Monday, 18 March 2013

Phase 1, Alpha 2 - Venturer Summary

Phase 1, Alpha 2: Gravity water feed – a Venturer summary

By Vinnie O’Connor

Our first week at Bulud Batu was spent on making camp improvements and repairs with the help of the local villagers as we waited for our building materials to arrive. 

Our home in Bulud Batu
The Isle of the Longdrop that we built a bridge to
On the second week we started to carry all of the cement and sand down to the camp – which we managed in just two and a half days! I managed to speed the process up a bit by carrying six bags of concrete, four bags of sand and two bags of cement. The team awarded me ‘Legend’ status for this. 

The locals lying on all the cement and aggregate we carried
Having dug the four pits for the water tanks and arranged some large and small rocks as the base of the weir over the last week we started to put the cement in the pits so the tanks could sit on them. Due to the heat and humidity we were advised that this cement would take a week to dry and so we were keen to get things in place so the second group could continue upon their arrival next phase.

At the weir

We smashed it and the cement kept pouring and we had a little chain going passing the buckets up and down. We did really well and we were very proud of how much we had achieved during this phase. 

Alpha 2, Phase 1 on the project site

With it all coming to an end we had a party for Aunty at her house as it would be her birthday over changeover and she had been so accommodating to us. We went all out for her and now have great memories and photos of our time in Bulud Batu. 

We look forward to providing an update from the second phase group and how they are getting on at Bulud Batu when the loop team return to Fieldbase in a weeks time.


Anonymous said...

Lou Hake Alpha 2
Hi Lou, hope you are good. Just enjoyed reading Vinnie's blog, and the photos. Does sound like hard work, especially in the heat. Not very well at the moment, got the dreaded 'lost voice' syndrome with cough and feeling like s---!! Just hoping I'm recovered by Thurs as the German girls arrive. Spending most of the time in bed so should be ok.hope it's all still going well, love you lots Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for sam griffin beat

hello my lovely boy, just saw a photo of alpha 2 after you had finished the gravity feed, you all look a bit pooped!! there was a shaggy looking dog in the photo? he would not have got house status from mummy!!! been running around today doing all the last minute things i have to do before me and shoog fly to uk, stocking the freezer so sindy and filip will not go hungry, !!! they eat enough to feed an army.

I have had a real problem getting ww roaming on my phone, so when i get to uk i will buy a local sim, so i will blog you the number as soon as i have it ok, and pls call as soon as you can. all well here dad has just got back from taking the woofers up the mountain, jonty leads dad in the middle and bubaloo brings up the rear panting heavly my poor baby xx posted another letter to you today , and will send another next week from uk, with all the local gossip x cant wait to see the house, nick is putting in the new bathroom this week. hope you are well and looking after yourself my boy, please take the moducare everyday pls pls pls ok? mummy says? all my very very special love xx hopefully speak soon mum xxxxxxxxxx

Valerie Lim said...

To Sabrina Hoong (alpha 2)

HEY LOVE!!! I HAVE JUST RECEIVED YOUR LETTER! will show it to X and Z when we see each other later tonight :) keep in mind that we'll always be there for you (virtually and mentally and morally) so hang in there! you're one step closer to home :) love you! xx

Anonymous said...

To Hugh Birley:

Heya Hugh it's Charlie here :) Sorry it's taken me so long to post as I promised I would but it took me ages to work out that your in alpha 2 (well at least that's what a concluded) thought you were 1 for a while so I knew what they were doing haha. Anyways it looks like you are having an incredible time and doing some amazing work out there. I hope you are enjoying yourself :) George and I were in London last weekend (16th March) and your mum was staying with the Adlards, had a nice chat and she was telling me about everything you've been up to, I am very jealous :p We were watching the rugby, England vs Wales, they ruined us, thought I better give yu that news since you're out there and all that! Anyways I hope you are well, having fun and getting lots of memories! Stay safe, lots of love x