Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Danum's Got Talent!

By Zoe Lea
After a long ten hour journey, Alpha 3 arrived at a camp that to our surprise had FLUSHING TOILETS, SHOWERS and a KITCHEN- luxury!!

Over the past ten days, Alpha 3 has proved themselves to the engineer of Danum Valley by carrying 50kg bags of cement up a rather steep hill to the work site, digging 6ft² holes in the ground and bending and cutting metal.

All very well when you have the tools but...
On day one Umit broke the tools to bend the metal, on day two; Umit broke the tools AGAIN, on day three; the group learnt to keep the tools away from Umit until he became less enthusiastic with them and we progressed a lot quicker with their work!

We start work at 8am and finish at 5pm with a two hour break at lunch to avoid the sweltering mid-day heat. So far we have spent our days off swimming in the river and climbing the 40m Viewing Tree which helped some members of the team get over their fear of heights.

The group has also impressed the Loop with their wonderful cooking and entertainment ‘Danum’s got Talent’. This epic show included our PMs Phili and Nick performing in their winning dog act, a girly dance to Love Machine by Ezra, Umit and Matt, a martial arts performance by Umit and Shin, a robot dance by Zoe, Petra and Hannah, Rayanne’s beautiful singing voice and a closing rap by all about the phase.

Alpha 3 are looking forward to working harder; relaxing when we can; more encounters with Boris the Boar and Bongo the orangutan, as well as the water tank coming together as we come to the end of Phase 2.

It's Changeover soon so check back at the end of the week if you want to see where everyone is allocated to for their final phase.


Anonymous said...

For Petra/Alpha 3
Bok zlato,
Upravo sam vidjela blog i tvoju sliku! Super je!To je bilo drugi dan iza kada smo se cule.
Vidim da radite zdusno, neki vise neki manje. Do skorog javljanja.
Voli te mama

Anonymous said...

For Umit Utku Alpha 3,
Stop breaking all the tools !! Haha :) its nice to see your so enthusiastic with your work though, so keep working hard and having fun, and enjoy your next phase.
Have an amazing last 4 weeks, and I'll see you when you get back, can't wait :) ... M xxx

Anonymous said...

For Freddie.D

I received your letters today!! I went to work and Mols sent me a picture of my little delivery, I made her drop them to me so I could read them straight away :-)
I am so happy and loved your stories..and yes I was giggling at the bits you thought! haha
I can actually imagine what you wrote about..trekking and being quite scared at the height you reached! haha
I am counting down the days until we can speak properly! Hurry back!!

Missing you lots now! xx Jade xx

Rosie Moss said...

Hello Annie Moss!
Hope all has gone well with Phase 2 and you manage to get a bit of rest before your final challenge. All is well here. We are really enjoying watching the Olympics and the Great Clear Out continues slowly when we aren't being distracted by another medal-winning performance. Take care and we will send another message soon.
Lots and lots of love as always, Mum, Dad, Ed, Charlie and Monty. xxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

Amy Edwards....

OMG my darling girl I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you you know...??
Came home from a long 10 hours at work and firstly there was an amzing letter from you...THANK YOU soo much....it was really great to hear from you and know for sure your enjoying yourself..lol..
THEN, i decided to open your results after all, like you said i could if i wanted to...and soo glad i did!!!! Well done sweetiepie....I am thee most proudest mum on earth and want the world to know...!!! I've text the results to you...remember sweetie...the world is your oyster...and i love the bracelet too..thank you...take my darling girl, love you lots

mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, message to Josh Bligh - Alpha 6, to wish Josh a very Happy Birthday 9th August. with our love Dawn Stuart and Ollie xx

Michael Gallagher said...

Ashley Winter Alpha 9
hi hunnie i hope everything is well i have not herd any word a bout your diving yet as such i really hope you got my message a bout the hotel thing . i am missing you so much not long till you back . i hope you have seen amazing animals . i am thinking a bout you all the time . i love you .mikey

Josee Shaw said...

(either Delta 10 or Alpha 8)

Hey Gabblestons!

It was amazing to received your letter today............It's the 7th of August & we recieved the letter that you wrote on 26th July. To say it's come from the middle of the jungle I don't think that's bad!

