Friday, 24 August 2012

They survived Adventure Challenge

It was the challenge to top all challenges. A top secret mission, undisclosed to everyone including Fieldbase staff for the past four weeks.  And so each task was a surprise not only for the V’s, but their PMs as well. Giant maggots, river crossings, tests of logic and creativity and  trekking and cycling over arduous terrain were all to follow – how did 12i get on?
After three works of hard work on project sites and just one busy day for Changeover there was no chance to rest for the 12i Venturers and PMs. It was straight onto Adventure Challenge (AC) at 8am on Friday morning.

Their first task of initiation into AC was the maggot challenge. Hanri, 12i’s main guide for the coming week had a large amount of the grubs ready and wriggling for the anxious teams. Their task; to polish of at least one of the squirming beasties before proceeding onwards;


The groups trekked and had to build their own shelters;


Though during their treks they did encounter a few distractions, such as Nat;

As well as a rivers where the teams had to cross, or build a bridge from limited materials;


The Zulu groups’ logic, creative and team work skills were tested on numerous occasions with activities such as having to get your whole team through ‘electric elephant wire’ without touching the ground, the ‘Water Challenge’ which really asked the team to get their thinking caps on or making catapults that would reach a certain target;


Last on the agenda was a cycle over undulating terrain. This was a tough challenge as everyone was already beginning to tire after the hard work that they had done over the last few days. But 12i’s energy and determination pushed through as always, and even though many ended up walking their bikes up the last the last hill, they persevered and cycled to the finish in great spirits!

Adventure Challenge is now complete, and it’s time for Endex. The last five weeks has passed in the blink of an eye. New friends have been made, experiences of a life time have been had and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Check back soon to see the final 12i photos from Endex.


Ashley said...

Hello to All my Raleigh Bermuda Venturers! Amon, Rayanne, Shaehlay, Mike, Ndavyah, Amanda and Jermae!

I know I havent written on the blog in a while BUT just know that i havent forgotten about you! I hope you all are having a blast as expedition is almost over....Make the most out of these next couple of weeks and just reflect on how far you all have come! I am soo PROUD of wach and every single one of you! I can not wait to see all your pictures and hear all of your amazing stories! Mike, I hope you got to put the infamous "portable shovel to use! Ndavyah, I have yet to see a picture of you in your "No Parking" T-shirt hahaaha! Smashing Shaehlay, I hope that 70 year old knee is okay! Amanda, your new nickname is AmandaBandana, you look awesome! Ray-anne, I am ever so curious with how your lovely hair is making out, any dredlocks yet?! Jermae, I can miss your bright smile but im glad to see that it remains on your face in every picture! And Amon I love how you still remain fashion forward and looking fabulous regardless of your surroundings! Keep it Cute! Hahaha! I LOVE you all and Wish you all the best! Make the most out of this last week! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

to my dearest manjuli,

just one more day to go , less then 24 hours and u b back home with all your love ones. We are missing you so much here and hope your stay at paradise hotel is good and you manage to recuperate .

love danaelan and queen.

Neris Morris said...

for Gwen Morris Alpha 10/Zulu 1

Hi Gwen, Just neges gloi i weud ein bod wedi gweld y lluniau o'r Adventure, mae'n edrych yn wych a llawn hwyl er yn galed iawn!!

Ddim yn siwr os gei di hwn mewn amser cyn gadel, ond am ddymuno siwrne dda adre i ti a phawb arall. Ma Dad a fi yn dreifo lan i Llunden nos fory ac aros yn y run gwesty a nethon ni'n dwy ar y ffordd mas. Dewn i Arrivals i aros amdanat. Welwn ti fore Sul.

Cariad mawr, Mam a Dad xxxxxx

mum said...

Amy Edwards

Hey sweetiepie.....WOW to think you may or may not be home next weekend....I'm excited for you either way....!!!
I really hope you manage to travel a wee bit but even if that doesn't work out I sooooo cannot wait to see you my gorgeous girl....I will most likely drive down last minute to heathrow if thats the way it goes...we can kip in the car...LOL!!
That could be luxury for you tho... :))
Coldstream comes to an end next week...but still have a few extra hours at Greenlaw....however I have 3 weeks holidays from the 7th sept...

well poppet....make the most of it now and I look forward to hearing from you end of the week...

love you as always

Mum xxxx molly xxx mini..xxxxxxxxxxxxx lol!

gilly said...

Emma Haaaaaayyyy

Hey Emma, not long now hunny....are you counting the days..??
Mum is..!!
Don't forget and bring some sun and heat back with has been lacking a wee bit here..
Enjoy the next few days and look forward to seeing you and hearing all your adventures...

love you lots

Lisa Jacob said...

Amy Edwards-Alpha 4(Sepilok)

Hey amy!You asked for a blogpost and you've got one!:)hope you're having a fantastic time at sepilok and i really,really hope you have crazy, funny orang utan stories to share with me:p i miss having you as a roommate and having someone just as messy as me!AND OF COURSE,the "I KNOWS"(in typical monica style).hope you have a wonderful endex and see you soon!

Lisa Jacob said...

Victoria Hutcherson-Alpha 4(Sepilok)

VICTORIAAAAAA!Hope Sepilok's been good to you:)been missing all the beautiful Raleigh people(that means you) and Lalapakon. Remember our last night there?That was totally crazyyyyyy:)I really really hope Amy is being a sweetheart and NOT finishing the milo(i forgot to write that on her note,so i'm writing it on yours).Hope you have a fabulous time during endex and also after that on your Asian adventure!


Lisa Jacob said...

Nas Radzi Nasrah- Alpha 2(Gravity Water Feed at Kg Lalapakon)

NASSSSSSSSSS!how have you been?and more importantly,have ALL the 50 m pipes been laid?LOL.i'm pretty sure your work days have been buckets of fun carrying those pipes up.And DID YOU SEE THE DAM the last(fabulous) alpha 2 built?TOTALLY COOL RIGHT?anyway,hope you had a memorable and lovely raya in the kampung. I'm pretty sure the villagers made you feel like you were right at home:)hope you loved lalapakon as much as I did and i can't wait to hear all your lalapakon stories!

Lisa Jacob said...

Ng Shea Shin-Alpha 1 (Kindergarten at Kg Komborongo)

Hey Shin!The good news is i finally know your full name:p.Hope komborongo has been a blast for you:)Really miss our late night Malaysian sessions at base camp with all that yummy food!Hope you have a great time at endex!See you soon:)


Lisa Jacob said...

Chia Li Ying-Alpha 3(Danum Valley)

LI YINGGGGGG! I wish I could be there with you at endex!:(hope your last 3 weeks at danum was amazing and if annie was ever mean to you, you just tell me and i will settle it for you:p really miss being with all you beautiful people and remember to think of me when the Malaysian group gets together,ok!All the best with your kinabalu climb!you are so gonna conquer that mountain!:)


Mum said...

Emma Hay

108 Hours to go. Miss you and love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MUM

Tracy said...

Amy Edwards

Miss you honey and love you. Hope you enjoy the travelling if you go.
xxxxxxxx Tracy