Saturday, 29 September 2012

Revealed: Expedition 12K

Well, the decisions have been made and the Borneo 12K Project Managers (PMs) have been allocated their roles! Yesterday the Fieldbase team waved them all off on their Project Planning Visits (PPVs) across Sabah, where they will get to see where they'll be living with the Venturers and what needs to be done over the next three months. So, while the PMs are all hard at work, here’s where we tell you a bit more about each of the projects that will be taking place, and who will be in charge!

Alpha 1: Kindergarten – Kampung Terian Salt Trail, Penampang
In Malaysia the Government provides educational facilities for children aged six and above. The main difficulty, however, is that before a child can be entered into school they must have a minimal standard of reading and writing, and in many of the remote Kampungs (villages) this is often not possible.
This project will see the 10-week build of a kindergarten in Kampung Terian, in association with a local project partner called PACOS, and sponsored by Nestle.
Jayne, Lisa, Annabel
Who’s in charge?
Phase 1: Lisa and Annabel
Phase 2: Lisa and Jayne
Phase 3: Lisa and Annabel



Alpha 2: Gravity Water Feed – Kampung Nuguh, Pitas District
Many remote communities within Malaysia still don’t have access to clean, drinkable water. Villages without a water source will collect their water in large tanks and barrels from rainfall. However, in many areas this is insufficient to meet their needs all the year round, so water is often taken from polluted rivers, which has obvious knock-on effects.
This two-phase project will see us complete a gravity water feed system to provide Kampung Nuguh with proper running water for the first time. Sponsorship for the materials in this project comes from Coca Cola.

Natalie J, John, Simon and Erin

Who’s in charge?
Phase 1: Simon, John and Natalie J
Phase 2: Simon, John and Erin

Alpha 3: Water system and guardhouse construction – Danum Valley
Danum Valley is home to the oldest rainforest in the world. It is a highly protected, world-renowned conservation and research area that is famous for its rich biodiversity and abundant wildlife – it’s home to rare and endangered species including the pygmy elephant, the clouded leopard and the orangutan and some 275 species of birdlife.
This project will be helping to increase access to the conservation area for scientists so they can carry out further research, including completing the water system, constructing a guardhouse and helping with various conservation projects.

Angharad, Alex and Keval - Phase 1
Who’s in charge?
Phase 1: Angharad, Keval and Alex
Phase 2: Angharad, Keval and Komal
Phase 3: Angharad, Keval and Erin


Alpha 4: Biodiversity survey – Pitas AFC Forestry Reserve
This conservation site in the Ulunebang area of northern Sabah is part of a larger area owned by AFC (Asian Forestry Company), which is aiming to ensure at least 8% of its 60,000 hectares is designated as conservation forest.

There will be two phases of this project, which will involve working with an AFC representative to conduct a survey and collect data outlining the presence of significant flora and fauna within the area. The long-term plan is for this data to be used in order to gain official classification by the State as a conservation area. 
... and for Phase 3

The PMs for Phase 2...
Who’s in charge?
Phase 2: Annabel, Andrew and Emily
Phase 3: Komal and Andrew

Alpha 5: Dive/trek – Long Pasia
The venturers and PMs will spend three or four days diving on the island of Mamutik to complete their PADI Open Water Diver course. There’ll also be the opportunity to take part in some underwater conservation work, such as planting coral and collecting underwater waste.

The trekking part of this project will see Venturers trekking in the south western corner of Sabah for 10 to 11 days. The teams will have to carry all their supplies and equipment and camp wild for the duration of the trek, which will start from and end in the small village of Long Pasia, a very remote area that is steeped in tradition and folklore – the people of the area have an interesting history as fierce headhunters!

Who’s in charge?

Jayne and Erin for Phase 1
Phase 1: Jayne and Erin
Phase 3: Jayne, John and Emily

And Jayne, John and Emily will do Phase 3

Alpha 6: Trek/dive – Long Pasia
The Alpha 6 groups will trek first in the same area as Alpha 5, this time over three phases, and then enjoy some well-earned diving.

Phase 2: Joe and Alex
Who’s in charge?
Phase 1: Joe, Komal and Andrew
Phase 2: Joe and Alex
Phase 3: Joe, Simon and Natalie J
Natalie J, Joe and Simon in Phase 3



Anonymous said...

To Andrew May-Miller 12K project.

William and I have noticed you are missing a phase - is it your age? We can't wait to hear the leach count so far.

From Sarah and William May-Miller

Anonymous said...

Ruben VD Water! WAT BEN IK JALOERS OP JOU! you are going to have blast!

X former 11k'er Maurits van Rhijn

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Expedition12 K Ruben van de Water
Hallo Ruben, ik hoop dat alles goed gaat met je. Je zult wel veel zien en meemaken. Vind het wel moeilijk om alles in het Engels te volgen , maar ik doe mijn best. Nog heel veel plezier en de groetjes ook van Leo. Groetjes Yvonne

Eva said...

To Dorien van Linge Expedition 12K

Liefste Do!!! Wat chill zien je foto's eruit babe! Hoe heb je het? Hoop zo op een of andere manier nog van je te horen. Denk veel aan jou! Hoe was Long Pasia? Heb je Nooh ontmoet?? Hoe ging de trek? Veel gebeten door die kut leeches?? En zijn Sarah en Mac er ook? Schat geniet!! Mijn brief gaat op de post, maar kon dit even niet laten. Hoop dat alles goed met je gaat!! Dikke kus uit Amsterdam, Eva Menneke

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Hallo Ruben,

We hebben al een paar keer een kort bericht gestuurd, maar weten niet of ze zijn aangekomen.
Het is nu zaterdagavond 20 oktober.
Morgenvroeg vertrekken we naar Praag tot donderdagavond.
We hopen iets van je te horen op of rond 30 oktober als je weer in het basiskamp bent. Inmiddels zijn er wel twee brieven naar je onderweg.
Hier alles goed.
Lieve groet van Debora, Oscar en Jan

Anonymous said...

Message just sent was for Ruben van de Water, expedition 12K, Alpha 5

Courtnay Thompson said...

Hello (Elena) Ciucci! Look whos 18 now woop! How was your birthday my best buddy?!! I hoped you had an awesome 18th, but oves where going to have a better one when you come back ;) sooo hows everything been? how have you been finding it because I bet its been tough! so im guessing youll be a right fitty when you come back all bufft and bronzed ;) and I'll make sure when you get back that we have the most unhealthest meal ever ;)
Ive been missing you soo much and I have lots of gossip to inform you of! hhehehe.
Cant wait to see your face again!!!!
missing soo much, Love you
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Courtnay Thompson said...

Hello (Elena) Ciucci! 12K Expedition
Look whos 18 now! I hoped you had a fab Birthday in Borneo. Im soooo sorry I missed your call, I was gutted when I saw 2 missed calls from Ciucci I tryed to ring back but it wouldnt go through! I hope I dont miss the next one!
Soo hows everything been? How are you? How you finding it? I bet its been soo hard trecking everywhere with those massive bags on your back. But at least youll be bufft and brozed by time you get back ;) and you can have a real fatty meal with me when you come back ;)
I cant wait till you come back, ive been missing you sooo much! I have gossip to tell you as well ;) heheh. Cant wait to see your gorgeous face again!
Love you
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Elena Ciucci p12k
Hello hope your ok missing you,still waiting for some pics of you,i have put address and blog link on facebook ,so hopefully every one will send you a message . keep safe love mum and dad xxxxxxxxx