Sunday, 4 November 2012

Changeover already?!

It feels like only yesterday that the Venturers arrived at KK airport and the Expedition 12K team all set off to Basecamp for the very first time, but three weeks in and we all set off on our way to gather there again. How time flies when you're busy trekking/ diving/ building kindergartens, water tanks and water feed systems and generally having fun!
Alpha 1 were the first to arrive back a day before just in case the roads decided to misbehave again and there was no one to rescue them! They enjoyed their first proper shower with running water in 18 days and their first night of not sleeping on a concrete floor for what seemed like ages.

Matt, Sam, Emma and Iona from Alpha 1 enjoy some down time
Hamed, Sally and Dan, aka the hard-working logs team...
The following morning the other Alpha groups began to return, and everyone was ecstatic to see each other again. After handing all their unbroken equipment and uneaten food back to the logistics team it was time for a well-earned catching up, showering and general lounging around for a few hours. The camp also turned into a veritable Chinese laundry as everyone took advantage of the running water and the sunshine to wash their damp and really rather stinky clothes.


Later that night, each Alpha group performed the skits they'd been asked to create while out on phase. Mainly involving re-enactments of life on phase, what the performances lacked in Oscar-winning calibre, they made up for with lots of singing, dancing, rapping and other interesting props.

Alpha 5 try to ignore Ruben's tummy rumbling while singing their ditty

Theily and Richard bring out their best voices and the rest of Alpha 3 can only bow in wonder

Alpha 6, demonstrating what happens if a camp fire is lit a bit too near the inside of a tarp

The Alpha 1 brigade reveal their best frog impressions....

Alpha 2 attempt to avert their eyes from Nat and Simon's clashing trousers disaster...
 The Fieldbase judging panel of Emily, Mac, Ruth and Hamed took their role extremely seriously and, when it emerged that Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 were the joint winners, they immediately called for a dance-off. After some seriously interesting team formations, Alpha 2 were deemed the overall winners, with their Lord of the Rings-esque tale of their Quest to find the Missing Waterpipe Coupling Ring, followed by the Alpha 2 anthem to the tune of We Will Rock You.

Mac dons his best Simon Cowell hat... although Hamed thinks he's more Craig Revel Horwood...

Alpha 2, the conquering skit heroes
 After a hopefully comfy night's sleep (of course we still got everyone up at 6am though, do they think they're on holiday or something?!) it was time for allocations and everyone to find out where they would be heading next - more on this very soon!
Straight afterwards it was time for everyone to join their new groups, and what better way to get to start new team bonding than by taking part in a Halloween special Raleigh Olympics, organised by the Fabulous Fieldbase team of Emily, Pip and Sally. The Venturers took part in apple bobbing, eating doughnuts with hands tied behind backs and searching for sweets in buckets of flour - all while having copious amounts of water thrown at them by the VMs.

This was followed by the ultimate obstacle course, involving eggs and spoons, a gigantic tarp and, of course, lots and lots of water. There was also a prize for the best Halloween costume, won by Coral and the Alpha 2 team.


Coral (in green) - Best in Show!
 The afternoon was then spent stocking up on wares from the Raleigh shop. Crisps, chocolate, cans, talcum powder and plasters appeared to be the most popular takings, but there were also lots of letters that were handed in that could be making their way to you.
Then it was time to start preparing for the 6am set off the next day before making the most of not having to cook their own dinner for the last time in a few weeks. All in all it was a great few days - extremely busy, but hopefully with some time for relaxing and spending time with new and old friends before starting on the next challenge of a lifetime.



Catriona said...

To Simon Apha 2

Good to see the pictures of you and know that you are managing to maintain your sartorial elegance. Pleased also that your group won something which is better than Reading. Today sunday 4th they only managed a 1 all draw with QPR. they are still third from bottom of the table with QPR and Southampton below them.
We have just returned from a walk along the front at Selsey. Walked further than intended and was a bit dark by the time we got back. So annoyed with myself that I forgot to pick up the camera as we came away. Hope you enjoy the next phase seems no time since you were off on the first won. Love Mum and Dad

Claudia said...

Ruben van de Water (alpha 5)

Yooo Ruben!
Hoe is het in Borneoland? Houd je het een beetje vol xD
Ik kom er net achter dat ik best makkelijk je een berichtje kan sturen!
Je mist echt heeeeeelemaal niks in NL. Het is best wel kloteweer en het is koud, heel koud. En himym is ook best baat aan het doen, want naast het feit dat het vrij saai is geworden, zit het nu 3/4 weken op vakantie ofzo.
Naja, ik heb volgende week se-week, en dat hangt dus af van of ik teruggeplaatst word naar de 5de of niet. Dus ik ben heeeeel erg aan het duimen dat alles goed gaat!!
Heel veel plezier nog op de rest van je projecten :)
En als je nog tijd hebt, laat wat van je horen!
Heel veel liefs,

Mom said...

To Meghan Broadbent.
Way to go and congratulations on your contest winnings! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful and fulfilling time. We cant wait to see what your next project is going to be! Love the picture's and updates. You look so dang happy! Good luck and have fun on your new adventure! As always, we miss you, love you, and pray for the very best!
XOXOXO Mom, Dad, and Family

Anonymous said...

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Joehoeee Pien!!
ik hooop dat je beetje leuke verjaardag hebt gehad?? en al onze kaarten hebt ontvangen!?? zag op de fotos dat je lekker vreten had gekocht hahaha. zag er allemaal leuk uit! ben benieuwd hoe je volgende project eruit ziet!! xxx liefs Jules

Branwen said...

Hello Angharad! (Staff, Danum Valley)

We have letters in the post for you, but thought I would try this commenting lark. Have been looking at all the photographs jealously - it is past the nice stage of Autumn now and getting really quite dark and drizzly. Luckily you will miss this stage and be back when it is properly Winter instead of in-betweeny. I have a day off work today - Geoff and the builders are still at the house doing the bathroom so I've escaped to the library!!
The Halls went to the Harry Potter studios in London over half term (yep, has been that time already!) and they are apparently writing to you about it.

Got your voicemail the other day - so sorry we weren't in to answer! Good to hear it's going well, lots of love, Branwen xxxxxxx

Mum said...

To Coral Jackson Alpha 2

Hi Coral - it's great to see photos of you at last. Seems like forever since you left home, and it's only a week today! Love the Ninja Turtle look! Congrats on the win - trust you to manage to dress up even in the rainforest! We're so proud of you here, and miss you so much - can't wait to hear all the stories from you, so keep that diary going! Everything here ticking along nicely - just sooooo quiet without you around. (and the house is tidy too!!! LOL!) Hope your enjoying the first adventure stage of your trip and don't get too bitten with the mossies. Only 47 sleeps now!!

Love you, Miss you, Thinking of you always....Mum, Dad, Greg & Kyle xxxxxoooooxxxxx

Newton family said...

What an adventure you're all having! Great pics of you all chilling after the last trip. Loved the dressing up bit. Looks like you've already managed to borrow someone's clothes as we didn't recognise the pink trousers! Hope the next trip is as good as the first and the orangutans leave your hair alone! Sent letter today with not very good photo of us all. Bet the sweets and crisps tasted good when you got back! Keep having fun. Take care of yourself and we love you and miss you lots. Mum and Dad and everyone xx

Anonymous said...

To Dorien van Linge Alpha 4
Schat! Leuk zijn deze berichtjes, hè? Je foto's zien er geweldig uit, ben stinkend jaloers. Geniet van alles!! Het vliegt voorbij. Tenzij je verliefd wordt op een grote zwarte man uit Borneo, dan zien we je nooit meer terug. XX Reinier