Tuesday, 19 February 2013

13C Venturer Induction


Apologies for our brief absence, we've all been out of the office for the last few days at Base Camp completing the Venturer induction. I am pleased to confirm that the Venturers ALL arrived safe and sound in KK on Thursday and we have been keeping them very busy from the moment we met them at the airport.

Organising the group of 98 into Delta groups (the nine groups assigned for the induction training phase), we quickly ensured that everybody got to know each other with a series of name games and ice breakers. If that wasn’t enough, we also took everyone straight to Likas swimming pool for their swim assessment – and a chance for a refreshing dip following what for many was a long flight.
After the assessment and lunch we headed in convoy to Basecamp which is located an hour north of KK . Upon arrival we were welcomed by an amazing singing and cultural dance performance from the Host Country Venturers (HCVs) who had arrived at Basecamp the day before to get settled in and help the out with some last minute preparations. 

Our HCV's performing their welcome song and dance...

...watched by our International Venturers
It was a really great welcome to Borneo for the fresh faced Venturers. Conscious of the time, the Project Managers (PMs) and HCVs assisted the new group in setting up their bashas and mozzi nets before 'longs o’clock' - the mosquitoes come out in force at dusk so at 6pm every day so we put on long clothes and socks to prevent bites. As most of the Venturers were tired from their flights, dinner ande welcome speeches were followed by an early night and their first night at Basecamp.
The bashers
Setting up mossie nets
On Friday the Delta groups were all thrown into a full programme of activities with Delta’s one, four and seven the first to trek into the jungle. Before their trek, the groups were given sessions in packing appropriately, using trangias and jungle campcraft (a session which covers everything from how to dig a long drop and waste disposal, to making a basha using tarp, a hammock and LOTS of knots.



Whilst the first three groups went straight into the jungle, the other six delta groups were allotted one hour round robin training sessions throughout the day as we have a full programme of events to get through during the four day induction.
This full schedule starts every day with a porridge breakfast at 7am, followed by team building games; either an admin and ID photo session; medic sessions – one to ones; health and hygiene, basic life support and how to cope with a medical emergency and medical kit training; a comms session about the Endex pack (slideshow DVD, music video, magazine and expedition T-Shirt - as designed by one of the Venturers), Radio Raleigh and the blog; a navigation and tools session; river assessment and crossing sessions; and not forgetting the two very important radio training sessions where the Venturers learn how to put up a dipole and communicate with Fieldbase using the radios (something they will be doing twice a day, every day, whilst out on phase).

There has been a lot to get through and it may sound intense - as it has been - but it has also been broken up with lots of team building and games.

As I am lucky enough to have met and spoken with every single one of the venturers during my comms sessions, I have used the time to get their input for the next section of this blog entry. I assured them that their friends and family back home would be eager to hear how they are getting on so please do follow the instructions on the right and leave them a comment.

They are sweaty, VERY sweaty. On top of the heat some have also been feeling tired and jet lagged as they acclimatise to their new setting. Fortunately, the Venturers are enjoying their time at Basecamp with its chilled out and timeless charm. They have described it as a beautiful green space, with lots of trees, where you can really see the stars. They even said it was luxury compared to what they imagined, particularly the static bashas where the Delta groups are arranged in rows. However, the jungle noises –including the PMs and fellow Venturers’ snoring and sleeping habits – have been something to get used to, but despite all this everyone seems to be enjoying eating, sleeping and being part of a culturally diverse group of people.
They have described Borneo and their experiences of Raleigh so far as amazing. The weather has been described as incredible (particularly compared to the UK!) and they have enjoyed induction and playing crazy games to break the ice which have been a good laugh and fun.

Much like the Venturers’ attitudes towards porridge, the first trek had people divided in feeling. Many were excited about trekking and about living out of a bag, sleeping in a new camp everyday and being challenged; but for others the trek was something daunting and unknown that left them feeling a bit nervous. That said, as I write this on day four with most of the groups now back from their first night in the jungle, I can confirm that whilst it was a lot of hard work they generally all came back from their treks with smiles on their faces, chanting Delta specific songs and feeling a lot better having actually experienced it.

They are proud of themselves and each other for getting here after their hard work and fundraising and are making the most of being a team and learning to work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. One Delta group in particular wanted you to know that the Venturers are taking responsibility for themselves and their group- washing up/three bowling, putting their mozzi nets up, electing a day leader every day, being punctual to sessions and they expressed a great sense of accomplishment in relation to this and the other challenges the training sessions presented. Furthermore, following the PM’s great project briefing presentations on both Friday and Saturday evenings there is a real feeling of excitement about the projects and upcoming allocations across the group as the projects were brought to life.

