Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dr. Challoners First phase is complete

The Venturers from Dr Challoner's school have successfully completed their first phase. Each group finished their toilet block builds, with some still hammering nails in on the final morning- they were more than determined to complete the task in hand!
The groups spent the last few days in Batu Putih getting in some jungle training before doing some trekking, animal spotting and a river cruise. They saw a herd of 27 elephants; are you jealous? I am! I spent four days in Danum Valley and all I saw was one pile of elephant poo!

Today the Venturer's will go to Sepilok to visit the Orangutan centre and go to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre- an area which has a three year waiting list to volunteer in and is not yet open to visitors. Venturers from the 10 week expedition are currently working there, building bear enrichment areas. It is a great priviledge for Raleigh participants to be allowed into this centre as the centre is not due to be open to visitors for another few years. After this the groups will begin the long climb to the top of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia at 4,095m above sea level.

Unfortunately we do not have any photos from Phase 1 as yet due to the groups going straight from one phase to the next without visiting base camp - Hard Core! These girls are determined to get as much done as possible in their expedition!


Rose Ragai said...

Hello There!

I have a very good time with Charlie 3 team at Kg. Maliau Layung, Pitas. Complete the task on time and i am sure they have a great time with kids doing some English lesson with them everyday from 2pm to 3.30pm too. Exchanging ideas, learn from each other and the bond of friendship i treasure the most. Hope they all in good health and enjoy their expedition.

God bless.

Rose Ragai
AFC Representative for Sanitary Project at Kg. Maliau Layung, Pitas

Cliff Fisher said...

Wow Ellie, a trip to the Orangutan centre and then onto the Sun Bears what an amazing day !! We'll let Charlie know you're thinking of adopting a ginger friend. Mum and Max are now up at Grandad Roy's, and Will's just finished a "biblical session" at his Camp. Best of luck with the climb up Kinabalu, and then hopefully a restful few days !!

LOL Dad, Mum, Max, Will 'n Charlie xxxx

Rose Ragai said...

Hello Again!
Link this post to my blog post about the Sanitary Project at Maliau Layung with Charlie 3.