Friday, 8 February 2013

Allocations (Part3) The Adventure PM's

Selamat pagi! Good morning!

Today the Project Managers (PM’s) will start making their way back to Fieldbase from their various project sites and get on with writing up their essential reports ready for the official start of expedition next week. So before they return, here is a bit more information about Kris our final PM and the adventure phases.

Alpha’s 7 and 8 will be completing a physically demanding trek in the jungles around Long Pa Sia. The area is one of the richest plant diversity sites in Borneo and the people of the area have a rich and interesting history as fierce head hunters. As such this area will be a fascinating place to spend some time as well as being thick and untouched jungle.

The Alpha’s will also be involved in a six day diving programme on Mamutik Island which is in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park. The island is mostly uninhabited apart from a few locals that live on the island and day visitors and so we are lucky enough to be able to camp on the island and use a full range of facilities including toilets and showers. Whilst on the island Borneo Divers will run a 3-4 day programme to enable the project teams to complete a certified PADI Open Water Diver course and then one or two days of conservation work. This conservation work will be in partnership with Sabah Parks and Borneo Divers, and will include collecting underwater waste and litter from selected areas within the Marine Park as well as a coral planting project.

Leading both Alphas 7 and 8 at during various phases is Kris.

  • Kris’s heroes are Carl Froch and Bruce Lee. He’s brought boxing gloves and pads with him on this trip for training during his time off and his greatest achievement was completing Royal Marines Training. He’d love to go to Tanzania or India.

Along with Kris, Fred, Sarah B, Sarah M, Sarah J, and Ian will be leading Alpha 7.

Sarah J, Sarah M, Sarah B, Fred, Kris and Ian

And Beth, Refat, Nat, Harriet and Michael will be leading Alpha 8.

Harriet, Michael, Nat, Refat, Kris and Beth

Alpha 9’s trekking will be split across two sites either side of the diving section with Borneo divers – which will follow the same format as Alphas 7 and 8. First of all the group will trek for five days along the Tudan Mengkaladom trail at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters through primary rainforest.

Following a six day diving course, the second trek will be seven days in the Kiulu valley in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. This area has a great mix of jungle trekking and waterfalls mixed in with small settlements that can be passed en-route.

Leading Alpha 9 through the jungle and assisting on dive island will be Barry, Rachel, Natalie, Fred and Xenia.

Rachel, Barry, Fred, Xenia and Natalie

That takes us to the end of the project allocations. I will be updating you with more in-depth descriptions of the community and environmental projects over the next few days in the run up to the start of expedition so keep an eye open for updates - or sign up for email alerts on the right hand side toolbar.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ian,
Never seen you smiling so broadly in photos! So looks like whatever the hard work, spiders , and heavy carrying is involved is clearly suiting you.
Look forward to reading more as the adventure progresses.
Love Alison and Frances