I was so excited when I saw the letter with your hand writing. It's not just made my day...it's made my month..the best birthday pressi I could wish for!!!

I knew you'd find the noises in the jungle a bit hard at first, no doubt you'll be used to it by now, or just that exhausted you're sleeping anyway. The bridge sounds uber scary, I couldn't have managed it...well done you for conquering your fears & making it across! I'm proud of you darling.

I was telling dad that you'll be really happy to be home & sleep in your bed but from the sounds of it we'll probably wake up & find that you've rigged up a basher & are asleep in the garden!!!

Your 5 hour jungle treck sounds exhausting but you also said it was amazing...I can't wait to see the pics of the jungle.

I hope you're getting more comfy with the heat...I gather it's really "like!" humid too! No wonder your all hot & sweaty!! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling fine though inspite of the heat & are in good health....don't worry about the spots, I've booked you in for a facial when you get back...help clean the jungle out of your pores!!!!

I'm really pleased to hear that everyone there is really lovely & that you're all getting along really well. Knowing that you're happy, healthy & have made some great friends is soo comforting to us all...love your rhymes, they made me laugh!! :o)

The currency does sound strange "Ringits". Sounds like you've made a wise investment getting the photo t-shirt pack. It's good to have as many momentos of your experience.

It's great to hear that the food is OK, I know how easy going you are with food so I didn't think you'd have a problem.

Well, we're at about the half way mark now my darling, 2 1/2 weeks down..same to go, I won't wish it away for you as I know you're having an amazing time & a wonderful experience there...still, it will be wonderful to see you & give you & receive a huge bear hug!!!!

I've already text Nathan a few times but will call him & tell him about your letter.
Don't worry about your test results, your grade 7 piano results are safely sealed up in an envelope & we haven't seen them. Your A level results haven't come yet but when they do we won't open them either darling.

I'm so glad you liked our letters to you. That's all for now my darling girl. Love you oodles & oodles, huge hugs, love, cuddles & giggles
from Mum, Dad, Boo & the boys x x x x

Katharine said...

Message for Frau Rambo (a.k.a. Phili Newell)

Hello Phili!

How's it going in the jungle, junior? Hope you've been having a wonderful time in Sabah. Mummy & I now get the blog email updates so we've been following your activities and can see that you are living up to the Frau Rambo look yet again!!! You just do it so very well.
We're all doing ok back here in grey and cold London. Lottie passed her gold test so is now doing the agility course which apparently she's pretty good at, but gets a bit nervous going through the tunnel if she can't see the end - such a baby. But anyway, mummy is belly ploud of rottie. I've been slaving away at work, it's been fairly exhausting and haven't really had much of a life for a month or so. The Olympics however have been totally brilliant. I am completely obsessed with it all; am a proper speccy four square eyes at the mo. And team GB are amazing. Got a bit carried away and bought tickets for me and muma to go to the men's 10m diving final this saturday which hopefully Tom Daley will do well in and get a medal. Really excited, can't wait to hang out in the olympic park and aquatic center!
We miss you loads and loads, and not just cos i don't have tea in bed any more. Stay safe little turnip.

Phil Shaw said...

For Gabriella Shaw Delta 10.

Hi Gabs,
We got your letter today and it was great to hear from you and see what a wonderful time you're having. It was a fantastic surprise to get your letter as I didn't think we'd hear anything from you until you come home. I've read it several times!! Love you and can't wait to see you.

All my love,
Dad xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Rayanne - Alpha 3

Almost there and Milo MISSES you. Glad to hear your singing. You must be having a great time. Mom and Dad say Hi:) with tears of course.

Love you
Your family, the Brangmans

Ali G said...

For Victoria Hutcheson.

Hiya Fluffs :),

Couldn’t resist the chance to send one last message as you are heading for basecamp.
Hope you had an amazing time on last project and the locals fed you well. Have been thinking about you constantly for the last 3 weeks.
I’m heading off just shortly for a couple nights of camping and mountain biking in Aviemore.
Can’t wait to hear voice again. Already sent Hannah a text to make sure it is ok to use her phone. Please say thank you very much for last time and say to Hi to Micheal.
Will see you in just over 3 weeks, can’t wait.
Miss you so much.
Love you Fluffs xxxxxx.

