Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Big Thankyou to all of our blog followers!

A heartfelt "terima kasih" (thank you) to all our blog followers!

The continuous support and messages are really appreciated by both venturers and VMs alike. Keep it up! We collected some responses to your comments on the Loop, they are as follows...

To Richard Armstrong; Good luck on your A & E placement. I will be thinking of you. Lots of Love Candice

As you can see, our venturers have been busy in the field and will be coming back with many stories to tell of their adventurers. We will be collecting some more messages on the second Loop, so keep an eye out for them.

Tune in again soon, we have many blog updates coming in over the next few days with news of your loved ones.

Jumpa lagi!

(See you soon!) 

Friday, 27 July 2012

12I Expedition Venturers have arrived!

On Monday 23rd July the 5 week HCVs were welcomed to Fieldbase to get their kit sorted before departing to Basecamp with Volunteer Managers Nicolo, Alice and Phil. Whilst waiting for the rest of their group to arrive the HCVs got to know each other and made welcome signs for the rest of the Vs.

On Tuesday the PMs and most of the Fieldbase team waited in the airport for the Venturers to make their first steps into Sabah.

 As soon as they stepped off the plane the V’s were divided into Delta groups; the teams they would be in for Induction week and whisked straight to the swimming pool for a swim assessment. At some point in expedition, every Venturer will cross, swim or bathe in a river or sea or scuba dive, so the swim assessments helps us identify who is a strong, weak or non-swimmer and therefore those who may need more support when completing water activities. The assessment involves swimming two hundred metres and treading water for four minutes.

 Starting the way we mean to go on, the day was jam-packed with more activities for the Vs including name-games and group games before making the bus journey to Basecamp where they would be staying for the next five days before heading off to their project sites.

On arrival, the V’s were greeted by the HCVs and the rest of the Volunteer Manager team before getting to work on putting up their mosquito nets in the static bashas, storing their valuables away, having a medical session and getting their hammocks and tarps for the following days trek. By dinner at 7pm the Venturers were nearly falling asleep in their mess tins and with a busy day ahead of them most had an early night.

Check back soon for an update on how everyone is getting on in Induction week!

Changeover is upon us!

The Venturer’s have all survived Phase 1, a little hungry and a little tired but they all have ten fingers and ten toes.  Alpha 7 arrived at Basecamp on Wednesday 18th July, a day earlier than the other groups only to enjoy a nice BBQ with the logs team and await the arrival of rest of the 12D team. Everyone else began to arrive after 2pm on Thursday in the pouring rain, with some epic ‘Baywatch’ reunions occurring as the buses rolled in.

Everyone has had three weeks to bond and become good friends in their first Alpha groups and as I’m sure you have seen from previous blogs they have all been having a great time. But now it’s time to change everything and split them up to put everyone into their brand new Alpha families!
The final Alpha team activity on Friday night was to perform skits that had been practiced whilst out on phase. Most were re-enactments of funny things and day-to-day life on phase, but Alpha 3 came up as the ultimate winners with a dance number that involved people wearing buckets on their heads, the lights being turned off and getting the entire room up and dancing with their head torches on!

Friday morning saw Allocations bright and early at 8.15am. The V’s said goodbye to their old Alpha groups and joined their new teams, to find out where they would be spending the next three weeks. If you want to know where your loved ones are going to be volunteering next keep scrolling down…

Alpha 1: Kindergarten Build in Komborongo
PMs Simon and Lucy(and Kate for four days)
Alistair Graves, Anthony Howden, Amanda DeSilva, Alex Roberts, Bethany Pearson, David Campbell, Elizabeth Anjun, Elsemieke Kruseman, James Russ-Silsby, Michael Smith, Rachel Thomas and Yanlin Su(Suzie).

Alpha 2: Gravity Water Feed in Lalapakon and Mansiat
PMs Conor and Nikki(and Vanessa for 4 days)
Amon Butler, Amy Edwards, Annie Moss, Claire Tolcher, Clarke Dodd, Hannah Todd, Helen Green, Barry Richardson, Lisa Jacob, Michael Dunlop, Victoria Hutcheson

Alpha 3: Water Tank Construction in Danum Valley
PMs Nick and Phili
Anthony Copeland, Ezra Davies, Hannah Hamilton, Matthew Haussrer, Petra Dimitrijevic, Rayanne Brangman, Sheelay Saltus, Shin Ng Shea, Umit Utku, Zoe Lea
Alpha 4: Bear Refuge Construction at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sepilok.
PMs Emily and Adam
Ben Allon-Smith, Brandon Martin, Bryony Hutchinson, Cassie Wright, Dwayne Ryton, Emma Hay, Fiona Bailey, Gareth Jane, James Doble, Ndavyah Williams, Sabrina Thomas, Siena Martin

Alpha 5: Dive/Trek
PMs Candice and Max
Alison George, Christina Buchmann, Christopher Thomson, Euan Judd, Freddie Dunphy, Li Ying Chia, Ornella Anderton, Petre Mardle, Pui yin Lam(Bernice).

Alpha 6: Trek/Dive
Amy Sedghi, Letty Ezaz, Chris Eustace, Deanna Green, Harriet Crosby, Josh Bligh, Kathleen Fairburn, Peiyun Zhang, Ruairidh Parker
Alpha 7: Trek/Dive/Trek
PMs Emily and Matt(plus Lou for eight days)
Charlotte Roper-Marchand, Charmaine Kagaga, Euan Archibald, Jaclyn Kennedy, Jermae Paynter-Smith, Joseph Rowntree, Lucy Troman, Nas Radzi Nasrah, Nicholas Wright.

First task for the new Alpha groups was to get competitive and participate in the wonderful Phase 2 Raleigh Olympics organised and run by Fieldbase team Lou, Sheila, Kate and Nicola. The theme this time round was things that the Vs had learnt about in Phase 1 and the Olympics. Each team was given an 'Olympic Torch' which has to be raised above head height at all times. Points where deducted if the torch was 'extinguished' at any time.

The races involved a Casevac race in which the teams had to carry a member on a stretcher and convey radio messages.

There was also a water safety race in which the Vs where given their PMs in the form of a sponge to look after. The sponges had to be passed to each Venturer and then transported to the finish line in a tub of water. The winning team had to be back first, but also have the most water and have their 'PM' safely swimming the basin.

There were other games including phonetic spelling and ‘One to One’s with your PMs and by the end the victorious group was Alpha 1 who won a large tub of ice cream after dinner that evening.

The rest of the day involved getting to know each other and getting packed and ready to leave at 6am the following morning. There were more hugs and goodbyes as everyone deployed for Phase 2, but everyone left with smiling faces excited for the next three weeks.

I’m off to Alpha 1 to help construct a kindergarten so will have a blog back from there very soon!