Friday, 2 November 2012

Diving with Alpha 6

After 10 days of hardcore trekking, the Alpha 6 team set off from Long Pasia to Mamutik, aka Dive Island, for some well-earned relaxing in the sun and diving.

Not one to miss out on a good time, Steve our photographer paid them a visit to see how they were getting on... jealous, us?!

Tom, Stuart and Noah set up the radio

Getting equipped

Last-minute run-down
Lucy gets ready for action
Ben, Dorien and Dewis get a final briefing

Noah and Tom

Andrew does his best James Bond impression
Preparing to set off


A puffer fish (arothron mappa)

Annmarie in action

A well-earned lunch

Joe tries to impress with his breadmaking skills
A lunchtime visitor...

Komal takes some time out
Dewis gets musical


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Alpha 5's photo diary

Alpha 5 have been so busy diving and trekking that it's taken us a while to get some photos up on the blog for everyone to see. Luckily our photographer Steve managed to grab a few days with them when they left Dive Island and set off on the trek to Long Pasia.
So instead of writing lots about what they have been up to we've decided to do a photo diary of their experiences so far instead - after all, you know what they say (especially Steve!) about pictures being worth 1,000 words!

Leaving Dive Island

Yie May helps to load the 4x4s

...while Erin, Ruben and Al take a break!

Half-way stop on the long, bumpy, dusty road to Long Pasia
Jayne and Erin get ready to set off

Leaving Long Pasia and heading into the jungle

Kitty and Veerle.... how long will the energy last, we wonder?!
Ruben in the undergrowth

Serene and a few helping hands

Kitty demonstrates how to steady oneself on a steep slope!

It's a long way down...

No words necessary!

Veerle and her perfectly constructed hammock

Time out after a long day

Jayne in the morning mist
Porridge for breakfast...never a chore!?

Ready for another day

Cosmo modelling some of the local flora

Nooh tells some jungle tales

Steve with his new brother Nooh (aka 'King of the Jungle')

Al taking a rest

Fred makes it over safely!

A well-earned rest, complete with the obligatory peanut brittle and iced gems