Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Induction Week

On the 29th and 30th of January 2012, 93 venturers from around the globe arrived in Borneo for expedition 12A. This is a short video detailing their meeting, (many for the first time) and beginning their training and preparation for expedition life.

Within 24 hours of landing they were learning how to use an HF radio, first aid, river crossing safety and even had time to trek into the jungle.

From Jungle training, to team building exercises, welcome to Raleigh 12A induction week.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Phase 1 Allocations - who's going where?

The time has come for the ventures to embark on their first big adventure! But just where are they going and who will they be with... stand by for the Raleigh Borneo 12A phase one allocations.

There may be tears, there may be fears but mostly just smiles and excitement as we announce the allocations and prepare to deploy.

Smiles, Smiles and More Smiles

Alpha 1 are building a kindergarten in Kampung Mandurian Laut, a remote village in the northern region of Borneo. Education and schools are provided by the state here in Malaysia, however all children must have achieved a basic level in both literacy and numeracy to be accepted. Kindergartens such as these are vital, providing this essential level of education and in reducing the poverty margin, we are very proud of the below venturers who will start the construction of this site throughout phase one:

PMs Laura, Penny & Jerry
Arthur Morris
Bouke Smeets
Chen Haw Lok (Tim)
Giulia Hetzenauer
Jacob Kleninman
Justin Cann
Luke Bagnall
Lydia Minto
Sophia Berry
Vilkon Tauning Gambili

Alpha 2 will firstly do a project that will complete in the first phase. The pressure is on for the team of venturers to repair a previous Raleigh installed Gravity Water Feed system in Kampung Nibang, a mountain village so remote, there is currently no road access. The quest to provide this essential commodity in terms of life and hygiene will be performed by:

PMs Alex. Craig, Nat & Stuie
Chen Yang Chua
Derk Bottema
Erica Bostock
James McWilliam
Josh Ho
Joyce Van Klooster
Louise Poulson
Richard Peat
Sheena Howard
Thomas Wagland

The last of our community teams, Alpha 3 are also building a water gravity system, but this one will take all three phases to complete. These groups will be constructing a dam, laying over 5km of pipe and installing taps to provide vital fresh water to Kampung Imusan. Dam construction is in the hands of:

PMs Claire, Paul & Dave W
Christina v corder
Eva Garritsen
Fraser McFadden
George Cotterell
James R Lee
Josh J Seaman
Loek v Ravels
Natasha Kandayan
Sophie Moore
William E Gray
Yi Xiong Chong

Alpha 4 are the real animal lovers, the team will be involved in various construction projects at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok. Priority is to complete the boardwalk around the enclosure perimeter to allow the bear keepers regular access to the animals. Working in the heart of the soon to be opened centre, their work will be invaluable in raising both awareness and funds for this important cause. Check out more information at BSBCC Lets hear it for:

PMs Caroline, Chaitally & Louise
Beni Bienz
Cecile Wanders
Chloe Ackrill
Jason Tambling
Joost Breeuwsma
Khai Ping Teoh
Lauchlan Manski
Minna Henderson
Sarah Wyld
William Denny
William Sabine

Trekking into the primary, untouched rainforest of Danum Valley are Alpha 5. Going where few have dared venture before, this team is building a satellite camp which will allow researchers and other scientists to base themselves there and perform studies deeper into the forest. Few people are allowed into this part of the world, however the following venturers will be living there for the next 3 weeks:

PMs Dan & Richard
Alex Rorison
Bethany K Maton
Camilla Gash
Christopher Shuttlewood
Daniel S Openshaw
Fauzy Bin Nuing
Kiki Veeger
Lester Tjinglinin
Liang Keat Chin (Bo)
Willemijne Van Daal

Alpha 6 will be performing a bio-diversity study in the secondary rainforest in the Pitas Region. The aim of which is to establish a conservation area, this work could potentially protect the location and its bio-diversity for generations to come. If that doesn't excite you enough, then you should know that the last time Raleigh performed a study in this region they discovered an new species of frog. Our potential pioneers in fauna and flora:

PMs Dave R & Tim
Andrew Whyte
Anneroos Kleinrensink
Charlotte Parker
Elliot Babb
Frazer Nooh
Ghislaine de Maes Janssens
James (Jamie) P Shaw
Kit Yen Yim
Lucas Kessaram
Samuel Phipps

Alpha 7 - Adventurers of Long Pasia; These really are our luckiest venturers, what better start to an expedition could there be than six nights on a tropical island. Waking up each day on the beach of Mamutik Island, Alpha 7 will spend their days working and adventuring in order to achieve either their Open Water or Adventure PADI diving qualification. After which they will trek through the jungles of Long Pasia close to the Indonesia and Sarawak borders. Who are we all very jealous of? look no further than:
PMs Cat & Krystyna
Andres Sergeant
Erik Vlaswinkel
Jack Huntington
Jacobine Muntendam
Jasmine Horsey
Jennifer Foster
Jeremy Cheang
Nicholas Bromley
Rhiannon Depla
Samuel Straker

 Alpha 8 - Just like Alpha 7, this team will be achieving their diving qualifications on Mamutik Ilsand and trekking through incredible scenery of Long Pasia. The only difference is, they're doing it the other way around, trekking first and diving second. I can guarantee you the tropical beach will made all the sweeter by the sense of accomplishment achieved by completing their trek first. Our second group of adventurers:

PMs James & Sam
Clarrie Ashley
Emma Brown
En De Liow
Erica Diklev
Gary Urban
Martin Leman
Nicholas Mapson
Sai Leung Tso (Ted)
Zoe Miller

Alpha 9 - Our final group of adventurers, completing their first trek at an altitude of 1500 metres along the Mengkaladom trail, then travelling to Mamutik Island to achieve their PADI qualifications before finally trekking back to Basecamp through Kiulu Valley in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. All these trek locations are some of the most beautiful in all of Borneo but the experience will be both challenging and character building, I present to you Alpha 9:

PMs Emma & Joe
Aaron Saxton
Elliott Andrew
Frenley Richard
Ingrid Elliott
James T Allan-Mclean
Josh Rockley
Mats Andriessen
Michael R Hawes Cruz
Michelle L Coffey
Yu Wei Lee (Fishtail)