Friday, 22 February 2013

Phase One Project Allocations!!!

Induction is over and the allocations for phase one have been arranged. The groups have said goodbye to their Delta groups and are now getting to know their new Alpha groups,  settling into their new homes and getting to grips with their projects.

Awaiting the allocations announcement
In true Raleigh fashion, the new groups quickly burst into rounds of name games to introduce one another and learn a little bit more about everyone. 

Enjoying a game of Evolution
This hour was then followed by sessions led by each groups Project Managers including: vital information about life on the project and cultural awareness; an introduction to the tools and equipment that each group will be taking with them to their new sites; bag packing; organising food and group kit; and an opportunity to look at the personal development journals that will chart the Vs and VMs journey through the various phases and projects.

In the evening, we had a talk from Floyd, one of our local guides, who gave everyone a fascinating insight into life in the local communities, malaysian customs and practices and more information about the culture and history of the Sabah. It was then an early night as the next morning everyone was up early (4.30 am) to have breakfast, load up the transport and depart from basecamp at 6am.

Food glorious food!! Rachel, Emma and Lucy getting
excited about Raleigh Rations!
It has been brilliant seeing how engaged and excited all the groups have been with their new allocations and already the barriers between people are coming down. The PM’s are excited, the Venturers are excited and it is all coming together, which is exactly what this introductory period has been all about.
The groups for phase one are as follows:
Alpha one: Kindegarten at Kampung Bonor Sook

Christi (Belle), Jia Hui Lee, Daniel H, James,
Lucy, Robert, Digby, Josefin, Hatty, Connor
and Beerend.
PM's Jude, Alyrene, Natalie and guest PM Jo (Comms)
Update: Alpha One have arrived in Kampung Bonor Sook where they were met and welcomed by the villagers. They have spent the last couple of days getting settled in to their new home and are now busy digging the holes for the foundations of the kindergarten
Alpha two: Gravity Water Feed at Kamung Bulud Batu
Vinnie, Andrew, Dwana, Alexandra, Caterina, Jacob,
 Sjoerd, Nicolien, Sabine, Sam  B and Hugh.
PM's Lou, Johnny and Connor
Update: Alpha two have arrived in Kampung Bulud Batu and have been busy preparing to start work on their gravity water feed. As well as making their accommodation homely they have been busy setting up their radio so they can keep in touch with field base and work is well underway on clearing a helicopter landing site just outside the village.
Alpha three: Gravity Water Feed at Kampung Pinapak

Jeremy, Naveed, Aaron, Rekvenlye, Josephine, Louis,
Rebecca, Joanna, Clara, Enrique and Holly.
PM's Kat, Ali and Xenia
Update: Alpha three have been busy with their Alpha group making the school hostel a real home from home. They have also met with their project partner the Asian Forestry Commission (AFC) and the head of the village (KK) to discuss their project. They are now getting down to work carrying in the piping and gravel essential for building the gravity water feed.

Alpha four: Rebuilding Raleigh Cabin in Danum Valley

Chelsea, Steven L, Alfred, Mitchell, Fenella, Jack,
 Jacob, Dido, Isobel, Yixin and Lewis.
PM's Mike, Kate and Sarah M
Alpha four have arrived in Danum Valley and have set to work clearing and setting up camp at Manjaris. As well as meeting the project partners to discuss the projects and plan the work for phase 1, they have also found time to do some trekking in the beautiful Danum rainforest.

Alpha five: Imbak Canyon Suspension Bridge build
Emma, Nigel, Rex, Duco, Rachel C, Liselot, Lucy, Anna,
 Peter, Max and Thomas.
  PM's Ali, Rachel P and John
Update: To date, Alpha five have mainly been based at Rangers camp in Imbak, getting to know the rangers and organising the first phase's work plan. They have however already trekked through to the BBC camp a number of times, taken in all of their group and personal kit and got their bashers set up asw they will be based there for the rest of the phase

Alpha six: Biodiversity research project in Coupe 1, Pitas region

Harry, Scott, Rolex, Elfira, Natasha, Isobel, Rosemary,
 Bjorn, Caspar, Freddie and Asher.
Ian, Bec and Harriet
Update: Alpha six have arrived in the Pitas region and have trekked their kit and food into their camp where they have quickly settled in. They have been briefed by their guides and have started training on trapping and monitoring of the wildlife in the area.

