Thursday, 9 August 2012

For all the Alpha 8 stalkers...

Hey parents, family, friends and other stalkers of those in Alpha 8!

This is Neil (N-dog) and Chirag (Shah-dizzle) here representing camp Borobi.

We've had a great time here building a gravity water feed system which, by the way is coming along swimmingly!

We've had some craaaaaazy fun times so far; 

Carlos and Miguel, our resident chickens have been giving us extra rations- on our beds. But it's always nice to find something for breakfast just before you go to bed. In other animal related news, Ian the female dog is getting healthier by the day feeding off our slops. It is a general consensus that Alpha 8 are living the dream in comparison to any other Raleigh group that has ever existed; we have a volleyball court and we live in the shadow of a very extensive church. Not to mention that we have two nearby shops to keep us fruity fresh with supplies!

This weekend started off with George's birthday- we went wild with porridge and finished the night with a sugar rush from Raleigh Rations- honey, milo, sugar - what's a party without sugar?

Yesterday we got slaughtered by the Sabah national volleyball team and sung our hearts out with a kareoke night...

The gravel has now arrived which means today we can crack on with cementing both dams and hopefully finish the project in time. We want running water for the Opening Ceremony!

Lots and lots of love, Alpha 8

PS- please put some football comments in your blog posts for us!


indra singam said...

hai alpha 8 gang--esp manjuli....
i am one of those stalkers-and sooo glad that u've put up fotos..keep on..lots of luck ,be careful in ur doings and good health.
enjoy ur stint!
fr...Aunty Indra

Jill Scott-Dodd said...

Eilidh Cowan, Alpha 8.
hey! so i saw you guys had a karaoke night and was wondering if you volunteered your voice to blast out a song? oh if only id been there we couldve sung a beautiful duet! ;) hahahaha! but i have seen some pictures of you which is keeping me sane knowing youre still alive! i hope youre on the way to completing that gravity water feed system.
on a completely different note, we've started getting some stuff ready for me to go to uni!! finally :)
i cant wait for you to get back, i love you lots!! <3 xxx

gabby said...

This message is for olivia ourabi expedition 12D alpha 8
Liv your looking like your having a good time nice to see you smiling! you look like you need a good wash though haha! mia misses her auntie and we cant wait to have you home so you can give her cuddles and so she can pull on your hair again!
Love gabby

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey.

Hi Fiona,

I just watched a video posted on fb about Raleigh's clean water project, it was very moving. About 92yr old Gunsarob who had trouble getting clean water.
You guys are doing a great job yeah!

Love Dervla

George Donkin said...

Lucy Troman, Alpha 9? 12D

I got your voicemails!! Absolutely gutted I missed the calls. I was working :( Try and get me in the afternoon (GMT) if you want to call again! (about 9pm your time?). I don't think I can come to the airport, I'll try though. If not I can pick you up from your Dad's? I don't know how long you're staying there because you'll be jet lagged. Devastated you've lost your camera! How?!? No chance of finding it? I wanted a big slideshow :( You wally. It was so good to hear your voice. I love you too Lu.

George xx

Josee Shaw said...

Thurs 9 Aug
For Gabriella Shaw from an Alpha 8 stalker!!!

I just read a blog to Alpha 8 parents & stalker by N-dog & Shah-dizzle & knew immediately it had to be your group!!!

Carlos & Miguel sound like a great pair of chicks & & very generous too giving you extra rations! Glad to hear that Ian is doing well thanks to the camp leftovers.

So glad to read that your having "some craaaaaaazy fun times", living the dream with the added bonus of a volleyball course, shade from a church & 2 shops to keep you "fruity fresh with supplies!"
I gather you were slaughtered by the Sabah national volleyball tea,...well they did have the home advantage!

Kareoke night looked like a giggle; did you share the mellow sound of your gorgeous vioice with the residents of Borobi? One of the things I miss is the sound of your voice & piano playing, Sarah is doing her best to fill the house with the sound of music but it's not the same!

I'm so happy to read what you're getting up to. I does sound like you're having fun & importantly the Gravity Water Feed System is going well, good luck cementing the dams, I'm sure you'll finish the project in time...You'll have to come us with a new team quote like "It's Delta 10 & we've done it again!" or It's Alpha 8 & we're doing great!"

