Tuesday, 29 January 2013

First week at Fieldbase

So we have made it through the first week here at Fieldbase and have today been joined by our 25 Project Managers who have all arrived safe and sound. As they are currently being bombarded with information and form filling in order for training to commence tomorrow I thought it was a good chance to tell you a bit more about what the Fieldbase team have been up to aside from setting up the project.

Yesterday on our day off before the PM’s arrived Fieldbase staff could either be found at a local hotel pool in KK

...Visiting one of the neighbouring islands – I’d like to rename this one paradise....

Mamutik Island

... in the local handicraft market haggling for a bargain...

KK Craft Market on the waterfront

Before regrouping for a final meal together before the invasion of the PM’s.

Dinner at the Brass Monkey in Lintas

We’re really excited to have all the volunteer managers here at last after the full week of preparations and as we have experienced all kinds of new cuisine during our first week, tonight we will be taking the PM’s out for roti and a glass of lemon ping in our local suburb, Lintas. (Roti is a bit like naan bread but it comes in many different forms and is truly delicious and lemon ping is a hot but cold sweet lemon drink). There will also be lots of noodles and rice on the menu as these are the base ingredients of most meals here in Borneo.

Fresh fish at the KK Filipino Market

We will also be taking the new arrivals to the Filipino Market in KK tomorrow night where they will be able to experience the wide range of fresh fish and meat that is on offer in every direction.

Team A 

As the Fieldbase team generally finish work between 5-6pm when we haven’t ventured out into KK or to Lintas to experience the local delights we spend a lot of time in our large communal room at Fieldbase – otherwise known as the Borneo Suite. Within this room we hold daily morning yoga classes or sometimes mix it up with a dance workout DVD. As we are also lucky enough to have a resident Zumba instructor we also have classes a few evenings a week out on the patio area at the front of the house. 

Team B

It’s not all exercise though, sometimes it is nice to chill out and have a film night. Similarly, our Friday night quiz night – complete with charades and humming rounds – was a great success and we are looking forward to more competitive nights, with more competitive faces like these in the upcoming weeks.

You could say that life at Fieldbase is so far luxurious considering we all came here to go and live in the jungle – and we would agree – but are excited to report that jungle training starts on Friday so the jungle times are coming watch this space.

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TO Beth Batty

Hey Beth!! You have arrived then! Hope you are ok and getting used to the weather and mozzies! Callum is fine. Hope you are with some nice people and beginning to have some fun! miss you, love Bev xx