Alpha seven: Trek - Dive Mamutik Island and Long Pasia 

James, Jason, Corinth, Francesca, Eline, Emma, Joost,
Nathan, Salman and Christian.
PM's Sarah B and Fred
Update: After a busy day in the classroom Alpha seven took the boat over to Mamutik Island where they are taking their dive course. The group have completed their first round of dives and have been cooking up Italian meals from their Raleigh rations in the evening.

Alpha eight: Trek - Dive Long Pasia and Mamutik Island

Daniel B, Erwin, Sabrina, Carlijn, Zihan, Daan, Catriona,
 Emily, Thomas, Charles and Morgan.
PM's Kris, Beth and Refat
Update: Alpha eight travelled down to the very South of Sabah and have started their trek from the village of Long Pasia. They are putting into practice the jungle skills they learned at inductions, putting up basher’s, cooking their Raleigh rations on open fires and trekking.

Alpha nine: Trek - Dive - Trek Tudan Mengkaladom Trail, Mamutik Island and Kiulu Valley

Shai, Steven C, Shirley, Myra, Sam C, Nicky, Hendrik,
Ellen, Alex, Tom and Kathryn.
PM's Barry and Nat
Alpha nine have headed off to the Kinabalu mountain range to start on their adventure phase. Since they arrived they also have been busy putting their jungle skills training into action and are quickly getting to grips with setting up camp after a days trekking.

We are speaking to each of the groups twice daily on the radio and so will be posting regular updates on their progress, with photos whenever we can get hold of them!

As mentioned previously, before leaving basecamp everyone took part in the event of the year, Raleigh Olympics! More on that to follow...


Rahim Hassanali said...

Dear Steven Clegg, Daniel Brenland, Shai Israel, Christi Kelly, John Chandler, Scott Atkinson, James Paton, Naveed Rajan, Emma Race and Vincent O'Connor

Congratulations on all the hard work you have done to get yourself to Borneo.

You are truly about to embark on a great journey. I hope you all have a great first project.

Enjoy your time on Raleigh, make new memories and feel inspired each day!

Rahim – Youth Partnerships Officer @ Raleigh Head Office

Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed,

We hope you have reached Borneo safely and you have settled well in your camp.

I have been closely following your journey and have been impressed by the tenacity, courage and resourcefulness you have shown in the months leading up to the expedition. Congratulations on your fundraising efforts too! You really deserve this opportunity and all of your admirers here will be keen to hear how you are doing. We hope you enjoy every moment. Make the most of it - we all wish we were there too!

Looking forward to following your blog over the coming weeks.

Have a fabulous time and watch out for things that bite!!


Mum and dad said...

Ellen Peacock Borneo 13C Alpha 9
Hi Ellen
You look really happy in the photos hope your still smiling! It's great to know where your treking so that we can look you up on the map.
I hope those mosquitos are still hating the deet!
We've been busy getting our holiday plans sorted...not by train!
Looking forward to more blogs and reading your letters.
Lots of love as always and remember to kick your socks off when your diving!
Mum Dad Tom, Dan
Mum, dad,

GengQian said...

Aaron the Beemo!!! so you are now sekampung with Dino (they call her Yein) & Shon Lee! Now you can develop your Sabahan Malay! So, how are things going on? It has been the wettest Chinese New Year and February ever! Typically rains every single day. Well I hope it's sunny there in Sabah then the project won't get delayed. Enjoy every second every minute of it because it will only happen once :) Take good care and c ya! (in one piece ok)

GengQian said...