Keep your camera handy & keep taking lots of pic & filling in your journal...I'd love to see photos of what you're doing & simple things like your basher, long drop, where you shower/bathe, Miguel, Carol & Ian, your friends, the locals, the surroundings & everything & anything else.

Nathan has text & messaged e & we've been chatting, he's missing you too, as is Channing T who is pining for you & calls daily!!!

That's all for now my darling, love you sooooooooooooo much, Take care Magoooch!

Tons of love, hugs, kisses & giggles
Mum, dad, Boo, Slava, Peter, Ben & Gok

Rishard said...

For Alice Caldwell

Hello Little One, how you doing? Everyone is missing you like mad this end, got loads of stuff going on though which is fun. Highlight of the week has to be the brownie, thank you! I did not appreciate the dreadlock joke however.

We’re off to Heineken House tonight (Holland’s base during the Olympics) to watch GB v Holland in the semi-final of the hockey. There will no doubt be a few Heineken’s involved as well… I hope sobriety isn’t too hard for all of you?!

Jo gets back from New York next week so mum is coming over for a few days to help with the move. She’s dreading it. We’re planning lots of stuff to keep her busy though, so hopefully she won’t find it all too hard.

In other news, I’ve found someone for our room while we’re away, he’s an old friend from primary school that I see about every 10 years! Really nice guy and should get on well with everyone, it’s only 6 months after all.

Can’t wait for you to get home, we’re over half way now so it should be plain sailing from here!

Love you lots. xxx

Betsy Mandell said...

Neil Mandell - 12I Alpha 8

Hi N-dog!!!

Its good to see that you are alive and well and hopefully having a great time. Nothing happening on the football front at the moment as the whole country is in Olympic fever - maybe next week. Had an amazing time last Sunday - a real experience. Don't know what we will do next week when the games are over. Good luck with the running water - you can do it.

Have fun.

Love Mum, Dad & Richard x

mum said...

Hey Amy Edwards....
How goood was it to hear your lovely voice today sounding really really happy..?? Just wish it had been for longer but work and credit!!
I'll make sure your phone gets topped up..
I've nagged lew again to blog you...we'll see..
but can I have his pressi if he doesn't ...????
ha ha..
Dana came in to weigh brutus tonight and he is the weight of a bag of sugar..awww..thats the rock look-a-like...
The budgies are having a ball in the 'avery' that anna has created for Bud,Achoo,Kiki and Alice might put paul and julie in too..In her back garden amongst the chooks of course..
Has been funny tho.. I think the youngsters up here quite enjoy 'looking out' for the 'oldie'...Ha ha..keep bringing me home baking,Alice
ok sweetiepie...will go for now but enjot the next few weeks...always thinking of you my gorgeous girl..a woof woof from mollydog...and an extra special one from mini..hee heee..!!

take care ,

mum xxx

gilly said...

hey emmmmaaaa haaaaaay....
howz it going hunny....your letters are absolutely brill....well done you..!
Not too long to go now so keep enjoying yourself with the!
Its a shame there have not been many pics of you on here tho :( would love to have seen one of you 'hanging around' with them...!!
Enjoy the rest of your time there hunny and take care..

Karen Cowan said...

Eilidh, loving the picture with your friend and the "big bug" Very brave my darling!!! Hope things are going well. Love you lots. Mum, G n boys. Xxxxx

Abi B said...

Hannah Todd soon to be ex Alpha 2!
Safe trip, have a ball and can't wait to see you safely home. Love WSMTB xxx

Anonymous said...

To George Lloyd & Alpha 8
Looking good team! Great to see you all working hard and having fun. Glad you celebrated George's birthday.
Sun is finally shing here in Keswick and business has picked up. Alfie is outside sunbathing!
Take care, all our love Mom, Dad, Grace & Alfie xxx

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

Her's the latest on the Olympics. It's a bit of sour grapes that the brits call the the UK group team GB even though Northern Ireland, the Channel Is and the Isle of Man can all compete but are not a part of Great Britian. There are 20 competitors from Norn Iron, 13 competing for Ireland.
Never mind, three boys from Coleraine have won medals already! All for rowing events, must be something about the Bann river. Well lo and behold Ireland clinched another medal, this time a boxing, yay "The Fighting Irish" Katie Taylor, who played football and gaelic for Ireland but has since turned her hand to boxing...just as well ;-)
Keep safe,
Love Dervla

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,

Her's the latest on the Olympics. It's a bit of sour grapes that the brits call the the UK group team GB even though Northern Ireland, the Channel Is and the Isle of Man can all compete but are not a part of Great Britian. There are 20 competitors from Norn Iron, 13 competing for Ireland.
Never mind, three boys from Coleraine have won medals already! All for rowing events, must be something about the Bann river. Well lo and behold Ireland clinched another medal, this time a boxing, yay "The Fighting Irish" Katie Taylor, who played football and gaelic for Ireland but has since turned her hand to boxing...just as well ;-)
Keep safe,
Love Dervla

mum said...

Amy and Emma

Follow you dreams......
How exciting is this..??
Go for it girls...
will miss you lots but now is the time for fun! fun! fun!

lotsa love n huggs always

mum xxx

Malti said...

For Chirag (Shah-Dizzle) Alpha 8
From Stalkers mum and family!
Hi Chig, Yes we have been following the blog everyday and sometimes more than once a day! You look well tanned and very happy. Your karaoke pics are Hilarious! Chet said all that bathroom singing must have helped! Will get karaoke for your birthday party,Ha ha! You seem to be having a fantastic fun time.Hope you are also working hard and making a difference!
Today 10th Aug is Janmastami so all the temples will be busy and at weekend.HAPPY JANMASTAMI! Also Saajans Bday. Chet has gone to Hyde park to watch athletics on big screen.The Olympic atmosphere is great.
Hope you don't have too many bites.keep up with tablets. Miss you lots .
Lots and lots of love Mum,Dad,Chet and Kanchan fai

Mum said...

For Emma Hay Alpha 4

Hey honey

Hope you are ok today. Long day yesterday with lots of ups and downs. Initially I was so excited of the prospect of you travelling further afield BUT I want you safe and happy. You would not have been happy travelling without Amy or Aaron so would not have enjoyed the experience fully. You are not a spur of the moment person and that's ok. I am proud of what you are doing and the decisions you are making. Enjoy the next Phase and embrace it fully and you will gets lots out of it. Remember no-one dies of a little hard work. Nana will get some sleep tonight so that's good too! We miss you and really can't wait till you get home on the 1st. Love you baby girl and remember I couldn't be prouder of you!!

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracy said...

Amy Edwards Alpha ?

Hey Amy

It was good to speak to you the other day and I'm so glad you are enjoying the whole experience. Sun Bears next though :) Your Mum tells me you are not coming home til the 19th, I bought your train tickets too, never mind. Looking forward to seeing you then. Missing you here and love you. Look after yourself and I'm so proud of you.

Tracy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

indra singam said...

dear manjuli.
ur my baby gal--miss u--i didnt want to say that ..but i do, 'coz i cant hear ur voice greetin 'hey
S A '.. when r u back to base?
is the project completed?
read all the great 8 are well fed..and sleepin ok?

wish u cd give direct answers--wd b nice to get mail..
in the mean time do ur best + give ur all..
as usual..hugs... A Indra

Jill Scott-Dodd said...

Eilidh Cowan, Alpha 8.
I FINISHED THE FINAL HUNGER GAMES BOOK !!!!! i thought you'd be the only one happy to hear about this :P so we can definitely watch the movie together when youre back, and btw the end of the book was SO cute, especially the epilogue! :)
i love you lots, Jill xxxxxxxx

caroline nuttall said...

Message for Helen Nuttall Alpha 8 Kampung Borobi.
Glad to see that you are living in relative luxury despite the massive scorpion someone was holding! Hope project continues to go well. We miss having proper contact with you! Everything is fine at this end. The olympics have been really good despite mixed weather and we have won loads of medals. Can't comment on the football as one of your group requested but from what i saw the females played a far cleaner game! love you from Mumxxxx

Jill Scott-Dodd said...

