Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Allocations (Part1) The Community PM's

The Project Manager’s (PM's) are now out on their initial project sites meeting the locals and planning what needs to be done, so I thought you might like to know which of our 26 PM’s will be managing each project.

Over the next three days I will be revealing the PM’s for each of the community, environmental and adventure phases and also including a few random facts about each of them to give you a little introduction. As there are three phases, sometimes the PM’s will be on different sites so don’t be confused if you see their name twice – there are only 26 of them.

Today we will be looking at the three community phases, where we will be working alongside local communities on sustainable projects that will make a huge impact on their daily lives.
(Please bear in mind that these photos were taken after a night in the jungle and a trek back to Basecamp for the allocations and they are still smiling!)

Alpha 1 is building a Kindergarten in the village of Bonor Sook. At present the children of this remote community are being taught in a church hall but there is no permanent facility for education in place. Working alongside the local community on this project will be Jude, Natalie, Alyrene, Ian, Beth and Sarah B.

Natalie, Jude, Ian, Alyrene, Beth and Sarah B
  • Jude would love to be able to fly – probably after her sky diving experience which she considers her greatest achievement. She loves dancing and considers hair mousse (Pantene and Herbal Essences to be precise) to be the greatest invention of her lifetime.
  • Natalie’s greatest achievement was being silent for five days and dreams of a meditation trip in the Himalayas and time travel.
  • Alyrene LOVES Walkers salt and vinegar crisps – they are her guilty pleasure, her luxury item on the trip, the best invention of her lifetime and unsurprisingly, her favourite flavour crisp. They no doubt also fuelled her climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • Ian’s luxury items on this trip are two roll mats and a pillow. He completed a part-time MBA over four years and he would love to go white water rafting or canoeing at the Grand Canyon.
  • Beth had been at Fieldbase for just two days before Loli’s banana fritters became her new guilty pleasure, which is good as she didn’t have enough room to fit any luxury items in her bag for this trip. She loves most sports – aside from horseracing, snooker and darts.
  • Sarah B dreams of mountains yet to climb and clear waters to dive in, sandy beaches to lie on and rivers to kayak down. Her hero is her wonderfully positive and charismatic friend Laurence Pollinger whose positivity and determination inspires her daily.

Alpha 2 is the Gravity Water Feed in the village of Bulud Batu. At present the community are relying on rain water collection and have no main water source available. Consequently, the aim of this project is to provide Bulud Batu with clean, drinkable water. Leading this life changing project will be Lou, Jonny, Connor and Bec.

Connor, Bec, Lou and Jonny
  • Lou apparently looks like Mick Hucknell and her worst job was working in a factory packing Mills and Boon books. If she could teleport she would go straight to Mozambique as it’s her dream travel destination.
  • Jonny’s hero is Ranulph Fiennes. If stuck on a desert island he would take a ‘How to build a raft kit’ and his luxury item on this trip is a travel pillow. He loves Formula One and Flaming Monster Munch is his favourite crisps.
  • Connor’s greatest achievement is being an awesome person; his hero is Buddha and would have the Rocky tune as the soundtrack to his life in a movie montage.
  • Bec’s greatest achievement was getting a bronze medallion to be a surf life saver. She would love to travel to Fiji and in a movie montage of her life; Round Here by the Counting Crows would be the soundtrack.

Alpha 3 is a repair, install and complete Gravity Water Feed project in the villages of Pinapak & Boribi. During the first phase we will be returning to a past project in Pinapak and repairing one of Raleigh's original gravity water feed systems and in phases two and three we will move on to Boribi and complete a big instillation of a new system as was started in the last expedition. The PM’s for this project will be Alison, Kat, Xenia, John and Alyrene.

Alyrene, John, Kat, Xenia and Alison
  • Alison’s superpower would be invisibility. She loves dancing, Richard Attenborough and thinks the internet was the best invention in her lifetime. She is really excited about being a PM with Raleigh and her upcoming travels in the year ahead.
  • Kat looks a bit like Kate Middleton mixed with Katy Perry, her guilty pleasure is having two lunches and the theme tune to her life would be Venga Boys, We like to party!
  • Xenia loves cheese (she already misses English, French and Spanish cheese); surfing; Doctor Who and if she had a superpower would make the lyrics of John Lennon’s Imagine come true.
  • John’s luxury item on this trip is Yorkshire tea – arguably the proper stuff, he considers the internet the best invention in his lifetime and loves football.
  • (I already talked about Alyrene in Alpha 1)

So that’s the community PM’s, check in tomorrow for the environmental projects.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

Go Alpha 2! A gravity water feed sounds exciting, sure all those years in production will come in useful(!) Missing you lots, hope you're enjoying your adventure. Guess what, I looked afer someone in your year at NH after her delivery!! love Danielle

mum said...

Hi Lou, it's so good to see you, and get all the info and the work you'll be doing. Loved the samba music...nearly as good as our fun week kids doing their african drumming. Miss you like mad. Love you xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth! How you doing? Looking ok and still smiling in the pic! Hope you are ok, Jems moving in on Friday!! Glad you have something to enjoy, banana fritters sound lovely, maybe not quite as good as Jemis banoffee pie though lol! Thinking about you lots, Callum is fine, getting on with it, dived into a ditch to get out of the way today, rekon he needs to practice those dives, take care Beth, looking forward to reading more of what you are getting up to, lots of love xxx