Wednesday, 13 February 2013

HCV arrivals and the start of Expedition 13C

So today is the day. 

With the safe arrival of all the Host Country Venturers (HCVs) today, Expedition 13C has now officially started. 

This afternoon following a swim assessment, a selection of Project Managers (PMs) – Ian, Kris, Natalie and Kat - will be taking the HCVs to Basecamp for the night to settle in and eagerly anticipate the arrival of the additional 90 venturers and entire volunteer manager team (including Fieldbase staff) tomorrow afternoon.

The 13C Host Country Venturers 
For the International Venturers, their induction starts as soon as they arrive with a swimming assessment at Likas pool – which after a long flight and arriving in this heat, is probably going to be very welcome. The venturers will then head to Basecamp – in their assigned delta groups (induction training groups) – to meet the HCVs and continue through an intense couple of days of training and information sessions. These sessions will include specific medic slots, river crossing practice, how to put up and communicate using the radios, jungle camp craft, how to use navigation tools, cultural awareness, life of project, using the personal development journals and of course the 13C Raleigh Olympics – an event not to be missed. 

The static 'bashas' at Basecamp
The induction will also include the Venturers first trek into the Bornean jungle. This trek will act as a learning opportunity so they will know what to do and not do during their three week adventure phase. It is also their first opportunity to build their own basha – a jungle bed, made up of a tarpaulin, mosquito net and a hammock and usually hung between two trees - and experience “Raleigh Rations”.  Fear not though, during the planning stages the groups will quickly learn that the food goes a long way if you’re creative and that when you are carrying everything you are going to eat on your trek, this is essential. 

The Chinese Dragons at Fieldbase

That summarises the forthcoming five days of induction. So what have the PMs and Fieldbase been up to? Well, whilst there have been presentations and training and report writing, it has also been Chinese New Year here in Sabah and so we’ve been fortunate to have seen some amazing parades. The dragons and samba bands have been heard and seen all over KK and yesterday they even came up to Fieldbase. 

Fireworks and firecrackers are also a big part of Chinese New Year.  Every evening during this period the sky has been lit up with fireworks on similar scale to Guy Faulks Night - some were quite the disruption during our Fieldbase quiz night, but we were all really impressed by the efforts the local community went too in celebration. 

The 13C Expedition Volunteer Managers
Last night we celebrated the end of our training and induction and were all in high spirits, singing our hearts out in groups at a local karaoke bar, before an early start to welcome the HCVs this morning. We are eagerly awaiting the rest of Expedition 13c and really excited for the start of what is set to be the best Borneo Expedition to date!

I look forward to updating you on how the Venturer induction went at the beginning of next week. Don’t forget to sign up for email alerts to follow the blog during Expedition and please do feel free to leave comments as I will make sure all messages are passed on. 


Anonymous said...

Message for Jeremy Legge

Hey Jeremy, We miss you already! So proud of what you are doing! Keep in touch. xo Méan Family

liz ashford said...

Hi Tom,
Back from skiing - great trip. Hope your journey OK and settling in. We will be following blog.
M + D + R + J

Anonymous said...

Message for Louise Hake

Hi Lou, love the photo. Hope it's all going well with the volunteers. Jenny and Damion were here for the weekend, loved London, planning a return trip. Thinking of you lots Mum xxxxx

Emily said...

Message for Joost Weimar

Hey Joost,

Wat een gaffe verhalen! Ik hoop dat je het ook zo naar je zin hebt maar dat kan niet anders. Een kaartje zit in de bus dus ik hoop dat hij niet wordt onderschept door de douane ;)

Heel veel liefs!!

Emily xx

Anonymous said...

bericht voor Dido Visser (alpha 4)
Ha Dido,
Je staat mooi op de foto, hopelijk ben je al een beetje gewend aan je junglebed :), we denken aan je, stellen ons voor hoe je aan het sjouwen bent zet hem op en vergeet niet te genieten!!!
mamma en pappa