Friday, 24 August 2012

They survived Adventure Challenge

It was the challenge to top all challenges. A top secret mission, undisclosed to everyone including Fieldbase staff for the past four weeks.  And so each task was a surprise not only for the V’s, but their PMs as well. Giant maggots, river crossings, tests of logic and creativity and  trekking and cycling over arduous terrain were all to follow – how did 12i get on?
After three works of hard work on project sites and just one busy day for Changeover there was no chance to rest for the 12i Venturers and PMs. It was straight onto Adventure Challenge (AC) at 8am on Friday morning.

Their first task of initiation into AC was the maggot challenge. Hanri, 12i’s main guide for the coming week had a large amount of the grubs ready and wriggling for the anxious teams. Their task; to polish of at least one of the squirming beasties before proceeding onwards;


The groups trekked and had to build their own shelters;


Though during their treks they did encounter a few distractions, such as Nat;

As well as a rivers where the teams had to cross, or build a bridge from limited materials;


The Zulu groups’ logic, creative and team work skills were tested on numerous occasions with activities such as having to get your whole team through ‘electric elephant wire’ without touching the ground, the ‘Water Challenge’ which really asked the team to get their thinking caps on or making catapults that would reach a certain target;


Last on the agenda was a cycle over undulating terrain. This was a tough challenge as everyone was already beginning to tire after the hard work that they had done over the last few days. But 12i’s energy and determination pushed through as always, and even though many ended up walking their bikes up the last the last hill, they persevered and cycled to the finish in great spirits!

Adventure Challenge is now complete, and it’s time for Endex. The last five weeks has passed in the blink of an eye. New friends have been made, experiences of a life time have been had and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Check back soon to see the final 12i photos from Endex.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

12i Allocations

Allocations were the last of the night’s proceedings at Changeover. The groups have been jumbled up again for Adventure Challenge so that the V’s can get to know as many new people as possible. Everyone will be in the same area but the teams will be going on different routes, completing challenges along the way and trekking in the Bornean jungle.

Here are the new groups:

Zulu 1
PMs: Alice and Nicolo
Cameron Rogers, Matt White, George Lloyd, Hannah Tomsett, Isobel Prayy, Laura Livingston, Ahsley Winter, Katie Batchelor, Gwen Morris, Gabriella Shaw, Razwana Quadir, Xia Shuen Quek, Manjuli Ramani

Zulu 2
PMs: Helen and Andrew
Carl Rietschel, Declan Cook, Chirag Shah, Ellie Hansford, Jaillin Bates, Emily Fisher, Kate Fleetwood, Natalie Phillips, Emma Harfield, Chloe McFarlane, Olivia Ourabi, Krystell Chiu, Bernard Sheng

Zulu 3
PMs: Angela, Jason and Emma
Cecelia Carnell, Claire Ball, Tom Grant, Neil Mandell, Fraser Morrison, Eilidh Cowan, Tabby Kaye, Taleesha Gheewala, Flora McCall, Rebecca Allen, Janice Wei ying Lye, Fionna Tan, Daryl Goh

Check back soon to see how Adventure Challenge goes and to wave our five week Venturers off at Endex!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

12i Changeover

Four weeks have passed and induction seems like a lifetime ago! But Phase 1 is over and there is just one week left of expedition. 12i have built two gravity water feeds, a house and discovered 43 species of birds in environmental surveys in just three weeks, some really amazing achievements.

There have been highs and there have been lows throughout the phase, as I’m sure you will hear all about when your loved ones get home but ultimately we have made a huge difference! Running water has been given to those who didn’t have any, a remote village now has a new house and AFC (Asian Forestry Company) are well on their way to being able to make Coupe 8 into a conservation area due to the numbers of species found there by Alpha 10.

The Venturer’s arrived at Basecamp on Thursday afternoon and with a less than 24 hours to prepare for Adventure Challenge, it was a jam- packed evening! As soon as the groups arrived and were greeted by Fieldbase staff it was off to logs to deposit their kit and sort out their bashas.

 We had just enough time before longs-o-clock (6pm) to squeeze in an expedition photo of everyone before the light left us. As you can see everyone was still full of good spirits and up for some fun:

Dinner was at 7pm followed by skits which all of the groups were asked to prepare on phase.

Alpha 10 where the proud winners of two tubs of ice cream after a memorable medley of songs re-written to tell us all about their time on phase 1.

Tom and Carl also provided some entertainment for us with a rice eating competition- after they had already had seconds! It took them 20 minutes, but Tom was the ultimate winner, managing to finish every scrap of rice in his mess tin!

After finishing dinner and catching up with everyone it was time for allocations, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out where everyone is....