Monday, 5 November 2012

Phase 2 allocations

So Phase 1 is now over and the Venturers are chomping at the bit to get started on their next projects. Without further ado then, here is where everyone has been allocated for Phase 2 of Expedition 12K.

Alpha 1
Kindergarten, Kampung Terian, with Jayne and Lisa
Ruben, Tom, Ciucci, Al, Anna, Dionne, Laura, Becky, Richard, Sarah and James

Alpha 2
Gravity water feed, Kampung Nuguh, with Erin, Simon and John
Jamie, Yie May, Theily, Noah, Veerle, Cosmo, Coral, Kitty, Lara and Ben

Alpha 3
Water tank construction, Danum Valley, with Keval, Angharad and Komal
Matt, Kenly, Stuart, Jon, Iona, Lucy, Steffi, Kate, Maddie and Malcolm
Alpha 4
Biodiversity survey, Pitas, with Emily, Annabel and Andrew
Jake, Hong Kai, Barnaby, Fred, Dewis, Annmarie, Hessel, Meghan, Serene, Dorien, Philippine and Annebel
Alpha 6
Trek/dive, Long Pasia/Mamutik, with Joe and Alex
Sam, Boudewien, Dom, Jelte, Laura, Theijs, Emma, Gemma, San, Wei Wei, James


Anonymous said...

Message for Dom Sanders Alpha 6 from Coral Sanders

Hi Dom! Wow, good to see you are on the trek and dive next! Bet you can't wait! We are looking forward to seeing the pics of that on the blog! Letters are on their way, hopefully you will recieve them soon.
Not much happening here, just work and cold and X Factor (which I know you love) ;) so you're not missing much and definitely in the right place son!!!

Have a fantastic time, how I wish I was there!

Love you loads, Mom and Dill xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hye.good day. I just want to ask, can locals join the team? If yes, what is the procedure? and how about fees??? Thank You.

Anonymous said...

to Thijs Wessels Alpha 6

Hey Thijs,
Van een slaapplaats met fabelachtig uitzicht naar één met alleen maar bomen en groen om je heen. Dat zal wel even wennen zijn tijdens de trekking. Maar de foto's van de groepen die in fase 1 trekking en duiken deden, zien er zo waanzinnig mooi uit dat ik me niet anders kan voorstellen dan dat je er weer enorm van zal genieten tussen het afzien door. Thuis gebeurt niet veel bijzonders: herfstweer en iedereen braaf aan het werk. De katten ook: ze vangen weer de ene muis naar de andere en die krijgen wij als cadeau voor onze slaapkamer gedeponeerd. Het is even goed oppassen als je 's morgens je bed uitstapt. Vergeleken met de hoeveelheid beesten die jullie tegenkomen stelt één zo'n dooie muis in de gang natuurlijk niks voor! xx mam

Mom said...

To Meghan Broadbent

Biodiversity project. That's awesome! All your seaturtle expedition experience should be very helpful for you. Keep up the great work! Have fun getting to know and working with other fantastic people on your new project. Everyone here say's hello and wishes you all the best!
XOXOXO Mom, Dad, Family (and your girls!)

Anonymous said...

To Dionne (alpha 1):
Lieve Jon,
Zo fijn om je stem weer gehoord te hebben! En weer een nieuw avontuur voor de boeg, we zijn weer heel benieuwd en volgen je op de voet.Hoop dat je onze brieven snel zult krijgen!
Ik ben eindelijk begonnen met het derde album van onze vakantie, dus ze zullen ergens in maart weleens klaar zijn, haha. Je krijgt ook heel veel liefs van oma en natuurlijk van ons allen en een stevige poot van Brenner!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darling
Lovely to see your photo on the blog and I got your letter today which was wonderful
all well here, Richard sends his love and is busy sanding bits of wood in the kitchen! Kess is fine and enjoying the log burner as we are having a very cold spell with temperatures down to below freezing tonight.
Can't wait for the next six weeks to have a great big hug and catch up. Richards asks how is it in the special services?

Things happening at work and will let you know tomorrow as we have a TC at 1700hr. Night night to you stay safe and be happy

Jeremy Cheang said...