Induction has not just been busy for the Venturers but also the Volunteer Managers who have been delivering the sessions, assisting with jungle campcraft and generally being on hand day and night. The Volunteer Managers have been described by their Delta groups as energetic, welcoming, enthusiastic, positive, approachable, fun, motivating, smiley and funny. Knowing how much work has been put into training for this Expedition, it has been such a fantastic couple of days seeing everything coming together.

There has been another key element of the last few days induction (in addition to the grand opening of Helen’s Treat Emporium – the Basecamp shop set up by our Finance Queen, Helen) and that is the Raleigh Olympics! As this event has been absolutely outstanding this year, I felt it would be better explained by two of our Venturers. Keep an eye out for that post as much like the event, it is not one to be missed!
Also coming up soon... allocations!!!


Wibble said...

To Mitchell Wodcke

Hello! :)
Sounds like you've been having an awesome time so far! Hope you've settled in okay and aren't too jet-lagged.
Things have been good here, had a job interview this afternoon and I think it went well so fingers crossed! Have been thinking about you every day and it always makes me smile :) I love you!
Looking forward to finding out which project you'll be doing first. Whichever one it is I'm sure it'll be amazing. In the meantime try not to get eaten by any scary jungle animals hehe :P
Love you lots and lots!
From your Wibble xxx

Carol said...

hi, looks like everyone has settled in and is enjoying there experience, would like to say to Christi Kelly, we are so very proud of you....and try the food !!!!..lots of love Mum,Jay, Beth, Rosie, Lola and Max x x ENJOY

Cosmo Sparshatt said...

My name is Cosmo Sparshatt and I have finished my vounteer work in Malaysia about 2 months ago. Seeing this blog has reminded me of all of the incredible times I had during Raleigh Borneo 12k, the last expidition. To any parents following this blog hoping that their child is okay and safe I can assure you that Raleigh was extremely hospitable and cared to everyones needs as much as possible. I feel so jealous now that I have seen the new expededition starting up, I am also very excited to see their experience develop in Sabah. I think I can speak for the whole expedition 12k that Raleigh Borneo was one of the most extreme, challenging, and all around breathtaking experience you can endulge in. I learnt so much about other people and also myself during the expedition, I realized that I was capable of so much that I never thought would be possible. Raleigh is by far one of the best volunteer organizations out there and I hope more and more people partake in the oppurtunity of a life time that now,in hindsight, I am so grateful I had. PS. parents/guardians, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and enjoy the blog, I know my parents did.

Robert and Joanna Aitken said...

For Freddie Aitken - 13C

Just seen the blog - nice sandals Freddie! Good to see the photos - looks a bit warmer than here in Wales. Hope the mossies aren't biting too much. Watch out for the leeches...

Love Mum and Dad

Holiday Mum said...

Hi Max Sheldon! Great to see you in the group photo of venturers at base camp. Hope the fitness levels are holding up!? Dad says he knew you should have exercised more before you left and wants to know if you've seen any snakes yet. All love from Cornwall, Mum, Dad, Ellie and Angus. xx

Anonymous said...

To Max Sheldon,
I cannot believe you left me behind, sad face.
I hope you were one of the first to go into the jungle(: sounds like a lot of fun!
And the rations sound great.
You look like your concentrating really hard on what ever your taking a picture of,cant wait to see it when you get back!(:
Love you loads,
Raoul xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitch,
Sounds amazing, hope you are having a brilliant time, can't wait to read more. Mum and Dad x

For Mitchell Wodcke

Anonymous said...

For Lewi Wyatt Alpha 4
Hi Lewi,
Just looking at the pictures , and there was a great one of you having a chuckle at something. Hope the jungle wasn't too daunting and you haven't been bitten too much by the evil mosquitos! Everyone sends their love and best wishes, keep up the hard work and enjoy every moment.
Love you loads mum xxx

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so exciting and I hope all the venturers make the most of their time out there and I wish them all lots of good luck.

mum dad said...

13c Borneo Ellen Peacock
hi Ellen
We were really pleased to see you in a couple of the photos.
Bet you wish you had your mosquito hat with you now!!
Hope you coping with the heat and the porridge.
Everyone asks how you getting on and thinks what your doing is fantastic.
love you lots
mum dad tom and dan xxxxxx

Wanda said...

For Caspar van Doremalen, 13C

Hee lieverd!
Ik ben zo ontzettend jaloers op je. Ik heb uiteraard de blog gelezen en het klinkt geweldig leuk allemaal! Ik hoop wel dat je niet te veel last hebt gehad van een jetlag. En heb je een beetje kunnen acclimatiseren? Het lijkt me zo anders dan hier daar, met al die gekke geluiden en de hitte en de vochtigheid. :) Het is vast prachtig daar, met al die hoge bomen en alle groene planten. Heb je al bijzondere dieren gespot?

Je bent vast een van de eerste geweest die de jungle in ging! Toch? :P Ik verwacht van wel hoor!

