Monday, 6 August 2012

Learn a bit about Alpha 1, Kampung Komburongo!

Komburongo is a kampung(village) in Kudat, one of the poorest regions in Malaysia the region of Sabah. It has approximately fifty families, and acts as a hub for a number of other villages in the region with one state school.
Komburongo State School

The people of Komburongo are an indigenous people, called the Rungas and are one of approximately twenty indigenous groups in Sabah. The Rungas have their own language and architecture; they traditionally live in long houses which are a series of linked rooms, much like terraced housing, but on a smaller, more closely linked scale.

Ejim Mangkong is the main man assisting with the Kindergarten build. He is not the head of the village, but a ‘mover and shaker’ who likes to get things going to help improve life in the village.
 Ejim inititiated the project in Komburongo by getting in touch with PACOS(Partnership of Community Organisations Sabah) which is an NGO that regularly works in partnership with Raleigh. PACOS’ mission is to promote indigenous peoples rights through help with land rights and promotion of infrastructure in communities including improving access to education for rural communities. Funding the materials for the build is a family run foundation called Les Paquerettes which also has worked with Raleigh in the past. As well as providing funds for materials it will fund the training of two local teachers and four rural Sabahans to take part in this expedition.

The community will use the building not only as a Kindergarten, but also as a Community Learning Centre. Currently women’s meetings and classes, men’s meetings and political meetings are all held in the small market area, but these will be moved to the ‘CLC’ as they will be calling it when the project is finished. It will be a centre for learning for Indigenous peoples culture and learning.

Phase 1 of this project saw a lot of work followed through, working alongside Ejim and his brother Jimmen Alpha 1 completed the following;
·         Building foundations
·         Raising the bellian posts as the building will be on stilts
·         Putting the floor of the building on

With just two to four experienced builders and carpenters on site at any one time, this has been a massive undertaking for Alpha 1 who had little or no experience in any sort of building work. But they have learnt many new skills along the way and have left Komburongo feeling satisfied that they have had a huge part to play in the making of its Community Learning Centre.

As well as participating in the project build Alpha 1 also had a great time getting to know the community; they gave English classes to the local children, and in return were given craft classes by the locals. They participated in a football match against the local team, which they unfortunately lost 8-4! Hopefully Alpha 1 Phase 2 will give them a bit more of a challenge with Anthony Howden, a former Hibs football player captaining a new team!
The group also visited the nearest beach, just an hour away on the northern tip of Borneo and stayed there for the night. The sea was reportedly unbelievable warm, and they were not short of learning more skills here as many community members accompanied them and taught the group how to spear fish.

Phase 2 began on 21st July with a brand new Alpha 1 ready to get into building mode! This phase will see the walls go up and the roof go up, followed by finishing off and painting in Phase 3.
I have just returned from visiting Alpha 1 so I will have the first blog from Alpha 1 Phase 2 up soon!


Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke, alpha 1
Haay lieve Elsemieke,
Ik las over jouw phase! Wat leuk dat je net als Martine een school bouwt voor de inheemse bevolking. Interessant verhaal over hoe het daar toe gaat en wie de sponsor is!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben je ook meegeweest naar het strand? Veel foto's gezien, maar niet jou. Gelukkig zie ik je a.s. zondag op Schiphol!! Ben zo benieuwd je te zien!! en je te horen!! Wij zullen zondag allemaal thuis zijn. Nu zitten pappa en ik en martine nog in Les F. ik krijg de indruk dat M zich enorm verveelt en volgend jaar niet meer alleen met ons meegaat. Wie weet kunnen jullie weer mee. Hier gebeurt ook niet veel. Moeten de planten weer opbinden en elders in de tuin snoeien. Dat houdt natuurlijk nooit op. Weer is rede ijk, nogal afwisselend, zon en bewolkt en regen. Overmorgen ga ik met beide buren golfen, lijkt me erg gezellig! GW is weer in Utrecht, moet dinsdag, morgen beginnen met zijn "baan" . Anna is nog in USA en komt ook zondag thuis thuis.
Met Yopper gaat het gelukkig weer helemaal goed. Ben hier naar de dierenarts geweest, omdat hij niet helemaal fit was. maar dankzij allerlei medicijnen is hij weer helemaal in orde. Nou meisje, hoop dat je dit berichtje nog ontvangt. O ja, las dat je ook nog een nachtje op het strand was geweest. Best gaaf denk ik. Goh, kan niet wachten tot ik alles hoor.
Dag lieve meisje, nog een paar dagen plezier, heel veel kusjes, mamma xxxxxxxxxx

Josee Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw - Alpha 8

Hey darling,

How's life in the jungle? I really can't wait to hear your stories & find out all about where you are, what the people are like that you're helping, what the place is like, what you've seen, done etc... We try to imagine but can't really.

You've been gone 17 days... 19 To go, you're nearly at the half way point. I really can't wait to read your jungle journal & see the pics.

It's busy here, the electircian is in today, the plasterer comes at the weekend & the decorater next week, finally the carpet the week after.. We're hoping to find someone to fit the wardrobes before you come back so that the contents of Sarahs room are back in there & out of the landing, our room & bath room. It's like an obstacle course at the moment!

Dad's managed to get the week off after you come back so we can spend some time together just chilling before you go back to school.

Team GB is doing really well in the Olympics, we've got 17 gold medals, Adam has been posting on fb about his friendship with local girl /Gold medalist Jessica Ennis which lead him to get teasing about name dropping!