For HongKai ,
HI its jeremy ! (12A) ex venturer ! hehe anyways hope youre having a good time there! take lots of photos too. I dont know if you received my last comment or not, but i sure hope those leeches and mozzies havent got the better of you.

p/s: tobacco is effective against leeches, get cheap ones from the market if you can and kill in in your socks!

Rover A Crew !

Sarah McGeorge said...

James McGeorge Alpha 1

Hi James

Hope all well and you are settled at the Kindergarten site. It must be fun with the children there- have you got them singing yet?!
Just thought I would let you know I spoke to School this morning, they have the A level certificates but they are then sent to Housemasters to forward. They are going to copy it and email me a copy so I can get it off to Cardiff. No news from other Unis as yet.
I am writing this on your laptop as my computer has gone away for a couple of weeks. Apple are recalling them as there may be a problem with the hard drive. Not liking having no mouse and you scroll upside down, cant get the hang of it!
Letter number 5 on its way, just hope it reaches you. Your later arrived yesterday, pretty speedy. Great to hear from you Don't know why mine aren't getting to you.
Cold and damp here today but looking better for tomorrow. Taking Jake to Dulas but not letting him off the lead1
Stay safe, lots of love Mum x

Jonathan Grace said...

To Jamie Grace in Alpha 2

Hi Jamie, great pictures and nice to see you're off to the water project which I imagine will be good fun and very satisfying to build something that will actually improve peoples lives. I just got back from Bangkok where I managed to watch the Abu Dhabi GP whilst I lounged in the corner of Denny's Bar. The girls all send their love! :-)
Raikonen won followed by Alonso, Vettel, and Button. Hamilton did not finish due to an electrical problem, so that puts Vettel just 10 points ahead of Alonso with 2 races to go. I'm flying out to Sao Paolo in 2 weeks so will prob have some of the guys on board.
Wato's team continue to do badly in the Championship and are currently 18th with only 19 points and the Premiership currently runs as Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Everton with only a point between each of the top 3. I'm off to Cape Town nest week and will be seeing Lyle so I'll pass on your regards. Looking forward to seeing more picks of Alpha 2.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Serene babe!

Looking gorgeous, looking gorgeous, and looking gorgeous OUT THERE! <3<3<3

We'll wait you for our swim, next April. And things are going seriously well here!

Jia Yee

Anonymous said...

To: Dorien en Philepine, alpha 4!

Haaaai lieverds, ik lees net dat jullie het fantastisch daar hebben, goed zo, beeen heel blij en jaloers op/voor jullie! Maar met mij gaat het ook allemaal goed hoor, gaat zo zijn gangetje hier allemaal haha niet heel bijzonder! maar lieve do facebook mij even als je kan skypen of kan chatten of iets, zal wel lang duren?
Lieverds, geniet er nog even van en ik mis jullie hoor!

Dikke kus Caroline (Cacieeeee)

Anonymous said...

to Thijs Wessels Alpha 6

lieve thijs,

jemig, wat heb jij al een hoop gave dingen gedaan! Nu die trekking , ik heb fotos gezien van de andere groep die er al geweest is en wat ziet dat er gaaf uit, jaloers!! Nu pas een berichtje omdat ik het zo druk heb gehad met de eerste SE week. Ik hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt en er lekker van geniet. En ik moet toegeven ik mis je wel hoor !! xxx Anne

Anonymous said...

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Harry Pupping said...

he jelte ,,ik probeer al wat eerder te sturen maar lukt niet echt..Hoe is het daar..??beetje uit te houden in de jungle?Zal toch wel.
veel plezier daar neef en maak er wat moois van.

Ian May-Miller said...

To Andrew, Alpha 4
I started brewing the Christmas beer yesterday. Very traumatic but it's definitely fermenting so should be ready for your return. Looks like 32 for Christmas dinner!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Dorien,

We lezen allemaal prachtige verhalen en volgens mij heb je het reuze naar je zin.
We zijn natuurlijk stinkend jaloers.
Heb je nog foto's mogen maken?
Anders je indrukken goed opslaan op je eigen harde schijf. Deze ervaring nemen ze je nooit meer af.
Geniet er lekker van en heel veel plezier in Bangkok.