (the abbey boys keep asking me when you're coming home)but I hope you're not thinking about us too much. Keep safe and we will see you very soon (you're already one month down- eep!) Don't forget to take pictures for us all, or we'll just not believe you when you get back. Also, happy saint patrick's day!
Love, HollyB.x.

Anonymous said...

For Liselot Bekendam, Alpha 8

Hey Lies,
Wat leuk om zo je groepsfoto's te zien van je tweede project. Volgens mij weer geen Nederlanders erbij. Je Engels zal wel met sprongen vooruit gaan!, volgens mij wel lekker dat je eerst 11 dagen trek hebt en dan duiken. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je het duiken vindt. Als je het eng vindt, gewoon niet doen hoor! Mams had vandaag een super gezellige lunch met de Witte Rozen. Weer ouderwets gelachen en bij gekletst.
Van Kirstin kreeg ik een berichtje dat ze je brief allemaal zo lief vonden!! En dat ze veel ontzag ook voor je hebben: wat stoer allemaal.
Hier begint eindelijk de lente een beetje te komen. Je kan het je niet voorstellen maar we hebben recent nog sneeuw gehad. Waarschijnlijk snak jij naar wat koelte, nietwaar? Ik hoop dat het met de blaren vanwege het vele lopen , voor je meevalt. Helpen de blarenpleisters wellicht? Geniet ze, dikke kus Mams

Anonymous said...

He lieve Nicky,

Nu een brug bouwen? Te gek.
Ik denk aan je!

Kus Pap

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy (Weatherhead)
So pleased to read all about Alpha 9 team. It all sounds amazing. Thinking about the fun you must all be having while away, really wish we were there with you. Everything is coolio this end. Grace is getting ready for all her friends who are staying next weekend. Mum is doing a great job with Sterling. February was up on last year ~hooray. Sam and I have got loads of work on, more than we expected, which is fantastic. I had a great time in France, lots of sun, and plenty of fresh powdery snow. Just what we wanted.Only down side was not getting back in time to see you off :-( The weather here is appalling. It has been nothing but cold and wet since you left. Hoping spring will be upon us in the next week or so. Take care son. Love you loads. Dad Xx
Ps. Hope you have a fantastic time learning to dive. Happy birthdate for the 23rd. (Really enjoy seeing the photos of you on the blog. Hope to see more soon. X).

Gilly Bunday said...

From Gilly Bunday for Jake Bunday

Hi darling
Just in case you don't know yet - Wales THRASHED England yesterday - 30-3. It was an awesome game! Old boys hockey today - Dad ended up playing in the Vets game against the 2s (1-1 draw) - as did Ru - who had to play two games! (3-1 to the 1s against the Old Boys). Good to see the new allocations - hope you have fun in the jungle with the animals! I would love to hear the jungle at night. Take loads of photos. Am hoping to get together with Elliot next week - to sort your flights from Cairns to Darwin. Also don't forget Dad and i are away from 27 March - 11 April. If you can text that would be FAB - or Ru will be at home if you get a chance to phone him. Big hugs darling - another letter is on the way. Mum (& Dad!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy (Weatherhead)
So pleased to read all about Alpha 9 team. It all sounds amazing. Thinking about the fun you must all be having while away, really wish we were there with you. Everything is coolio this end. Grace is getting ready for all her friends who are staying next weekend. Mum is doing a great job with Sterling. February was up on last year ~hooray. Sam and I have got loads of work on, more than we expected, which is fantastic. I had a great time in France, lots of sun, and plenty of fresh powdery snow. Just what we wanted.Only down side was not getting back in time to see you off :-( The weather here is appalling. It has been nothing but cold and wet since you left. Hoping spring will be upon us in the next week or so. Take care son. Love you loads. Dad Xx
Ps. Hope you have a fantastic time learning to dive. Happy birthdate for the 23rd. (Really enjoy seeing the photos of you on the blog. Hope to see more soon. X).

Anonymous said...

For Jeremy Legge (Alpha 6)

Hey J,

Looks like your next phase is going to be great! You must tell me all about your wildlife encounters! Today was St Patricks Day. I went to Southie (the area in Boston where the movie the Departed takes place) because they have a huge parade. Its a great place to be because there is a lot of Irish influence in the area (almost everyone from there was originally from Ireland at some point). We all dressed in green and drank green beer. It was pretty windy and chilly though, Im jealous that you are in a warm place! However, I am off to Miami in 5 days (woohoo) Its super hot down there (26-30 degrees!!) which will be a nice change from the cold up in Boston.
Classes start again tomorrow, we just had a week off for spring break. Ive spent the past few days down at Mattapoisett at Babas. It was really fun. We went to Newport, Rhode Island one day for some shopping and dinner. I had never been there before. Great place! Very pretty its right on the water. What was really cool though were the mansions. They have all been turned into museums now, but they were built in the late 1800s and are absolutely ENORMOUS (the blow the house in New Canaan out of the water).
Anyways I think of you all the time and am always wondering what you are doing, no doubt something awesome.
I miss you tons, love you even more.
your Sis

Anonymous said...