Hier in Haarlem is alles goed. Ik doe super veel leuke dingen en mn vriendinnen zijn heel lief. Ik heb het longboarden ook goed opgepakt, ik heb sinds woensdag elke dag geboard! En ik ga veel naar de sportschool, en naar de kroeg met vriendinnen en vrienden. En veel logeerpartijtjes. Oh en ik ga met Maurice mee naar feestjes. :) Je zou mn agenda eens moeten zien, bomvol. haha.

Natuurlijk mis ik je heel erg, but I'm hanging in there! Ik hoop dat je me binnenkort eens kunt mailen of smsen. Ik heb je een beltegoedcode gesmst. :) Ik ga vrijdag bij je ouders eten. Oh en ik heb al gewandeld met mn backpack!

Volgens mij is dit bericht al veel te lang dus:

Veel liefs, knuffels, kusjes!
Ik ben gek op jou! <3

caroline van ravels said...

To Emma van Ravels, Alpha 7.
Hé Emsel!!!!
Hoe gaat het? Het is zooo leuk om jullie op het blog te volgen!En je zult het niet geloven, maar ik heb je al op een foto gespot!! Doe je beter dan je broertje vorig jaar! We zijn heel benieuwd naar jouw verhalen over je eerste periode daar. Hier alles prima. Ik ben druk aan het regelen voor de wintersport. Morgen komt iedereen hier en dan vrijdag vroeg vertrekken. Hebben er veel zin in.
We zullen op de piste een borrel op je drinken. Wat viel jouw mobiel op een ongelukkig moment uit he!! Ik heb een code voor beltegoed gestuurd naar jouw mobiel en naar het mobiele nummer waarmee jij het laatste berichtje stuurde. Maar misschien toch handiger om daar een telefoonkaart te kopen. Er is ook een lekkere ouderwetse brief onderweg naar Borneo. Geen idee hoe lang die er over doet!! Nou schat, ik hoop je over 3 weken even te kunnen spreken! Geniet ervan!!! dikke kus van ons allemaal!! We zijn super trots op je!

Minnie said...

Thinking of you Max. I'm sure you've got plenty of sunshine my sunshine boy. Wish I was there with you. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back and listening to all your adventures. Lots of hugs and kisses Minnie xxxxxxxx

Beth Jane said...

Fran Siodlak

Fran! Have spotted you in some pictures! Hurraahh! Hope you're having a whale of a time so far and getting into the Raleigh way of life! Can't wait to see which allocation you are on!! Borneo blog reading is my FAVOURITE kind of procrastination. You don't know how jealous I am! Just thought I'd leave you a little surprise message. Lots of love from a library in Durham! Beth xxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

For Lucy Shell - 13C
Hi Lucy
Glad to see you all hard at work and play. Spotted you in a couple of the pictures... didn't see the lovely hat though!Hope the biting things are staying away from you! Missing you. Have fun
love mum, dad & T xxx

Samuel Kelly said...

To Emily kelly
Hi Emily, just read the blog and it all sounds very AMAZING. Weather looks wonderful unlike freezing windy Exmouth. Hope the mossies haven't enjoyed munching on you too much and your itch free. Good luck with your 1st adventure - enjoy and embrace. Looking forward to reading the next blog. Lots of love from mum, dad, James, Alice and Samuel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cooper family said...

For Alex Cooper:
Great to see you looking fit and well in the photo on the blog. Can't wait to hear which project you've started on and how it's going. It's such a shame that you won't be able to dive, but I hope you'll still be able to visit Mamutik with the others.
I've just got back from a fantastic few days in Rome - Claire sends her love and is full of admiration for what you are doing.
Daddy and Lulu were pleased to find Granny looking well this weekend and she was really interested to read the Borneo blog.
Hope you've got all kit you need and it's working well - looking forward to hearing your news.
Lots of love
Mum Daddy & Lulu

Anonymous said...

To Catriona Aldrich-Green

It's been great to see pictures of you in Borneo, all the grandparents have spotted you too. You certainly seem to have been busy from the moment you arrived. We're looking forward to finding out what project you're doing first, they all seem brilliant in different ways.

Clara has been enjoying skiing. They've had some great weather with fabulous views of the mountains, it looks really beautiful.

Everyone sends lots of love and good wishes for the next few weeks, and remember with a good breakfast of porridge you can deal with anything the day brings!

Lots and lots of love from all the family

M xxx

Susie said...

To Jimmy Paton,
Great to see you in the group photo of venturers at base camp. Wow Jimmy it looks pretty hot!!but I,m sure is amazing.
Unsure which Alpha team you are in?
Scott spotted you right away and sends his best wishes. Keep up the good work and stay clear of them mozzies!! Enjoy from Susie

Holiday Dad said...