Well that's all our news for now my gorgeous girl.

We are so unbelievably proud of you darling. We love you so very much. Grandpa is dying to see you too & hear about your adventures & so is coming up to London to pick you up & come back with you.

Can't wait to see you darling....In Peter & Salvas words...we're gonna have a sick time when you come back!!!!!!

love, hugs n kisses mum, dad, Boo, Ben, Gok, Pedro & Salva xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Alastair Graves
Hi Al
Thanks for your long letter and for pcs which have arrived at several addresses. Everyone is very grateful! looked up the various places on the map and Google Earth. Looks like dense jungle with obvious deforested parts.
Now here is a puzzle for you. Jump down from your hammock and think back to your top bunk in Blue Mountains... How many are black, alive and pecking in the garden? Think of the name of your school enterprise company (not the fruity one) and put the two together. Get it? Losers' caff avoided for another year! Bit cryptic but you'll understand.
Our flight home was late and so we only saw one hockey match but we were there (ie in the Olympic Park)when GB won 3 gold medals in stadium. The atmosphere was amazing. Even though we were 400m away, the roars when Jess Innis, Mo Farah and long jumper won, were deafening. Taines joined us for marathon the next day. Wet and hard to see over the crowds.
Long letter posted from Ljubljana airport and photos to be sent soon.
D&D 16th in Euros. Will watch out for Worlds in two weeks.
Enjoy your last few days at the Kindergarten. Look forward to hearing all about.

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

Your blogg is becoming an addiction, I just love to read the latest news from Borneo.
Carl and I are just back from a great trip to Ballycastle. The BBQ on Rathlin was a success! Wadayaknow, the weather was great, strong sunshine all day and a very calm crossing. As usual we had far too many bangers and burgers so we gave them away to people who came out of McCuaigs and other walkers. One guy had been out fishing and caught a load of mackerel and pollock and exchanged a bag of the fish for a burger, it fed all seven of us that evening, Jimmy & Yvonne, Fiona & Adrian, Deirdre and myself & Carl.
Other activities on Rathlin included a walk to the Rue lighthouse, seal spotting and collecting cordite on the beach. It's amazing that there's still plenty of the stuff washed up from the HMS Drake from almost 100 yrs ago!
All the best to you,
Love Dervla & Carl

Anonymous said...

For Elsemieke alpha 1
Lieve Elsemiek,
Nog maar weer een berichtje met geen inhoud! Vandaag gaat Diderik naar USA. Hem heb ik jammergenoeg niet meer gezien, maar we kunnen skypen als hij daar goed en wel zit. Jacob heeft het heel leuk gehad in Wales, dat hoorde ik van Louise en zij gaat zelf vandaag voor een paar dagen naar London met een vriendinnetje mee naar de Olym Sp. Heel gaaf.Daar zul je daar niet veel van merken, van de Olympische Spelen. Hier is op tv niets anders dan dat. We krijgen iedere dag wel een plak . Gisteren was heel spectaculair, het optreden aan de rekstok van Epke Zonderland. echt heel erg knap, hij heeft ook goud gewonnen. het was voor hem alles of niets, nou het is dus alles geworden. je zult het vast nog wel zien, hier, op herhalingen. Gisteren gezellig met de buren gegolfd en martine kwam toen we klaar waren meelunchen. gelukkig hebben we internet!!!! straks ga ik weer met een van hen. moet natuurlijk wel even kaarten lopen.
Ben je opgeschoten met de school, je zult wel bijna weer teruggaan naar het basiskamp, voor jou je laatste activiteit geweest. nou lieverd, ik ga ook weer verder. tot over binnen-een-week! daag, kusjes, mamma xxxxxxx

Morag Paul said...

For Emily Paul Borneo Alpha 4
Hi Em have a great birthday on the 17th August. We miss you and wish you well. Love Mum & Dad

susie lacroix said...

hey cameron....well i got tears in my eyes when i saw your message. i am so pleased you are having such an awesome time. what's the name of your local Dad?? How's the gazebo building? Flying squirrels!! it all sounds sooooo awesome. certainly nothing quite as exciting happening here. off down to Bath on Friday to pick up the Trid and bring him up for a week. Mark and Jo back for a couple of weeks and Molly's birthday soon. quite a few people looking at the blog - belinda, stef and stewart, dave, grandpa, mark and brian. Will get them to send some messages. Miss you like crazy and will make sure we have a massive roast chicken for your return. love you to bits...mum. xxx

Anita Jane said...

For Gareth Jane, Alpha 4

Hi Gareth
Great to see the photos on the blog. You seem to be working hard so can't wait to see you reapply the new skills to our garden! Nice to see a smiling face too..You certainly look healthy and to be enjoying yourself.You have a 'congratulations' on the UCAS site today for Strathclyde so well done!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of you. Not long to go til Sunday and we will be able to catch up on all the stories and see the photos. Really miss you.
Lots of Love, Mum, Dad, Emma and Barney XX

campbell family said...

David Campbell ALPHA 1

Hya son loved your postcard and Christine got your letter on Tuesday, it looks like you are having a fantastic time out there while we are enjoying sunny Widnes. Looking forward to seeing you in September all our love Mum,Dad and family. P.S will meet you at the airport when you land UNLESS you tell us different.

Anonymous said...

For Emily Fisher

Just back from hols which I thought were great but compared to your fantastic work and experience are not in the same league!

Think its you on the piccies !

Speak soon and enjoy from your very proud Guernsey Dad - Love you !dneani