meessage for Sam Griffin Beat

Hello My darling boy, sorry about no blogs for 3 days, the internet has been playing up!!!! nothing new there. We had a very busy weekend, on saturday I went riding with the girls, Emma had been out the night before with crew members and was in late and drunk, I went up to wake her on sat morn and her room stank like a bar, god it was overpowering, she looked like s**t but wanted to go riding, all the way down the windy hill to hout bay she was heaving a bit. She got on the horse (poor peanut) went around the menarge once and threw up, ( she made a heroic attempt to miss peanut!!!) she had a break got back on ( u have to admire her) went round 2 more times and threw up again, poor peaniut was not sure what was happening, and then tried to eat it!!!!!!!! luckly i did not have bubs and jonty banana as they would have been fighting over it too!!!! so she had a long rest, and managed 20 mins at the end, I went to woolies and did my weekend shopping, when we got home emma went to bed, slept for a few hours and looked much better. she now has a very stiff neck and back from her car crunch but nothing else. in the afternoon we prepaired for the rugby, i am sure you know the score by now, well both teams came out like warriors, ( actually at the beginning when they were singing god save the queen two of out boys started crying, and dad said blimy this does not boad well, but i said no its fine, Lawrence used to cry his eyes out when he sung and he always played brilliantly.) we did play very well, blimy our defending was awesome, but the welsh played a superior game they were really the best team, it was a fab game,they were just gutted, im sure you can imagine. dad was walking the dogs down the brick road, and a motorcycle went past, jonty went off in hot pursuit, he got him by the ankle and would not let go, he can run as fast a a flaming bike!!!! so dad had to go and price his jaws open, this is the second time he has done this to that man and he was not impressed!!! but dad has promoted jonty he said it was splendid.

My trainer is still killing me, but i am starting to enjoy it. hope the second phase in alpha 4 goes as well as the first one, just have fun thats what its all about, send another tomorrow all my love sambo, marmases xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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message for sam griffin beat

Hello Sambo,

Hope its going well on the second phase, did you manage to get a local sim? dad says the phone should work and that it is you? I said of course not its the crappy phone!!!! Sugar went to a st particks party on saturday and had a great time, she came home with 5 others and they all slept over and sat up watching vampire diaries for hours. on sunday she had to revise as she has a maths test todaY. valerie, timbo, hairdresser jane and her kids luke and leah came over for lunch, we had a great day, tennis comp, swimming, ping pong comp timbo beat dad, which we all cheered. all day eating and drinking so felt pritty shaggy this morn dragged myself to the gym, but after an hour with her, i feel much better today xx Jonty has been demoted. dad took them up the mountain in the morning they came back filthy, so i said they are not coming in untill they are bathed, and clean and fluffy and carbolic, so dad spent ages cleaning them when they came in they were squeeky clean and smelt fab, i wrapped jonty on a warm fluffy towel and put him in his bed, well he shot straight out and rolled in the mud, god he was dirtier that he was to start with i screamed at him as he ran in dripping mud everywhere, dad grabed him told him quite firmly he was demoted and started the whole process off again, when he returned clean again i tied him to the tv cabinate until he was dry, he was not impressed!!!!! its a bit overcast today but quite sticky, im off to meet some girlfriends for lunch so catch up with you tomorrow my boy, all my very very special love mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbot bot bot bot bot x

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Alpha 7 Beerend Salomons
Lieve Beer,
Ben gisteren teruggekomen uit Champoluc. Zo geboft, we hebben 3 dg schitterend weer gehad, wel koud, maar de dag dat we weg gingen sneeuwde het enorm. Kon dus niet beter. Je bent denk ik vandaag met je trekking begonnen, spannend hoor. Hoe heb je dat duiken ervaren? Je ziet er super goed uit met dat korte koppie van je. Papa heeft zaterdag nog met Maxime gegolfd, Max heeft schijnbaar talent, reuze fanatiek.Net als haar moeder haha. Esmee is een weekend naar Knokke geweest, zij heeft het daar heerlijk gehad. We hebben natuurlijk met z'n allen op jou gedronken . Hiep hiep hoera, heb je je verjaardag een beetje kunnen vieren. Wel raar dat jij zo ver weg zit , terwijl je jarig bent. we gaan dat allemaal goed maken als je weer thuis bent. Lieverdje hou vol, je lijkt op je vader dus dat komt helemaal goed. Love you kus mam

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Hi Naveed

I can see from your picture with the team you all are doing so well. And look so fit and strong. We are very proud of you. We all miss you a lot. I have tried to send you many messages but something went wrong and looks like it did not get to you.

Dadi Ma is missing and waiting for you eagerly.

Look after yourself. Lots Love Xxx
Yasu Fui

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Message for Liselot Bekendam:

Zit lekker met mams film te kijken. We denken aan je. Zaterdag naar Paul Westhoff van de Oudejaarsclub, weet je wel ? Hij wordt 50 en viert het in een café in Hummelo, in Twente, het thuislagen van Bennie Jolink van Normaal. Zegt dat je iets ? Dat wordt heuken !
We blijven slapen bij de Hemmetjes in Epse. Kort berichtje. Kussens, paps en mams.

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For Rosie Rich - Alpha 8
ROSE! hello my love. anna and meg have just left and believe me when i say you were missed!!! but it was much fun with them here nonetheless :) im sure you will get told the stories when youre back. rio was lots of fun but jake and i were nearly robbed :( oh and i was shit at surfing hahah. anyway, i hope you are having a fantatic time! ive read through a few of the things youve been up to, all i can say is, you are a VERY courageous woman hahah. and im proud of you! i scouted through the entries aswell and i managed to find your group pic. you look great! but seeing your little goofy face has definitely missed you more haha. anyway, see you soon darling! lots of love, glaz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed. it is lazeen hope all is going well. seems nice and warm there. seems like you are gaining a wealth of life skills keep it up
. regards. Be back soon we need you for thursday footy.