Hi Max Sheldon: Are we missing you? Bread, Coast & Cheese, Dogs & Daffodils, Egrets @ Frenchman's creek, Goonhilly, Helford Icecream, Jackdaws, Kynance on Lizard. Muddy boots, Newlyn & Only the 2 of us :( Pasties, Quayside chips and Rocks Sunsea&sand. Trelowarren Under thatch,Village stores and Walks - Xtremely relaxed! Yes of course we are! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Lots of love Ellie & Angus

Anonymous said...

To Emily Kelly,
heyyyyyy babes how are you ? hope you're having a totes amazeballs time :) geuss what ?? I passed my theory today woopwoopwoopwoop :D will speak to you sooooony love Alice xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

To Fran Siodlak- Alpha 7

Oi Oi franky! Received all your letters, looking forward to reading them! Pictures on the blog look great, I hope it is all going well and there are no snakes around!! Very excited to see all the pictures and hearing all the stories! Work is tough here and the Maths is worse! I didn't sign up for A-Level maths and thats all we seem to be doing, but I'm sure its worth it in the long run! Keep safe and watch out for those Leeches their nasty! I love you lots, keep working hard and be carful with that machete!

Loads of love

El Capitano xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Jeremy Legge:

Hey J,

Looks like you are having a great time. Can't wait for the next update. Im going to send you a letter today from Boston.

Love you, miss you
xxx your Sis

Anonymous said...

For Rosie Rich,
Hey Rosie great to see you in a couple of the pictures on the blog; hope your mossie net went up ok! Weather looks fantastic and country beautiful; freezing cold back here and may snow again at weekend. Enjoy first phase and will try to keep you updated on the rugby. Looking forward to reading more on the blog. Love you lots Dad xx

The Cox Family said...

To Rach
Nice seeing you in one of the blog pictures and great to get your messages when you can! Thinking of you loads,8 hrs ahead sleeping in the jungle and bridge building.Worth all the hard work and hopefully good fun too.Keep smiling, we think you are amazing!Maddy off to Spain tomorrow so a peaceful week ahead! Love Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

To James Bryer
Hi James, Dad & Mum here. Missing you, thinking of you and praying that you'll have an amazing experience and learn loads!! Spotted you thinking hard in one of the blog photos!
Barney and Chloe send their love.
Love from us xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Jeremy Legge:

Hey J, it's me again. Just wanted to let you know Laure-Lyne had her baby boy February 19th (she ended up having a C-Section). He has dark hair, beautiful eyes, weighs 3.5kg and so so sweet. His name is Charlie-Jack Cooke. Laure-Lyne is sending her love and hopes you are having a great time (she is still recovering in the hospital and asked me to relay the news!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed,
Just seen that you have been allocated a group and have also seen the picture of all your group. We miss you lots. Dadimaa sends her love and nanabapa and nanimaa were asking how you were getting on. We are all very proud of you and we hope you enjoy this experience. Aly-khan is really missing you.

gillian said...

Hi Rosie in Alpha 6
This is your Godmother!! Your Mum and The Gang left this morning, probably home by now. We had good fun skiing together, but you were sorely missed as I would have liked to impress you with my turns...!
Looks from the photo as if you've lost weight. Hope they're feeding you ok ;-)
Enjoy yourself, grit your teeth when the going gets tough and think how hard you worked and saved to take part in such a wonderful experience.
Thomas would like to pinch/punch you when you get back, so be prepared!! Hope to see you soon after you get back. Your Mum is planning an evening get-together for us all.

Windcaid said...

For Asher Spencer in Alpha 6

Hello Asher! It was great to find a photo of you on the blog as it's difficult to picture where you are.Thinking of you lots and hoping that all is well - food palatable and mosquitoes at bay. We have accepted the Nottingham offer.All my love Mum. Hello from Dad..really proud that you have done this!!Looking forward to more news of your exploits! Love Dad

Emily said...

Hatty Lord.

Hi Hats.
This page is fab- so lovely being able to visualise what your doing and to see you looking so happy (an tanned) you look beautiful!!
Alls good here- Dublin was amazing- will have to take you one day!
We've had about 4inches of snow today!! crazy!! complete world away from you guys!!
Missing you loads and loads... but am so proud of you, what you're doing is amazing.
loveyou lots as always. Big sis,Em. xxxxxxxx ps. rodders sends huge hugs too xxxxxxxx

Phia said...

Lieve Duco,Alpha 5
Op meerdere foto's heb ik gezien dat je goed bent aangekomen in Maleisie! Leuke foto's! Heel leuk dat je mee gaat helpen om een brug te bouwen. Ik hoop dat jullie hem niet zelf hoeven te testen hahaha.
Ik ben jaloers op jullie mooie weer maar over 4 dagen kom ik er ook aan! Hier sneeuwde het vandaag weer! Liefs en veel plezier maman