Thursday, 2 August 2012

We're at the Half Way Point!

It seems like just yesterday that the V's arrived at KK airport; jet lagged, sweaty and a little bewildered, but it was four weeks ago!

Half way through and they are all fully immersed in Raleigh life, have acclimatised to the heat(most of the time anyway) and have gone full throttle into all of the projects.

Alpha 1's kindergarten in Komborongo is on track with the floor finished, the walls going up and the roof going on. The Gravity Water Feed is ready for the water tank to be moved into place and the dam build is in full swing with Alpha 2. Alpha 3 are moving steadily along with the water tanks in Danum Valley and Alpha 4 have completed the first bear refuge and have started designing the second.

The trekkers are enjoying practicing their camp craft skills, leeches, Dive Island, Raleigh Rations and some sunshine which has decided to come back for Phase 2.

So here we are, Expedition 12D at our first Changeover...

Here's to a fabulous Phase 2 and an even better Phase 3!


Anonymous said...

for Elsemieke Kruseman alpha 1
Hee lieve Elsemieke,
Hoe is het leven daar, ik zag je op de groepsfoto, wel klein stipje, maar toch, je staat er maar!! Schiet het met de school goed op? Als jullie klaar zijn, staat die er dan, of moet de volgende groep weer verder met bouwen of afwerken? Maar ja, dan moet jij via de site de vorderingen volgen, want jij zit dan weer in het vliegtuig op weg naar huis!! Hé wat zal ik ook weer blij zijn als je weer terug bent!! Hoewel ik het ook heerlijk voor je vindt dat je helemaal daar in Borneo bent.
Wij zitten nu in Les F. Zijn maandag van Vil hier naar toe gereden. Lekker weer tot nu toe gehad, Martine ligt veel te zonnen. Vandaag een beetje bewolkt, afgewisseld met zon. Morgen is pappa jarig, proberen er iets gezelligs van te maken door wat buren uit te nodigen. Tja, verder gebeurt hier niet zoveel. Zijn wat in de tuin bezig, hangen hier en daar weer wat lijstjes op en bij ieder glaasje wijn denk ik even aan je, kun je nagaan hoeveel ik aan je denk!! Dag lieverd, ik stop er weer mee, ben nog steeds benieuwd naar al je verhalen, maar dat zeg ik iedere keer. Daaag, veel kusjes, mamma xxxxxxx

Heather B said...

For Katie (Kathleen) Fairburn - sorry, I can't work out which group you're currently in!

Sorry I didn't send you a message before, after I made many promises that I would. I'd make lots of excuses about being busy and away (both of which are true) but essentially, you know how useless I am so hope this is enough to make you forgive me!

I hope you're having an amazing time out there! I've been following the blog and it looks... demanding! Not much gossip from this side, well not anything I can share in this format anyway.! Don't worry, I'll store it for a full on catch up when you're back :)

Stuff that I can share:

We're throwing a baby shower for Amy and tried to organise it for when you're back, but her mum wanted to do it the first weekend in September so you'll miss it :( However, we'll bear all your ideas for party games in mind...

Andy Miller (Hedgy's friend??) is moving to Leeds on Friday, 3rd - all the more reason to move back to Leeds when you're home :D

I hope you're well otherwise, please don't be too skinny and brown when you're back otherwise I will cry.

Love you lots and lots.



Rosie Moss said...

Hi Annie Moss
Hope all is going well with the gravity water feeder project. Expect you have muscles on your muscles now! It's amazing that you are half way through your adventure.
Dad and I saw a really interesting art installation in B'ham yesterday which will still be on when you are back.
On Sunday we go to David's birthday do so we will give him your love.
Hope you are keeping cheerful and are less alluring to the leech population than you were.
Lots and lots and lots of love as always, Mum, Dad and Ed xxxxxxxxxx

Charlie said...

For Annie Moss
I am Charlie I am a kat and I am sending you a message from me an Monty becos we luf you.
I am practisin catchin mouses for you wen you are bak an Monty is rollin in the dust.
Blab blab luf frum Charlie an MonT

Alastair Grantham said...

Message for Victoria Hutcheson.

Hey Fluffy,

Only one month to go till your knight in shining amour travels thousands of miles across several continents to gallantly rescue you from the Jungle.
Oops that was Fairy tale version
Reality Check - . Your hopeless boyfriend who has been pining for you since the day you left and can’t seem to function without you will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur in exactly one months time. He will probably hug you to death and not let go of you for a week !. Can’t Wait.

Ps Did I mention I was missing you a little bit.
Pps I love you (A Lot) xxxxx.

Anonymous said...

To Matthew White 12D expedition
hi matt seen more photos looking a bit hot at least you got the heat, rain over hear, fancy a cold bear?? sorry have another malted bedtime drink. Olivia thorpe here with your mum by my side making me type!! HI from the thorpe's sending all our love and good luck! mum says still missing you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Katie Fairburn!

Hey darling! I just saw your facebook message, I don't have internet, just what i can get in the corn exchange...and I am using your phone as mine got a bit wet! Call me on that? I hope your doing amazing, I miss you loads. You mentioned in your message you haven't heard off me which is worrying as I sent a 6 page letter about 2-3 weeks ago with a big sheep illustration which took me forever and I can't believe you haven't got it!
I've got to go now will send another message you!

kathleen caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 4 hello darling on you downward trail we hope you are still enjoying yourself we still miss you very much and look forward to the end of august and you coming home all our love nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Petra Dimitrijevic, Alpha 3

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Draga moja Petrica,
Nemam pojma da li primas moje ‘blogs‘ ali sam provjerila s Joshuom i tehnicki ih saljem dobro.
Ono prvo sam napisala na engleskom u nadi da ces ga lakes primiti ali vidim da salju poruke I na njemackom I na svedskom.
Malo prije sam napisala slicnu poruku u zivo I kada sam pritisnula da ju posaljem, izgubila sam internet I ne znam da li je otisla ili ne, pa saljem opet, ali sam prvo napisala u word.
Zelim ti SRETAN RODJENDAN I da ga proslavis u ‘dzungla stilu’. Tata se pridruzuje ali nema pojma sto je blog.
Jako puno te voli mama

Abi B said...

Hannah TODD - Alpha 2

After my KFC experience on Wednesday, I can report that I have returned to normal state of mind! Thrilled to see anoother pic, wonder how you all cope with the "facilities" though when you are together? However, it does give me confidence that you wont be screaming quite so much at Bett to get out of the shower when we are on holiday now!

Only one week (and a wee bit) to go until you head home, I bet you have mixed feelings about it but you know what - a year ago you had no idea you would be doing this - so gird your loins girl for the goodbye's to all the amazing people you have had the good fortune to meet and just think of all the new friends and followers you will have on FB & Twitter to be sharing exciting stuff with.

I'm working from home today (as you can tell) and just dropped Spud off at golf, he thinks he's the new Tiger Woods, amazing what 5 days does! We are going to see his presentation this afternoon so I'm looking forward to having some family time after a mad week.

Olympics Rowing tomorrow and Team GB have made the finals in 3 from 4 events so we will be donning red White & Blue to shout and scream along with 30,000 other people. Team GB are doing well, I have to say, it's the best Olympics I can remember, so much fun and great stories. Swimming has been the best so far for me but Kally loves the Mens water polo (can't think why!)

Let us know when you are on your way home and we must Skype when you get back and we are with Gay et al in Pornichet as they would love to talk to you too.

Not missing you quite so much now as I know it's not long until I get a hug but still very proud of you and CANNOT wait to hear all about your fab adventure and see pics (if you have taken any!)

Love you - WSMTB xxxx

Anonymous said...

Bok Bok
Draga Petrica moja SRETAN TI RODENDAN. Blago tebi u prekrasnoj Borneoskoj dzungli dok se mi smrzavamo u engleskoj. Uzivaj mala moja sestrica i vidimo se kad konacno stignes doma!
Voli te tvoji golden boy

Anonymous said...

For Freddie. D

Great Picture there are so many of you!! Everybody looking happy :-)

Not long left now at all! so exciting! Looking forward to hearing about what you have been up to in this last phase.

Here everyone is just Olympic mad, its all that people seem to be talking about! But it is quite exciting really.. I'm trying to get a ticket for at least one event but not much luck yet :(

Thinking of you lots. Keep smiling!!

Un bacione, Jade xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Rayanne - Alpha 3

Hi Ray,
Somerset Won Cupmatch -:( Just Aweful, but that's okay St. Geo will get it back next year. You know daddy is happy.
We miss you!

Love Your Bermuda Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie Moss!!

Just had a big catch up on your news... sounds good!! I am so happy to be able to read all about your adventures, looks brilliant! Look at that... August already!! I am now back in the UK, it was horrible leaving France, I was so upset but thanks to the Olympic Games am just about coping in the cold,wet UK. The Games are really exciting, we have 14 gold medals already coming from cycling, rowing and the track and field... so so good!! Anyway I will stop going on, miss you lots. Keep safe and enjoy yourself! Lots of love Colette xxxx

David Archibald said...

Euan Archibald (alpha 7)
Hi Euan, Dad here. Hope you are enjoying proper trekking - sounds fantastic. You can race me up The Pentlands when you get back and then teach me to dive!
2-0 for Hearts against St Johnstone yesterday (Sutton pen and Temps) so for the moment the Scottish Cup winners are top of the league.
Edinburgh festival has now started so loads to do/see in town. Kirstie is going to see The Magnets so you'll get a review when you get back.
Keep having fun and take care
Dad xxx

Auntie said...

Hi Jermae (my little woman),
I was so happy to hear from you on the telephone this morning; you made my day. I also received all the letters in one envelope written in 'pencil' and laughed about 'Toby'.HA HA HA. We miss and love you, and will be so glad when you return to Bermuda to hear all about your trip. Don't bring 'Toby' back though (smile). What computer couse do you want to enroll in???
love + kisses

cousin K said...

Selamat Sejahlera Mae Mae:
Ending up on the same phase as Malcolm is incredible, and sleeping in the same hammock at Jungle camp is 'crazy'. Auntie gave me my letter on Aug. 8th and I read it on Aug. 9th. I gather you are now on Phase 2, but cant see which adventure you're on as you complete Phase 1. Continue to enjoy the experience. Mal and I sent you 4 postcards in total; 2 you should have received by now and 2 more posted this week. We hope you're able to show them to your new friends in Sabah/Borneo about how beautiful your island of Bermuda is. We love + miss you.
cousins K, Mal + Uncle Mal