Thursday, 29 November 2012

Time for a change.... over

Keval, one of our PMs from Alpha 3, has left Boris and the rest of Danum Valley to join us at Fieldbase for Phase 3, which we are all very excited about. Here is his report on the final Changeover...we are now officially in the last phase of Expedition 12K!

 Second phase over and what a journey it’s been so far. The Venturers have completed two phases on different project sites and I dropped off my second Alpha 3 group back to Basecamp after a 10-hour journey.

Everyone was pleased to be reunited

Changeover had a different feel to it this time; the Venturers unloaded from the coaches and frantically ran to find previous teammates from phase one and fill each other in with what they'd been up to in the last 18 days. Then came the phone calls to home (which I’m sure many of you received) and the letters from home (which I’m sure many of you wrote).  

That night was a busy one, with a moustache judging competition and some impressive (and some less so) skits. The prize for the Movember competition was finally unveiled, with Jake being announced the lucky winner and winning a razor blade and shaving cream from the Movember committee.
Jake and the equally tash-tastic Movember committee
 The yo-yo gangsta rappers of Alpha 2 (w)rapped up the skit competition in no time with their take on the last phase and Alpha 4 were named winners of the Loop Come Dine With Me contest.
Alpha 4's rap about laying pipes
Allocations where announced slightly differently this Changeover. This time the Project Managers hid around Basecamp, in the Bravos, behind trees, in a man-made fort, etc and the Venturers had to find us before being given individual clues as to where they’d be going next. And so began the hectic run-around, looking for the next set of project managers and fellow teammates.
Here are the final allocations for Phase 3:
Alpha 1: Kindergarten build, Kampung Terian
Lucy, Annmarie, Freddie, Dorien, Gemma, San, Annabel, Dan, Lisa, Serene, Malcolm, Stu and Dewis
Alpha 3: Water tank construction, Danum Valley
Angharad, Veerle, Dom, Thijs, Jelte, Sarah, Ciucci, Noah, Cosmo, Laura, Wei Wei, Al, Erin and Coral
Alpha 4: Biodiversity survey, Pitas
Andrew, Ben, Boudewien, Sam, James, Ruben, Tom, Komal, Emma, Becky, Yie May, Lara and Kitty

Alpha 5: Dive/trek, Mamutik/ Long Pasia
Thelly, Barnaby, Jayne, Emily, John, Hessel, Ben, Richard, Philippine, Maddie and James

Alpha 6: Trek/dive, Long Pasia/Mamutik
Joe, Dionne, Laura, Jamie, Simon, Matt, Jake, Kenly, Hong Kai, Nat, Anna and Kate
After everyone discovered which Alpha group they'd be in for the last phase they all got to know their new teammates a bit better with a few games (mainly Ninja).
The new Alpha 3. Possibly about to play Ninja?

Because that’s what Alpha 5 are playing...

A little bit more ninja from Alpha 3

 Then the equipment gathering began in earnest, with everyone getting ready for the final phase to finish off all the projects for this expedition - and to make sure everyone has a good time, of course.

Fieldbase also said goodbye to Dan as he left us to join Alpha 1 and
help finish off the kindergarten in Kampung Terian
Sadly we won’t be coming back to Basecamp again. But on the plus side, we will be aiming even higher and climbing a mountain!