Sunday, 8 April 2012

We declare the!

Education, something we take for granted, but for some of the remote villages in Sabah these are luxuries that they could only dream of. For Kampong Mandurian Laut, they are now a reality thanks to the hard work of expedition 12A.

Alpha 1 - Building a Kindergarten at Kampong Mandurian Laut
Let's take a look at the humble beginnings...

Alpha 1 Phase 1

Alpha 1 Venturers

The walls being built and the undercoat getting painted

How it looks now...
The finished article

PM Laura with the village children in their very own kindergarten

Inside the Kindergarten

The Bravo rocks up to the site of the new Kindergarten

Fieldbase team visited the kindergarten opening ceremony

The villages cooked feasts, they gave speeches and welcomed us with open arms as we celebrated the opening of the kindergarten. Here are the best bits!