Saturday, 11 August 2012

All is well in Alpha 10!

By Philip Ryan (Photographer)

Since arriving at Coupe 1 via a bumpy ride in 4 x 4s Alpha 10 have been having a wild time! The group have made great progress with their environmental survey using a series of mist nets and humane traps. These are situated at the top of a very steep hill which we walked up three times a day to check what we had caught. Anything caught gets identified and recorded with the help of Phyllis, the environmental manager from the Asian Forestry Company(AFC).

Alpha 10 have wasted no time with the gazebo build either! All of the materials were carried up the same rather steep slope, which included wood, a generator and a septic tank.

Needless to say team work was a definite must here, and thankfully Alpha 10 are a dream team, so had no issues except a little sweatiness! Luckily the weather has stayed dry (unlike what we hear the UK has been experiencing) or progress would have been a lot slower. With the help of 'Super Simon' a local builder the gazebo was looking pretty impressive by the time I left. This gazebo will enable more research and further management of the Coupe 1 area.

Dinner time has been the main highlight of the day so far, with creativite cookery competitions going on regularly. The most impressive dishes made while I was there were most definitely pizza and chips, and peach crumble with lumpy custard, all baked in the retro Raleigh army ovens!

Changeover is next week so hopefully we will get more updates then before the groups head off on their Adventure Challenge.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

For all the Alpha 8 stalkers...

Hey parents, family, friends and other stalkers of those in Alpha 8!

This is Neil (N-dog) and Chirag (Shah-dizzle) here representing camp Borobi.

We've had a great time here building a gravity water feed system which, by the way is coming along swimmingly!

We've had some craaaaaazy fun times so far; 

Carlos and Miguel, our resident chickens have been giving us extra rations- on our beds. But it's always nice to find something for breakfast just before you go to bed. In other animal related news, Ian the female dog is getting healthier by the day feeding off our slops. It is a general consensus that Alpha 8 are living the dream in comparison to any other Raleigh group that has ever existed; we have a volleyball court and we live in the shadow of a very extensive church. Not to mention that we have two nearby shops to keep us fruity fresh with supplies!

This weekend started off with George's birthday- we went wild with porridge and finished the night with a sugar rush from Raleigh Rations- honey, milo, sugar - what's a party without sugar?

Yesterday we got slaughtered by the Sabah national volleyball team and sung our hearts out with a kareoke night...

The gravel has now arrived which means today we can crack on with cementing both dams and hopefully finish the project in time. We want running water for the Opening Ceremony!

Lots and lots of love, Alpha 8

PS- please put some football comments in your blog posts for us!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello from the V's!

Yes that's right, we have more blog comments collected on the Loop for all of our lovely bloggers!


And from Freddie Dunphy who forgot to write his message down...



Thank you again for your avid blog-reading and messages; everyone here in Expedition 12DI really appreciate getting messages from home!