Sunday, 17 March 2013

Alpha 6: The top moments of Phase 1 from the Bio Diversity project in Coupe 1

By 'the original' Alpha 6

'The Original' Alpha 6 
Being immersed in nature.
Alpha 6 trekking in Coupe 1
Holding the Blue Banded Pita.

I felt at home in the jungle.

Harry and Asher making dinner
The locals were really appreciative and happy about our efforts.

Working on the biodiversity project was an eye opener.

Holding the most beautiful animals I have ever seen.
The most beautiful sunset and stars i'd ever seen.

Gazing at the stars in the middle of the night

It is nice to show the Western World  working with the the East.

The sense of satisfaction when knowing that what we were doing meant something.

Seeing the effects of population and industrial growth on areas of the world.

Realising how much the forests mean to human beings.

The butterfly posed for its photograph, just inches from my camera - it was stunning and the size of small bird - and I would have loved to explain to it how much it meant to me to witness such beauty.

Every little helps, even our small project will contribute to a big good.

We created our own village and strong sense of community

Camp at Coupe 1

Gazing at the stars at night and realising what an amazing vast world we live in.

I feel proud of my achievements and what I have done to protect Sabah.

I learned so much from Will and Volta it was amazing.

Rolex checking the animal traps

Helping to prevent deforestation in one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet makes you feel proud - it's something pretty special to say yeah, I did that.

Felt so good and satisfied when I finally got to contribute something to conserve the forest even though to was just a little.

Having the confidence to handle birds proficiently


I enjoyed holding the Little Spider Hunter especially when it wouldn't fly away it is one of the best experiences of my life.

Finding birds of all sizes and colours of the rainbow.
Rosie, Natasha and Izzi


Wanda said...

For Caspar van Doremalen, Alpha one

Jeeee! :D Super veel foto's van jou erbij! Ik heb ze al meteen op fb gezet, trots vriendinnetje dat ik ben. :$ Er is een foto waar je een vogeltje vast houdt, heel mooi!

Heel veel plezier daar! Zet hem op! :D En speel veel met die lieve kindertjes!

Liefs <3

evangelisanna said...

to Rolex Joseph.
hey there! doing great huh best friend ? so . spm's result officially will be announced on 21st. this coming Thursday. 3 days to go from today (Sunday) hha. just to make your nervous which I bet u don't maybe. well missing you guys a lot. went watching basketball tournament yesterday . st mary lawan st jo final. kay no 2 saja kita the boys. and I miss watching you guys playing. kau. tilon. donn. joel. that's it. hope you doing great there. stay safe and have fun!
take care anyway. xx :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed
Hope you are ok went to khanne this morning. Now I am at nanimaas in mk and yasi masi and family are here and I was showing her how to message by phone but her phone is funny so it won't send the message.

We miss you and your nanabapa and nanimaa said hi! AK came with us.

Love dad and mum and AK

joanna said...

Freddie Aitken - Alpha 1

Wonderful write up from you all when you were in Alpha 6. Hope you are taking lots of photos for us to see. Lovely one on the blog with you holding a beautiful brightly coloured yellow bird which looks very happy perched on your hand! Much love Mum xxxx000xxxx

Dominique van Ravels said...

to Emma van Ravels Alpha 3
Ha em,hoe is het leven.Als ik het goed begrijp doe jij de trip die loek maakte in omgekeerde volgorde.Ik denk dat dat net zo'n grote uitdaging is.Je zit nu in de loodgietersfase,dwz waterleiding aanlegggen.Ook twee uur heen-en teruglopen bij 30plus graden en een stevige vochtigheid?Goed voor de conditie?
Jammer dat ik je niet heb kunnen spreken toen je belde,ik was een paar dagen weg.Halen we in!
Em,heel veel plezier nog,ben benieuwd naar je verdere plannen.
Greets daddy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

to Beth Batty Alpha 1

Hiya, did text you back but just in case you didn't get it it was SO lovely to hear from you. I passed your message straight on via FB to Cal, and I hope that you did get to speak to him. How are you? He said you got bitten and your leg swelled up!? I got bittem by an adder in Kent about 6 years ago, very painful and my let went massive! a bit shocking it was! Hope yours is improving and not too painful. We are missing you too and cant wait to see you whemn you get back, Im so glad I was still up when your text came as having to go to bed early as getting up at 6.30 to take Jems to station!! its so lovely having her here all the time! she is so amazing, Im so lucky!! Glad your kindergarten project is going ok, and hope you are enjoying your time out there. Cal said you are going away together for a week when you both get back, what a great idea, I ordered him a brochure of really nice cottages but don't tell him I did lol! You know how he thinks Im pushy lol! well better go as I think Im running out of room, so lovely to hear from you, take care won't you, and really looking forward to seeing you sooon lots of love from Bev xxxxx

Jools May said...

Hatty Lord(Alpha 5)

Hello little Hattstar hope you are keeping well in Borneo! You look like you're having lottsa fun! Just in Queenstown atm, still with Joe, Tom Rhodes and Lewis. Made a few friends on the way and met some people who knew you.. Lydia and Amanda? Such a small world! So just done the Nevis Bungy, absolutey terrifying! Taking advantage of their free wifi so this is the first time I have been on your blog! Staying here for a couple of weeks cause I have lots of time to kill and have got work in one of the hostels being a cleaner (my fave) for free accommodation. When you get internet please fb me and let me know the details of your flight etc as I will be waiting for you in Bangkok.. Less than a month now, so excited to be reunited at last! Yayy, hope you get this soon and miss you lots pallo lots of love xxxx

sheen said...


10A 1B :DD

Bm B+
Moral A
Sej A-
Math A+
Addmath A-
Account A
Phy A-
Chem A
Chinese A-
Gce A

C Menzies said...

For Natasha O'Sullivan in Alpha Six

Hi Tashy!
All the ponies are thinking of you, looks like you're having a blast you flower child. Come back soon, we're looking forward to seeing you and jetting to Portugal!!
Lots of love xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Asher Spencer, alpha 6
Hey Asher,
Hope everything's good, I'm back in London atm but it's weird without you, plus it's snowing... in March. You're probably sick of it, but we could definitely do with some hot weather here. Very jealous.
Still so gutted you weren't here for the Tottenham Arsenal game. It would've been so much funner were you here. Also Walking Dead has got crazy again (remember how good TV is?), plenty to look forward to when you get back.
Hope you're enjoying yourself, and it's enriching and all that, and they're not working you too hard. Say hi to Holly for me. Missing you man. Harry