Eilidh Cowan, alpha 8
so i just phoned up edinburgh uni to ask about the ensuite situation and they told me that i dont have an ensuite and i'll be sharing a bathroom with one other person :( i told them that id only applied for ensuite but she said "we said we can guarantee you accommodation but we didnt say it was always going to be one of your choices" :( i know who all 3 of my flatmates are but i dont know who im sharing with yet, and im actually really gutted and a bit upset that i didnt get my ensuite! i guess im just gonna have to deal with it now though and hope the other person is clean and doesnt mind andrew and you using the facilities too :P i love you and id like you to get home please <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

indra singam said...

dear Manjuli alpha 8--
stalker aunty is back.
Kavitz read the letter -allayed our fears.watched the olympics close-and groggy havn tea to perk me up.are u gettn meals?
put ur fotos on the blog-wanna see u all in action esp.. the stuff u build.hope u gettn all my text.will be raya on sat/sun this weekend.
my house is prepared as well-i celebrate for the slightest reason--wat abt the team there?
stay cool ..have fun and MISS U!

Katie said...

eilidh cowan alpha eight....

Geilidh guess what?! Me and Amie passed English! So you have to come up to school with us when we're both back to shove it in foosty's face! Hope you're having a good time! I can't wait till im home next week then its only a week till you're home!

Love you lots
Katie xxx

jodie harfield said...

hello emma!( alpha 8)

we are back from holiday now! had an amazing time, but always had a quiet '..wish emma was here' bit at dinner!you'll be pleased to know while we were all trying to speak italian, mum stuck to spanish instead. very funny..and plenty more funny harfield style stories to tell you when you get back!

slightly concerned about you grabbing resident beetles or whatever it is you're holding in the picture..but it looks like you're very happy to be, so thats ok with us!

time flies and its less than 2 weeks till we see you again! keep enjoying yourself, sounds like you're doing a great job. enjoy every minute and we'll see you soon, love mum,dad,jodie, joel xx

Anonymous said...

For Gaby Shaw, Mum is keeping me up to date with your news. What you and Alpha 8 are doing out there is amazing & I am so proud of you. Life goes on much the same here-rain & more rain.Sounds like you are having fun aswell as working hard.By the way Mosquitoes prefer sweet meat!Only 12 days left so make the most of it.Memories you will cherish forever. Love you & miss Grandmaxx

Sarah Wallis said...

Message for Angela Constantinou Alpha 8

Hi my darling!!
I have been trying to work out this blog malarky for weeks and only just spotted where the previous posts are and how to comment on them. Yes I am silly!!
I have just seen your big grin in one of the pics and it nearly made me cry (scrap that, there's tears rolling down my cheeks!). So glad to see you smiling (never doubted that you would be). Can't begin to describe how much I miss you! The last couple of weeks have been really tough.

I went to the Hoedown at Danni's farm at the weekend with Fred, Joe and Dave. It was excellent fun but not the same without you. You'll laugh at the pics! I'm taking Fred to meet Tom, Jess and Otto on Thursday evening - he is now officially my boyfriend! So much to talk to you about and get your views on though, as always nothing is as simple as it seems!

I've been looking after your shoes and they are all tucked up in bed at the moment resting! I'm really not sure that I'll give them back, but I'm sure you'll be used to wearing flats by now anyway so that will be fine :)

I hope you're having a fabulous time and making good progress on the water gravity feed. I cannot wait to hear all your stories when you get back. Hope you're using your journal and found my little messages :)

Love you millions and millions and millions and millions. Oh there go the tears again!! Want you to have an amazing time out there but at the same time really want you to hurry home! So please hurry home!!

Sarah (of course!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Hannah Tomsett Alpha 8
Love the picture of Karaoke- looks like you were having fun. Great to hear all is going well. Everything here fine- coast to coast completed by Dad and Chris with Mum in charge of the support vehicle ie camper van,Reading won friendly vs Crystal Palace 2-0 on Saturday- new signings look good
Cary on having fun and look forward to seeing more pics
Mum Dad Becca and Chris