Saturday, 23 February 2013

Raleigh Olympics 2013

Two events, two different winners, three Venturer accounts.

Welcome to 13C's Raleigh Olympics.  Held over two days with Delta’s 3,6 & 9 competing on Saturday 16th followed by Delta’s 1,2,4,5,7 and 8 on Sunday 17th

Starting off Raleigh Olympics 13C

Connor, Ireland (Delta 9)
With three full days of Raleigh induction nearly behind us, friendships formed and teams settled Saturday marked the day when things got competitive: it was time for the Raleigh Olympics...

Delta three
Three of the leanest, meanest, most athletic Delta teams in the history of Raleigh Borneo, stood poised at the starting line: Delta 9, Delta 6 and Delta 3. All that stood between us and that elusive finish line now was a pole, a few baskets of water and the team leaders. Needless to say, it was tense.
“Three! Two! One!” 
Beerend the Bear
Off we went. First ahead was Beerend the Bear of Delta 9. Beerend the Bear leading the way as fast as a bullet, racing on and then SPLASH! With Beerend’s spectacular slip to the ground, the attention quickly turned to Delta 6. Tom ‘the tree’ Beton was speeding ahead in the obstacle course. With 6’2ft of man power behind him, victory was in sight for Delta 6’s Tom until, SPLASH!!
Race to the finish
A tragic loss of balance knocked Tom to the watery ground, giving Delta 3 their chance to narrow the gap. SPLASH! So close, yet so far; Rosie splashed to the ground after being hit by two buckets of water. Delta 6 won the obstacle course for speed, Delta 9 for amount of water saved.

Next up was a bucket pouring challenge that was a victory for Delta 9 

Pass the bucket race
However, it was with the final challenge that things really came to a head. 
The challenge was to push Raleigh’s 4x4 vehicle (Bravo 3) along the road and across the finish line in a flash. The timings were so close it was nearly impossible to tell who won. Eventually it was determined that – with just half a second difference between them and Delta 9, Delta 6 had won the Bravo challenge.

Delta three pushing the Bravo
The crowd erupted into cheers, giving way to a water fight (started by PMs Barry and Ian). It was a fantastic Raleigh Olympics.”

Water fight
The next night (Sunday 17th) at 5pm, the second Raleigh Olympics with Delta's 1,2,4,5,7 & 8 was introduced by 13C’s very own Deputy Country Manager, Joseph (with support from comperes, Mike and Sarah B) 

PM Mike prepping for the Splashathon

Fran, from Jersey (Delta 7)

Delta seven

“Forget London 2012, it’s all about Raleigh 13C! You think Usain Bolt was impressive, imagine 10 18-23 year olds pushing one of the Raleigh Bravos (4x4 Land Rover),50m after a desperate sprint. Yes it really was that impressive! 

Delta eight Bravo push

The Raleigh Olympics has definitely been a highlight of our induction period, the camaraderie and teamwork we had strengthened over the past few days came into play immediately.
Prior to the Bravo run was a four legged race (yes you read that correctly!). 

five legged race
The pressure was constantly rising and as we entered the final stage of the competition, winning was on everyone’s minds. Being drenched as we attempted to run with cups of water after being spun around ten times really was as fun as it sounds, plus was a welcome cooling off from our usually ‘sweaty situation’. 

Now, it’s time to just sit tight and wait for the results – may the best team win... (Delta 7 obviously).”

Nathan, from Ascot (Delta 2)
Delta two
“It was 17:00 and time for the Raleigh Olympics. Everyone was super excited and my team, Delta 2, were ready to go. The first event was the five legged relay. After a lot of falls and a lot of cheering Delta 5 came in first and Delta 2 were nowhere to be seen, finishing in last place due to a wardrobe malfunction. 
Delta five
Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off, we were ready for the next event; the Bravo Push. The event basically entailed each team pushing a 4x4 (called Bravo 3) 50m in the quickest time. 

Delta one
After Delta 1’s valiant effort, it was our turn. Because our last event went so badly, we really wanted to show what we were made of. We got onto the start line and then we were off, each team member sprinting as fast as we could. We got to the van quickly and started pushing as hard as we possibly could. With our legs burning and everyone sweating profusely, we made it to the finish line only a second too late!

Sprint finish
Not deterred, the next event was the splashathalon. Essentially this was each team running around a pole 10 times and then carrying water, being careful not to spill it, whilst the PMs threw water at us – in a relay fashion.

After a tense race, Delta 2 finally won through an imaginative approach to splashathon rules.
Delta eight
All in all everyone had an awesome time and got totally soaked - but that was the best bit as it is so hot here, you could melt.”

As you can probably tell from our Venturer accounts, the Raleigh Olympics (on both nights) has been a massive highlight of the Induction period, so I hope you enjoyed their reports.

And the winners were...

Delta 9

Delta nine

and Delta 4

Delta four
and finally the gamesmakers

PM gamesmakers

Congratulations all who took part and thanks for making it an excellent 13C Raleigh Olympics


joanna said...

For Freddie Aitken - Alpha 6

Really enjoying seeing the photos and updates on the blog. Can easily spot you in lots of the pictures - one of the advantages of being tall! Well done your team winning the olympics - it looks fun. All fine here. Love you loads. Mum and Dad x

Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C
Hi Alex. Hope you are ok? We all loved the blog about the Raleigh Olympics and even more so when we saw that you were a member of one of the winning teams-well done Delta 9!! It looked like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great to see the fabulous pictures. The blog is brilliant and we feel we are with you every step of the way. Grandad is spending his days looking at all the projects and the areas you are visiting and wishing he was a few years younger so he could take part!! Well done Raleigh and Volunteers on providing such an informative and fun blog. Just to keep you updated on the football - The OPO won 5-2 last Sunday. Everyone is well and we all send our love. Keep on having fun and working hard and take advantage of the great weather as it is freezing here! Are you impressed that I haven't been calling you "sweetie" (oops).
Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Caroline van Ravels said...

To Emma van Ravels, Alpha 7
He lieve Empie!
Als je dit leest heb je de eerste periode er alweer op zitten!! Ben benieuwd of je je padi duiken op zak hebt en of je hebt genoten! Wij hebben eerste dag skiën erop zitten! Was weer heerlijk! Maar ook heel koud! Wat een leuke foto's van het eerste trainingskamp. Ze hebben jullie wel bezig gehouden hè!? Zal wel goed zijn geweest tegen de jetlag! Misschien wel jammer dat je eerst het duiken en trekken had en niet op het einde als een soort beloning, maar de volgende projecten zullen ook vast geweldig zijn! Ik speur, net als vorig jaar bij Loek, alle foto's af om een glimp van je op te vangen! Afgelopen week de verjaardag v opa Douwe en mijn verjaardag gevierd. Opa gaf een borreltje en voor mijn verjaardag met alle kinderen uit eten geweest bij die lekkere Italiaan en de volgende ochtend dus op pad naar wintersport. Verder niet veel nieuws, dus stop ik. Heb ik bij t volgende bericht over jullie weer wat te vertellen!! Dag schat, tot bels (als beltegoed tenminste is doorgekomen! ) dikke kus van iedereen hier!! Xxxxmam

Tabitha said...

For Lucy Shell,
Hi Lubear!!
I Hope you are having a nice time dancing around fires and whatever else you do in the jungle! I like to think you are reading this in your jungle hat and mosquito net, but I think I may be being slightly optimistic.. The photos are fab! Mum couldn't see you in any of the photos and was like 'where is she?!' I spotted you in no time! yess! Lots and lots of love from your favourite sibling and family member, Tabitha xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Jacob Magalhaes, Alpha 4

Great photos! Looks like you guys are all having a wonderful time. We're happy to know what your first project is. We're so proud of you for doing this and look forward to hearing all your stories. Everyone in Toronto sends their love.
We miss you!
Mom and dad

Anonymous said...

For Harry Glatman
Hi Harry
Hope these get to you! As requested!
Sheffield United top of League One after beating Bournemouth 1-0
MU beat Reading 2-0 in fifth round of FA cup and beat QPR 2-0 on Saturday
Leeds Rhinos lost in World Cup Challenge 14/18 to Melbourne Storm
and England beat NZ in the third one day and won the series
Love D xxx

Holiday Dad said...

For Max Sheldon, Alpha 5: Hi son, didn't see you in the Olympics photos. Mum and I came up with (a) you'd been eaten by leeches (b) you've lost so much weight on Raleigh rations, you were just standing sideways (c) you were part of Delta 6, who were too fast for the camera. Whatever, it looks like you all had a great time, plus you got to push a Defender! Love you loads Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Roie Rich, Alpha 6,
Hi Rosie, you were very much in evidence in the Olympics blog photos; mainly being 'cooled down' but looked great fun and no doubt you appreciated it! Have seen you have started on some biodiversity and am curious to discover exactly what you are studying for the first rotation; no doubt all will be revealed in future blogs.
Went on a 'ghost walk' in the dockyard this week; not quite 'Saw Live' but very entertaining if not a bit on the cold side. You will be glad to know that as you swelter out there in the heat and humidity it is still snowing every now and then here, although none of it is laying. Chas returned from skiing for the weekend, where he seems to have morphed into half skier, half cameraman and smelt like he had been in a sauna for the week fully clothed! Boys for you!
England beat France 23-13 but it was a close run thing for the first 55 mins before the french coach substituted most of his best players and allowed us to take control. Italy next at Twickenham in 2 weeks who were beaten by Wales out in Rome yesterday.
Hope you are having as much fun out there as you look like you are.
Lot of love Dad xx

Guy van Doremalen said...

Hoi Cas,

Het ziet er allemaal geweldig uit. Prachtig decor, bamboe en al die palmen.
Ik zie het plezier gewoon van de foto's af. Leuk hoor.
Kan je wel bellen of is dat nu niet mogelijk?

Eergisteren gezellig met Wanda de laatste foto's bekeken. Zijn allemaal erg jaloers....

Veel plezier...

Brendan/Liz/James said...

Dear Becky (Alpha 3/Delta 2)
Great to see you on the blog with all your new friends thousands of miles away from home. You’re looking really happy with the Swiss Heidi-look.
Everyone’s missing you loads and looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong in a few months.
Love Mum, Dad & James
PS The cleaner’s been in and the skip to clear the junk from your room is due Monday!

Susie said...

Yo Jimmy,
Best wishes from Bonnie Scotland. My you look well in the kilt and it goes without saying having a brilliant time. Hope it is living up to your expectations!!!! Are you taking plenty of photos? Big Scott and I regularly check the blogs, keep up the good work from B.T.H.A Gang

Julie & Andy Twisleton said...

For Lucy Twisleton, Alpha 5
Hi Lucy!
You picked the right team to take part in the Raleigh Olympics - well done! Hope you're enjoying Imbak Canyon - it looks and sounds amazing! Hope it's not too rainy and you're managing to stay leech and mozzie free (somehow I think that may be difficult!). We saw family for Granny's birthday at the weekend and we showed them your photos on the blog - nice to see your smiling face! It's really good to see what you're up to and buidling the suspension bridge sounds brilliant. Hope you see some orangutans or pygmy elephants or even D.A at the BBC camp!
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxx

evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester and Rolex Joseph.
hai best friends we all miss you two already. have fun there!! and be safe. you know who we are. haha xx sincerely best friendss.

Demi RIdder said...

To Liselot Bekendam alpha 5

Liesje je zit er inmiddels al weer een tijdje, ik hoop dat je het nog steeds super leuk hebt! En leuke mensen natuurlijk en weinig blaren! Ik heb het heeel druk met school, me tentamens zijn niet zo top gegaan.. balen ! maar ja gewoon weer verder gaan! Hoop echt dat je snel een keer kunt bellen! Ben heel benieuwd naar alle fotos! Dikke kus en ik ben nog steeds super trots op je dat je het allemaal maar even doet!!!oh wauw kom er dus net achter dat al mn berichtjes niet vestuurd zijn omdat ik op google account heb gedrukt die ik helemaal niet heb............... poging 200 en hoop dat deze wel aankomt xxxx Deem

Anonymous said...

For Liselot van Mams
Hi Lies,
Delta One was je team en we konden je net ontdekken op de foto. Ziet er allemaal heel gezellig uit! Jij bent dus nu met je natuurproject bezig, begreep van Paps dat datmn voorbereiding voor het bouwen van een loopbrug is. Cool hoor! Wij zagen je foto toen we in Frankrijk afgelopen weekend aan het skieen waren met Paul en Marijke en Peter en Marianne. We waren in hetzelfde dorp als waar Wilbert 2 weken daaqrvoor met 650 delfterikken was geweest, maar alles was nog heel..... Lies, heel veel plzier, succes met alle muggebulten, maak veel lol, we hopen snel ook wat van juot te horen. Kus Mams

Frances (wifey) said...

For Rosie, Alpha 6.

Rozza, can't believe it has taken me so long to write tot my own wife- so bad from me! How is it all going? I have had the best time trying to read through the blog just now, so many memories and I'm so jealous! Not really sure which phase you're on but sure you must have finished one by now, are you having fun? not much to report here, you will find it very funny that I've actually done two sailing competitions since Christmas which have been a bit of a disaster because as you know I actually can't sail at all but fun anyway. Please update me and I'm sorry Ive been so rubbish! Hope this helps you feel more popular and that you're getting a bit of a stash of posts!!! xxxx

Lucy Hartley said...

To Izzy Fitz - Alpha 4
Hey Iz!
hope your having the most awesome time out in Borneo, it looks so ace! all looks so much fun, super jealous as I'm sitting back at home doing work in the cold. hope the hammock building went well can't wait for you to teach me... miss you, Lucy (hartley) xoxoxox ps took me so so long to work out this blog... will try and remember how to do it for next time! xx

Anonymous said...

Alpha one - Bellle Kelly - Hey Chick. Looks amazing - Hope all going well, call again when you can. XX Sara

Anonymous said...

To Liselot Bekendam, 12C
Lieve lies,
Lekker in de natuur aan het spelen?
Wij lezen dat het onwijs regent. Een extra moeilijke opgave, maar dat zal voor jou geen probleem zijn. Leuk om te lezen dat je mee hebt gedaan aan de Raleigh Olympics en een leuke foto met je team!
De natuur en alles wat wij lezen daarover is schitterend! Hopelijk ben jij ook aan het genieten!
Van ons alle steun die je nodig hebt, want we zijn trots op je. Zet door, maar vooral maak veel plezier met je misschien al nieuwe vrienden en vriendinnen!!
Dikke kusssss Mama, Papa en Wilbert

Michael Wetzler said...

To Asher Spencer (alpha 6) from Michael Wetzler (uncle)
Dear Ash, wonderful to see you on the blogspot....such a different life here in ol England.
Lots of love, strength, enjoyment, and learning in your adventures.


evangelisanna said...

to Erwin Sylvester
glad to hear from you. so have fun maybe being an island people for a while. stay safe whenever you are and well do miss us a lot like a lot kay ?! hahaha see you soon. xx
p/s: lemme help you to count the day for spm's result. khbar angin bilang 20 mac. so we have 16 days to go hahaha. jgan lupa pray for the result hihi

Anonymous said...

Isobel Robertson alpha 6
Hi Izzie
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
from all your mates at the beacon hope your drying out after all that rain :-)

the gd

Anonymous said...

Hi Hatts! did you get my letter? I am looking after the Cawoods dogs while they're skiing, they're my new bezzies since EVERYONE is away now! me mummy janet tash and serena went for a YUMMY meal last night you would have liked it (amaze puds). Eamonn had his Lpool interview yesterday and today he got his maths exam result 94/100 what a nerd! i got an offer from newc AND glasgow how unbelievable is that! luckily for you i chose newc so you can see me all the time! from the pics it looks like you're having an amazing time. will hopefully see you in laos or cambodia with jooly. love you xxxxx ps its geo aka sister