Anonymous said...

Message for Cassie Wright

Hi my little flower,
only 4 more sleeps until I collect you from the airport....woohoo!!!
Hope you are still having a great time. Lovely to read your little note on the blogsite and can't wait to see you. Everyone is well back here and looking forward to you coming home. Please leave all creepy crawlies in Borneo. Taking Billy to the dentist tomorrow to have his tooth removed. Will quiet in our house tomorrow... Love you lots and lots Mama x x x

Bea Ainslie said...

Amy Edwards.
Amy! Apparently you didn't get my last blog! But I so sent it! We all saw it :( so yup i'm still missing you greatly. I was at work the other day (yes I have a job) and 'and it feels like I just got home' came on the radio and I had a solitary laugh to myself whilst thinking how much funnier it would have been if you were there. Come home soon yeah? Thanks. Can't wait to see yous both, keep loving the it! Much love and hugs! Bye lovely! Xxx
p.s I also sent yous a letter, hope you got it :)

Bea Ainslie said...

Emma Hay.
Hey ems! We just got your letters, love how many there were (: they make me giggle everytime :) I got kicked out of your room into the dining room so I wouldn't expect a tidy pretty room when you come home as Aaron decorated it. Safe to say you won't be impressed.. Haaa I'm missing you greatly and our little chats, we have vair vair much to catch up and agree on when you get home haaa can't wait to see yous! Hope you're enjoying everything! Much love and hugs! Byee sweetness! xxxx
p.s I sent you a letter hope you get it :)

Mum said...

Hi honey hows you? Opened your exam results and have texted the results. Well done I'm so proud. Got your letters today, so glad you are enjoying yourself. Did you not get the newsletter we sent you both? The Avenue W won the talent!! We had a broom with a picture of Amys face on it to represent her! LOL We are all good here and everyone is getting on fine. Going to the fringe on Friday (15 of us) so that'll be fun. We have sent letters so I hope you get them. Paul and Beth did write on the Blog too, so don't know why you didn't get that! Amy has had loads of photos on the blog and you haven't so am really gutted. Have kept all the photos though. Miss you more than you can imagine and am sick of people saying the time has gone really quickly. Not for me it hasn't it seems like forever since I saw you last. LOVE YOU

Tracy said...

Amy Alpha 3 (I think)

Hi Amy
Thank you for the letter it was a very nice surprise. Glad you are enjoying it. Are you coming home? you sound like you may just stay there and I wouldn't blame you it sounds fantastic. Bea is working hard LOL There is loads of photos of you on the blog and none of Emma you camera hogger!! Do you smell really bad too. You look like you have lost weight so I'll have chocolate for you when you come off the plane and a large bottle of coke for you both. Hope you are managing to catch up with each other occasionally. Love you and miss you standing on the chairs, you'll have to use the sofa now as I have no table and chairs now. You'll see why when you get home.

Tracy xxxxxxxxx

truechic said...

Hi I just posted a comment for Matt. That is Matt Haussrer in Alpha 3. Great if you can let Matt know his Mum sent him a message.

Anonymous said...

Zoe lea alpha 3
Hi Zoe, well done with your results you must be very pleased as are we. The pictures on the blog were really good and we enjoyed reading about everything you have been doing out there. Well done and missing you lots. Love mum and dad xx

nana @ popa caldwell said...

emma hay alpha 4 dearest emma lovely to here you yesterday and thankyou for the great letters every one here is fine we hope you have a lovely time in singapore its a beautiful place and remember your mum was born there we miss you very much but we do hope you do all that you can while you are young and enjoying yourself love you lots and lots all our love nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccccccccccccccccccccccccccxxxxxxxxx

nana and popa caldwell said...

