Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Environmental PPVs - Alpha 4

Alpha 4 – Danum Valley
Kate, Michael and Sarah M

Working in partnership with Yayasan Sabah and local rangers who manage Danum Valley for Sabah Forestry department, the Raleigh International Alpha 4 project team will rebuild the cabin at Kuala Sabran (Raleigh cabin site), originally constructed in 1987.

Michael, Kate and Sarah
Danum Valley conservation area is a Class A protection primary rainforest reserve, situated in south east Sabah. The Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) is situated beside the Segama River and provides facilities for research, education and wilderness recreation in one of Sabah’s last strongholds of undisturbed lowland rainforest. The DVFC is run by the Sabah foundation (Yayasan Sabah) under the control of a management committee including the Sabah Forestry Department, the Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Science and Technology, University of Malaysia Sabah and other agencies with interests in forest research and conservation. The unique nature of Danum Valley attracts high levels of interest from the international scientific community including members of the Royal Society, due to its unique diversity of fauna and flora. 

The project worksite only accessible via trekking, and is situated approximately 22Km from the Danum Valley Field Centre. Once complete, the cabin will be used by scientists and rangers who patrol the area. The proposed building will offer separate male and female accommodation, with sleeping space for 12 people in total. In addition to the sleeping accommodation an extension to the building will be constructed for kitchen facilities if time permits.

Michael, Kate, Fiona (photographer) Sarah
The main bollards for the building were helicoptered into site in December 2012. The remaining wood to make the structure will be sourced on site. Additional building materials will be carried in by Alpha 4 Raleigh volunteers, who will also complete the construction. All materials and funds for all projects are being organised and managed by the partnership organisation Yayasan Sabah, however Raleigh will supply tools as well as kit for their own camp. 

As a key safety requirement of working in the area is the clearing of the established Ulu Purut and Kuala Sabran helicopter landing sites (with assistance from the rangers), further tasks may consist of: improving Ulu Purut and Mengaris camps and projects within the Danum valley field centre.
After visiting this beautiful area of primary rainforest we are really excited to return. It really is a unique opportunity.


Anonymous said...

For Lewi Wyatt
Hi Lewi, glad to hear you arrived ok. Hope the training is going well. I hope you haven't encountered too many baked beans on the menu! Work hard but make sure you enjoy everything! Love you loads mum xxxx

Dinah Peacock said...

Ellen Peacock 13C Borneo
Hi Ellen
Hope you've had a good induction week and we're all looking forward to seeing some photos on the blog of what you've been doing.
Lots of love mum dad Tom and Dan.xx

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Hi Naveed! ALPHA 3
Hope you have had a good week. Work hard but also have fun and hope to see some photos of you working. I saw some photos of you on the blog. I also would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow (27.2) Have an awesome day. Your parents and Alikhan miss you very much. Take care!
Lots of love from khatoon masi, joshua masa and family.xx