Monday, 18 June 2012

What Fieldbase get up to when the PMs are away...

By 9am on Saturday, Raleigh House was feeling pretty empty with all but 9 of the VM team out on PPV. After living with 23 other people for a week the house was very quiet!

We worked quietly for most of the day,  taking the opportunity of a quiet house to get lots of work done, stopping at lunch to have what Dan referred to as the best meal of expedition so far, with Loli’s veggie chilli. However by the time it hit longs-o-clock we were all in need of some excitement!

Luckily we had a good excuse with it being Sheila’s birthday! All day long the smell of baking cake had been wafting into the office so it was eagerly anticipated! Sheila, Ian and Emily’s first day of PPV was very close to Fieldbase so they came back to spend the night and celebrate Sheila’s birthday.

Because it was a special night, we all sat around the table inside and after a lovely dinner of fish pie, Sheila was presented with a huge chocolate fudge cake made by the very talented Loli.

This was quickly devoured by everyone, and we were all close to a chocolate coma due to the large bowl of thick, gooey chocolate sauce that was produced to go with it, just in case the cake wasn’t chocolatey enough.
After recovering slightly from the chocolate overload, the subject of after dinner games was brought up, with Lou asking if anyone had played the After Eight game. Lo and behold out of nowhere, Sarah produced a box of After Eights!
The rules of the game were pretty simple- two people must place an After Eight on their forehead and get it to their mouth without using their hands- a task much easier said than done!
After some quick brow-mopping (to ensure the chocolate wouldn’t melt too fast) the games began...

People moved their faces in ways they didn’t know they could, including the ‘After Eight Shake’ which involves shaking your head very quickly, but only  a little to cause the After Eight’s first shift from your forehead in order to get the After Eight to its required destination.  The competitor who took the longest was most definitely Nicki, who’s After Eight melted down her face, rather than being manoeuvred, pausing on her nose for a good 5 minutes before eventually melting enough to move into her mouth!

 Dan and Ernie were neck and neck for the majority of their race but much to his disgust, Dan lost by letting his After Eight fall off his face!

On Tuesday morning Mac was also offered the After Eight Challenge. Would he accept...

Of course he did! And with a record number of facial movements Mac got the chocolate from forehead to cheek in just a few seconds, but unfortunately failed miserably by letting his chocolate fall to the floor,  so he didn’t even get to eat it!

What have we learnt from this experience?
That the After Eight Shake is great for shifting chocolate off a sweaty forehead and frozen After Eights are a lot easier to work with than melted ones!

So that’s our news from Fieldbase! Catch up soon when the PM’s get back from PPVs.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's PPV time!

The PM’s have left Fieldbase and are off on their Project Planning Visits(PPVs).

After a pretty manic day of organising their transport and meetings for the next three days they then had to pack their kits, making sure that they had enough food and equipment to last them the duration of their stay.

There was a lot of consideration had by each group about what they needed to bring, thinking about the weight they would have to carry in their rucksacks. The best questions asked were the following: 

·          “Do we really need a trangia? Can’t we just eat crackers for 3 days?”

·         “What do we need a shovel for?”

-“To dig the short drop”

-“Maybe we could just hold it in for a few days?”

·         “There are creatures in the rice-should we still pack it and just boil them?”

After much consideration on what to pack, everyone managed to leave before 9am on Saturday morning, some with an 8 hour coach journey ahead of them.

We managed to get a few photos of everyone leaving but unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any of Alpha 3 or 4 as they left just after 6am at which point the rest of the Field Base team weren’t quite awake enough to remember to take any pictures!

Philli and Simon doing a vehicle check
Simon and Philly packing the car

Ian, Sheila and Simon waving people off

Emma Ashby has also sent a message from her PPV site:
Happy Father's Day to Derek Ashby!