Rex! Words can't describe how jealous I am right now. Ko betul betul bertuah bah (if Imbak is still beautiful as I remembered) Take as many photos as you can to make me more jealous, ok? Have you received the no money ang pow from me yet? if no, please claim from Aaron. Haha. Although its no money, at least got my heart in it ok :p. Hope to hear from you soon, have fun!

Viki Williams said...

To Alex Williams 13C Alpha9
Hi Alex. Really thrilled to now hear what project you are on.Hope the trecking is going well and you are enjoying jungle life. Everyone is really well here and we all send our love. We are so proud of you and hope you are enjoying yourselves. Special message from Nana - remember to use your camera!!!
Take care and love you lots
Mum and Dad xxx

bpayst said...

So wonderful to see the team rebuilding the Raleigh cabin in Danum Valley! I was on the 10D expedition that built that cabin and fondly remember my time in Danum

Anonymous said...

Message for Harry Glatman
Hi Harry
I hope you having a great time. All is well at home but the house is unnaturally quiet and tidy! Fairholt Street is the same without Roo! Phoebe is being well looked after and jumped up on my bed this morning. You have taught her bad habits!
Look forward to speaking to you between phases.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hello Message for Kathryn Barclay Alpha 9

Lovely to see your photo on the Blog. Hope your first project is going well and look forward to hearing from you when you get back to base camp.

lots of love Mum and dad xxxar

Charlotte Jones said...

To James Bryer, 13C Alpha One.
Hey Jamesy!!
I hope that you’re having the most amazing time out there!! Have read about the kindergarten you’re beginning to make, and have spotted you in several photos, eeep! It looks so amazing- wish I could be there! (And hehee I’ve seen the photo of your Raleigh rations... yummy! I promise we can have the biggest fry up and banana milkshake together when you’re home, mmm!)
I hope that everyone there loves your jokes, because I’m missing them lots and lots!
And Jamesy, your music is doing so so well- i’m so proud of you! 475 views, 33 likes and 27 subscribers- eeep! And such positive feedback as well! And the next few frames of the cartoon are looking ‘awesome Possum’!
Thinking of you and missing you lots and lots. I love you so so much, your little bella-dog girl, (and still a halo-noob) char xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Holiday Mum said...

For Max Sheldon Alpha 5
Looks like the Merrist Wood bridge building course is about to pay off. Dad thinks something similar from Yasemin's bedroom to her back garden could help Raoul exercise safely at night. My Raleigh research tells me that yours is the first group to face" the leeches". Lucky Max! We're very proud of what you're doing and just know you're having the best time. Love from Angus, Ellie and Holiday Mum and Dad.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Rosie Rich Alpha 6
Hi Rosie. Hope you are having a great time - the photos look great. We are back from Gillian's having had a lovely week and good fun skiing with both families in the Black Forest. The snow was good and we enjoyed our stay in the German youth hostel at the top of the mountain. Thinking of you loads - lucky you working with the wildlife! Lots of love mum & Steve xxx

Alexander Bart van Ameyde said...

Alpha 2, sabine van ameyde, binie i miss u very much! Im in london with vince and im seeing pip tomorrow. I miss u very much bean and i hope u doing well. I love u and miss u too!! Be carfull and take care, love u

Your big bro, bart

Alexander Bart van Ameyde said...

I dont know if my previous medsage got posted so ill leave another for sabine van ameyde alpha 2! I miss u ver much beanie! All is good here, past all my éxams reallywell!! I really miss u! Hope u doing godd! I love u more than anything and miss u somuch! Love from me vince and philippe! Ill leave another comment soon!! Xxxxxxx ur big bro bart

Rachel Flanagan said...

To: Jeremy Legge (Alpha 3)
Love the auto updates - looks like lots of fun - am jealous!
C & J send their best - Uncle Jim, too!
Hugs - Weezie

Anonymous said...

to Erwin Alpha 8

hi Erwin! you're looking awesome there man! i am pretty sure over the past few weeks, you already have had the best moments that you never had in your life before. So how was your 200m swimming test? was it good? you know last time when i was in the test, i dehydrated and got the bad headache after the test maybe as the result of swimming very long. So, how is everything so far? is there any more worries? i bet you're enjoying your a lifetime journey right now, so i think worry is no longer relevant for you right now isn't it? haha Hakuna Matata man! ( means no worries)and surely no more worries right now because now you're enjoying your every single day in Raleigh. i am looking forward to hear your stories once everything is over. Although never met you in person but hopefully can hear your stories soon though. Enjoy every moments you had in Raleigh because it's definitely once in a lifetime!

Vilcon / Sabah Venturer

mum said...

Hi Lou,

Just catching up on the blog, love the photo of your group,you look great.. and in control...hope it stays that way! Will be printing the photo for the G'ma's, which they will love. Going up to see E & D tomorrow, if the snow stays away...little flakes have been falling all morning,wish we had some of your sun.
Thinking of you lots and lots, take care and enjoy every minute. Lots and lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

Enrique Perezyera said...

Enrique, all your family in the other side of the planet in Mexico, your little two year old brother, Anita and me are following you in every step of this wonderful adventure. Life is about writing your own legend for you and for the ones you love. This trip is one very significant chapter of your legend. We are enjoying it just like if we were there with you.
I am very proud of what you are doing and blessed to have you

Kirsten Feenstra said...

Liselot Bekendam 13C alpha 5

haaai dikkieeeeeee, woee 2 weekjes alweer voorbij over 8 weken ben je alweer terug gaat zo snel! Dat gaan we dan wel goed vieren hoor hahaha misschien niet zo heftig als vorige keer maar goed hahaha!
Hou nog even vol die 8 weekjes en dan sta ik hier klaar voor een knuffelll! ik stuur je nog een old-school brief hihi veel plezier daar schat!
xxxxxxxxxx kirrie

Anonymous said...

Hello Em ,
the Shaftesbury Crew are so proud of you :)and are following the blog .The girls are going to write you a leter soon so watch out for Mr Postie , lol xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Corin!!
I hope you're having alot of fun there! i miss my Raleigh times when looking at the pictures posted here...haha. send my regards to Andreas Stephen if he becomes your Dive Instructor! Take Care, be safe and cant wait to see and hear your stories!! From Denise de Souza. BTW, siok kan berkawan sama tu orang putih :)

Shenaz Ladhani said...

Hello Naveed, YAM and Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a great day!!

Take care, enjoy and make the most of this opportunity,

Shenaz Fui, XXXX

Wallis Grant said...

For: Isobel Robertson Alpha 6

Hi lovely!!

Just posting to wish you a happpy birthday, so excited to see you all set up in the pictures! Hope you are having a great time and I cannot wait to see you when you get back

Wallis xxx

Dad said...

For Daniel Brenland Alpha 8

Hi Dan, hope your well and enjoying your experience, proud of you for what your doing.

Maddy Cox said...

Message for Rachel Cox - Alpha Group 5

Hey Rach!
Not sure if you can reply to this but wanted to say 'how are you?' anyway and what have you been up to?!:L
Been reading the blog and everything sounds so exciting and from what mum said it sounds like you are having a great time:) For some reason it's so weird to see you in all the photos - you're so far away!!:( - and to think that I have absolutely no idea what you're doing right now!
Life here is pretty normal - PE exams this week and oh I met Lawson (the band) last week at their gig, as you do! The conservatory has started to go up which is exciting and the house now seems huge! It was mother's day last Sunday and Lucy came down which was nice:) but it was sad that you weren't there! We got her some chocolate, perfume and a jools holland CD;) Missing you lots of course and don't worry I have stayed away from your clothes- mum can verify! Lots of love from Maddy xxxxxxx