Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Alpha 9 - Phase 1

Phase one, Alpha 9: The 8 day trek - Venturers account

By Ellen Peacock

"We set off from Dive Island very early in the morning and after a quick boat ride we were back on the bus to our trek drop off site. It is fair to say that a first day walking along a steep road in the midday sun wasn't a gentle introduction back into trekking again (following the first trekking section of the phase and a few days diving), but we pulled through as a team and were soon setting up our first camp.

Alpha 9

After a refreshing dip in the river we were all ready for food then bed (aka our hammocks). Over the next few days we got back into the swing of trekking and were walking on average about five hours a day, setting off between 7 and 8am every morning (it turns out teenagers can be morning people!) The terrain was challenging, particularly with overnight rain, however, this just added comedy value to five days - topped off by Myra accidentally cutting our radio in half. Luckily our PM Barry saved the day and fixed it up as we prepared ourselves for an eight hour trek the following day.

Ellen trekking in the jungle

The team coped well with the extra long trek and arrived at the next camp earlier than expected. When we arrived there was a PM swap and we got to meet Helen for a few days, however, she was only with us for a few days before Sam and Kate joined us and Helen returned to her role at Fieldbase. It was a beautiful place to stay and our guide Hanry gave us some classes on jungle craft, such as making jewellery, starting fires and making cutlery. We also made the most of the stunning waterfall at the camp and did some swimming. We stayed at this camp for two days and so had time to help the local farmer plant some seeds and were treated to some jungle roots which the guides cooked for us (they tasted like nutty potatoes). 

We were all looking forward to getting back to the trek and the last two days went by quickly and we enjoyed the comparatively easy terrain. On the last night we stayed at our guide, Hanry's camp and were treated to the luxury of toilets and fresh pineapple! 

Arriving back at Basecamp was very exciting for all of us, but we strangely missed the jungle, even the mud! We are now all well rested and looking forward to our next phases."

We will be updating you with how the phase 2, Alpha 9 group are getting on over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hi naveed - alpha 5

hope you are well! We saw your pictures you look like you are having fun. Keep safe and enjoy this amazing experience.

Lots of love

Ali Masa, Nanu Masi and Family

mum said...

Ellen Peacock alpha 6
Hi Ellen we all loved Ellen loved the blog and photos.
No letters have arrived yet! went to the locks cafe on Sat. they were asking after you.
Boys break up on friday, Tom has his driving theory test next week then we're off for the family week in Norfolk.
Your so lucky to be missing the winter Spring should have finally started by the time you get back. sounds like the mega muddy walk we did in the dales was good practice for your jungle trek.
looking forward to more blogs and photos.
lots of love as always missing you. mum dad dan and tom xxxxx

Nicchi Cannon said...

Hi Alex,
I am enjoying reading all the blogs - you look like you're all having an amazing time! Lots of love Nicchi, Rik & Kiera x