Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's all over for the 5 week Venturers

5 weeks
39  Venturers
2 gravity water feeds
1 house
1 gazebo
1 bio diversity study
1 Adventure Challenge
And they did it! All projects completed, Adventure Challenge survived and it was only Endex left to enjoy.
The teams arrived at the aptly named Borneo Paradise Hotel on Thurday 23rd more than ready for showers, beds and most importantly to enjoy the final days of Raleigh!
Everyone got to view the expedition slideshow and music video which they will receive in their Endex packs.  This brought back all of the memories of the past 5 weeks, and was a great reminder of what everyone had achieved. Everyone also received their personalized expedition t-shirts.

Venturers and PMs alike got the following day to relax by the pool or on the beach before preparing for their last evening with Raleigh.
The evening began with a quick expedition meeting about what the possibilities are after Raleigh and how to stay involved. Next it was on to some admin where the Venturers signed their travel release forms, and had final reviews with Laura and Sarah.

 Each Venturer and PM was given a necklace made by the guides from Adventure Challenge as congratulations for completing the week.

Unfortunately it did rain, which put a bit of a dampener on the planned BBQ and outdoor disco but fortunately our ever positive 12 i volunteers decided they didn’t care about getting wet one last time and danced the night away in the rain!
To all 12i volunteers; you have achieved an amazing amount in a very short space of time. Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t ever diminish it! Keep thinking of the wonderful people and environment that you have helped. Maybe we will see you back with Raleigh sometime soon…

Check back soon everyone for an update of the 12D Opening Ceremonies!

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