amy edwards algha 5 hi amy thankyou ror your letter it was lovely to hear from you hope you have fun with the sun bears this week love you lots and see you soon nana and popa caldwellxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Umit Utku/ Alpha 3

hello haci :)
nasilsin eyimisin, sorry emaillerine bakamadim, seni birak benimkilere bile hic bakmadim, ama everything is sorted now sukur, sorry gercekten i feel bad ama its sorted, i saw your email beni aramissin ama i didn't even get a missed call, bizim evde signal yok telefonlar cekmiyor, annen arayip soyledi beni arayacagini, bende bahcede bekledim okadar ama aramadin, iste ondan sonra emailini gordum aramissin beni, your uni accommodation is sorted , i just have to fill up a form and send it in and everything will be sorted,i just need 3 passport photos and I've asked your mum to provide them but she's gone turkey now and I've asked zeynep she said she don't think you have any but she said she's going to look for them. yes anyways. sife yengemler gitti, bende havaalanina gittim onlarla, it was so emotional, i felt like going as well. gullu bayramdan sonra nisanlanacakmis, bizde gitmeyi dusunuyoruz ama bizi beklemeyecekler, bayramdan sonra yapacaklarmis nisani. ben sandim sende geleceksin tatile bizimle ama bugun emaillerine bakarken gordumki biletini uzatmissin??? neden uzattinki, ne guzel beraber gidecektik, uzuldum simdi, i had plans for the holiday, ama its ok, sanirim sen tattling orda yeni arkadaslarinla yapacaksin. bu arada efferin butun toollari kirmissin, senin icin bir paragraph yazmislar okuyup okuyup gulduk,dedik yes this is umit, herherde kendini gosteriyorsun afferin :D gurur duyduk senile :D bu sefer 4 resmini koymuslar, boyle devam et, resim cekil bol bolki yuzunu gorelim, ozledik seni.
biraz olimpiyatlardan bahsedeyim sana, dusundugun gibi fazla bir halt edemedik, bu sene halterden ve guresten madalyon gelmedi, bronz aldik gureste bir tane ve ilk madalyonumuz o oldu, dun tekvandoda bir altin kazandik, bugun ise bayanlar 1500 metre kosuda super bir yaris gerceklesti ve iki turk vatandasimiz bir altin bir gumus madalyon kazandi, super bir yaristi, hoplayarak izledik, ve birde tekvandoda bayanlarda bir gumus kazandik, boylelikle turkiye 2 altin 2 gumus ve 1 de bronz madalyon kazandi, ve madalyon siralamasinda 30.yuz. siralamada usa 41 altin 26 silver 27 bronz toplam 94 madalyonu var, 2. sirada chine, 37 altin, 25 gumus ve 19 bronzla toplam 81 madalyonu var ve 3. sirada GBR 25 altin 15 silber ve 17 bronz toplam 57 madalyonla 3. sirada, listenin en sonunda ise 1 bronzla afganistan yer aliyor.

dun zeyneple melisa bizdeydin, melisa butun gun abuzla ugrasti, kucaginda hic indirmedi, hatta birakti abuz kacti gidip yakalayip kucagina aldi , biliyorsun abuz mirildanip duruyor, melisada diyordu arzu abla bu birseyler soyluyor, sesi cok guzel ben bunun sesini cok sevdim dedi, unutmamis, diyorduki abimde en cok abuzu severdi diyordu :) aksamda baban geldi, evde yanliz kalsin istemedim beraber cay ictik, sut kardesleri izledik, sonrada hababam sinifini actik ama hepsini izleyemeden kalkip gittiler, gec olmustu cunku,. simdide nurdanlar bizde, cay ictik simdi, uyuya kaldi herzamanki gibi :))

ben facebook'u deactivate yapmistim ama duyduguma gore internete arada bir giriyormussun, simdi ben tekrardan acacagim, girersen bana yaz olurmu, if theres anything you want me to do, or you want me to say just let me know ok, it will be nice to hear from you, cunku boyle yazdigimda duvara yaziyormusum gibe geliyor, bunlar eline geciyormus onu bile bilmiyorum, if you get a chance just let me know how you are ok.

we love you and miss you loads, tc of yourself
lots and lots of love kizdigin kuzenin arzu :) xxxxx

nana caldwell said...

emma hay alpha4 dearest emma so glad you are now coming home instead of going to singapore mabey i can sleep tonight just three weeks to go we are missing you very much love you lots nana popa and billy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx