Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Expedition 12I Induction Week

It's Training Time for the 5 Week V's!

After a good night’s rest in their bashas (hammocks with tarps covering them) the V’s were up early on Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7am. After a good serving of porridge and an energiser game called Evolution (a fun game to get everyone woken up) it was time to get ready for the V’s first trek into the Bornean jungle!

The morning was spent learning how to use a trangia (a compact cooker), how to put a basha and use a parang and finally getting all of the group kit packed.

The two hour trek into the jungle began mid-morning with Delta 8 going first followed by Delta’s 9 and 10 in twenty minute intervals. Epic sweating was experienced for the first time with most of the V’s along with meeting a variety of bugs including ants and mosquitos. Unfortunately for the groups, the heavens opened just before the first team reached Jungle Camp which made for a rather slippery trek. However, everyone managed to get their camps set up and a nice warm dinner cooked.

The group made it through the night, some with more sleep than others; the noise of the jungle is often hard to get used to as it is incredibly loud. There is one particular beetle that sounds exactly like a high-pitched car alarm, usually heard as it gets dark and into the night proving a sound sleep more difficult for the light sleepers. Luckily no hammocks snapped in the night and it was up at 5am to pack up camp and depart back to Basecamp.

Another jam-packed day was had with training sessions starting as soon as everyone arrived back from Jungle Camp and in the afternoon it was time for Raleigh Olympics. Raleigh Olympics features regularly at Basecamp; it is a sports day as such with team races and relays. The teams had to pass water carefully to one another, with a few distractions from their PMs, spin round in circles before racing back to their teams and participate in the ultimate Raleigh game; the Bravo Push!

 Delta 8 were the ultimate winners, even with a few points deducted for incorrect footwear during the first race and so won a tub of ice cream after dinner.

The Delta groups will be divided into Alpha groups on Friday; new teams ready to go out on their project site. Check back soon to see who is going to be allocated where!


Belinda Lloyd said...

Hi Cassie, it was lovely to see you in some photos looking very blonde and tanned!!I hope you are enjoying the sun bears! It all looks so much fun! I did try and send you a message on Sunday but I must have done it wrong so will try again!! You know how good I am at technical stuff!! Mr Bear is fine, on vet's advice to avoid too much scar tissue, he is walking round the yard, in hand for 5 to 10 mins 2 to 3 times a day, he is being so good, I think he's just so grateful to be out of the stable! TC seems fine now too, his eye is completely better!! Gin, still as fat!! The eventing team did so well yesterday. they got the silver!! The Germans rode amazingly and won the gold and Mr Bears fabulous double, the lovely Lenamore did a wonderful clear round the xc to help his team win the bronze! All very exciting!! Anyway, not long now until you are home, enjoy it all and we all look forward to seeing you soon!! With lots of love, Stephen, Belinda, Nat and Will Xxx

Anonymous said...

For Kate Fleetwood
Maybe the ability to sleep through any noise may come in handy-however I can only imagine that at some point you and the hammock will fall out -you are never knowingly still while sleeping !
Will is desperately trying to get some Olympic tickets and has obviously been viewing this blog. Hope you ready to leave base camp for some sweaty work- whatever it maybe.
Love mum and dad xxxx

Phil Shaw said...

For Gaby Shaw 12I,

Hi Gabs, good to see you smiling in the photo! Hope you're having a great time.
See you in a few weeks, love you loads.
Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

For Ellie Hansford

Hello! It's great to see a few updates of you and looks like you're enjoying yourself.

Must be so incredible being out there, can't wait for you come back and tell me all the stories!

Missing you a lot,
Josh x

Pam McFarlane said...

Message for Chloe McFarlane 12I.

Hi Chlo!

Saw your picture on the blog today looking very junglish LOL! Not sure if your team won the icecream or not but you all looked pretty cheery.

Keep up the good work.

Love mum xxxxx

Josee Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw - from mum!

Hey Gabster,
Just seen a pic of you taken during your first couple of days. You look like you're having a good time :o) Fab to see your face darling.

Just read something on the blog about the noise of the jungle at night & how loud it is, particularly a beetle that sounds like a hight pitched car alarm going off all night! You should be fine as you're used to blanking out the sound of dad snoring across the landing!! hehe!!

Exciting news...I just booked your driving test for mid Oct! That's exciting isn't it - said a la Miranda!! It'll be brilliant to get you driving :o)

Hope you're having fun & that your feet/insoles aren't causing you any probs. I dreamt you were covered with mozzy bites last night...prob because I read the Borneo blog before I went to bed!

Anyway, love you lots n lots,
tons of love, big bear hugs & kisses
mum, dad, Boo x x x
Purrs & licks from Benny & Oscar x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi laura Livingston
Great to see pictures of you. Hope you slept well on your first night in the jungle. Theres a good picture of you on the bridge in your red t.shirt. Dads work still going well. Im going to see nana and grandad on friday morn. Been to harrogate today. Hope you are liking the food.
Olympics are going well, we have just won our first gold in rowing. whey, lol . We are still waiting to hear what project you will be doing , will keep checking the blog . Felix says hello. He's in a naughty mood today lol .
Lots and lots of love a a huge hug mum and dad x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

to laura livingston. hello laura, you look as if you are enjoying yourself. been warm today 21. watching the road racing time trials on the tv. got our first gold you would have perhaps heard, take care. love and hugs nana and grandadxxxxxxxxxxx

Mandy Steward said...

Hi Ben (Allon-Smith) Phase 2 Alpha 4 with the bears.
(written 1st Aug)
Wiggins just got gold in the time trials, and Frome managed bronze.
Tilly wants to know if you'll be cycling in the Olympics!! I did assure her you would not but she (at least) seemed to think you were good enough.
Love Mum xx

Jill Scott-Dodd said...

Eilidh Cowan,Expedition 12I
hey there misses!! thats over a week without you now and this is killing me!! i hope youre having an amazing time out there though, and im checking up constantly to see that youre still alive and what youve been up to :) i went to the zoo on monday with your mum and georgia and the girls, morven was so cute and kept holding my hand! :) i think georgia had a fabulous day and i told her what you told me to say and she gave me a big hug and kiss. but dont worry she did plenty of smiling and chatting away, and she speaks about you all the time :) i also got the chance to smell the new marc jacobs perfume "dot", its very sweet and kinda like watermelon smell. its not as classic a smell as the daisy so more fruity and a day to day kinda perfume, but i prefer daisy and daisy eau so fresh much more! :) my family are home now too, and they brought some lovely gifts back for me such as uggs and converse and clothes!! but no perfume :( haha! i hope you have a fab few weeks but i'll be so happy to have you back!! i will keep you updated on anything else that happens in my life but its just hanging around at home atm till my holi-bags :D i miss you millions!!!!!!! stay safe and hug an orangutan for me ;) loads and loads of love, Jill xxx

Anonymous said...

Taleesha gheewala Alpha 10
Have you changed the world yet or still learning....luv ,dado. Hi!!!!!! You really stand out in the pictures where everyone is in their swimming costume!!!!!! That is a BRIGHT costume! :) it looks like you are having a lot if fun and hope you don't worry too much about your crazy hair! I REALLY hope you have befriended a leech because you know how much I want a pet leech! Love you loads and can't wait to see you! Lots of love being sent every day! Eshani - your favourite sister! <3 Really proud of you and missing you lots! Look after yourself and hope all of the mozzie things are helping you! Have you found a leech yet? Love you mummy

Anonymous said...

Hello George (L)
Good to see you all getting out and about. How was the jungle lullaby? What a scary, wierd and wonderful place it can be at night but you'll get used to it. Who volunteered to drive the Land Rover rather than push??!!
All's well here dude, still raining! Happy Birthday for 4 August.
Love Mom, Dad, Grace & Alfie

Catherine Wilson said...

Hi Tom (Grant 12l)

Nice to see some photos of your face this time :) Looks like you are having a good time and nice chopping skills ;) I hope the weather is holding out! I had a nosey at the weather 7 day thingy, doesn't look too bad :) Gone abit rubbish here :( the sun lasted long...
Not much to report here... I'm on series 4 of scrubs now :D I do need to do some reading though... Still missing you gazillions! I have sent a letter but you will probably get it in a couple of weeks. I am also in the process of booking a surprise for our holiday :D (37 days btw!) Everyone here says hello and hope you are well and that! Got the top of my ear pierced :D didnt think about which side i slept and slept on it...ouch! I shall love you and leave you i have popcorn in the microwave :D

Love you very much!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.s i was in town with holly yesterday and saw the bag of wasabi beans...i thought of you XD

Chet and Fam said...

For Chirag Shah - 12I Alpha 8

Hi Chig!!
Hope you are doing well. You look happy in the photo's! Hope the training week was good and you are enjoying your project! We're all proud of you! :)

We're all okay! Went to see beach volley ball today. The sun came out which was unexpected but nice! Was fun!

Happy Raksha Bhandan (2nd Aug) from me(Chet)! Will have a rakhee waiting for you!

Lots of Love,

Dad, Mum, Kanchan Fai & Chetna


Amanda Hansford said...

For Eleanor Hansford 12I
Hi Ellie
Good to see more photos of you. Looks great. See you're on the environmental project - hope it's going well. Had a good weekend with Julie and Callum; they send their love. I missed you on my birthday but just as well you weren't here as I had a horrible virus, Ed's been looking after me. Lucky him! Apart from that we are all fine. Dad and I are off to Mallorca on Sunday for a week. When we get home it's only 2 weeks till you get back - can't wait! G and G send their love.
Missing you loads.
Lots of love
Mum, Dad, Ed, Max, Kala and Chloe

Nicole Lewis-Fitch said...

For Flora McCall - 121

Hey! hope you are well and everything is going great. I've seen some of the pictures and it looks like you're having an amazing time! Everyone at home sends their love and says hi :) good luck with the next part of the expedition, enjoy it. We are missing you loads, lots of love,

Nicci, Lauren, Mum and Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Isobel,

Looks like you're having a fantastic time - We are very jealous and wait expectantly everyday for the latest update of the blog.
I imagine your are on your project now having finished your "training". Can't believe that by the time you get back you won't have slept in a bed for 5 weeks, having said that we have sorted out your room and decided to make more space by putting up a hammock in the corner instead of a bed - seems much more sensible!
Toby and Mum are very excited today because at midnight last night they got tickets to the Olympic rowing finals, so they were up at 5.30am this morning and off to Dorney.

Looking forward to the next blog installment.

Love you loads

Anonymous said...

For Emily Fisher


Lovely to see you in the last photo. It all looks amazing and sounds like youre having fun. Sure the 'noise of the jungle' wouldnt keep you awake!! Looking forward to the next instalment and finding out what project you'll be doing. Am missing my little chef!! Take care, lots of love Mam xxx

Karen Pratt said...

For Isobel Pratt

well I wrote you a super long comment yesterday but it must've been too long as it's vanished!! so this one will be short!! so happy to see some pics of you & you're smiling in every one which is even better, looks amazing. We ALL miss you but very proud of what you're doing. Last week we were in Scotland with Pen & clan, today Angus arrives & on Monday we're off to France. Hope you're managing to record some of the memories, love you loads xxxxx

sarah t said...

Hi Hannah Tomsett
Great to see you in the jungle- hope you are not getting bitten-we had a good holiday in the Alps- but your rope bridge looks even more scary than their zip wire!!
Take care and enjoy yourself
Mum Dad Becca and Chris

Anonymous said...

For Petra Dimitrijevic in Alpha 3
Bok draga moja Petrica,
Priblizava se tvoj znacajan dan a ja opet nisam s tobom, kao i puno rodjendana prije toga. Zelim ti da ti dan prodje drugacije od ostalih jer znam da ces ga pamtiti kao posebnog za cijeli zivot. Ne moze se bas puno njih pohvaliti da su 18-ti rodjendan proslavili u dzungli Bornea!
Ja sam, kao i uvijek, u mislima s tobom.
Voli te najvise na svijetu mama

Sandy Phillips said...

To Nathalie Phillips, Alpha 9
From Sandy Phillips
Hi Nats, Great to see photos of you and to know you will be happy with the community project you have been assigned. Hope the mossies are not giving you too much of a hard time! Kiwis won 2 golds in rowing today & Scottish swimmers swam so well but no medals.All our love Mama, Papa, Andre & Swish xx

Michael Gallagher said...

For Ashley Winter
Alpha 8

i am so sorry i just realiesed all the messaged i have sent you thru this has went to your email address . i am on the web site every day sending you a message . i am hopeing you are well you look very well i am missing you so much and i do apologise in advance for all your voices mails and text you will get from me . i love you pse and i miss you so much
love tin man xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Chloe! Your mum was telling me all about your adventures so I had to come on and have a nosy at pictures! They look amazing! Really wish I'd encouraged jamie (my son, your age) to come away and have such an unbelievable time. You are all making such a massive difference !!

Love Diana x

Dervla said...

For Fiona Bailey

Hi Fiona,
I hope you don't mind, I posted one of the photo's of you on fb wall, the one of you carrying water with such determination. It got a few "likes" Malin Angelin (who's working away with the tiny babies in the neonatal ward in Helsingborg. Donna Kelly, Bernabell Assasin (Yvonne think's you'll know who that is) Bronagh Bradley, Gabrielle Bailey, Siobhan O'Halloran, Joni Traynor and lastly Kirsty Mac wrote "O hello skinny mcskinnerson!"
I haven't heard from my friend in Brunei, but there's still time yet,
Lots of love from Höllviken!

Anonymous said...

For Helen Nuttall

Hope you are having the time of your life my lovely! Can't wait to hear all about it in a month or so!

Lots of love

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

For Tom Grant Alpha 10
Hi Tom, we are missing you loads, hard to believe youre almost half way through! Dad is missing some intelligant conversation with only me here! I havent killed your fish yet so thats good! Oh and you will be pleased to hear that we are going to keep your bedroom as your bedroom when you go to uni!
Not much happening here, Cat, Phil, Charlie, Becky and Lucinda came round today so it was nice to see them. So keep on trekking, make the most of your time there and we all look forward to seeing you soon xxxx Ps dad thinks youre a vampire because youre not on many photos!!!